A summary of new field images from the summer of 2013: folding up crop pictures from two into three dimensions, and hints of near-future events in December 2013, once comet Ison emerges from behind the Sun: messages to us from extra-terrestrials or humans who live in a parallel universe?   

The 2013 crop circle season was a relatively sparse one, compared with most other seasons from 1990 to 2012, in terms of the total number of new crop pictures which were found. Nevertheless, the field images which did appear were generally of high quality. This became true especially after August 1, when the London newspapers proclaimed loudly that no human fakers were currently working in Wiltshire (see fringe2013i).  

Few if any human fakers were working in Wiltshire during 2013

There were only a few good crop pictures in June or July of 2013. Then a flood of high-quality images appeared in August, immediately after most of the London newspapers stated publicly that few if any human fakers were active anymore:  

“Insiders say that a number of top circle makers have quit, following a clampdown by farmers, and have moved onto making sand circles which are legal”---The Daily Mail on July 31, 2013 (see www.dailymail.co.uk).

“This year crop circles are in short supply, as the creators of one of the summer’s annual attractions have retired, or moved onto other things” ---The London Times on August 1, 2013 (see www.thetimes.co.uk).  

“The men unmasked as making them have moved onto other passions, following a clampdown led by farmers' unions”---The Express on August 2, 2013 (see www.express.co.uk).

One can understand how a total number might go down slightly, if one component of the phenomenon consisting of low-quality, human-made images were to cease? “Crop circle appearances in Wiltshire have dropped by almost half this year. A decline in man-made circles and late harvest have both been blamed” (see www.bbc.co.uk).

What did we learn from reading all of those British newspaper articles? Mainly that the real phenomenon, with a poor human-made component removed, is proceeding as strongly as ever! Any persons interested in the real phenomenon may study it here or in previous reviews (see time2012a or time2012b). There could still be a few human-made fakes which pass for real, but please judge for yourselves, by studying the new images discussed below.  

New results obtained from studying crop pictures in the summer of 2013

Four specific topics emerged from the study of crop pictures in 2013:  (1)  folding them up from two into three dimensions, in order to see the intended pattern; (2)  Mayan or Gregorian calendar codes for July 7, August 23 or December 3, 2013; (3)  a better understanding of images from past years concerning comet Ison, and (4)  images of an “explosion in space”, whether from a binary star system (Nova Delphini 2013) or from the centre of our galaxy.  

We should start with a few general comments concerning “crop circles” and how they may be understood. First, it is often necessary to fold up crop pictures from two into three dimensions, like Jodie Foster did in the movie “Contact” when plans were received from extra-terrestrials by radio telescope (see Contact_(film)). 

Secondly, information is often coded in crop pictures using a subtle technique called steganography (see en.wikipedia.org  or stenganography). This is why most people think crop circles are just “field art”, because they have not studied the techniques needed to understand them.  

Thirdly, messages are often coded in crop pictures using multiple layers of information. Few humans living on Earth today seem capable of understanding this advanced mode of communication, because it represents a different way of thinking (see fringe2013h). A summary of multiple layers of information, or 3-D representations, for many crop pictures from the summer of 2013 has been provided below in Table 1.  

Folding up crop pictures from two into three dimensions, in order to see their intended patterns  

There have been many examples of this technique shown in the past (see time2012b). Here we will discuss a series of four interesting ”fold up” crop pictures from the summer of 2013.  

One of those appeared at Chute Causeway on August 10, 2013. A number of specific “guidelines” were added within the fallen lay, to suggest that it was some kind of “origami puzzle”:  

The two “tails” from each of six “comet” images were drawn with slightly different lengths, just as for the two tails (ion versus dust) of a real comet. This 3-D orbital pattern is what we will see on November 28 or 29, 2013, when comet Ison circles closely around the Sun. That particular comet is approaching our Sun from below the plane of the ecliptic, so its passage around the Sun cannot be accurately described in two dimensions.  

Around the outside of this crop picture, only six of twelve outer edges (for a dodecagon) showed “raised guidelines” in the flattened lay. The other six “empty” locations were thereby suggested to be “empty space” which would be removed, once the rest of the crop picture was folded (like for an origami puzzle) into a 3-D hexagonal pyramid.  

Another clever example of the same “fold up” technique was drawn in crops at Wessex Ridgeway on July 24, 2013. There we saw the “net” for a 3-D triangular pyramid. It was laid down in the field surrounded by three thin “planetary orbits”:  

This crop picture appeared during a “Grand Trine” of three major planets Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune in July or August of 2013. It became a “Grand Sextile” of six planets briefly on July 29 or 30, 2013. Once we fold this crop picture from two into three dimensions, then we can see three major planets “orbiting the Sun”. The precise identification of 13 small dots which lie along its three “planetary orbits” is still not certain. They do match “13 signs” from some astrological diagrams, yet they are laid out in a specific fashion with 5-4-4 dots in each triangular sector, or 5-3-5 dots along any planetary orbit.  

Two other “fold up” crop pictures appeared during the summer if 2013. The first at All Cannings on July 15 was simple in form, and showed a “large ball” on top of a “3-D triangular pyramid”:  

Was this perhaps just an instructional diagram, to help us interpret their second image at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13? In the second image at West Kennett Long Barrow, we can see a 3-D triangular pyramid with a “small ball” on top, which has also been intersected by two other circles of medium size:  

What could they be trying to show us here? It seems not to be a “comet orbiting the Sun”, or some “planetary system”, but rather some “large spacecraft” from another world.   

Images in crops of “large spacecraft” from other worlds 

No one knows exactly what a large spacecraft from another world might look like, Still we have a number of UFO reports from people who have seen or photographed strange flying objects in Earth’s sky. Also a relatively few people, who claim to be “contactees”, say that they have seen these large craft directly, Personally I have not seen any large spacecraft myself, but did see a small saucer close in daylight in 1965 Florida. Others later attributed that particular shape of saucer to humans like us who come from the Pleiades M45 star cluster.  

Two images in crops from Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013, or West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, seem to resemble a large, triangular-pyramidal, egg-shaped spacecraft as seen from two different perspectives. We can see it side-on at Cooks on August 23, or top-down at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13:  

That large egg-shaped craft, with a triangular base and small ball on top, is supposedly a “UFO mothership” populated by other humans who live in the Pleiades star cluster, according to the controversial Billy Meier in Switzerland.  

Alternatively at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, we could be seeing the image of a “large triangular UFO” getting ready to land:  

Their field symbolism of using West Kennett Long Barrow to represent an “airport runway” for some large “triangular UFO” seems truly astonishing:  

Other parts of the new crop picture at West Kennett Long Barrow resemble a large “triangular UFO” flying out of a “spacetime wormhole”:                                                                                                                        

A similar image was drawn in crops at Golden Ball Hill on June 29, 2007. Could we be seeing in crops the various images of “large spaceships” visiting Earth from a “parallel universe”?  

Mayan or Gregorian calendar codes drawn in crops for July 7, August 23 or December 3, 2013  

The first crop picture of 2013 to show a “calendar code” was at Stanton St. Bernard on June 21, 2013. That field picture showed a length-coded spiral containing six numbers 2-2-3-1-3.9. In retrospect, we know now that those six numbers were meant to represent a latitude North of 22o 31’ 39’’ for the zenith location of our Sun on July 7. On that latter date, a great “Boat of Heaven UFO” image appeared in crops at Avebury Trusloe. The second phase of Stanton St. Bernard on June 22 even showed a distinctive “four zigzag” motif, which appeared again in the “Boat of Heaven” on July 7. One crop picture was therefore meant to anticipate the other (see Stanton st bernard 2).  

The second crop picture of 2013 to show a calendar code was at Avebury Trusloe on July 7. Their “Boat of Heaven” image was meant to celebrate the annual anniversary of two UFO crashes near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The internet search engine Google posted a much-watched video game, featuring that Roswell UFO crash on the same day. Their crop picture was coded with the numbers “19-4-7-2” in various of its parts, and even showed a small “triangular UFO” in one section (see comments or avebury trusloe).  

Many crop pictures from August 2013 showed calendar codes for the dates of August 23, 2013 or December 3, 2013. In the Mayan Long Count calendar, August 23, 2013 is Scrambling those numbers somewhat, we can find in our Gregorian calendar a related date of 12-03-13 or December 3, 2013. In order to test that hypothesis, I looked for the Mayan date which corresponds to December 3, 2013, and found it in several “Mayan” crop pictures from previous years as or This upcoming date of December 3, 2013 is in any case significant, because that is when comet Ison will first be seen on Earth, as it emerges from its close circular path around the Sun.  

At Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013, we saw a very clever calendar code for the same-day Mayan date of Five numbers of 13, 0, 0, 12 or 3 were imbedded within the detailed image of a “man’s face”, which in turn was drawn over the image of a large, egg-shaped UFO that is supposedly from the Pleiades M45:  

The leader of that extra-terrestrial expedition to central America 2000 years ago was “Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent”. He is as famous and beloved among native peoples of north, central or south America as is Jesus among white Europeans. Could Quetzalcoatl and Jesus have been carrying out two different parts of a joint spiritual mission to Earth, at about the same time in history?  

Jesus says at one place in the New Testament: “This is not the only place where I have sheep.” He compares himself to a “serpent on a pole” which has to be lifted up (or crucified) to give Earth humans eternal life. The Mayans used “cross shapes” in many of their temples, so much so that early Spanish visitors wondered whether Christian missionaries had been there before? The native people from north America likewise drew a “Quetzal cross” in their rock art, to preserve memories of a great white-skinned teacher who walked among them in the distant past. The Hopis call him “Pahana” or True White Brother.  

Those same numbers of “12, 3, 13” were likewise coded into a “triangular UFO” crop picture which appeared at West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013. Might they represent a Gregorian date of “12-03-13” or December 3, 2013? 

Another crop picture at Etchilhampton on August 19, 2013 showed the numbers “3, 12” more subtly. The first number “3” was shown simply by “three small dots” on one side, while “12” was suggested by a difference in value between two sets of grid marks along the outside, as either 90 or 78:  

On August 6, 2013 at Monument Hill, we saw a “diamond tiara” in crops as one symbol for British royalty, accompanied by a “lion” symbol on the monument nearby. The full circle of symbols was implied to be “12” or perhaps “13”, if we count a small ball on top as drawn at Cooks two weeks later. We also saw “3 faces of a cube” on the inside:  

Might these three numbers “12, 3, 13” be intended to suggest a Gregorian date of “12-03-13” or December 3, 2013? Three years ago at Pewsey on August 8, 2010, we saw another crop picture similar to West Kennett Long Barrow of August 13, 2013. In this case, its outermost crescent was coded with 40 dotted symbols for time, which could mean either “40 days, months or years”:  

Counting forward from August 2010 by 40 months, we find exactly “December 2013”.  

Testing the hypothesis: can we find a Mayan calendar date of matching December 3, 2013 elsewhere in crops?  

In order to test this hypothesis, I scanned through the CCC Archives or Crop Circle Centre (see www.cropcirclecenter.com). Are there any Mayan-styled crop pictures from recent years, that show a Mayan calendar date of matching our Gregorian date of December 3, 2013? Quickly I came across two good examples!  

On June 12, 2010, a spectacular “coiled serpent” crop picture appeared at Walbury. It showed ostensibly a “Feathered Serpent” (namely Quetzalcoatl) emerging from a “spacetime wormhole”, then heading for a small dot which represents planet Earth (a similar image appeared in July of 2002). When we count the number of circles of each type carefully, we find “17” then “0.0.0” then “5”:  

Could this imply or December 3, 2013? Quetzalcoatl promised the Mayans that he would return in a year “One Reed”, the first of their 52-year calendar cycle. Such a year began on December 24, 2012 when the old Mayan Long Count calendar ended. Our current year “One Reed” will end on December 18, 2013 which is 360 days later. A date of December 3, 2013 is thus, while represents one full, 360-day Mayan year since the old Long Count calendar ended.  

On June 17, 2012, another spectacular Mayan-styled crop picture appeared at Santena in Italy This time it showed a large egg-shaped UFO, just like we saw at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013. In the centre of that UFO they drew our inner solar system with the Sun and four planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars for a date of December 21 (or 23), 2012, when the old Mayan Long Count calendar ended:  

Around the outside we can see 18 different sets of “light rays” emerging from that “egg-shaped UFO”. Seventeen of those “light rays” show five small circles, while the eighteenth “light ray” is slightly different with six small circles. That eighteenth “ray” was connected through a thin curved line to another astronomical image on the right, which shows our Sun and Mercury in the constellation Cancer on August 5, 2012.  

Three different dates were encoded in one crop picture! We can start with August 5, 2012 when NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars. Might that suggest some other large spacecraft will land soon on Earth? Next we can assign a Mayan date of to the four-planet solar system shown on the inside for December 21 (or 23), 2012. Finally by looking at other coded symbols, we can see two numbers of “17” or “5” which suggest a Mayan date of for December 3, 2013. The next day will be or December 4, 2013.  

Could we be reading too much into these vague symbols? Five days later at Fabbrico in Italy, we saw the field image of a huge “worm” or spiral wormhole, leaving the “Pleiades M45 star cluster” which was drawn schematically at its centre:   

Four different sizes of circle were used to make that crop picture as 19 (very large), 19 (large), 8 (medium) or 16 (small). The Mayan calendar for when that crop picture appeared was (12). or, matching June 22, 2012. There is no doubt therefore, that some non-human-made crop pictures use Mayan calendar codes.  

Space travel from the Pleiades M45 in a mirror universe to the constellation Cancer in ours?   

Quite remarkably, the second crop picture which appeared in crops at Fabbrico in Italy on June 22, 2012 is partly a mirror image of the first on June 17, 2012 at Santena. In their second picture, we can see some kind of “travel” from the Pleiades M45 star cluster (shown by details of the fallen lay) along a worm-like path, anti-clockwise for one and one-half turns:  


In their first picture, we can see what is seemingly a large “egg-shaped spaceship” travelling clockwise for slightly more than one turn, and then arriving in our constellation Cancer. Why draw those two crop pictures as mirror images, unless space travel is taking place by a wormhole between one universe and another? We have heard of such a scenario before: for example with the “DAL/DERN” universes spoken of by human-like visitors from the Pleiades (see raphael-labro.org), or with the “other side” presented fictionally in a TV series “Fringe” (see Fringe_(TV_series)).  

Two “round balls” on either side of the “constellation Cancer” at Santena seem to possess a double meaning. They could be interpreted as showing the Sun (large ball) and Mercury (small ball) in Cancer on August 5, 2012, when NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars. Yet they might also be interpreted as the path of comet Ison through Earth’s sky in August or September of 2013. A “small ball” on the left marks where comet Ison became faintly visible on August 10, after it emerged from behind the Sun as seen from Earth (near the orbit of Mars). A “large ball” on the right marks where comet Ison will be located on September 15 when it crosses the “frost line”, and may become much brighter. Many different images of comet Ison were drawn in crops from 1996 to June 2012, long before that comet was discovered on Earth in September 2012 (see Appendix 2).  

Another Mayan calendar code from 2004: the “Aztec Sunstone” 

While studying the crop circle archives to look for other Mayan calendar codes, I noticed that the famous “Aztec Sunstone”, which appeared over two nights July 31 and August 1, 2004 near Silbury Hill, contains a subtle calendar code for its date of formation as  


One crop motif was used twice to specify both “12” and “1-1 = 11”. Five little “claws” appear on both sides of the Aztec Sunstone found in 1798, and also on both sides of the 2004 crop picture. In the crop picture, those five rounded “claws” have been subdivided into 14 parts, to represent the last digit of a Mayan calendar date Whoever made this crop picture had to be well versed in Mayan culture, and also exceedingly clever.  

Other calendar codes in crops seem more ambiguous 

Other calendar codes in crops seem more ambiguous. Let us look for example at Rollright Stones of August 3, 2009:



I visited this crop picture in person, located some distance from Wiltshire on the outskirts of Oxford. A great “comet Ison” image appeared three days later on August 6, 2009 at Windmill Hill. That one was also very impressive to see in person, freshly on the morning after it came down.  

Does the crop picture from Rollright Stones really suggest a Mayan calendar code of for December 4, 2013, when comet Ison will emerge from behind the Sun? We can see three large open rings to suggest “0.0.0”. Each large ring contains 17 circles to suggest “17”. Each large ring has been subdivided into two parts to suggest “6”. A small “comet” appears nearby with its “tail” pointed away from the “Sun”. There will be a new Moon on December 3, 2013, meaning that two large circles for our Sun and Moon will nearly overlap in Earth’s sky. The crop artists can be very inscrutable, who knows?  

More evidence concerning the origin of those crop artists: they seem to come from the Pleiades M45 or Hyades star clusters in a mirror-plane universe  

“ ’Universes’ is how he put it to me. I had thought we lived in the only solar system-galaxy-universe. But he always used the plural term ’universes.’ Dr. von Braun would have tears in his eyes every time he would say, ‘There are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone. What would make us think that we are the only life form?’ “ (see www.bibliotecapleyades.net)  

Many other crop pictures suggest a “mirror universe” origin for the crop artists. Some crop pictures show schematic images of the Pleiades or Hyades star clusters. For example on May 30, 2011 we saw a fairly elaborate “astronomical” crop picture at The Sanctuary, which has eluded any exact interpretation until now. By comparing that field image with maps of the night sky for different dates, I found that it represents part of Earth’s sky on July 22, 2011 as the mirror image of how we see it:  


On the left we can see Mercury, symbolized by its two “horns”. Then going right we can see Venus, (Earth), Mars, two “pyramid” shapes, Jupiter, a crescent Moon, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The last two planets Neptune and Pluto are not shown in the sky diagram, because they lie further to the right off the slide. Of more interest, over the Pleiades M45 and Hyades star clusters, the crop artists drew two small “pyramid” shapes. One is an upside-down, mirror image of the other.  

Are the crop artists trying to tell us that they come from the Pleiades and/or Hyades star clusters in another, mirror-plane universe? And that they lived with (or taught) the Mayans here on Earth long ago?  

Why did they show a date of July 22, 2011 in their map of the night sky? It was a special astronomical alignment, when planets Mars and Jupiter were located on either side of the Hyades or Pleaides. Two months later on the indicated date of July 22, 2011, we saw another Mayan-style crop picture at East Kennett:  

This time it showed ten “pyramid” motifs, and also gave a calendar code near its centre for “17 months” until the Mayan Long Count calendar would end on December 23, 2012. Each “pyramid” shape showed five vertical layers, because the Mayan Long Count calendar contains five digits. On that day the Mayan calendar read The fallen lay over its centre showed a famous “spider web” motif, which had first appeared near Avebury on August 11,1994. Clearly their first crop picture at The Sanctuary on May 30, 2011 was meant to anticipate their second at East Kennett on July 22, 2011.  

During the summer of 2012, we saw an image of the Hyades star cluster once again. It was drawn in crops as a “cathedral” at Stanton St. Bernard, in three phases from June 29 to July 20. Not only did they show the Hyades as it appears in our own night sky, but they also drew its mirror image, just as if our image of the Hyades were to be reflected in a pool of still water:  

Those V-shaped “Hyades” images which were drawn in 2012 resemble other “pyramid” shapes drawn in 2011, to denote the Hyades or Pleiades star clusters. Just above their new ”cathedral” image for the Hyades, we can see planet Venus shining brightly as a “great star”. Venus was travelling through the Hyades at the time (as seen in Earth’s night sky), just after its solar transit on June 6.  

At the top of their July 20 drawing we can see a round, fish-like spaceship, which is flying out of the Hyades star cluster on its way to Earth. Two separate images of this “round spacecraft” were drawn in crops during the summer of 2012: the first at Stanton St. Bernard on July 20, then the second at Woodborough on August 20. In their July 20 drawing, we can also see a small “spacetime wormhole” through which the spacecraft must travel, to reach Earth from a parallel “mirror universe”.  

During the summer of 2013, we saw the image of a “Schwarzschild wormhole” at Ridgeway on July 6 (see comments or articles). This is a special kind of wormhole which can link two universes. It is called a “mirror wormhole” (see casa.colorado.edu).  

Everything suggests that these particular crop artists come from the Pleaides and/or Hyades star clusters, which reside in a parallel, mirror-plane universe. By using spacetime wormholes, they can enter our universe to contact local humans on Earth, or to make “crop circles”. Whether they have also travelled to a “mirror Earth” in the other universe, or just to “our Earth” in our universe, remains unclear. Some of them seem to have lived with the Mayans long ago, around the time of Christ, and taught them agriculture, building, astronomy or mathematics. They began to make “crop circles” in our modern era around 1990, which was 22 years before the Mayan Long Count calendar would end on December 23, 2012.  

Will such a scenario lead to open contact between those extra-dimensional visitors and the general human population of Earth? Did the Mayan civilization die out on that “mirror plane” Earth, as it did here in 900 AD? Or did it go on to the rule the world? These are very interesting questions, which we hope to learn more about soon.

Summary and conclusions: a lot to watch out for!  

It has always seemed likely that crop pictures might be a gentle prelude to open contact with other extra-terrestrial races, who may even appear human like ourselves. They seem to be sending field messages to us using spacetime wormholes from another space, time or parallel universe. Now that the 2013 crop circle season has ended, we have learned that one or more significant events seem to be scheduled for December 3, 2013, at about the same time when comet Ison emerges from behind our Sun. Perhaps we will just see a bright comet in Earth’s skies on that day (Appendix 2)? Other suggestions have been made in crops regarding our possible detection of a large UFO in Earth’s skies, or of astronomical shock waves from the galactic centre (Appendix 3).  

Some of these field messages show clear Mayan symbolisms. This suggests that some of our current extra-terrestrial visitors may have lived with (or taught) the Olmecs or Mayans on Earth 2000 years ago. Still other field messages show connotations of the Pleiades M45 or Hyades star cluster. During our modern era, we have heard of some purported contacts between Pleiadean space visitors and certain human individuals. Thus in summary, we are faced with many important possibilities as we go forward in time to December 3, 2013, and should prepare ourselves for the unexpected.  

Messages to Earth from extra-terrestrials or humans who live in a parallel universe: do we have something to fear, or are they friendly?  

Do we have something to fear from these mostly unseen crop artists, who have been sending beautiful artwork and/or coded messages to humans on Earth for the past 23 years? Or is their intent friendly? On August 3, 2009, I was with my wife and two English friends at the Red Lion in Avebury, when word arrived that a new and spectacular crop picture had just been found near Silbury Hill. We got there a few minutes later (see www.youtube.com or silbury2009).  

It showed two large rings of 24 or 20 standing tufts, plus 15 tightly wrapped “beads” at its centre. The overall pattern resembled a Mayan calendar “Katun wheel”, where the numbers inside match one Katun time period of 24 x 20 x 15 = 7200 days (see www.youtube.com). Around the outside we could see two sets of five circles, each drawn to look like a “comet”. There were many different patterns of fallen lay in those ten outer circles. In one case, we could even see a “smiley face”:




When seeing ground details such as these, we can be pretty sure that we are witnessing a long-term attempt by humans living in a parallel universe to open friendly relations with our own. The other universe can only apparently be reached by spacetime wormholes, which they call “conduits”. The senders of such messages seem to represent an interdisciplinary “Fringe team” of scientists, artists, astronomers and mathematicians. The cultural content of their messages is often Mayan, which suggests that on some parallel Earth, the early Mayan civilization did not die out as it did here, but went on to become a world culture by 2013 AD. This would also explain why a small lodestone, matching a crop circle from Chiseldon 1996, was found in the mountains of New Mexico several years ago, close to the geographical centre on some parallel Earth where crop circles may be coming from today (see www.ufonut.com

Appendix 1. Multiple layers of symbolic information in 2013 crop pictures (use of 3-D perspective marked in red) 



Symbol 1

Symbol 2

Symbol 3

Symbol 4

June 21

Stanton St. Bernard

spiral number code for


zenith latitude of Sun on July 7 any year

Phase II

“zig-zag” symbol

“zig-zag” at Avebury Trusloe on July 7

June 30

Cavallo Grigio, Italy

binary ASCII for “S-D-H-K”

sulphur-32 atom

nuclear fusion S-32, D-2, H-1, beta-decay

field symbolism for “electricity”

July 7

Avebury Trusloe

Sumerian “boat of heaven”

“1947-2” anniversary of Roswell crashes

“zig-zag” like at Stanton St. Bernard on June 22

triangular UFO

July 15

All Cannings

triangular pyramid with a ball on top

like West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13



July 15

Hackpen Hill

giant star “Gienah”

field location in “summer triangle”

atomic energy like Cavallo Grigio on June 30


July 24

Wessex Ridgeway

Grand Sextile of six planets

field orientation to three planets

possible ternary code on the outside


July 28

Czech Republic

solar storm impacting Earth’s poles




August 1

Roundway Hill


atomic two-fold symmetry

found in wheat bran


August 6

Monument Hill

diamond tiara

nearby monument

points to Bournemouth


August 10

Chute Causeway

fold up into 3-D hexagonal pyramid

comet Ison circling the Sun

comet with two “tails”


August 11

Hackpen Hill

comet Ison behind the Sun

Sumerian symbol for “star”

Grand Sextile of planets

like Chute Causeway on August 10

August 13

Hackpen Hill


field location of Nova Delphini in “summer triangle”

titanium-44 with 22 protons and 22 neutrons


August 13

West Kennett Long Barrow

special alignment of eight planets

triangular UFO with exhaust, heading in to land

WKLB as a nearby “landing strip”

3-D contours of spacetime wormhole or Silbury Hill

August 13 (more)

West Kennett Long Barrow (more)

centre like “Quetzal headdress” of 2009




August 19

Etchilhampton Hill

binary star, mass transfer

altered speed of rotation

like Barbury Castle of 2008

field symbolism of “astronomical jet”

August 23

Cooks Plantation

man’s face like part of Pleiades M45

face coded with current Mayan date

resembles mothership UFO from Pleiades

Mayan calendar “13 baktuns” outside

August 23


Cooks Plantation


field symbolism of 30-60-90 triangle

“split wedge” like WKLB of August 13

centre like “Quetzalcoatl headdress” of 2009

“jester’s hat” of Mayan kings

Loss of many important crop pictures in 2013, because local farmers were misinformed 

About six excellent crop pictures were cut out by local farmers during the summer of 2013, so early in the morning that no aerial photographer was able to capture an image. The farmers of course have a right to private land, but they mostly remain misinformed concerning the general origin and nature of these images.  

The UK government and national newspapers keep telling those farmers that a few local (and much resented) fakers are committing “vandalism” on their vast tracts of private farmland. This old idea now seems completely ridiculous, since most of the skilled fakers did not operate in Wiltshire during the summer of 2013, although some made “sand circles” in daylight at local beaches.

Appendix 2. Further images in crops of spacetime wormholes or a parallel universe

If we represent one universe, when overlapping with another, as the intersection in higher-dimensional space of two 4-D spheres, then their region of intersection in 2-D projection will resemble a Vesica Piscis. We should also see two small, right-angled triangles whose vertices are defined by the centre of each overlapping sphere, and the centre of that region of intersection. 

Now at Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013, we saw the schematic image of some large, egg-shaped UFO “flying through” a right-angled triangle in order to enter our space. Could this drawing have been meant to give the impression of a large UFO, flying from one parallel universe into another, consistent with the multiverse theory of modern physics? (see Multiverse or P-Branes_floating_in_3D_Hyperspace or multiverse-the-case-for-parallel-universe)


Appendix 3. The Mobius strip as a metaphor for some “parallel Earth” in an alternate universe 

On August 8, 2008 or 8-8-2008, a “Mobius strip” appeared in crops near Milk Hill with the general shape of a “figure eight”:      

A series of 22 small wedges were drawn along the contour length of that Mobius strip, on both left and right, to tell us that its “inside” on the right becomes its “outside” on the left.  

At its centre, we could see a large central circle surrounded by eight smaller circles of alternating size. These were meant presumably to represent planet Earth and eight possible orbital locations for our Moon. “Earth” and “Moon” both lie in a 2-D plane, whereas the much larger “Mobius strip” lies in 3-D or one extra dimension.  

Might there be “another Earth and Moon” on the lower side of that Mobius strip, which we cannot see? This possibility was suggested by drawing a double line between successive orbital locations for our Moon near its centre. Elsewhere the double line changes back into a single line, as if to say “there is another Moon on the far side which you cannot see”. The ground lay near that central motif (not resolved in this aerial view) likewise shows two flattened swirls of crop, as if to say “there are two Earths and two Moons”.  

What might the crop artists be trying to tell us? Could we Earth humans be like “ants”, walking along one side of a Mobius strip in extra dimensions, while other “ants” walk along the other side, yet we cannot see them?


Indeed, might the crop artists live on a parallel Earth in some alternate universe? This is the general theme of a science-fiction TV show called “Fringe” (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fringe_(TV_series) ). Subatomic particles such as the electron, proton or neutron show “spin ˝ symmetry”, which is just the symmetry of a Mobius strip: you have to go around the strip twice to return to the same place. Recent measurements of the 2.7 K microwave radiation have shown certain anomalies, which suggest more than one universe (see www.dailygalaxy.com).

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)

P.S. We would like to thank all of the dedicated people who have contributed positively to our study of crop pictures over the past 20 years, especially Michael Glickman and Mike Reed. Also best wishes to Q. if he is reading this? Likewise from many other spiritually advanced people living here on this troubled world.

Only one metaphorical “tick of the world clock” remains 

No one is sure what will happen soon on Earth, yet according to the crop artists, only one metaphorical “tick of the world clock” remains:  

The two crop pictures shown are details of West Kennett Long Barrow on August 13, 2013, or Cooks Plantation on August 23, 2013.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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