The blueprints for two “frictionless magnetic gears” were drawn in crops at Lurkeley Hill on June 22, 2005 and Stephen’s Castle Down on July 1, 2000. Can we learn any new physics, by building small models based on those crop-circle blueprints?  

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Here we will show, after carrying out many careful experiments, that two spectacular crop pictures which appeared at Lurkeley Hill (near East Kennett) on June 22, 2005, or Stephen’s Castle Down (near Winchester) on July 1, 2000, both provided novel “blueprints” for two different kinds of “frictionless magnetic gear”. Such technical designs are quite functional, and had never been seen before on Earth.  

The 2005 crop picture at Lurkeley Hill, and another on the same night at Boreham Down, were some of the most UFO-witnessed or visited in all of modern history (see for example We knew that they were showing us some kind of technical information, but did not understand until now what their field-drawn messages meant.  

Just in case you might not understand, the probability that either of those two crop pictures could have provided functional blueprints for the two different “magnetic gears” shown in a series of videos below, by random chance, would be about the same as winning the jackpot in a slot machine at Las Vegas. And to do it twice?  

Blueprints for a “frictionless magnetic gear” were drawn in crops at Lurkeley Hill on June 22, 2005: direct experimental proof  

Lurkeley Hill and Boreham Down 2005 as drawn in crops: a frictionless magnetic gear  

A “frictionless magnetic gear” as drawn in crops at Lurkeley Hill in 2005 spins for 4 minutes and counting! 

The “blueprint” for a frictionless magnetic gear was drawn in crops at Lurkeley Hill in 2005: big magnets over the small ones 

Blueprints for another “frictionless magnetic gear” were also drawn in crops at Stephen’s Castle Down on July 1, 2000: direct experimental proof 

Stephen’s Castle Down 2000 was drawn in crops as another frictionless magnetic gear: made by angels?  

The factual evidence for non-human-made crop circles is now overwhelming 

The factual evidence that both of these two crop pictures encode for novel technological devices, and were drawn in crops by friendly E.T. visitors, now seems overwhelming.  

By analogy, when an apple falls from a tree, did it fall due to gravity, or rather because it was knocked off by unseen men with “rope and boards”? Some men could of course vandalize some apples, to make them fall off the tree. However the vast majority of apples will fall off due to other causes. It took humans on Earth a long time to understand that “gravity” was real. Most scientists of Newton’s era remained unable to understand. Has anything changed? 

Studies of the new physics: what have we learned?  

By building small models from “blueprints” drawn in crops at Lurkeley Hill 2005 and Stephen’s Castle Down 2000, we have learned two new principles of classical physics in the field of magnetism.  

First, both of these “frictionless magnetic gears” work by the principle of “lift and attract”, as was discussed in 2017 on the Kedron Energy website (see kedron-energy or In other words, two different permanent magnets of the same North-South polarity will repel one another vertically, when they are placed together closely edge-to-edge, along the outside edge of one large rotor, and over or under the outside edge of another small rotor.  

This represents a validation of the research of author and teacher Kenneth Kozeka. Still it was drawn in crops during 2000 then 2005, long before he made his discoveries through mainstream science in 2017. This interesting phenomenon might be called “reversed-field levitation by permanent magnets”. Other examples of reversed-field levitation using a spiral electromagnet are described below:  

Barbury Castle as drawn in crops 2008: electromagnetic levitation by a 4-turn spiral 

Milk Hill in crops 1999 and the discovery of reversed-field electromagnetic levitation 

Further studies of reversed-field electromagnetic levitation by a ring of magnets 

CCC summary about reversed-field electromagnetic levitation


Secondly, in both of these “blueprints” for frictionless magnetic gears, as were drawn in crops during 2000 or 2005, the relative sizes of magnets varied slightly in places from 20 mm to 60 mm, or from 50 mm to 30 mm in diameter. This had the effect in both models of causing a slight, up-and-down “ski slope” motion for whichever rotor was spinning.  

Why did the crop artists build such a slight, up-and-down wobble into both of their blueprint designs? The possibility exists that they were trying to tell us about the possibility of “perpetual motion”, as might be achieved through a periodic variation in the energy of gravity, when combined during part of that up-down cycle by an extra “magnetic lift”.  

If true, this desired effect remains fairly weak and hard to achieve, by the not-entirely-accurate models which we have built so far. If other researchers would like to build similar models with greater power and precision, while reducing unwanted mechanical frictions, then they might get a pleasant surprise.

Dr. Horace R. Drew, Red Collie (Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. Many thanks to all of the wonderful crop-circle photographers and researchers who have made these new scientific experiments possible, through their dedicated efforts from 1990 to 2019. “The past is prelude.”



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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