Can we learn from English crop pictures how to escape into space, before melting of the North Pole ice triggers a runaway greenhouse effect?

Part VI: Dozens of different crop pictures, presented to us over 20 years, show the schematic “blueprints” needed to make novel magnetic energy devices

Appendix. Current passing through a magnet induces a torque and counter-torque in local space, relative to a rotationally-constant magnetic field

For the past 20 years, or possibly since the time of Newton, strange and unexplained patterns have been appearing in English or European fields (see time2012x or time2012y). A few of those have appeared recently in other countries such as Mexico or the USA (see   or Hopewell 2012). Some have appeared quickly in daylight, with no humans visible in the field below (see ). The researchers who study these patterns have known for a long time that they encode novel art, geometry, mathematics, astronomy, molecular science or spacetime diagrams (see time2012a or time2012b or worm hole technology). Recently it became clear that they also encode novel physics in terms of electricity, magnetism, or magnetic energy devices.

In the first five parts of this series, we studied some of the field patterns or “crop circles” which encode for novel electrical or magnetic devices (see time2012r or time2012s or time2012t or ime2012wl or fringe2012a). Such patterns are apparently being made by friendly extra-terrestrial visitors to Earth, in an attempt to encourage our efforts at producing “clean energy”. Otherwise by 2050 or 2100 AD, the damaged ecosystem of our planet will not be able to support nearly as many humans as the seven billion who live on it today.

Here in Part VI, we will present the “blueprints” for over two dozen “magnetic energy devices” which have been shown in crops, in the hope that a few clever inventors will be able to build functional replicas of those devices soon on Earth. Some of the “blueprints” seem to be just a commentary on what certain human inventors were attempting to build, close to the time when the crop picture appeared. Other “blueprints” show novel devices which do not seem to have been conceived of on this planet. Three useful archives for “crop circles” from 1985 to 2012 are   or or Not all of the crop pictures to be discussed below were well-documented at the time of their appearance, so although most of them should be paranormal in origin, a few human-made efforts may have slipped in.

No time to waste: the North Pole ice is melting faster than anyone had predicted, Earth’s albedo is changing, and large plumes of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) are being released from below the ocean floor

While I was writing this, the matter has assumed some urgency. Our North Pole ice has started to melt in summer, far more rapidly than any computer predictions had predicted. Hence there is less white ice at the North Pole to reflect sunlight back into space, while large plumes of methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) are being released from melted permafrost below the ocean floor:

Some climate scientists worry that a global disaster is in the making, not several centuries from now but in several decades (see or or / or or The meaning of “Much pain but still time” from a crop picture at Crabwood in 2002 has suddenly become clear. There is also the potential for a release of methane from the southern Antarctic, if land ice melts there (see, or unpredictable changes to the weather in north America and Europe (see These are not imaginary computer models, which no one can be sure about, but real tangible effects which everyone can see.

Thus for Part VI of this series, we will no longer talk just about studying English crop pictures to make “clean energy”. We will also talk about studying them to learn new methods of propulsion, or to “get off the ground”, like for the saucer or drone-shaped UFOs which we can see sometimes in our skies. There may come a time in the 21st century when we will need to escape into space. In the Appendix, I will summarize certain properties of magnetism which might perhaps help us to get off the ground, if scientists and inventors on Earth were to study those clues further.

Modern crop pictures resemble the technical images which Carl Sagan put aboard a NASA Voyager spacecraft 

Some people ask, “Why are crop circles so hard to understand?” Well, they are not exactly hard to understand, but they do resemble the technical images which one civilization would send to another, if they did not share a common culture or language. For example, if we look closely at the technical images which Carl Sagan drew on a “Golden Record” that was placed aboard the NASA Voyager spacecraft (see Voyager_Golden_Record), they look a lot like “crop circles”:

Further examples are shown below:

Several “magnetic energy devices” were shown in crops from 1997 to 1999

The crop circle phenomenon began in earnest around 1990, but images of “magnetism” or “electricity” did not begin to appear until 1994 to 1995, while images of “magnetic energy devices” did not begin to appear in crops until 1997 to 1999.

Two of the earliest “magnetic energy devices” were drawn in yellow oilseed rape close to Milk Hill in April or May of 1999:

The rotary device appears to be a “magnetic flywheel”, as explained by the detailed drawing below:

The second of those crop drawings appeared during daylight on May 2, 1999:

“On May 2, 1999, Helen Robinson was in the area with friends. They had heard about the April crop formation at Milk Hill and wanted to see it. They climbed up to the White Horse to look at it on Sunday morning, then went to the Barge Inn for lunch. They returned to the White Horse in the afternoon at 4 PM and, to their amazement, saw a new crop formation next to the old one. She is adamant that it was not there in the morning” (see

This is a very busy area with many people or cars, especially on Sundays. If humans with rope and boards had gone into that exposed field around noon, potentially to make a new crop picture, they would have been seen or photographed by dozens of people.

Another “magnetic energy device” appeared at Winterbourne Bassett on June 1, 1997, and resembles the Wang Shum Ho magnetic motor from China:

Many of their crop-based symbols seem quite abstract or complex. What could they mean in scientific terms? As shown below, a four-lobed drawing which appeared at Furze Hill on June 22, 1998 may represent the field lines of a bar magnet:

Likewise for the rotor / field drawings which appeared on June 16 or 19, 1998 at Privett or Clanfield, which seem to represent a magnetic rotor of three-fold rotational symmetry.

Many images of “magnetic energy devices” appeared in crops during the summer of 2000

This particular theme, namely “magnetic energy devices”, completely dominated the summer crop-circle season of 2000. On July 1, 2000, an amazing image of “three magnetic rotors with horseshoe-type magnetic fields” appeared at Stephen’s Castle Down:

Nearby we could see five “angel” shapes in the crops, as if they might be the paranormal crop artists (see

On July 15 or 30, 2000 at Bishop’s Sutton, we saw two more “magnetic motor” diagrams, next to one another in the same field:

One showed what may be the “Andy” magnetic motor (see Hegemann_motor), while the other seems to show a “Howard Johnson” magnetic motor, granted a US patent in 1979 (see or

Here is a movie showing how the “Andy” magnetic motor works:

Both motors are shown in more detail below:

Here is a movie showing how the “Howard Johnson” magnetic motor works:

A reporter for Science and Mechanics in 1980 tested Howard Johnson’s linear magnetic motor, which is based on “corner vortices” or a quadrupole magnetic field: “The moment the inventor let go of his test vehicle, which he carefully placed at one end of the track, it accelerated and literally zipped from one end to the other, then flew onto the floor! I tried the experiment myself, and could feel powerful magnetic forces at work as I placed the vehicle on its track. I gently eased the vehicle to a critical starting point, taking great care not to exert any kind of forward push, even inadvertently. Then I let go and zip! It was on the floor again at the other end of the track. Next I reversed the vehicle and started from the opposite end of the track. It worked just as effectively in a reverse direction. In fact, this vehicle can even navigate an uphill grade.” 

The reporter then tested one of Howard Johnson’s circular magnetic motors: “His second device has U-shaped magnets standing on end in a circular arrangement, oddly reminiscent of England’s Stonehenge, supported underneath by a free-turning wheel. As instructed, I eased an eight-ounce focusing magnet into the ring of large magnets, while keeping it at least four inches away from the ring. The 40-pound magnet assembly immediately began to turn, and accelerated to a very respectable rotating speed, which it maintained for as long as the focusing magnet was held in the magnetic field. When the focusing magnet was reversed, the large assembly turned in an opposite direction. Since this assembly is clearly a crude sort of motor, there is no doubt that it is possible to construct a motor powered solely by permanent magnets” (see or patents or

On July 30, 2000 at Blacklands, they showed what appears to be a “Landon” magnetic motor (see

A few “magnetic device” crop pictures from 2002 or 2004

There have been far too many images of “magnetic energy devices” shown in crops, to discuss every example in detail. A provisional summary is given in Table 1 below. Other examples were shown in Parts I, II, III, IV or V of this series. Here we will just show a few more examples from the year 2002 onward.

On July 28, 2002 at The Gallops, a large and complex crop picture appeared which resembles a “permanent magnet induction motor”:

On June 20, 2004 in East Field, a large and beautiful crop picture appeared which has some resemblance to a “radiant energy receiver”, once patented by Nicola Tesla, but with certain modifications:

Real versus impossible magnetic fields: new “magnetic motors” from the summer of 2005

One interesting development, from the summer of 2005, was that the crop artists showed two “impossible” magnetic fields at Aldbourne on July 24:

The first of their crop pictures at Aldbourne on July 24, 2005 showed a “triangular magnetic field”, which is physically impossible, since its third pole can be neither “North” nor “South”:

In order to confirm (somewhat humorously) the impossible nature of a triangular magnetic field, they drew an impossible “Penrose triangle” at Waden Hill on July 16, 2005. This was witnessed by Rod Bearcloud (see ).

Their second crop picture at Aldbourne on July 24, 2005 showed an “inverted (or rectangular) magnetic field”, which is likewise physically impossible:

In order to confirm (again humorously) the impossible nature of an inverted (or rectangular) magnetic field, they drew an impossible “Penrose square” at Boreham Down on June 22, 2005. One day before that crop picture appeared, a local cyclist watched a series of small UFOs making trails through the crop nearby:

“As I sat there on my mountain bike, I watched several small UFOs making trails through the crop. I wanted to walk up to one, and had a mobile phone in my pocket to call another witness. However a feeling came over me ‘do not do either’. Two days later, when someone asked whether I had seen the latest crop circle at Lockeridge, the memory of that experience came back. I did not see the new crop circle being made, although it appeared only a few hundred yards from where I saw the small UFOs”---Mike Booth, edited for brevity (see

As if to accompany their image of a triangular magnetic field, the crop artists drew two “triangular magnetic motors” at Clatford Down on June 12, 2005, or at Boxley on July 17, 2005:

Then as if to accompany their image of an inverted (or rectangular) magnetic field, they drew a “square magnetic motor” at Lurkeley on June 22, 2005:

The Lurkeley image of June 22, 2005 was very detailed in appearance, and could possibly represent a real, functional magnetic motor:

Another clever “magnetic motor” was drawn at Watchfield Windfarm in the summer of 2008

On August 1, 2008 at Watchfield Windfarm, a three-rotor device was drawn which resembles the “Bowman” magnetic motor (see  ):

Here is a movie which shows how the Bowman motor works:

That crop picture pointed toward a large wind turbine which makes “clean energy”. One implication would be that the “magnetic motor” as drawn will also make clean energy.

Another clever feature of this crop picture was its depiction of each spinning rotor in terms of a “coal wheel”, used in large-scale mining industries. The crop artists seem to be saying that “you humans should replace coal-mining wheels with magnetic motor wheels, which will rotate like a wind turbine to produce clean energy”.

A very important series of crop pictures in Italy from 2008 to 2010

Not all crop pictures appear in England. Some of the most important crop pictures have appeared in Italy, especially from 2008 to 2012.

At Cascina Martina on June 20, 2009, we saw the image (or blueprint) of a spinning “magnetic motor”:

In order to understand how this device might work, we need to study a series of Italian crop pictures extending from 2008 to 2010. First at Villanova d’Asti on June 29, 2008, we saw the image of a “small rotor” which contains twelve magnets, arranged with their North poles out and South poles in:

Then at Cascina Martina on June 20, 2009, we saw a “small rotor” inside of a “large stator”, which contains twelve (or 60) magnets arranged diametrically North-to-South along its perimeter:

The small rotor is shown “spinning” relative to the large stator. A tentative labelling of these diagrams with North or South magnetic poles is not meant to be definitive, but only to suggest possible magnetic fields to interested inventors.

At Bishop Cannings in England on July 24, 2009 (four days later) we saw the same “star shaped” centre, surrounded by a “twisted vortex” which is symbolic of magnetic flow:

That 2009 English crop picture was drawn next to an electricity supply tower.

One year later on June 13, 2012 at Poirino in Italy, we saw a similar six-pointed star (or twelve-pointed star on the inside), with certain numbers of dots added within each of its six outer arms. When you count the number of dots carefully, on either side of a thin circular line, and throughout all six “arms”, you find a clever code in decimal ASCII for the famous equation “E = MC^2” (see time2012b). In other words, their “magnetic motor” from Cascina Martina in 2009 may be used to produce “energy”!

The magnetic motor from Cascina Marina in 2009 may resemble this early prototype (see  

Subsequently at Poirino in Italy in 2011, we saw another amazing crop picture which coded for “Ea Enki space” (see time2012b). Ea Enki was a famous scientist who lived in Sumeria long ago, and by legend created Earth humans through genetic engineering. Specifically he made a fertile hybrid called “Adama”, by mixing sperm from his own race with eggs from local primates, whom they had found on Earth.  

During the summer of 2012, we saw two more remarkable crop pictures at Fabbrico or Santena (near Poirino) in Italy. The Fabbrico crop picture showed an image of the Pleiades M45 star cluster at its centre, along with a long spiral coming out, which was coded according to the Mayan Long Count calendar (see Fabbrico 2012l). The Santena crop picture showed an image of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on a date of August 5, 2012, leading into four inner planets and the Sun on a date of December 21, 2012, at an end to the Mayan Long Count calendar (see Santena2012b). 

A “magnetic motor” close to Stonehenge during the summer of 2011

On July 13, 2011 close to Stonehenge, another large crop picture appeared, this time showing the schematic image of something resembling a “Whipmag” magnetic motor (see

A possible arrangement of North-South magnetic poles within that crop picture might be as follows:

A background drawing of similar shape appeared at Stone Pit Hill on August 11, 2012. What are the special properties of a Whipmag motor?

“Freely-rotating stator magnets allow its diametrically-placed rotor magnets to attract throughout the whole rotation process. For example, the north pole of some rotor magnet may be attracted first to the south pole of a stator magnet. When another rotor magnet approaches with its south pole leading, that stator magnet can easily ‘flip around’ from south to north, so as to attract an incoming south pole from the rotor magnet” (see or

Another strange “magnetic motor” during the summer of 2011 at Overton Down

Five days after the mysterious crop circle near Stonehenge on July 13, 2011, we saw another strange “magnetic motor” appear on July 18, 2011 at Overton Down:

I am not sure what this diagram is meant to represent. It seems to show four outer “curved magnets”, along with an inner “square ring” through which a loop current flows. Various “wire connections” are represented by three small dots at four places around the outside. Any thoughts from professional engineers?

The “puzzle” of obtaining clean energy by novel magnetic technologies: will we figure it out?        

The summer of 2012 ended with a series of complex crop pictures at Windmill Hill, Etchilhampton or Wappenbury. These showed the schematic workings of a “Faraday homopolar motor” (see fringe2012a). Then on August 26, 2012 at Hackpen Hill, we saw the image of a 6 x 6 x 6 Rubik’s cube, in which all of its square edges had been labelled with small “V-shaped magnets”:

The overall shape of this crop picture was practically identical to that shown at Wappenbury on August 15, except for a different three-dimensional perspective. Their meaning seems clear: this is the “great puzzle” which we must solve to reduce human-induced climate change, or to escape into space if living conditions get too bad on Earth.

If we compare their final two crop pictures of 2012, we can see that the crop artist cleverly changed a round, horizontal “disc” shape for the homopolar motor (below left) to a “hexagonal” shape at Wappenbury on August 15 (top centre), so that it would match in appearance his planned “Rubik’s cube” at Hackpen Hill on August 26 (below right):

Each edge of the Rubik;s cube shows six squares, just as there are six circles along each outer edge of the hexagon (which is a “cube” in projection). A series of small “V-shaped magnets” along each edge of the Rubik’s cube match a series of small grapeshot circles along each “spoke” of the hexagon, which indicate a “radial flow of current” (red arrow). This leads to a sideways torque or “Lorentz force” (blue arrow) which is used to power all known electric motors on Earth.

The “puzzle”, of course, is not to figure out how a Faraday homopolar motor works, but to figure out how all of the other magnetic motors shown to us in crops might work?

Summary and conclusions for Part VI of the series

Here in Part VI, we have presented a series of “blueprints” for magnetic energy devices as drawn in crops, from the years 1997 to 2012. A provisional summary which lists many different crop pictures of that kind is provided in Table 1 below. Perhaps there are other relevant pictures as well, but these will be enough to get started.

Table 1. A provisional summary of crop pictures which seem to show the schematic blueprints for “magnetic energy devices”  

Date of appearance

Field location

Type of magnetic device

July 17, 1991

Barbury Castle

unknown magnetic technology resembling the CARET documents

July 7, 1996

East Oakley

magnetic flywheel

June 1, 1997

Winterbourne Bassett

Wang Shum Ho magnetic motor

April 4 or May 2, 1999

Milk Hill

unknown flywheel technology

April 19, 1999

Over Wallop

magnetic technology from the CARET documents

July 1, 2000

Stephen’s Castle Down

unknown device with three nested rotors, made by “angels”

July 15, 2000

Bishop’s Sutton

Andy motor with two nested rotors

July 25, 2000

North Down

wire wrapping of a toroidal loop (tokamak)

July 30, 2000

Bishop’s Sutton

Howard Johnson motor with arc magnets

July 30, 2000


Landon motor with a grid inside

July 28, 2002


permanent magnet induction motor

August 5, 2002

Windmill Hill

Dreieck motor with triangular magnets

June 20, 2004

East Field

Tesla’s radiant energy receiver

June 12, 2005

Clatford Down

unknown device with three V-magnets inside of a cloverleaf frame

June 22, 2005

Lurkeley Hill

unknown device with three nested rotors and double magnets in the outside rotor

July 17, 2005


unknown device with three round magnets inside of a cloverleaf frame

June 1, 2008

Barbury Castle

magnetic flywheel from the CARET documents (pi to ten digits)

August 1, 2008

Watchfield Windfarm

Bowman motor with three side-by-side rotors

May 25, 2009

Windmill Hill

unknown magnetic technology resembling the CARET documents

June 20, 2009

Marina Cascina, Italy

unknown device with two nested rotors of 12 (or 60) magnets each

June 27, 2009

East Field

flywheel with 17 magnets in the rotor

August 16, 2009


unknown magnetic technology resembling the CARET documents

May 31, 2010

Silbury Hill

Tesla’s AC motor

June 3, 2010

Codford St. Peter

unknown device with one rotor and 12 magnets

July 4-6, 2011

Honey Street

unknown device with five magnets, “corner vortex” and a cloverleaf frame (Leedskalnin flywheel)

July 13, 2011


Whipmag motor with three rotors inside

July 18, 2011

Overton Down

toroidal coil magnetic motor

June 21, 2012

Hul, Slovakia

magnetic technology from the CARET documents

August 15, 2012


Faraday homopolar motor

For sixty years now, a true knowledge of extra-terrestrial visits to our world has been kept secret from the people (see or For twenty years, a knowledge of how those extra-terrestrials (or other advanced intelligences) have been drawing technical images in the fields, and how small UFOs are sometimes seen or photographed over new crop pictures, has likewise been kept secret from the people.  

The final cards of this crazy game are about to be played: North Pole sea ice will collapse by 2015 or 2016, accompanied by a change of Earth’s albedo, and possibly methane release from the melted permafrost  

Is all of this secrecy meant to protect the human race from something? No, its major intent has been to maintain the status quo. Now the final cards of this crazy game are about to be played. As Earth’s climate continues to be affected by human-caused pollution, its North Pole sea ice may be lost completely over the summer months by 2015 or 2016. Why is that so bad?  

“One of the world's leading experts predicts a total loss of Arctic sea ice during the summer months within four years. Professor Peter Wadhams says that, as sea ice retreats in summer, nearby ocean waters will warm far beyond normal (+7 C already in 2011). This warm water will heat the frozen seabed below. As the seabed warms, huge quantities of previously frozen methane will be released into Earth’s atmosphere. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and its release will greatly accelerate global warming” (see or

A paranormal visitor to Whitley Streiber spoke similarly in 1998: “The Earth’s climate will begin to change in 2000, and this process will accelerate over the next few decades. Because air at the surface will be getting warmer, the North Pole ice will melt. At some point, the North Atlantic current will slow or stop. Arctic temperatures will rise 40 or more degrees above normal during a spring or summer season. This will result in violent storms over Europe. Those storms will bring about the end of northern civilization as we know it, while a climate change that follows will lead to the starvation of many people” (from his book The Key, edited for brevity).

The two men who are running for President of the USA (Obama and Romney) have not only ignored these warnings, but plan to increase the pace of human-caused climate change. They intend to drill for more oil at northern latitudes, where the polar ice has just melted (from the New York Times, see Similar policies are being advocated seriously in Europe (see  

By contrast, the paranormal crop artists seem quite aware of what may happen soon, as a result of these destructive human practices. They told us in 2002 at Crabwood, “Much pain but still time. Believe, there is good out there. We oppose deception.” Can unfavourable timelines for our species still be changed? Yes, probably so, or else there would be no point of showing us in crops the blueprints for novel “magnetic energy devices”.  

What can you do personally in a positive fashion?  

Do you sincerely want to avoid (or reduce) bad future outcomes for the human race? Do you want your children to prosper and thrive? If so, then look at the hard data presented here, and speak openly to your friends and/or peers, thereby ending an ill-conceived and deceptive cover-up of UFOs and crop circles which has lasted for more than 60 years. In other words, you should “oppose deception”.  

Next we will need a major research effort by Earth’s scientists to put novel “magnetic technologies” into practice, for clean energy or for propulsion. Those advanced technologies will surely work, once we understand the basic science better. We can sometimes see extra-terrestrial spacecraft flying through our skies using such technologies. We just have to open our minds, open our societies, and put the new ideas into practice. “Much pain but still time.” There is your rationale.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

P.S. Parts V and VI of this series are dedicated to Michael Reed, who passed away unexpectedly on September 27, 2012. We had planned to do some research together on these novel devices, but that was not to be. If more scientists on Earth were like Mike, then our world would be a better place.  

Appendix 1. Current passing through a magnet induces a torque and counter-torque in local space, relative to a rotationally-constant magnetic field 

In order to better understand what the crop artists are showing us, I searched through hundreds of papers in professional physics journals, or hundreds of videos made by amateur inventors. Then I tried to correlate all of those data with what is being shown in crops. Some of the amateur videos were quite useful, because they will be very easy for an average person (or inventor) to understand.  

Observations relevant to a single magnet  

1.    Electric current which passes close to but outside of a magnet may cause the entire magnet to shift laterally by a right-hand rule. Yet it does not apparently cause a magnet to spin or rotate (see for example  

2.    In order for a magnet to spin or rotate, it needs to experience “torque” from an electric current passing through itself (see or other videos). Such torque seems to come from a Lorentz force v x B within the magnet itself (see This cartoon video suggests erroneously that a magnet will rotate about its N-S axis, due to through-space interactions with nearby current-induced magnetic fields, rather than due to a current passing through itself (see I included it here so that everyone would see the difference. 

3.    The magnetic field of any magnet remains constant or invariant relative to rotation about its N-S axis (see or or other videos). Thus as electric currents pass through a magnet, their associated magnetic fields cannot cause an underlying, invisible magnetic field to rotate by a right-hand rule. Instead, such current-induced magnetic fields seem to generate a “torque through space”, where a whole physical magnet may begin to rotate about its N-S axis, say in the example of a one-piece homopolar motor. The underlying mechanism of a two-piece homopolar motor would be similar, except there current passes through a conducting disc above the N-S poles of some magnet, then induces a “torque in space” by “pushing against” a rotationally-invariant magnetic field below. 

4.    Just outside of the current-flowing magnet, there may be another region of “counter-torque”. Total angular momentum may be conserved locally near a permanent, non-rotating magnetic field (see This bystander effect has also been seen using gas bubbles in electrophoresis (see or “Torque” and “counter-torque” were shown quite lucidly in crops under Milk Hill on July 6-8, 2011 (see or milk hill 2011a). I saw both of those crop pictures on the mornings when they appeared, and their lines were sharp and precise as if cut by lasers.  

Apparent lack of consistency with the theory of special relativity  

5.    I do not see how the rotational invariance of an underlying magnetic field, when its source magnet rotates about the N-S poles, can be consistent with the theory of “special relativity”. That famous theory was derived from an unexpected constancy of light speed c through a vacuum, regardless of the velocity of its source. Now we see an unexpected constancy for the magnetic field B, regardless of the rotational velocity of its source (at least for speeds testable in laboratories on Earth). This seems to represent an entirely separate physical principle from what “special relativity” was based on! For example, there seems to be no plausible way by which a constant magnetic field B could be viewed as an electric field E, due to the relative motion of some nearby observer (as predicted in special relativity), since it remains unaffected by the relative motion of its source magnet, which likewise has no effect on electrical circuits nearby. It seems far more akin to an “local and absolute frame of reference”. Newton himself commented on the “absolute character of rotation” (see Absolute_rotation), which is again not consistent with the theories of special or general relativity.  

6.    Perhaps on other worlds, extra-terrestrial scientists developed a slightly different theory of electricity and magnetism from what we follow today on Earth, and so they developed new methods of magnetic propulsion early on. By analogy, let us suppose that everyone on our planet were completely convinced in an erroneous way that ”genes” must be made from protein, as was the case until 1955. If extra-terrestrials were to show us an image of the “double helix” in crops (as they did In 1996, 2001 or 2002), would some of our scientists finally begin to study DNA? That seems to be what they are doing for “magnetism” today. They are not “giving us the Genetic Code”, but they are pointing in the right direction.  

Speculations relevant to a ring of magnets  

7.    If we were to construct a closed conducting ring of several magnets, and pass electric current through all of them at once, their combined fields might produce a strong, net flow of energy through the centre in one direction as “torque”, or in the other direction as “counter-torque”. It has not escaped my attention that this could be how the saucer or drone-shaped UFOs fly. It was the scenario shown in crops near Honey Street in 2011.  

Prospects for the future 

Clearly we need more physical tests on a small scale, of how these unknown magnetic devices might work in practice. It seems unfortunate that the two related subjects of “UFOs” or “crop circles” have not received serious attention from technically-minded humans in the recent past. Otherwise such important scientific problems would have been studied long ago, to the benefit of the whole human race, and we would have already colonized most of our solar system.

Appendix 2. Who could be making these amazing crop pictures, extra-terrestrials or angels? 

We cannot know for sure who might be making all of these amazing crop pictures, or whether they might be coming from extra-terrestrial or spiritual sources. Yet one new “magnetic motor”, which was drawn in crops at Stephen’s Castle Down on July 1, 2000, showed an image of the crop artists nearby.  

In that case they clearly depicted themselves as “angels”, approximately of the kind drawn by Los Angeles artist Andy Lakey (see or touched-angels-story-andy-lakey-painter): 


I was able to recognize those images right away, because when Lakey was ill with cancer some years ago, he instructed his agents to give away his paintings for free to people who had ordered them. One of those “freely given angels” hangs on a wall in our sunroom. Here are some further examples (see Andy-Lakey).

Appendix 3. The triangular magnetic field used by scientists at Imperial College London to create “magnetic monopoles” in 2009 was shown in crops four years earlier at Aldbourne in 2005 

“Researchers from Imperial College London have created a structure that acts like a single pole of a magnet, and say the breakthrough means they are one step closer to isolating a magnetic monopole” (see or or

 Red Collie (like “Shevek” in The Dispossessed)


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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