Two crop pictures from June 2011 at Cowdrove Hill or Allington correctly predicted “high solar activity” for the week of May 13-20, 2013: some paranormal crop pictures seem to be the “marks” left by time travellers  

There have been many crop pictures over the years, starting perhaps in 1994, which seemed to predict the future (see for example or time2007h). No one is sure whether such field images are intended as “messages to man”, or else as “reference marks” for UFO visitors, which they can see easily from the sky. Only last month, a period of “high earthquake activity” during April 2013 was predicted by an “inner solar system” crop picture, which had been drawn two years earlier at Allington on June 28, 2011 (see fringe2013e).  

On almost the same date in 2011, two other crop pictures appeared at Cowdrove Hill on June 18, or in nearby field at Allington on June 28. Cowdrove Hill showed an “outer solar system” for the approximate date of May 13-20, 2013:  

Only five planets were shown from Earth to Uranus. Jupiter was drawn with “three cloud belts”, while Saturn and Uranus were drawn with “rings”. Which important astronomical event might this crop picture signify?  

The innermost orbit of that crop picture does not show Mercury or Venus. Instead it seems to show another orbital location for Earth, namely where it was located on June 18, 2011, when the Cowdrove Hill crop picture appeared:  

That innermost orbit was drawn with twice the thickness of the others, to suggest that “two Earth orbits” or two years would pass, before the astronomical event scheduled for May 13-20, 2013 might take place. 

The crop artists knew already, in June of 2011, that Jupiter would show three cloud belts during May of 2013 (not one or two cloud belts as seen all through 2009, 2010 or 2011):  

Although a subtle detail, this feature strongly suggests the reality of time travel, or at least “viewing forward in time”.  

During the week of May 13-20, 2013, our Sun showed exceptionally high activity, and emitted a whole series of powerful solar flares or coronal mass ejections toward Earth. Some of those ejections may be seen in a movie posted on the SOHO website on May 17, 2013 (see  

Images of our Sun have often appeared in crops, for example these two lucid diagrams from the summer of 2009:  

A second crop picture at Allington on June 28, 2011 seemed to show our “Sun” in a state of active eruption, surrounded in Earth’s sky by four bright astronomical objects. By comparison to known maps of Earth’s sky, we have tentatively identified those four objects as Venus, Mercury, the Pleiades M45 and Mars:  

The smallest circle drawn there was Mercury, consistent with its small relative size. The largest circle drawn there was M45, consistent with its large angular size as an open cluster of seven stars.  

Twelve outer “light rays” around the “Sun” were of slightly different size. If we assign a value of “0” to each thick ray, or “1” to each thin ray, we find a binary code of 0010-0000-0100. That can be read either clockwise or anticlockwise as the ASCII character 0010-0000 for “space”.  

A very similar astronomical diagram was posted by the NASA Spaceweather website on May 18, 2013, to show how a coronal mass ejection (CME) from our Sun had just been ejected toward Earth: 

There we can see Mercury, the Pleiades, Mars and our Sun for a date of May 17, 2013. This CME later caused bright auroras all across the poles of our planet.  

The overall shape of their “Sun” image from Allington on June 28, 2013 resembles the appearance of our real Sun, as it emits a solar flare or CME (coronal mass ejection):  

During the week of May 13-20, 2013, sunspot 1748 was exceedingly active, and ejected six different X or M-class flares from May 12 to 17 (see or  

There were “six inner rays” in their “Sun” image, consistent with “six solar flares” as emitted during the specified range of dates. The total number of rays (both inner and outer) added to 6 + 12 = 18, thereby suggesting a high solar activity which might end on May 18, 2013.  

Three further astronomical predictions for late 2013 

Three further astronomical events seem to be predicted for late 2013, by certain crop pictures from 2008 or 2009: (i) a bright comet which will pass closely by Earth and Moon (comet Ison, already confirmed), (ii) high solar activity, or perhaps even visible changes to our Sun (not seen yet), and (iii) the detection of a large object beyond the orbit of Pluto (not seen yet). Close to such predicted dates, we will explain in more detail how certain crop pictures showed such events, four years before they “happened”.  

General remarks on crop circles and time travel 

There has been a general awareness among researchers, that crop circles might be related to time travel for almost twenty years. For example Linda Howe wrote:  

“Time travel came up as the source of global crop formations in 1993. I was in Wiltshire, England to explore the crop circle mystery, at a time when strange patterns in cereal crops had been reported in 23 different countries. There were TV news reports about crop patterns on ABC’s 20/20 or CBS’s 60 Minutes, with headlines in newspapers or magazines. I met a man who told me that he had firsthand information that the CIA was trying to photograph by satellite, every crop formation in chronological sequence, so that computers could look for mathematical patterns. Then he startled me, by explaining that the agency’s theory is that we are dealing with time travellers. Crop formations have something to do with measuring the effectiveness of their efforts to change Earth’s timeline. One reason why time travellers might interact with Earth would be to avert future disasters” (see  

Consistent with that idea, we saw a five-sentence text message drawn in crops in 2002: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing” (see time2007n or time2007o or Who would write that except for a time traveller?  

A 1992 study by psychic viewers concluded: “Crop circles are created by a collection of alien races who appear capable of time travel. Their field pictographs serve primarily as reference marks for event-line orientation, and not as messages to man. Such reference marks are produced by aliens moving through space and time, who are monitoring the course of events on Earth. At least twelve different species of extra-terrestrial use these signatures. For each mark, its date of creation, geographical location, and geometry are recorded in a central registry” (see ).  

The amazing inability of modern physicists to understand what is going on 

Because of doubtful information about crop circles, which was published in 2010 or 2011 by two academic journals Nature or Physics World (see or or Crop Circles (physicsworld), as well as misleading views about crop circles presented on American TV (see which even the newsreaders did not believe, I prepared two reviews late in 2011 to set the record straight, with the help of certain researchers from Wiltshire (see time2012al or time2012bl).

Now if you go to Appendix 3 of the second review, you will see that the crop artists made an honest effort to contact the most prominent “time travel physicist” of our time. They drew specific images from one of his TV appearances, exactly one year later in crops (see time2012b). Nevertheless, neither he nor any other professional physicist on this planet would receive favourably such information, when it was quietly pointed out to them. It never ceases to amaze me, how modern physicists cannot understand what is going on, no more than astronomers in 1620 could understand the new way of thinking proposed by Copernicus.  

Crop pictures as reference marks made by time travellers: the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics  

Time travellers would not need to use crop pictures as reference marks, if there were only “one Earth”. Instead there may be several different timelines for planet Earth, in accord with the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics (see Many-worlds_interpretation). This strange idea was first put forward by Hugh Everett in his Ph.D. thesis at Princeton in 1956 (see Hugh_Everett_III). Everett later gave up physics entirely, after receiving open and unprofessional scorn from Niels Bohr and his colleagues in Copenhagen (see  

“During March of 1959, Everett visited Copenhagen while on vacation with his wife and baby daughter, to meet Niels Bohr who had developed a ‘Copenhagen interpretation’ of quantum mechanics. The visit was a disaster. Everett was unable to communicate his main idea, that the universe is describable by an objectively existing wave function. This was heresy to Bohr and others at Copenhagen. Rosenfeld, one of Bohr’s followers, described Everett as ‘indescribably stupid’. They said ‘he could not understand even the simplest things about quantum mechanics’.“  

Today a “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum mechanics is still taught as “truth” in universities and schools, although some physicists have begun to accept Everett’s view, or the view of David Bohm (see I have noted elsewhere that the Copenhagen (Born) interpretation of wave probability seems to require extra dimensions, as does the phenomenon of de Broglie waves (please see four Appendices to fringe2013b). There is no other plausible way to understand these phenomena in terms of objective realism. It is also what those highly-advanced crop artists keep showing us in the fields.  

Thus the true nature of reality may include multiple timelines for Earth, as popularized say by Philip Dick’s Man in the High Castle (see The_Man_in_the_High_Castle) or by the TV series Fringe (see  By this view, the primary purpose of crop pictures might not be to open contact with Earth humans. Rather those field images might provide references marks on the ground, for UFO visitors flying above, so they will know which “Earth timeline” they are located in? For example, we can see in this video a silver saucer flying over the “swallows” in South Field on August 14, 2008 (see Might there be different crop circles each summer in different Earth timelines, although we cannot see the others? Any UFO visitor might look into Earth’s night sky to determine a “star date”, then look on the ground to find a “timeline location”.  

Three Nobel Prizes for Physics were drawn in crops, four months before they were awarded in Sweden  

There is no (zero) doubt that those time-travelling visitors are following closely the progress of human science here on Earth. For example, they drew in crops each year 2009, 2010 or 2011 the Nobel Prize for Physics (CCD chip, graphene or quasicrystals), four months before each Prize was awarded in Sweden (please scroll down on crop circle research). How long it will take for this information to reach the awareness of most physicists living today, when no true information about “crop circles” is printed in academic journals?

Do crop pictures also have a secondary purpose, as effectors of cultural or social change? 

Do these “marks” made by time travellers contribute to cultural change? Do certain time travellers wish us to become enlightened or self-aware, so that we begin to realize what kind of adjustments they are making to Earth history? Avebury and Glastonbury, near where most crop pictures appear, have become beacons of high spirituality, due to the open and favourable awareness of “crop circles” by many people living in the area.  

The paranormal crop artists seem quite aware of such a novel development in human character. Here for example you can see a “goddess” crop picture made on July 27, 2008, while a “Goddess Conference” was being held not far away in Glastonbury (see Other crop pictures have shown the seven chakras of a human body, or related spiritual themes. If our species is to be saved from future disasters, it may be due at least partly to the efforts of such spiritually-minded people, in an English region of cultural or social change.  

Update: a seventh solar flare was emitted on May 22, 2013, causing a moderate solar storm on Earth (see of May 24, 2013 or The relative widths of seven “outer rays” from their “Sun” image of June 28, 2011 now match well, the relative intensities of seven successive solar emissions from May 12 to 22, 2013:

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, 1982-87, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

P.S. We would like to thank all of the researchers in Wiltshire or elsewhere who make these studies possible, especially Janet Ossebaard and her tour group from Holland, who found the Allington “solar flare” crop picture during a microlight flight around noon on June 28, 2011.

On May 12, one of the largest solar flares to be recorded in 2013 took place. The Sun sent billions of tons of solar particles into space, but they were not travelling in Earth's direction. This electromagnetic pulse could have knocked out electrical equipment over continent-scale regions, and it barely missed Earth. ‘The world escaped an EMP catastrophe,’ Henry Cooper told Washington Secrets (see


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