The extra-terrestrial crop artists seem to believe that most humans living today on Earth are “blind”, so they draw crop pictures to help us “see”: an example from 2009 of the “intraocular lens” used for eye cataract surgery  

A persistent and recurring metaphor in modern crop pictures has been one of human “blindness”. They do not seem to mean by this that Earth humans are physically blind, but rather that we are mentally and/or spiritually blind. For example, an “opening eye” was drawn in crops at Nettle Hill on August 16, 2014 with symbols for “laser eye surgery” in the landscape nearby (see NETTLE).  

Likewise a “Braille code” was drawn in crops at Chualar on December 28, 2013, as if they were helping “blind people” to read (see chualar). This crop picture was claimed later by Team Satan to be a human-made fake. Yet they have not so far provided a single bit of evidence to support their claims. Would some advertisement for a computer company imply that their loyal customers are “blind”? 

How might humans living on Earth today be mentally and/or spiritually blind? Most of us seem “blind” to a large body of physical evidence obtained from UFO and/or crop circle studies, which suggests that advanced life forms from elsewhere in our galaxy, or from other times and dimensions, are visiting modern Earth. Many of us also seem “blind” to the possibility that we are spiritual beings, composed both of matter and also of energy-spirit.  

A famous crop picture from the summer of 2009 seems to illustrate the same metaphor of “blindness”, even though its meaning was not understood until October of 2014. When I posted an image of this crop picture on Facebook, a respected physician (Dr. Richard O’Connor) who studies crop circles (see informed me that it shows an “intraocular lens”, which is used in eye cataract surgery to help blind people see!  

This famous crop picture appeared in East Field on July 14, 2009. It shows an elaborate “basket weave” in its centre, which no human crop artist has ever been able to reproduce using rope and boards:  

Two “intraocular lenses” are shown in the centre above, while their functional placement within a human eye is shown on the right. Two long, thin curved shapes (known as “haptics”) help to hold the lens in place after it has been implanted by surgery.  

When we looked next to see where in the landscape this “intraocular lens” was drawn, we found that it was drawn close to the “eye of a fish”, which is defined by the shape of nearby hills and fields:  

Most authentic, paranormal crop pictures are drawn in certain field locations which help to reinforce their intended message.  

In summary, there have been repeated and persistent metaphors drawn in crops, at least in some cases by extra-terrestrials visiting our planet, which suggest that Earth humans remain “blind” to many important aspects of existence. Their “crop circles” seem to be a strategy to help us “see”, while not landing on the ground and interfering with our affairs directly. As of 2014, one would have to say that this strategy has been clever, but only partly successful.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)      


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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