Mayan prophecy and crop circles

On the same day April 19, 2009 that certain native American people held a ceremony "Return of the Ancestors" in New Mexico, in order to fufill a long-held Mayan prophecy, the "Grandmother Spider" crop picture appeared in oilseed rape near West Kennett Longbarrow in southern England. Everyone realized at the time that it showed a native American symbol for "Grandmother Spider" as one of their honored ancestors (see westkennettlongbarrow), but did not know why the crop artists chose to show it to us?
Now in retrospect, we can see that they wished to demonstrate their awareness of a "Return of the Ancestors" ceremony in New Mexico, on the other side of the planet but synchronous in time (see or littleg'motherin): The young red-haired woman shown in the video below, Keisha Crowther, has emerged as a new and unexpected leader among the native American people. She is known as "Little Grandmother" and speaks for Mayan prophecy:
We would like to recommend her video to all people interested in crop circles, especially those of a deep spiritual nature, because many crop pictures recently have shown astonishing Mayan themes, and were not made by human hands.
P.S. A second crop picture which appeared near Pewsey White Horse on August 4, 2007 (see tPewsey2007) matches closely a distinctive pattern that was shown on modern Mayan pottery at frame 1:24 of the video "Retuirn of the Ancestors" (see Hence that previously unknown crop circle symbol, which stimulated much discussion worldwide, may likewise be of ancient Mayan origin.
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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike