More inter-dimensional physics as drawn in crops 2014: the homopolar generator (DC or AC) and its possible applications for transmitting or receiving electrical energy over long distances through space  

“If there were any remaining doubts I’d had about what crop circles are showing us, this formation has removed them, confirming my strong suspicions that we are being taught. We are being shown an upside-down world beyond the boundaries of, and on the other side of a cube”---Sarah Susanka, 2013                       

A brief forward for students of science and inventors everywhere 

You may have been told that modern crop pictures are being made by local people late at night, using rope and boards. Yet that is clearly not the case, for anyone with a mind sufficient to see through fables of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! For example, could local people with rope and boards have made this remarkable “Rubik’s cube” (see fringe2014r) which appeared near Hackpen Hill on August 26, 2012? Of course not. No humans on Earth have ever created such a remarkably detailed image in any field, whether they use rope and boards or “microwave ovens” (see or  

This is an observational fact, not some speculation or New Age fantasy. Serious researchers such as Paul Jacobs addressed that question several years ago. He studied a leading team of human crop artists, when they were commissioned to make a crop picture in broad daylight (see fringe2013s). A large team of men with rope and boards, working in daylight for nine hours, could still not come close to what we can see in other remarkable crop pictures such as Hackpen Hill of August 2012 (which was made in complete darkness during a brief English mid-summer night, without the farmer’s permission, close to a well-travelled road).  

Let us agree then that some modern crop pictures are not being made by local people with rope and boards. In which case, who could be making them and why? Author and architect Sarah Susanka wrote: “We are being taught, and we are being shown an upside-down world beyond the boundaries of, and on the other side of, a cube.” If what she wrote is true, then might we be receiving pictorial messages in the fields, from a parallel universe or even a parallel Earth? The overall character of images as drawn in many crop pictures generally supports this view (see fringe2013b or Most professional physicists now believe that parallel universes are possible, consistent with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics (see  

Why is this important and life-affirming knowledge being kept secret from the people?  

If we have been receiving pictorial messages in the fields from a parallel universe, for more than 25 years, then why is this important and life-affirming knowledge being kept secret from the people, by governments and media organizations worldwide? Our real-life scenario resembles that of a science-fiction TV show called “Fringe”. Researchers in the TV show discover a “parallel universe”, where there are other humans like us, but slightly more advanced. Our existence is known to people on the “other side”, yet governments on “this side” decide to keep the existence of a parallel universe secret from people here.   

At one point in the TV show, a leading character from our world (actress Anna Torv) gets frustrated and says: “I know that what they told you helped to make sense of your life, but what they told you was a lie”:  

Yes indeed! Continual disinformation about crop circles or UFOs in the mainstream media may have helped you to “make sense of your life”, but what they told you was a lie. The British press does not see any ethical problem with making up untrue stories about “crop circles” out of thin air (see fringe2013i).  

“Blueprints” in the fields, and a large body of evidence to suggest they are “real”  

Over the past 15 years from 1999 to 2014, the inter-dimensional (or extra-terrestrial) crop artists have drawn dozens of different “blueprints” in the fields, which seem to suggest novel electromagnetic generators and motors, or even new principles of physics (see fringe2012c). Unfortunately, almost all of our academic and industrial scientists, who could do the necessary developmental research to put such “blueprints” into practice, have refused thus far to take such images seriously.  

What other kinds of evidence do we have, to suggest that modern crop pictures are not made by local people with rope and boards? Well, sometimes we can see small UFOs near newly-made crop pictures, which look just like the “foo fighters” from World War II (see fringe2014o). Also when new crop pictures are studied carefully on the ground, often one can see hard factual evidence for a paranormal mechanism of creation (see time2012a). Some crop pictures encode complex intellectual puzzles, which no one can understand without great intelligence and lengthy study (see time2012b). The field locations where such crop pictures appear may show annually recurring “ghost images”, as long as 18 months later, due to semi-permanent changes in the soil below (see 

Modern crop pictures encompass a wide range of subjects including art, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, DNA, biology, astronomy, physics, images of the future and extra dimensions 

When studied as a whole, modern crop pictures consist of far more than “blueprints” for novel energy devices (see They also show beautiful art, clever mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, DNA, biology, astronomy and physics, just as if they had been sent by an interdisciplinary team from another world to ours. Some crop pictures show “images of the future” (see time2007h or japantsunami2011 or fringe2013e or fringe2013g). Other crop pictures suggest “extra dimensions” (see fringe2013b or  

A focus here on the “blueprints” for novel energy devices 

For the sake of brevity, we will focus here just on crop circle “blueprints”. These technical images tell us (potentially) how to construct novel energy devices, mainly of an electromagnetic nature. We will discuss several new crop pictures from the summer of 2014, which relate to other crop pictures of an “energetic” nature that appeared from 1999 to 2012 (see fringe2012c). Most of these technical drawings seem to have been prepared as “teaching examples”, by one or more electrical engineers from some other world or dimension.  

How else could one explain, for example, the technical drawing of an “AC homopolar generator”, which was followed on the next day by a technical drawing for the “triangular wave of current” which an AC generator would produce, as viewed on an “oscilloscope screen”? Ha, ha, some of the inter-dimensional crop artists seem to know much more about electrical engineering, than human electrical engineers know here on our Earth! Perhaps we should pay attention to what they are telling us?  

The “homopolar generator” seems to play a much larger role in their technology than it does in ours 

We humans on our Earth today know how to construct many different kinds of electromagnetic motor or generator (see These fall into two general classes as “dipolar” or “homopolar” (see Almost all electromagnetic motors or generators as used on our Earth today are “dipolar”.  

Now the homopolar or “unipolar” generator relies on just one pole of a magnet (North or South) for its function, rather than two poles (North and South together) 

The first DC (direct current) homopolar generator was built by Michael Faraday in 1831. Other AC (alternating current) homopolar generators were not studied closely until the late 20th century, when one was built for example by Lawrence Giacoletto of U. Michigan in 1983. The US Navy recently built a large and powerful homopolar motor for some of its ships (see

Four concentric-circular images of nearly identical appearance were drawn in crops during the summers of 2011 of 2014. All of these seem to represent the “blueprints” for a typical DC homopolar generator (see for example  

Phase I of a crop picture near East Kennett on May 17, 2011 seems to show the inner part of this device (its “rotor”). Phase II of the same crop picture on June 22, 2011 seems to show the compete device (its inner “rotor” plus outer “stator”). An intermediate “double ring” as drawn in crops may represent where the “rotor” and “stator” meet one another.  

All four of these crop pictures, from 2011 or 2014, were drawn near symbols in the landscape which resemble a homopolar generator plus its surrounding “brushes and wires”:  

A homopolar generator can also be made without solid brushes (for example copper-graphite), by using liquid metal contacts involving sodium-potassium Na-K or mercury Hg (see  

The detailed geometry of these four crop pictures has been discussed elsewhere by Jack Sullivan and Andrew Edwards (see or cropcircleresearch).  

The following slide enables us to study, in more detail, two relevant crop pictures from 2011:  

A distinctive “brush” or “bar” symbol from the landscape points toward each of them.  

Here can study two relevant crop pictures from 2014:  

Their 2014 crop picture near West Kennett Longbarrow was drawn in exactly the same field location, as an identical image drawn in 2011. Two dates of appearance are also identical (June 22, 2011 and June 22, 2014). It is just as if the crop artists were saying: “These particular field images are very important. Pay close attention to what we are showing you!”  

Thanks, guys, message received. Perhaps it might be easier to send messages in the future using a quantum-entangled typewriter? (Ha, ha, a joke for the crop artists if they are reading this.)  

A self-excited homopolar generator  

Way back in the autumn of 1999, another “homopolar motor” was drawn in crops just outside of Avebury. This version showed eight rotating magnets within an outer “rotor”. Each of those magnets could make rolling contacts to an inner “stator”, without the need for brushes:  

A nearby symbol for “pi” means “turn the rotor in a circle”. This complex energetic device, as drawn in crops, resembles the Searle Effect Generator (see It also resembles a multi-rotor homopolar generator from Russia (see  

Looking more closely, we can see that a raised spiral lay within each of eight “rotating magnets” in that crop picture, along the outside of a stator, resembles the spiral wiring of a “self-excited” homopolar generator:  

Within a self-excited homopolar generator, any electric current produced by an upper rotating disc passes through spiral wiring which has been placed below. That lower wiring then acts as an “electromagnet” to increase the strength of a North-South magnetic field, which impinges on the rotating disc above.  

A self-excited homopolar generator is thought to power the magnetic fields of many astronomical objects, for example the Earth, our Sun and other stars (see Nikola Tesla studied a self-exciting homopolar generator long ago in 1891 (see Other modern examples have been patented (see  

The AC homopolar generator 

More recently, some inventors have tried to make homopolar generators which produce alternating (AC) current. One of the best examples was patented in 1983 by the famous electrical engineer Lawrence Giacoletto (see Lawrence_J._Giacoletto). His device resembles a crop picture of complex lay which appeared near Stone Pit Hill on August 11, 2012:  

You can see his original patent here ( Dr. Giacoletto is known widely for his “hybrid-pi model” of transistors (see Hybrid-pi_model). No source of a new invention could be any more reliable.

Are the crop artists trying to tell us that his invention, somewhat forgotten, could be of importance for all humans on Earth?  

Now prepare to be amazed. On the very next day of August 12, 2012, a “triangular wave of AC current” was drawn in crops at Devil’s Den, just as it would appear on an “oscilloscope screen” (see for August 11 or for August 12):            

When we study that “AC homopolar generator” from a technical point of view, we soon learn that this device would produce a “triangular wave” of electric current (see, just as was drawn in crops one day later at Devil’s Den:  

Eight copper wedges of 100% conductivity would cause the current to rise on each 1/16 turn of that rotating disc. Next eight iron wedges of 17% conductivity would cause the current to fall on each subsequent 1/16 turn of the rotating disc, and so on.  

In order to create a “stepped triangular wave” of current as drawn in crops, there might need to be eight separate current-collecting regions along the outer perimeter of the rotating disc:  

These particular crop pictures were surely made by electrical engineers from another world or dimension! They are trying to impart some of their advanced technical knowledge to humans on Earth today. Yet most of us have closed minds and will not listen.  

Rotary motion and outward flow of electrons in a “homopolar generator”  

Three days later on August 15, 2012, a large and spectacular “rotating disc” from some homopolar generator was drawn in crops near Wappenbury. When a conducting disc (made say of copper) rotates on a shaft with velocity v, just above the North pole of a magnet with field strength B, electrons will flow from in-to-out all around the disc:  

Here is a movie of such rotary motion, prepared by Nyako Nakar, which does not show however an accompanying outward flow of electrons:  

The Wappenbury crop picture shows a “DC homopolar motor” like that studied by Michael Faraday in 1830 (see or fringe2012g or fringe2013c).  

A farmer and local news reporter speculated that “it had been created overnight by around 100 people using GPS equipment. Somebody came on Friday, which was the first I heard of it. You can only really see it from a helicopter. Some crackpots believe it's little green men who made it. What a nonsense!” (see  

Eleven days later on August 26, 2012, the “homopolar motor” as drawn in crops at Wappenbury on August 15 became part of a “Rubik’s cube” near Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire:  

Can you see a clever visual illusion prepared by those crop artists, where a two-dimensional hexagon on August 15 becomes a three-dimensional cube on August 26?  

When we study the landscape near Hackpen Hill, to try and figure out why they drew a “Rubik’s cube” there, we can see three relevant symbols. First we can see a “cube” in the natural landscape of similar size and orientation, just above the crop picture as drawn (dashed blue line in the slide below):  

Next we can see a large letter “L” in the landscape, which is their usual symbol for “Love” (dashed red line in the slide above).  

Thirdly we can see a “white horse” not far below, which is their symbol for “riding on a white horse to our rescue”.  

The crop artists suggest that they are coming to Earth with love. Also they are showing us many puzzles to teach us how to think, just as they told Betty Andreasson in 1967 (see fringe2013h). 

Crop circle “blueprints” which might be built as trial models to explore their properties: the “magnetic flywheel” 

There have been many crop pictures over the years, especially from 1999 to 2011, which show the “blueprints” for novel electromagnetic devices. I do not understand how all of them work, but will show a few more examples below, so that scientists more skilled than myself may be able to go further.  

During the summer of 2011, a “magnetic flywheel” was drawn in crops near Honey Street in two separate phases. Its first phase on July 4, 2011 showed an incomplete ring of four scorpion-like motifs, which seem upon careful study to represent N-S magnets (see two images at lower left in the slide below):  

During this first phase, no electric current should be flowing around the “ring”, because it remains incomplete and not fully formed.  

Its second phase on the next night of July 5, 2011 added a fifth scorpion-like motif, and thereby completed the “ring”. Now five N-S magnets create a complete pentagonal circuit, around which electric current can flow (see two images on the right-hand side of a slide above).  

Around the outside of Phase II, we can see a “curved cloverleaf” shape. This resembles a cloverleaf-shaped metallic border that Ed Leedskalnin used, when he built his famous magnetic flywheel at Coral Castle in the 1930’s (see Ed’s flywheel at upper left in the slide above, or on 

What a clever puzzle to show us in crops! What else might we be able to learn from this amazing “crop blueprint”, by studying its details more carefully?  

Well, the number of “tail feathers” in those “scorpion magnets” varies from 13 to 14 to 16, for five different examples as drawn in a ring around the centre. This series of numbers suggests pi = (1)3.1416. Perhaps the crop artists are trying to tell us: “turn that pentagonal flywheel in a circle”?  

Along the inside of “magnet 5”, crops which were previously flattened in Phase I were somehow “lifted up” in Phase II. This field detail (which I inspected personally) would be completely impossible for any human crop artist to achieve using rope and boards. It may be intended to suggest that a broad, circular flux of magnetic energy will flow up through the centre of that flywheel, once electric current begins to flow around its perimeter.  

A five-step “pyramid” was drawn just outside of the “cloverleaf border”. This might be intended to suggest that a “pyramid of magnetic energy” will flow up through the centre of that ring, once the flywheel begins to spin, and electric current begins to flow (that was Ed Leedskalnin’s theory for how it worked).  

Two other crop pictures near Honey Street in June or July 2011: a “ring of electromagnetism” and a “number code for pi”  

Two other crop pictures were drawn nearby, to help us to understand their “magnetic flywheel” more clearly. One week before on July 26, 2011, we could see on the left a “large thin ring”, which was surrounded by a “circular magnetic field”. A “small pointed arrow”, located along that ring, tells us in which direction the electric current is flowing (see two images at lower left in the slide below):  

The centre of that “circular magnetic field” lines up with where “magnet 5” was added to the “pentagonal flywheel” on July 5, slightly to the upper right in a slide above. The implication here might be that, when a fifth magnet is added and electric current begins to flow, then a circular magnetic field will be created around the path of electric current in that thin wire.  

“Spirals” of magnetic energy may next begin to flow around the ring, as suggested by several spiral lays of crop within the largest flattened circles on June 26 (shown at lower left in the slide above). These “spirals” all turn in the same way clockwise, or with a right-handed sense, when viewed from behind the flow of electric current (see honey street). This field detail seems consistent with an expected “right hand rule” (see Magnetic_field_due_to_moving_charges_and_electric_currents).  

The net effect of adding all of those “spirals” together would be to create a broad, circular flux of magnetic energy, up or down through the centre of the current-carrying ring. A central flux of magnetic energy, up or down through the centre, was suggested also by their “magnetic flywheel” drawing on July 5, 2011. It showed a “pyramid” of energy outside or above, and “lifted-up crop” inside near the centre.  

Quite remarkably, a third crop picture appeared on the same day of July 4, 2011, across the Barge Canal from where Phase I of the “magnetic flywheel” appeared. That long, thin crop picture pointed precisely toward the “magnetic flywheel”, even though neither crop picture could be seen on the ground, when standing in the other, across several kilometres.  

Within the long, thin, third crop picture we can see a “number code” which adds to pi = 22 / 7. Again the number “pi” tells us to “turn the magnetic flywheel in a circle”. This “crop number code” resembles some of the “number codes” which Ed Leedskalnin used at Coral Castle (see There was also a subtle geometrical code within the third crop circle for “Archimedes and pi” (not shown here).  

What a great mystery! Three different crop pictures, all of which were conceptually linked across many kilometres of the Wiltshire landscape, and all of which are trying to teach us about “magnetic flywheels”. Surely it would be informative to build a trial model of that magnetic flywheel here on Earth, based on what was drawn in crops, to explore its properties further?  

Crop circle “blueprints” which might be built as models to explore their properties: a “synchronous magnetic motor” 

During the spring of 1999, a “synchronous magnetic motor” was drawn in crops near Milk Hill in two separate phases, one on April 3 and the next on May 2:  

Any synchronous magnetic motor uses a ring of electromagnets outside as its “stator”, plus another ring of permanent magnets inside as its “rotor” (see We can see from the crop “blueprint” that an inner ring of 15 small, permanent magnets is spinning clockwise as the “rotor” in their May 2 crop picture. Likewise we can see an outer ring of 14 large, electromagnets outside as a “stator”. Those outer electromagnets tell the inner ring of permanent magnets how to turn, by providing a steadily-rotating magnetic field. A slight mismatch between 15 magnets inside, versus 14 magnets outside, keeps the rotary motion from becoming “stuck”, compared say with using 14 magnets both in and out.  

Next we can see a large flux of magnetic energy going up through the centre of this “synchronous motor”, as suggested both by an upward-pointing “pronged fork” on May 2, and by a matching crop picture from April 3 on its left. I do not understand all of the technical symbols drawn here. Surely it would be informative to build a trial model to find out? 

An “antenna” with “spinning discs” along the outside, which might transmit or receive wireless electricity through space  

Let us proceed now to describe another electromagnetic device which was drawn in crops during the summer of 2012. It is even less well understood at present! On August 23, 2012 we saw a large “antenna” drawn in crops at Oxleaze Copse:  

This “antenna” later became each of six faces of a “Rubik’s cube” on August 26, 2012. Does anyone really believe that these two complex, interdependent crop pictures could have been made by local humans on Earth, using rope and boards?  

Such an “antenna” might be intended to collect electromagnetic waves or particles from space. Those energies would then create weak electrical currents within the antenna, that could excite a series of “spinning discs”, which have been placed at the ends of its dipole bars:  

When we look closely at the lay of crop, within each flattened circle near the end of any dipole bar, we can see “clockwise spirals” in all 20 locations. The detailed shape of these “spirals” resembles the spiral wiring of a self-excited homopolar generator. One of Nikola Tesla’s drawings (1891) for a self-excited homopolar generator is shown at lower right:  

In 1901, Tesla patented a “radiant energy receiver”. It used a metal plate to collect charged particles from space, say protons from the solar wind (see Solar_wind). Such charged particles were then fed into a capacitor, along with negatively charged electrons from another plate which was buried in the ground. When this capacitor eventually discharged, it sent electric current through an electromagnet, moved a mechanical arm, and thereby advanced a mechanical wheel:  

The crop artist device seems instead to use a dipole antenna, to collect electromagnetic waves from space. Those waves might induce weak electrical currents throughout many dipole bars of the “antenna”. These could be used to excite a series of homopolar generators or “spinning discs” along the outside of each dipole bar.  

Just as a review, let us remember that any dipole antenna generates weak alternating currents, when it interacts with electromagnetic waves from space:  

In principle, the weak alternating currents which are induced, within each dipole bar of that antenna, might be used to turn self-exciting homopolar generators: 

Each homopolar generator could rotate smoothly without physical reversal, even when the direction of current reverses, if it were made from a rotating disc that contains alternating wedges of different conductivity. Might alternating currents from each dipole of the antenna be converted into the physical momentum of fast-rotating disks, within a series of AC homopolar generators?  

Clear photograph of a UFO hovering over power lines in Australia with its “antenna” lowered  

While I was preparing this article, one of my friends showed me a clear and reliable photograph of a UFO which he had taken over Dural in New South Wales on October 14, 2013. It seems to show an extra-terrestrial spacecraft hovering over power transmission lines, and perhaps drawing electrical power from them:  

Looking closely at details of the spacecraft, we can see that it has lowered some “flat antenna”, which has two red lights (and one white light) on a side which was visible to the camera. A similar feature may been seen for another UFO which was apparently collecting electricity energy from a lightning storm in Taiwan (see  

“What did we see that night? In my personal opinion, it was either from another dimension or extra-terrestrial”---Colonel Charles Halt, describing the Bentwaters UFO incident of December 1980 (see

Summary and conclusions  

To summarize briefly, it seems that “blueprints” for both DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current) homopolar generators have been drawn repeatedly in crops. Some of those “generators” are shown in the first two images below, along the top row. A third image along the top row shows a triangular output of AC current, as would be expected from the homopolar generator shown in image two:  

Along the bottom row, we can see three other images. These show the outward flow of current in a rotating homopolar generator, an antenna with spinning discs to collect (putatively) energy from space, and a 6 x 6 x 6 “Rubik’s cube”.  

Quite remarkably, in a country where Michael Faraday once lived, the scientists of England have become so narrow-minded by 2014 AD, that none of them can recognize a “homopolar generator” when it is drawn under their noses:  

“What are they teaching in the schools nowadays?” (C.S. Lewis)  

A recurring metaphor in crops of “human blindness” 

The unknown crop artists who design and create these remarkable field images seem fully aware, that most scientists on Earth today are unable to intellectually accept their pictorial messages. They often draw metaphors in crops for “human blindness” (see fringe2014n). All peer-reviewed journals in modern science deny that subjects such as “UFOs” or “crop circles” even exist. To do so would be “heresy” or “apostasy”, just as for denying the tenets of some fundamentalist religion. The reader may imagine that I am joking? Yet I would like to assure you, kind reader, that I am not!   

We will see what happens next: will scientists here on our Earth, in this dimension, continue to think with open or with closed minds? Whichever way it turns out, you can be sure that “we are not alone”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

P.S. We would like to thank Nyako Nakar for his movie of Wappenbury on August 15, 2012, Charles Mallett for a first-hand account of two crop formations near Milk Hill in 1999, and many other crop-circle photographers for research use of their aerial or ground images.  

Appendix 1. Tesla and his “magnifying transmitter”  

The crop picture from Stone Pit Hill on August 11, 2012 looks superficially like Tesla’s “magnifying transmitter” of 1897. Yet the expected electrical output of this device (a large flat “pancake coil”) does not match a crop picture which appeared at Devil’s Den one day later on August 12, 2012, and which showed a triangular wave of AC current being emitted:  

Nikola Tesla planned to use his “magical disc” or magnifying transmitter to provide free electrical power to everyone on Earth (see  

His dream was blocked by financier J.P Morgan, who had invested heavily in AC power generators of a conventional kind, and foresaw a great loss of personal wealth had Tesla succeeded.  

Appendix 2. The crop artists say “use wind power not coal”  

Just as an aside, the crop artists drew this remarkable field image near Watchfield Wind Farm on August 1, 2008, in order to suggest that humans on Earth should generate electricity from wind rather than coal:  

There were five wind turbines near the field location of this crop picture, only one of which is shown here.  

Appendix 3. Several other kinds of “blueprint” for electromagnetic motors as drawn in crops  

Many other “blueprints” for new electromagnetic devices have been drawn in crops, besides those discussed above. I would estimate that they have shown two dozen plausible examples of which trial models could be built. In order to interest potential inventors and/or electrical engineers, I will show several more examples here.  

A large and mysterious crop picture appeared on July 13, 2011 near Stonehenge (see Elaborate-hoax-sign-outta-space-The-crop-circle-phenomena-continuesl). When studied in detail, it seems to show the “blueprint” for a novel electromagnetic motor, with six wound electromagnets in its outer “stator”:  

Then it shows three round, permanent magnets for its inner “rotor”. One might expect only a single permanent magnet, that would turn smoothly as it follows a rotating magnetic field from the outer stator.  

I do not understand what they are trying to show here. Would three rotor magnets be more efficient than one? And what about the North-South polarity of those three rotor magnets? Should they all be arranged with N poles pointing out, and S poles pointing in, so as to create a strong S-S-S magnetic repulsion near the centre? Might such an unstable triangular arrangement create “magnetic monopoles”, as found by researchers in London for geometrically-frustrated magnets in spin ice? (see Spin_ice or artificial-magnetic-monopole)  

Two “spiral” crop pictures appeared on the same day of July 13, 2013, at Chaddenwick Hill or Windmill Hill:  

Both of these show “coils for an electromagnet” of the kind patented by Nikola Tesla in 1894. A reversal of sense, when going from one coil to the other (in each crop picture), suggests alternating current or AC power.  

Five days later on July 18, 2011, a “three-phase power” crop picture appeared at Overton Down near Avebury. Around the outside of this crop picture, we can see “three small dots” in four different places. This is a standard way of representing Tesla’s three-phase rotating magnetic field in “blueprints” for electrical motors:            

This crop picture also seems to show four large permanent magnets around its outside stator, while three-phase AC power is being supplied in four different places, by means of four small “brushes”, to four electromagnets on its inside rotor. I do not understand why this particular image is so important for the crop artists. Perhaps someone can build a working model?  

Finally in Brazil on October 12, 2012, we saw the field image of a ring of 28 permanent magnets, attached to some “wire coil” (see  

This crop picture seems to show the “blueprint” for an AC generator, because all 28 ring magnets seem to be arranged in an alternating N-S-N-S-N-S configuration (as suggested by alternating swirls of flattened crop, clockwise or anti-clockwise, when going around the ring). A “small dot” just outside of the “ring” points to an electrical power pole not far away (as noted by a dashed blue line).  

It seems that the crop artists wish to teach us to make AC electricity more efficiently! Yet how might this novel device function? Perhaps some inventor on our Earth could build a trial model?  

Appendix 4. Did Lockheed Martin back-engineer “compact fusion” by studying the power systems of UFOs?  

As I write this, Lockheed Martin has just announced a breakthrough in the development of “compact fusion” for aircraft or spacecraft, and maybe for domestic power systems (see ). Did Lockheed Martin back-engineer this technology from the power systems of captured UFOs?  

In the slide above, we can see a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin, namely Boyd Bushman, telling the world about UFO research in that “Skunk Works” company (see He reveals that UFOs use three special elements to achieve their performance characteristics: palladium-46 for a central power supply, germanium-32 for anti-gravity properties (in a form which excludes external magnetic fields), and tellurium-52.  

Palladium has been studied for low-energy nuclear fusion here on Earth (see or Germanium or germanium telluride can become superconductive at very low temperatures (see Germanium_telluride or  

Can we find skilled electrical engineers on Earth today, who will build working models of these devices?  

To conclude, in this article I have tried to provide an up-to-date review of many different “blueprints” which have been drawn in crops, that suggest novel electromagnetic motors or generators. I have also tried to provide a preliminary assessment of their possible functions. Yet one can only do so much, simply by looking at “blueprints” for a novel invention! Someone who is skilled at the art needs to build small, working models.  

If I had access to a suitable laboratory and professional colleagues, I would attempt this interesting task myself. The two problems are: (1) I am not skilled experimentally at electrical engineering, as compared to chemistry, biology, molecular biology, DNA and x-ray diffraction; and (2) whenever I have tried to approach skilled electrical engineers from an amateur or professional laboratory, the attempted conversation has quickly degenerated into open ridicule of this subject by the electrical engineer!  

Modern physicists (unlike Tesla) are often more theoretical than pragmatic, and mostly remain “blind” to what is really happening on Earth today. They cannot accept that we are being contacted subtly by advanced intelligences from other star systems or other dimensions. Still I would encourage any skilled, open-minded electrical engineer to try and build working models of these “crop blueprint devices”, if their interests lean in such a direction.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)     


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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