Milk Hill of April-May of 1999 and the discovery of reversed-field electromagnetic levitation  

In the first video of this series (dealing with crop-circle physics), we explained how two crop pictures which appeared near Bohdankov, Czech Republic on June 7, 2018, and Barbury Castle, England on June 1, 2008, suggested a novel kind of magnetic levitation. Such E.T. crop-drawn “blueprints” for a new kind of levitation-device were copied successfully on a small scale, by making a spiral-shaped electromagnet out of aluminium, placing it just above a large, ceramic ring magnet, then adding DC power to make that aluminium spiral-disc move up or down (see


Now in the second and third videos of this series, we will distinguish between two different kinds of magnetic levitation as “direct field” (over the outer edges of a large permanent magnet) or “reversed field” (over the broad centre of a large permanent magnet, or over a ring of 6 to 12 round, permanent magnets). Only the second kind of levitation offers an opportunity to develop UFO-type space propulsion!  

Our primary guide for carrying out such experiments was a pair of remarkable crop pictures which appeared near Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England during April and May of 1999. They suggested that electric currents which spin around a thin conductive disc, when it is placed at the centre of a ring of permanent magnets, may cause the entire device to “lift up”, just as seen for a landscape “UFO” nearby:

To the best of our knowledge, reversed-field levitation has seldom (if ever) been measured on Earth. It can only be produced by using a spiral-shaped electromagnet which produces a single, broad, nearly-uniform magnetic field (say N/S) all across its spiral diameter, rather than using a large wire-coil electromagnet, which will produce both direct and reversed magnetic fields (as N/S around its outer perimeter, but S/N across its centre). A third video shown below confirms the existence of this new effect experimentally. Once again, our experiments were based on a variety of relevant crop-circle “blueprints”:

The small, spiral electromagnet which we made from aluminium (200 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick) does not produce a sufficiently-strong electromagnetic field, to be able to tell whether reversed-field levitation can be used for space propulsion in the fashion of UFOs? Further studies will be aimed at trying to produce a measurable “thrust” for the entire device, when a strong, spiral electromagnetic field pushes against the reversed magnetic field created by a ring of magnets, that lie around its outer perimeter. Think “magnetic jet ski”!  

Such “magnetic thrust” would be analogous to how a toy homopolar motor works. There the electric current from a wire, when it is placed against the side of a magnet, creates a helical magnetic field by the right-hand rule. That helical field then “pushes” against a loosely-bound, invisible magnetic field which is created by the source magnet. The physical magnet spins freely, while the invisible magnetic field which it created gets left behind as a kind of “exhaust” (see for example  

For any kind of UFO-type propulsion, an outer ring of physical source-magnets has to be able to move freely up or down, relative to some part of the large, invisible magnetic field which they create. Policeman Herbert Schirmer was told (by some space travellers) in 1967 that UFOs fly by “reversible electromagnetism”. Here we have (apparently) discovered and done preliminary tests on the levitation properties of “reversed-field electromagnetism”. Do you think there could be some relation perhaps? Why would many UFOs show a ring-shaped saucer shape, except as a means of including a large ring of magnets (or electromagnets) as part of the propulsion device? Much more work is currently in progress on all aspects of crop-circle physics. All are welcome to join in this important research effort!  

Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie) 

P.S. Many thanks to my colleagues A.M. K.B. G.K. and T.M., and especially to Tammy for these nice videos.




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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