Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying crop pictures?

Part IV. A simple dipole model for the magnetic field is not quite right: the real field seems to includes four spiral vortices (or two toroidal vortices), which may act as pseudo-monopoles to power linear or circular magnetic motors (this may be how the extra-terrestrials fly)

“There are 200 distinct magnetic effects. Only half are thoroughly understood. The other half range from understood some, to not understood at all”---from The Secret World of Magnets by inventor Howard Johnson (see

Let us suppose that friendly extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth today. Yet they cannot land, because most Earth governments refuse to open diplomatic relations with them. The human population is increasing to eight billion, our oceans and rivers are becoming polluted with oil or gas, while the north pole ice and Greenland ice are melting from greenhouse warming.

Why would they draw “crop pictures” every summer in English or European fields? It is really not that hard of a question to figure out! 

Were our leaders offered clean magnetic energy in the 1950’s, but refused to accept it, because they wished to protect the oil economy?

There is an apocryphal story going around, that leaders of the U.S. government or military met with extra-terrestrials on several occasions between 1954 or 1955 (see or Which particular topics might our national leaders have discussed with them?

“Sam said that he saw a black-and-white movie of a meeting between President Eisenhower and human ET’s in 1955. It showed three craft flying over the runway, then one landed, and human-like ET’s came out. They said they were willing to give mankind new technologies to cure disease, and to produce cheap non-polluting energies, if the US government would make concessions regarding nuclear warfare. Eisenhower replied that his government was not ready for nuclear disarmament, and that cheap non-polluting energy would only disrupt the oil economy” (see

Many years later in 2012, our world is in serious trouble because of oil pollution in our oceans, or greenhouse emissions from oil-burning technologies in our air, while peak oil is running out. Various nations may soon go to war over whichever oil fields still remain active. Meanwhile, those human-like extra-terrestrials and others (who were rejected in 1954) seem to be showing “blueprints for clean energy” in English or European fields (see time2012r or time2012s or .html). The crop pictures are not a “prelude to invasion”, as a paranoid British military would have you think (see, but rather an “instruction manual” on how to better ourselves technologically!

Should we be pig-headed and ignore their advice, or should we pay attention to what the crop pictures are saying? Although some crop pictures are made by people on the ground with rope and boards, the vast majority seem to be of paranormal origin (see time2012a). Such field pictures often show interesting images or puzzles of an intellectual kind, far beyond the mental capabilities of the few individuals who fake them (see time2012b).

A simple dipole model for the magnetic field is not quite right: it seems to include four spiral vortices (or two toroidal vortices)

Our narrative for this article will begin in the year 2000, although many crop pictures began to appear ten years before around 1990. In mid-July of 2000, a NASA project manager called Alan Holt visited Wiltshire for personal reasons. While he was there, he went to see some new crop pictures. Somewhat whimsically, he asked the crop artists for guidance in his research efforts on propulsion (see A few days later on July 22, a spectacular “magnetic field” crop picture appeared at Avebury Trusloe:

Holt later wrote: “The precision and intricacy of that crop pattern were stunning. Even the farmer, in whose field the pattern had appeared, was overwhelmed. He said there had been other patterns in his fields before, but still he had harboured doubts concerning who or what made them. With the appearance of this new pictogram, he knows that it is a true mystery. There is an astounding phenomenon unfolding in England or elsewhere today. It is unfortunate that the unscientific thinking or perhaps deliberate disinformation of a few individuals have been picked up and accepted by a naive press.”

Now if we examine that famous crop picture a little more closely, we can see some interesting details. First, it does not appear exactly the same as a simple North-South dipole model, which is assumed for the magnetic field here on Earth. Thus each quadrant of the crop picture shows a “spiral” or “vortex” of field lines:

Secondly, we can see several “blank spaces” or “built-up regions” in the overall magnetic field, where four spinning vortices have either repelled (blue) or attracted (red) due to their respective spins:

Wherever two internal vortices meet with the same direction of spin, the field goes “blank” because they repel (0). Wherever two internal vortices meet with an opposite direction of spin, the field “builds up” because they attract (+).

This is not the model for a magnetic field which most physicists use today on Earth, although it was measured and confirmed experimentally by American inventor Howard Johnson in the 1970’s:

Most physicists on Earth today follow a simple “dipole magnetic field” as described by Maxwell’s equations from 1860 (see  ). Maxwell’s work on electricity and magnetism was very good for its time, like that of Mendel in genetics. Yet 150 years have passed, and it is time to move on! Dirac in the 1920’s developed a more sophisticated description of magnetism on a quantum scale, but his “spin matrices” are still not understood except in an abstract sense.

One could alternatively view the new model as consisting of “two toroidal vortices” in three dimensions, rather than “four corner vortices” after projection into two dimensions. One toroidal vortex would spin up (North) above the centre, while the other toroidal vortex would spin down (South) below the centre. There might be two opposing ring-like currents within any electron, which would take two turns of 360o to complete (rather than just one).

Two weeks after a “four vortex” magnetic field was shown at Avebury Trusloe on July 22, 2000, a “toroidal vortex” of magnetism appeared in crops at Woodborough Hill on August 13, 2000:

One could most easily associate that Avebury Trusloe crop picture with a “side view” of the magnetic field, while Woodborough Hill would show its “top view”. Any electron has spin ½ symmetry like for a Mobius strip (see, which means that it requires two turns of 360o to complete one rotation about its central axis. By contrast, a dipole magnetic field has spin 1 symmetry, and would require just one turn of 360o to complete one rotation about its central axis (see We might even think of the electron in terms of a circularly-bound wave of light, perhaps in four or five dimensions as by “string” theory (see String_theory).

Howard Johnson commented: “A number of years ago we developed the ability to accurately map magnetic fields in three dimensions. This showed us how permanent magnets really work, which was different from the oversimplified concepts shown in textbooks”. Based on an improved understanding of magnetism, Johnson and his colleagues were able to make a series of amazing inventions with hardly any outside support (see johnson or or howard johnson).

Finally, there is a powerful and massive current of electrically-charged particles within our Sun, which NASA physicists call the “conveyor belt” (see or Those huge loops of electrically-charged particles rotate in a quadrant-like fashion, which seems to oppose the “four vortex” magnetic field drawn in crops at Avebury Trusloe on July 22, 2000:

Perhaps the strong magnetic field of our Sun induces a reverse current which opposes it? Further study of this astronomical phenomenon is needed, before any definite answers can be made.

Spiral vortices for magnetism have been seen in other crop pictures as well

Do “spiral vortices” for magnetism show up in other crop pictures as well, say from different years? Yes they do, but owing to the limited scope of this article, we will mention only a few examples here. Other examples will be shown in an upcoming Part V.  

Three different crop pictures with “spiral vortices” are shown below from the years 2009, 2011 or 1996 (left to right):  

East Field of June 27, 2009 showed a “magnetic flywheel”, with explicit symbols for North N or South S magnetic fields, along with two spiral vortices of magnetism emerging below:

Honey Street of July 4, 2011 showed a “permanent magnet” with two claw-like “spiral vortices” located on one end:

East Oakley of July 7, 1996 showed a “magnetic flywheel”, again with two spiral vortices emerging below:

In every case, we can see that the paranormal (or extra-terrestrial) crop artists describe any “magnetic field” as being made from a collection of fast-spinning vortices. This is not the magnetic field which school or university textbooks teach on Earth, although leading researchers seem to be moving in that direction (see

Speculations on opposing magnetic currents, magnetic monopoles, spintronics or gravity

Those spiral vortices could perhaps represent two opposing magnetic currents or monopoles, which remain trapped or “confined” within any magnetic field, just like for quarks in a subatomic particle:  

Spiral vortices of magnetism have been imaged now in several ways, and represent a new field of science called “spintronics”:  

Researchers have seen spin vortices under a microscope at Brookhaven (see, and have measured a “spin motive force” (see or Amateur inventors have seen the effects of spin vortices using neodymium magnets and a copper sheath (see, or using a neodymium magnet and air bubbles (see  

Magnetic monopoles as quasi-particles were seen recently for the first time using nanoscale magnets (see  

A low-level emission of magnetic monopoles from normal matter might even be of the correct strength and character, to explain Newtonian gravity. Here is how it would work:            

“When North or South pole magnets run alongside each other, they have no attraction (N-N or S-S). They only attract when they run opposite to each other (N-S or S-N). Now when either kind of monopole (N or S) runs out from the middle of the Earth, as soon as it meets another object, it will become attracted to it, since within any neutral object there will be both kinds of monopole (N or S) in equal amounts”--- from Magnetic Current by Ed Leedsklanin (see  

Ed’s theory was that a very low-level emission of magnetic monopoles from neutral matter might attract other neutral matter nearby, containing magnetic dipoles, to give the appearance of a separate force called “gravity”. For example, a North N monopole from the centre of the Earth might attract a South S monopole in other neutral matter, while it would not interact with a North N monopole. Since natural monopoles are exceedingly rare from natural sources (upper limit 10**-29 relative to normal matter), that is not an unattractive hypothesis. The force of gravity is 10**-36 times weaker than the force of electricity (see or

Magnetic motors and magnetic gates

How can we put our new knowledge to practical use? If permanent magnets really contain four spiral vortices, then any isolated “corner vortex” should be able to do work:

Indeed, amateur inventors all over the world have built “linear magnetic motors” according to this principle.

Somewhat more ambitiously, inventor Howard Johnson once built a “magnetic gate”, in which North poles attract other North poles, by the clever mechanism explained below:

Here is a lucid video which shows how Howard Johnson’s “magnetic gate” works (see

“Howard set up two north magnetic poles, one on a stator and the other on a rotor. Then he time-reversed one face of the stator north pole. Hence the stator north pole and the rotor north pole attract one another. Johnson's ‘magnetic gate’ provided a unidirectional thrust, which meant that he could attempt to build a circular magnetic motor” (see

These clever experiments made by amateur inventors all over the world, especially Howard Johnson, do not yet provide a satisfactory basis for replacing our current industrial system, which is based mainly on oil, gas or nuclear technologies (as well as small contributions from solar, water or wind). Yet they do show that our classical “dipole” understanding of magnetism cannot possibly be correct. So the scientists living on Earth today must move on, and attempt to achieve a deeper technological development of “vortex” magnetic fields, which our friends from the stars have possessed for some time, and are now showing us in the fields.

Just imagine if NASA astronauts visited another planet, say orbiting the star alpha-Centauri, and saw a promising species there who did not know about radio or TV. The astronauts might wish to teach such knowledge to an evolving species below. Yet the political leaders on that world were found to care more for power and money, than for the welfare of their citizens. “We must protect the oil economy” as Eisenhower said in 1954. What would those NASA astronauts do? Would they draw technical diagrams of “radio waves” or “transistors” in the field crops below, so that a few open-minded natives might try to make similar inventions?

A “circular magnetic motor” was shown in crops at Honey Street in June or July of 2011

We will briefly re-state here the case for a “circular magnetic motor”, as shown in crops near Honey Street during June or July of 2011 (see time2012t). Of the five “crop magnets” drawn there, one showed a “:corner vortex” which was flattened in Phase I on July 4, then lifted up again in Phase II on July 6:

Janet Ossebaard and her Dutch tour group were watching nearby, from 11 PM (dark) on July 5 to 5:30 AM (sunrise) on July 6, but heard or saw nothing unusual (see

That “corner vortex” was shown nearby in greater detail on June 26. There we can see how it produces “spirals of energy”, as it rotates around a circular motor (see

The “corner vortex” rotates in a similar sense to the circular motor, as indicated by a small arrow in the crop picture:

Three thin loops around that “corner vortex” have been drawn as slightly offset, when they join to themselves after making a full circle of 360o. This suggests that their structures are “spiral” and not “circular”.

Eight large circles, which emerge clockwise from the “corner vortex”, show a striated substructure which further suggests the image of a “spiral vortex”.

Around the entire crop picture was a very thin curved line, too narrow to walk. I saw all of those distinctive crop features on the ground, but was unable to decide at the time what they might mean. 

It appears that the crop artists are asking us to build a circular magnetic motor possessing five-fold symmetry, in which one or more “corner vortices” will provide the motive force. We know that linear magnetic motors are possible, but can anyone really build a circular magnetic motor?

“I personally saw and examined a circular magnetic motor, built by Howard Johnson some years ago, and toyed with it for an hour. It would self-rotate so long as you permitted it to turn. The device had no power source other than its permanent magnet assemblies” (see

A “pyramid of energy” as shown in crops looks like Howard Johnson’s “double vortex” model for magnetism

On top of the Honey Street crop picture from July 6, 2011, we can see a comical “five step pyramid”, which resembles another “pyramid” crop picture which appeared at Hackpen Hill on May 30, 2011 (see

Taken together, those two crop pictures suggest that any “corner vortex” will produce a metaphorical “pyramid of energy” as it rotates. One can see a series of nearly identical images in Howard Johnson’s book The Secret World of Magnets (for example on pages 27 or 41, see Spintronics-The-Secret-World-of-Magnets-2006-by-Howard-Johnson)

Another two-part crop picture under Milk Hill on July 6 or 8, 2011 likewise suggested a “pyramid of energy”, for the spiral vortex in rotary motion (see

I arrived at Phase I of that crop picture around 9 AM on July 6, to find laser-sharp edges throughout. Two days later on July 8, it changed to Phase II during a heavy rainstorm when no one could go out or fly. We only obtained photos of Phase II, by driving up the side of Milk Hill, and walking across its top in a strong gale.

Many of these crop-based images from the summer of 2011 resemble Howard Johnson’s “double vortex” model for magnetism (see

The pyramidal, step-like character of those crop images also resembles Howard Johnson’s “spiral vortex” for magnetism:

Summary and conclusions: the time for lies is over, and now it is time to act   

After seeing all of these crop-based images, and having even a casual knowledge of science, any reasonable reader might conclude that friendly extra-terrestrials are showing us technical diagrams in English or European fields. These would be made to assist our progress in the areas of “clean magnetic energy” or “propulsion”. By all means, please forward this article to distinguished Professors at your local university, or researchers in your local company, so that they can act productively on the new knowledge expressed here.  

If the social stigma of saying “we got it from extra-terrestrials” is too great, they can always say “we got it from Howard Johnson”, who was granted the first and only US patent on a “permanent magnetic motor” (see There have been so many lies surrounding “crop circles” and/or “magnetic energy”, that it has been hard to make sense of anything at all. Yet now the time for lies is over, and it is time to act.  

I was just discussing “crop circles” with a respected UFO researcher here in Australia. We agreed that, among serious experts who study UFOs (less than 0.1% of the mainstream scientific community), only about 5-10% would take crop circles seriously. Part of their reason would be that some people believe in crop circles (even fake ones) on an irrational, non-factual basis. They would also be influenced by serious crop-circle researchers who have mysteriously “recanted”. After studying crop circles seriously for many years, certain researchers have suddenly announced to the whole world (despite providing no new facts) that “all of them are fake”. Such cases might be considered as self-explanatory, to anyone with a basic understanding of human nature. “What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”  

Part V of this article will show many specific examples from crop pictures of “extra-terrestrial magnetic technology”, which they have drawn to help us progress in the production of clean energies. I hope that a few scientists and/or inventors on this little planet will study the upcoming examples seriously, and build small prototypes based on what has been shown there.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. We would like to thank all of the crop circle photographers or researchers, and especially Nyako Nakar for his 3-D representation of Hackpen Hill on May 30, 2011 (see


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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