One of many crop pictures from the summer of 2010, which foresaw a nuclear power disaster at Fukushima on March 11-14, 2011, gave a cryptic description of that “plutonium-and-uranium chain reaction” using mirror-writing in English letters and/or numbers on July 26, 2010, and also pointed toward a “schematic map” of the Fukushima nuclear power station in an English landscape nearby  

Some crop pictures seem to “predict” or at least “foresee” future events. This strange phenomenon has been well-evidenced by many cases regarding unexpected astronomical phenomena (for example “exploding comets” or “stellar novae”), or even by some important human events on Earth (for example the “BP Gulf oil spill” or “Fukushima nuclear power disaster (see time2007g   or fringe2013rl   or japantsunami 2011  ).  

These “images of the future” which we see drawn in crops are usually cryptic, and not easy to understand, until some actual near-future event takes place: one day later, or perhaps even two to four years later! The cryptic nature of such pictorial messages has led many people to think that the crop artists may be time travellers, who wish to “mark” certain possible historical timelines for humans on planet Earth, rather than to “predict” the future per se.  

A probabilistic nature of time and history?   

Did the Fukushima nuclear-power disaster take place in certain timelines for planet Earth, but not in other timelines, as a kind of probabilistic behaviour on a real-world scale? One of the most well-documented, current-day encounters with time travellers took place near Rendlesham Forest in 1980. Part of the lucid message which was given to a US serviceman by them in binary code said “ORIGIN YEAR 8100”. It also said “CONTINUOQUENCE PR”, thereby suggesting that time is a “continuous sequence of probabilities” (see fringe2014e  ).   

Even major disasters such as the Fukushima nuclear-power meltdown of March 2011 could be probabilistic in nature, as seen from the perspective of time travellers from our distant future. Perhaps they have gone back into time, only to discover one timeline where that nuclear-power disaster happened (i.e. the timeline in which we live), yet another timeline where the Fukushima disaster did not happen (another history which we cannot experience directly)?  

Are some modern crop pictures the “marks” drawn by unseen time travellers?  

In order to distinguish which timeline is which, as they travel back through time to observe (or manipulate) past events, might they draw “pictures” or “marks” in agricultural fields, to help them distinguish which important events will take place along various possible paths through history?  

They certainly would not want local humans to fully understand such “pictorial messages”, before any event which might be described there, because then some of us could begin to act differently with increased knowledge of the future. That might change history uncontrollably, so that it would become uncontrollable and chaotic.  

A good example of a time-travel “mark” was drawn in an English field on July 26, 2010, to denote a nuclear-power disaster at Fukushima which took place nine months later on March 11-14, 2011 

Six different crop pictures from the summer of 2010 showed images of “nuclear physics” or “nuclear power”, and have been commented on previously (see japantsunami 2011  ). One particular picture drawn in crops however, near Alton Priors on July 26, 2010, has not been previously understood.  

Many people thought that it showed an image of some large atomic nucleus (such as plutonium or uranium), which was splitting into two parts by “fission”, and releasing some smaller particles (neutrons) in the process:  

It seemed also as if a large “bird” might be metaphorically “looking down” on us, while drawing that crop picture! At its very centre, we could see part of the crystal structure for plutonium dioxide or uranium dioxide, a mixture of which provides the fuel of most nuclear reactors (inset also at lower left). Yet what might all of those “small letters or numbers” mean, written all around the centre on both left and right?  

Mirror writing: we have to “flip” the image to read it properly!  

Some people at the time thought this might be “alien writing”, because it was drawn in the field as a “mirror image” of what is shown above (see eastfield1-cropcircle-2010). Yet once we “flip” such photographs in a “mirror” sense, using computer graphics, we can see a series of English letters and/or numbers which seem to read:  

“P A U L  CHAIN T 11 DEVICE 14 ---” 

By enlarging such photographs, we can see that cryptic series of numbers and letters more clearly. The first part of the message seems to read “P A U L  CHAIN T”, which might suggest as an acronym “Plutonium And Uranium, Loss of cooling, Chain reaction, Time”:  

The second part of the message seems to read “11 DEVICE 14 ---“. This might suggest as a continuation from its first part “(Time) 11 March DEVICE 14 March”:  


The Fukushima nuclear power station, which was powered by Plutonium And Uranium using a CHAIN reaction, was struck by the wall of water from a Tsunami on 11 March 2011. This caused a failure of pumps and Loss of cooling, which led to a meltdown in three of six reactor DEVICEs by 14 March 2011 (see fukushima-accident or Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster

This “fission” crop picture, with its cryptic message in mirror-writing, pointed in an English field toward a “schematic map” of the Fukushima nuclear power station, as seen from above using Google Earth  

When we use Google Earth to ask where that July 26, 2010 crop picture with its cryptic message was drawn, within the local fields of Wiltshire, we can see that it pointed toward a nearby feature in the landscape, which resembles a “schematic map” of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan: 

All of these various lines of evidence suggest that the July 26, 2010 crop picture, near Alton Priors, was drawn by unseen visitors to present-day Earth, who can travel through, or at least “foresee”, near-future events through time.  

The persistent denial of new factual realities by modern academics or sceptics in 2017 AD  

Regarding our academic classes in 2017, to deny so many factual observations places them in the ranks of other narrow-minded academics from the past, for example those who continued to believe in a “flat Earth” at the centre of the known universe, despite many lines of evidence to the contrary presented by Copernicus, Galileo or Kepler. Indeed they have chosen their own legacy, unless their attitudes change soon to become more open-minded? (see

Some of the so-called "experts" are so dumb, that sometimes it is hard to believe! To say that "crop circles go against science" is just like saying that "Galileo with his telescope went against science". Two hundred years ago, all England had was a bunch of horses pulling barges along narrow canals. Trains, electricity, cars, airplanes, lasers, nuclear power, computers, space travel, radio, television, antibiotics and genetic engineering would soon come. Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Nicola Tesla had not even lived yet.  

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