Can we learn how to produce clean magnetic energy by studying English crop pictures? 

Part V. Electricity, magnetism, and twisted or helical magnetic fields seem to be how the saucers or drone-shaped UFOs fly  

(This is a real-life, Jodie Foster kind of “Contact” story)

Recently we became aware that a certain proportion of English or European crop pictures, perhaps 10-20%, show images of a technical or scientific nature, relating to electricity, magnetism, and twisted or helical magnetic fields. Four previous articles in this series have discussed certain aspects of the crop circle phenomenon as it relates to electricity or magnetism (see time2012r or time2012s or time2012t or time2012w). For a general summary of hard evidence concerning paranormal crop pictures, or the intellectual puzzles which they encode, please see time2012a or time2012b.

Those paranormal crop artists seem to be following our progress at understanding novel forms of magnetism very closely, especially in the free-energy or private-inventor areas. Some of the “magnetic principles” or “magnetic motors” shown in crops seem to be just a commentary on what Earth scientists already know, or what some Earth inventors are trying to build. Other crop pictures show novel ideas or devices in a “teaching” sense.

For example, the crop artists suggest that running electric current through a ring of magnets will release “spirals of energy” along the curved path of the ring, and also will generate a “pyramid of energy” above or below. This seems similar to mechanisms of propulsion which we can see for the “drone” class of UFOs. If we run an electric current through a magnet, it will produce a combined magnetic field which spirals around the N-S poles as a helix (see What_happens _when_you_pass_a_current_through_a_magnet or Might there be special properties arising from twisted and/or helical magnetic fields, which we do not yet fully understand?

As a related concern, the crop artists are not asking us to miraculously extract “free energy” from the vacuum. They seem to be asking us to collect “clean energy” from the Earth’s magnetic field. Nicola Tesla once planned to give clean wireless energy to the whole world, absorbed from the Earth’s Schumann Resonance (see secret-sciences)

Here in Part V, we will start by presenting crop pictures which show things that we already understand, whether scientific principles or devices. Next we will present other crop pictures which show us things that we do not yet fully understand. Then in an upcoming Part VI, we will present several dozen “blueprints” for novel magnetic motors as drawn in crops, that will certainly pose a challenge for Earth inventors to replicate in a functional sense. One might regard “crop circles” as a real-life, Jodie Foster kind of “Contact story!

The majority of crop pictures as presented here would not be human-made, although a few human-made examples might have slipped in, because not every crop circle in the archives (see or or ) has been well-documented.

Some crop pictures show principles of electricity and magnetism, or magnetic devices, that we already know

“When I get an idea, I start building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device in my mind. In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as planned.”---from the autobiography of Nicola Tesla  

Very few physicists today use pictures or visual reasoning in their explanations, or as a guide to new inventions. Instead they draw abstract mathematical symbols on a piece of paper. When presented with a paradox, or something which does not seem to fit into their closed logical system, they often treat it as a “heresy” that should be scorned. 

The paranormal (or extra-terrestrial) crop artists, whose images we will study below, think very differently from conventional physicists on Earth today  Their ways of thinking seem more closely akin to those of Nicola Tesla, who achieved his many inventions through the use of mental pictures, rather than abstract symbols or words.  

To begin with a familiar theme, we can see that on July 22, 2000, the paranormal crop artists showed us at Avebury Trusloe the detailed image of a “magnetic field”:  


This may have been due to a request from NASA physicist Alan Holt a few days earlier, that they might provide guidance in his research efforts on propulsion (see  

Many other examples of a “magnetic field” have appeared in crops. Three of these are shown below from July 15, 1995 at East Meon, August 7, 2004 at Shalbourne, or August 9, 2005 again at Shalbourne:  


On July 25, 1996 at Boxley, they showed two related drawings which denote the “field lines of an electric charge”:  

In early July of 1997 at Hitcham, they showed the “right hand rule of magnetism” or “Lorentz force”: 


One of the small circles at Hitcham showed a series of dotted appendages. Those are often seen when the crop artists symbolize a “magnetic field”. The appendages may perhaps represent lines of force, “splaying out” from the North or South poles of a magnet, as shown also at Old Sarum on May 5, 2010 (see  

On June 22, 1995 at Cissbury Rings they showed a “magnetic rotor”, which is being powered by the right-hand-rule (or Lorentz force) of magnetism. It was later shown in more detail on July 25, 1995 at Kingley Valley:  

In early July of 1995 at Winterbourne Stoke, they showed how a charged particle may trace out a series of small loops as it “drifts” in a combination of magnetic and electric fields. Then on July 17, 1995 at Cowdown, they showed the “back and forth” motion of a magnetic rotor which may be associated with such drift:  

On July 1, 2001 at Kirchhardt, Germany, they showed the image of a “rotor” inside of a magnetic motor, along with its North and South poles:  

On July 6 or 7, 1995 at Brockwood, the crop artists showed (in two phases) how to “use a magnetic field to power a motor”:  

A little “loop” symbol, for motion of a charged particle in electric and/or magnetic fields, was drawn below the “motor”.  

Three related crop pictures from the summer of 2012 show a “Faraday homopolar motor”  

Those crop artists used a “double curve” imagery on July 4, 1995 at Brockwood, in order to symbolize the North and South poles of a magnetic field. Such double-curve imagery was repeated on a much larger scale on July 28, 2012 at Etchilhampton:  

There we can also see a thin line for “electric current”, tapered and pointed on both ends, just as it would flow through the confines of a “Faraday homopolar motor”.  

A similar imagery was repeated on August 15, 2012 at Wappenbury. There we can see the “rotor” from a Faraday homopolar motor, turning anti-clockwise (blue arrow), as electric current (red) goes from the centre of a disc to all parts of its hexagonal rim:  

Anti-clockwise motion of the rotor is due to a torque caused by the Lorentz force, for a current which flows perpendicular at velocity v to a magnetic field B.  

Likewise on July 25, 2012 at Windmill Hill, we can see a long “wire current” (red), flowing through a round disc, which has the curved shape of a South magnetic pole:   

Rotary motion of the disc (blue arrows) is again caused by a Lorentz force, for an electric current running perpendicular to a magnetic field.  

All three of these crop pictures also code for other symbolisms, with their hundreds of dots or arrows. Most of those other symbolisms refer to specific calendar dates, and have been discussed in great detail on Comment or Article pages, for each of those three pictures on the Crop Circle Connector website.  

In any case, our present analysis suggests that all three crop pictures from Etchilhampton, Wappenbury or Windmill Hill in late July or August of 2012 share a similar theme, in terms of the “Faraday homopolar motor”. That is the simplest magnetic motor known, and was first presented by Michael Faraday to the Royal Society in London in 1821. 

Why would the crop artists show such an old, well-known example of magnetic technology in crops? Well, when you have a particularly dull student, sometimes you have to go back to the basics (see  

“So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.”

Other crop pictures show principles of electricity and magnetism, or magnetic devices, that we do not yet fully understand

Having established that the paranormal crop artists are talking about “electricity and magnetism”, while none of the local yokels in Wiltshire would be clever enough to produce complex field images as shown, we will proceed to discuss other crop pictures which show us things that we do not yet fully understand. This is where the “teaching” aspect of modern crop pictures begins.  

Three weeks after the spectacular “magnetic field” drawing on July 22, 2000 at Avebury Trusloe, we saw another spectacular “twisted vortex” drawing on August 13, 2000 at Woodborough. These two images apparently represent the “side view” and “top view” of a magnetic field:  

Under certain circumstances, the top of a magnetic field can become “twisted”, for example when an electric current runs vertically through the N-S axes of a neodymium magnet.  

This scientific concept seems to be very important, because the image of a “twisted vortex” has been shown repeatedly in crops on at least five occasions from July 11, 1997 to May 24, 2009:  

One way to “twist” the toroidal field of a permanent magnet is to run an electric current through it vertically, parallel to the N-S poles. Then a right-handed magnetic field from the electric current will combine with a toroidal field from the permanent magnet, so as to “twist” the field lines:  

We cannot physically rotate a magnet on Earth about its N-S poles to “twist” the field, because at normal speeds of rotation, this has no effect (see  

It is interesting and somewhat paradoxical, that the effects of rotating a magnet, versus rotating a current-carrying wire, are completely different (see  

We can also see helical magnetic fields far out in space, in two different physical circumstances. In one case, a charged current (red) runs through a molecular dust cloud, causing the magnetic field to twist about its long axis:  

In the other case, a fast-rotating accretion disk (or black hole) emits a powerful “jet” with a twisted, helical magnetic field. Astronomers today do not understand how that happens. The physics is unknown to them, and has not yet been replicated on a small scale on Earth.  

A helical magnetic field is used on Earth to contain hot plasma in nuclear fusion reactors 

Here on Earth, helical magnetic fields are used to contain hot plasma in nuclear fusion reactors. Such images have also been shown in crops: 

The helical magnetic field of a nuclear fusion reactor is made from two components: a torodial field which travels around the reactor in a circle, and a poloidal field which goes around the torus up-or-down:  

The toroidal field (blue) is created in a typical fusion reactor by a series of magnetic focusing coils, spaced evenly around the torus. A  poloidal field (red) is created indirectly by a strong electric current, which flows through the circular plasma, somewhat like for an electric current going through a magnet:

For the Large Helical Device in Japan, a helical magnetic field is produced by a series of coils which are physically helical in shape (see

Spirals” or “pyramids” of energy were shown in crops near Honey Street during the summer of 2011  

Close to Honey Street during the summer of 2011, we saw a series of very clever crop pictures, which related to both the number “pi” and also “magnetism”. Two of those pictures are shown schematically below.  

Each little “scorpion” in the crop picture from July 4, 2011 (left-hand side) represents a “magnet”. By placing four magnets end-to-end, along four sides of a pentagon, while leaving out a fifth and final magnet, no electric current can flow:  

Next a revised crop picture on July 6, 2011 (centre) shows five “scorpions” or magnets placed end-to-end along the five sides of a pentagon. Now electric current (light blue arrow) can flow, because the circuit has been closed.  

A third crop picture from June 26, 2011 (right-hand side) was drawn in parallel nearby. It shows what happens when an electric current (light blue arrow) flows through that ring of magnets. There was actually a small “arrow” drawn in crops, to indicate the direction of current flow. As an electric current flows through the ring with a right-handed twist (due to the right-hand rule of magnetism), huge “spirals of energy” are released along the path of the curved ring. All of those large circles showed a spiral lay in crops.  

These images seem consistent with the formation of a helical magnetic field. A fast-flowing electrical current may “twist” the local magnetic field within each “scorpion” into a helical shape, as suggested by the diagram at lower left. We can also see a “pyramid of energy” being released on top of the five-magnet ring, when current flows through it. That “pyramid”  curves slightly to the right, in the clockwise direction of current flow.  

Is this some kind of “new physics”? What exactly are they trying to tell us? Could someone on Earth replicate that result on a small scale, so that we can better understand what is going on?  

The Rodin and Starship coils  

To be complete, we will mention two other inventions which are currently being tested by private inventors on Earth, namely the “Rodin” or “Starship” coils.  

The wire wrapping of a “Rodin coil” produces a helical magnetic field, similar to that produced in a nuclear fusion reactor:

It creates a strong magnetic field of containment near the centre, but not above or below (see or

The wire wrapping of a “Starship coil” closely resembles that of a saucer-shaped UFO:

The Starship coil creates a strong column of magnetic energy above or below the centre (see The shape of this coil, and its emitted column of energy, compare fairly well to an actual “saucer exhaust” as imaged on Google Street View (see

The Searle Effect Generator is also said to create a helical magnetic field

I have not looked into this matter closely, but the Searle Effect Generator is also said to create a helical magnetic field, due to the fast rotary motion of 12 round magnets (see

The drone UFOs, CARET documents and magnetic motors                               

Having discussed several kinds of novel magnetism as drawn in crops, or in other people’s inventions on Earth, we really ought to study some authentic UFOs!

I saw a silver saucer in broad daylight 47 years ago in Florida. A dog started to bark frantically at something behind me, so I turned around, to see it hovering silently in the clear blue sky about 100 meters away. After ten seconds of being amazed, I ran toward the saucer to get a better look. It took off sideways at several thousand kilometres per hour, only to vanish by distant perspective two or three seconds later. That was a paranormal UFO, just like the ones that tens of thousands of other people have seen and reported.

The “drone” class of UFOs remains more controversial, since the first clear example was not photographed until 2007. Yet there have been dozens of visual sightings of similar craft, going back to the 1950’s. A long series of photographs and independent witnesses have been posted on Linda Howe’s Earthfiles website (see, although you have to be a member to access them.

What is interesting about the “drone” class of UFOs (as opposed to regular “saucers”) is that we can see many of their working parts on the outside:

Several close-up photographs of these “drones” suggest that they use “magnetic motors” to fly:           

In addition, they show a large “ring” and wire “net”, which might be used to emit or absorb energy.

A known magnetic motor on Earth (patented by inventor Howard Johnson) resembles images of unknown magnetic motors from the drone-CARET documents. Here “CARET” stands for “Commercial Applications Research of Extra-terrestrial Technology”:

The “drone” UFO shows an internal ring of magnets, along with two exterior stator magnets, just as for a magnetic motor on Earth:

That ring of magnets should create a helical magnetic field, when electric current is passed through it:

Which extra-terrestrial race is flying inside of those strange-looking UFOs? A telepathic communication last year purports to give the answer (see

“We are of Oltissis, the 23rd planet in our system. This vessel is an information probe that enables us to understand your environment. We are able to create a ‘tear’ in what you perceive as time and space in order to travel great distances for our research. Your world’s interpretation of what you call time and space is incorrect. At the given time, we will initiate contact with your species. There is still much that could be harmful to our world through contact with your world. Some of our species were lost during this research, and their ‘process’ (life energy) ended due to interactions with your world. We value the ‘process’ (life energy) of all species, and find it to be the most important element of existence. We have watched you and researched your world’s attempts to traverse ‘ethos’ (space). We find your world interesting for the structures of so many ‘elements’ (species?). Our vessels travel at will, and initiate contact with yours or other species as needed for research. Your world is still in its infancy.” 

Two more images from the CARET documents as shown in crops

Quite a few images from the CARET documents have been shown in crops. This testifies as to the possible validity of such documents (see for example time2007z). While doing research for this article, we noticed two more.

A crop picture in yellow oilseed rape on April 19, 1999 at Over Wallop resembles “magnetic wiring diagrams” from the CARET documents:

Another crop picture on June 21, 2012 in Hul, Slovakia also resembles images from the CARET documents:

Collecting clean magnetic energy from the field of the Earth

Those “drone” UFOs are often photographed over electrical power lines, as if their “rings” and “nets” might be collecting energy from a human-made power grid below:

On August 23, 2012 at Oxleaze Close, the crop artists showed an image of “planet Earth” being covered with a “huge antenna”, as if they were advising us to collect clean magnetic energy from such an abundant source (as Nicola Tesla originally intended):

Some UFOs have been seen collecting energy from lightning in thunderstorms (see or or

Suggestions have been made of how to absorb large amounts of magnetic energy using small ring antennas (see or

Summary and conclusions for Part V of the series

“You should have gained the capacity to leave your planet by now, because it will soon cease to support you. Here you are, still chained to the ground” ---a paranormal visitor to Whitley Streiber in 1998 (from “The Key”)

Here we have shown beyond any shadow of a doubt, that certain crop pictures show electrical or magnetic principles and/or devices, far beyond the capabilities of local fakers in Wiltshire (or elsewhere in Europe) to produce. This particular theme has been shown on a regular basis in crops since 1995, while few people really noticed. No systematic study was ever made.

Most professional scientists refuse to look at “crop circles”, just as the academics in Galileo’s time refused to look though his small telescope. What they saw there (through the telescope or in crops) might disturb their comfortable, peer-reviewed, consensus view of how the world works. None of that!

The kind of people who follow “crop circles” (near Avebury or Glastonbury) are often more open-minded and spiritually inclined (which is good), but are also (for the most part) scientifically uninformed. If advanced scientific diagrams appear in crops, the typical crop-circle enthusiast sincerely wants to understand, but he or she cannot, because the images are so unfamiliar. Whereas the professional scientist could understand, but he or she refuses to look.

Also we have a whole set of governmental or media organizations who simply want to “cover everything up”. Keep the people stupid so that they will go to work, watch football and pay their taxes. Do not disturb the status quo, especially of our oil and gas industries, even if they are filling the air with dangerous greenhouse gasses.

We know now that our present social climate of suppression and fear will not last forever. Fairly soon within the next 10 to 20 years, we may begin to see serious consequences from human-generated pollution, or even sudden climate change. The crop artists told us explicitly in 2002 at Crabwood: “Much pain but still time.” This cannot be good! Any rational species would undertake a crash program to develop clean magnetic energies for propulsion and/or household supplies. Yet Earth humans are far from rational.

If any private inventors wish to study the novel information presented here, obtained from paranormal (or extra-terrestrial) sources, and do something useful with it, that would be helpful. In Part VI of this series, we will show two or three dozen crop pictures which give the “blueprints” for specific magnetic devices or motors. Clearly such diagrams were intended as guides, to help certain people living on Earth today build functional copies of the devices as shown.

A real-life, Jodie Foster kind of “Contact” story

Does this sound like a real-life, Jodie Foster kind of “Contact” story? Where plans for advanced technology are shown to us from benevolent visitors out in space? And we are supposed to build unknown machines according to their specifications? Well, that is because it is a “Contact” story, and it is all real. I will close with Jodie’s reply to some skeptic of the kind I meet occasionally:

You want to hear something really nutty? I heard of a couple of guys who want to build something called an ‘airplane’. You get people to go inside, then you fly around like birds. It's ridiculous, right? And what about breaking the sound barrier, or rockets to the Moon, or atomic energy, or a mission to Mars? Science fiction, right? All I am asking is for you to have the tiniest bit of vision. Just sit back for one minute, and look at the big picture. To take a chance on something that might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity in all of history.”

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. In memory and honour of Mike Reed, who solved the Barbury Castle crop picture (“pi to ten digits”) on June 1, 2008, and who passed away suddenly on September 27, 2012. We will all miss his intelligence and open-mindedness, combined with a scientific mind. There are not many people we can say that about. Many thanks also to Julian for the helpful analogy given above.

Appendix 1. A “magnetic compass” was shown in crops during the summer of 1994 

During the preparation of Part V, I missed one important crop picture from the summer of 1994, which shows the schematic image of a “magnetic compass”.  

I could not determine the precise field orientation of that crop picture from archived data, although other researchers might perhaps know? In any case, they have been telling us since 1994 about “magnetism”.

Appendix 2. A “magnetic field superimposed upon radial lines of force” was shown in crops near Cambridge during the summer of 2001 

Here the ”magnetic field” looks like part of an image drawn in crops at East Meon on July 15, 1995.  

Appendix 3. A “twisted vortex” model for the magnetic field, verified by running a current through a magnet?  

This recently-posted video purports to verify the “twisted vortex” model for a magnetic field, which has been shown repeatedly in crops (see above), and was first measured on Earth by inventor Howard Johnson:  

We would encourage other inventors, who might be reading this article, to test whether the interesting effects shown in this video can be independently reproduced.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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