Recently, some days ago, I was searching (by a reminder of mine) for some pictures with high resolution of the Crabwood Crop Circle and could NOT find any reputable images left from this formation on the internet! Terrible, simply terrible! I expected to see many more pictures of it with high resolution, but in reality there are only a few pictures left from this AMAZING crop circle – some of them with too low resolution and not capable to bring to light details, that may lie hidden. 

Anyway, I wanted some good pictures of the Crabwood Face… and there is nothing! Thank God, I found ONE picture with good enough quality (the only one left with such good quality, by the way) and I decided to use it to recreate and RESTORE the intended by the crop-circle-makers image of this incredible crop circle, that was given to us in 2002 (12 years ago), so beautiful, so precise and so incredible. I decided that this would be in return my contribution to my home planet. And so, using this wish of mine as a motivation to start with, I believe to have created in the end THE BEST AND MOST ACCURATE recreation of this crop formation that there is on the entire planet (so far). Both the image AND the decoded message, accompanying it, are AS ACCURATELY INVESTIGATED AS THEY COULD BE. Everything is checked one hundred times, but if you so desire, you can check it all twice by yourself.

Here is shown the process of restoration of the Crabwood crop circle: 




 Notes on the binary code translation of the Crabwood crop formation:

1.       The part of the binary message, previously thought as “(bell sound)” ( \ ) in the end of the message, after a detailed analysis, turned out to be actually a “dot”( . ), thus making the message much more clear and more logical:

Where the code for a “bell sound” is 0101110 0 , the code for a “dot” is  0 0101110 – a difference, created by a missed by some previous researchers zero in the beginning of the last byte of the Crabwood binary code. 

2.       The part of the message known as “COnduit…”, after a detailed analysis, turned out to be a very normal “Conduit…

3.       And the part known as “oPpose…”, after a detailed analysis of the pictures with highest resolution available and a big discussion among few crop circle researchers, the end result turned out to be “OPpose…” by the following reasons:

a.       Firstly, the following logic seems appropriate:

pose [taking position in a situation or an event];

oppose [taking the opposite position in a situation or an event]

OPpose [strongly underlying the taking of the opposite position in a situation or an event]

b.      And secondly, the high resolution pictures of that part of the binary code seem to confirm the above logic. 

Both logical and most probable, the end message reads exactly as follows: 

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.

And after the restoration of both – the image and the message, here are the final pictures:


The level of precision, which I found after a careful analysis, is so advanced, that the formation must be, without a doubt, left by those who have signed it by themselves (one of the very few crop circle designs, I want to mention, left with a reference to the possible circle-makers). 

Other useful information: 


You are free to share the material here with everyone you want.

Have a nice day & thank you for your interest in the Crabwood crop formation from the year 2002!


A complete and accurate transcription of the binary code from Crabwood 2002 (compiled in 2007, with many references to earlier work) may be found here time2007n.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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