Six complex crop pictures have now appeared near radio telescopes on Earth: would anyone like to forward these images to Jill Tartar of SETI, who asked on October 27, 2014 if there is any new evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrial life?  

Last week on October 27, 2014, astronomer Jill Tartar of the SETI Institute (see said that she was not aware of any hard, factual evidence for extra-terrestrial life. She also asked any members of the public, who might be in the possession of such evidence, to forward it to her and her colleagues for evaluation.  

“If you have something that you can show me or my colleagues, we’re interested in what the answer to the question is. If that is the way to find an answer, then we will accept that.” (see time 1:40 of  

In response to her query, here are six examples of complex crop pictures which have appeared mysteriously near radio telescopes in England or Germany from 2000 to 2014: 

Such aerial images do not of course supply full information about this strange phenomenon, which is seemingly of extra-terrestrial origin. Here is a review of observational and field data up to 2011 (see time2012a). Here is a review for some of their deduced meanings as of 2011 (see time2012b).  

First we would like to praise Dr. Jill Tartar for her lifelong efforts to search for extra-terrestrial life, using radio telescopes (see jill-tarter). Next we would like to suggest that any interested members of the public, while acting with complete politeness, may wish to forward these images and links to Jill Tartar and SETI, so that they can be shown and discussed in a honest, open fashion on the SETI website or in seminars around the world? Perhaps they do not know what has been happening lately: should we inform them politely?  

If scientific research is not honest and open, then of what value is it? If the SETI program cannot openly discuss and evaluate such remarkable field images, with constructive input from expert crop-circle researchers as well as from academic astronomers, by an open dialogue, then how can the SETI program be trusted to disclose an authentic “alien” radio message if it were received?  

Large versions of these field images are shown below: from Chilbolton, England in August 2000; from Chilbolton, England in August 2001; from Besford, England in August 2013; from Besford, England in June 2014; or from Ammersee, Bavaria in July 2014 (see also  

It now seems clear that certain extra-terrestrial races are trying to contact radio astronomers on Earth, by drawing complex images in the fields just outside of their observatories. Yet those astronomers keep insisting that the only valid proof for extra-terrestrial life would consist of powerful and targeted radio beams, sent toward Earth from a distant solar system, many hundreds or thousands of light years away!  

Several public meetings about UFOs have been held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. In these meetings, former US servicemen and/or scientists have testified about many tangible UFO contacts. Some of the UFOs have temporarily shut down nuclear missiles, as firm proof for their existence (see for example or  

Personally I saw a silver metallic saucer at close range in daylight Florida 1965. That close sighting convinced me to go into science, rather than business or commerce. Later as a graduate student at Caltech, I played a major role in producing the first high-resolution x-ray structures (on Earth) for both right and left-handed DNA (see or Next as a postdoc in Cambridge, I contributed to our knowledge about DNA in chromosomes (see for example I became interested in “crop circles” after the summer of 2002, when a “nucleosome core of highly curved DNA” was drawn in a field in southern England, while I was attending a meeting in Cambridge on the same subject (see wormholetechnology).  

In summary, as a long-term, professional scientist who is used to judging experimental data, I would say that the overall weight of evidence now lies heavily in favor of the idea, that advanced extra-terrestrials are currently in the close vicinity of Earth, rather than residing only in some far-distant star system, as the SETI astronomers presume out of their own personal beliefs. Naturally I would support their exploration of the cosmos using large telescopes, because I am in favor of true science. Yet to deny so many hard forms of factual evidence, for extra-terrestrial visitations in our solar system, has begun to take on the appearance of a “Flat Earth ideology”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010) 

P.S. Many thanks to Paul Jacobs for help, and to all of the crop circle photographers who took images shown below. 

Appendix 1. Interview with Frank Drake, the founder of SETI, concerning an “Arecibo reply” crop picture which appeared near Chilbolton in 2001 (see  

In this interview, astronomer Frank Drake first laughs in ridicule when he sees the “Arecibo reply” crop picture made near Chilbolton radio telescope in 2001. Then he says: “I think there is no chance whatsoever that this is a legitimate message. First, the crop circle contains information which is clearly wrong, such as the structure of the DNA molecule. Other parts are chemically impossible. The other reason is that this message appeared about 100 meters away from our radio telescope. If an extra-terrestrial had come to Earth to deliver a message, they would have gone to the door of the radio telescope and given us one of their books or something! They would know better than try to communicate with humans in this ridiculous way.”  

Sorry, Dr. Drake, but when making broad pronouncements such as these, you should stick to astronomy which you know, rather than DNA and chemistry which you do not. I have co-authored a graduate-level textbook on DNA (see Understanding-DNA-Third-Edition-Molecule), and what was drawn in crops near Chilbolton in 2001 was quite scientifically accurate. They showed a normal 10 base-pair-per-turn double helix on one side of their “return message”. On the other side they showed a less common 6 nucleotide-per-turn single helix, which has been found in “origin of life” experiments (called 2’, 5’ rather than 3’, 5’).  

By adding one more C-C bond to each link of the sugar-phosphate chain, the distance between adjoining phosphates becomes longer (from 6.6 to 8.1 Angstroms). Thus the angle of twist between adjoining nucleotides may become larger (60o degrees rather than 36o). I built space-filling models to confirm a “6” single helix for 2’, 5’ DNA in 2004. It has not otherwise been studied widely on Earth, except as a possible anti-viral drug, or for RNA splicing. Evidently it is a second major evolutionary form of DNA among the stars.  

As for his second objection, where some strange-looking alien is supposed to walk up to the door of that observatory, thereby terrifying anyone inside, then exchange books with the Earth astronomers as a friendly gesture, no serious comments need to be made. Such off-hand, poorly-researched comments made by Frank Drake about the 2001 Chilbolton crop circle should not be taken seriously by anyone.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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