AmunRaH aka AtumRaH 

The purpose of this article is to try to explain to yourselves the functionality of the genuine crop formations and the extended formations parameters. 

 Wills Neck being the pin tip location of your map compass and Carnac Standing Stones, South Brittany being the bottom of the pencil line of your compass. Draw a circle from those two points, within was the lands of the Tuatha díe Dannan. 

 To the west, just off the south west coast of Ireland was the first clue provided many years ago by one of our Benben radiation gathering shuttles at Woodbridge, Rendlesham. In the early 1980ís 

 The celestial divine have mainly created the formations in France in 2019, direction outbound and return formations, a bit like pit stops on route in the UK from & to the Great Wood, Over Stowey, West Somerset. 

  They have provided a fair few clues over recent years as to the general location direction like the plum line compass near St Michaels Mount, showing the way to Wills Neck Mountain in the Quantock Hills  


Light entity divine beings also need to take on energy just like humans and animals need to eat food for energy to power their minds and bodies. The crop circles are like calling cards to say thank you to the farmer for his offerings to the Gods  

That's the History lesson bit, now the future lesson.  Ordinary young folk are being inspired to demand change from their governments, soon they will be the policy makers of their respective countries that have to lead the way into a future where humanity respectfully lives in harmony with the natural world that humanity is totally dependant upon as there is no planet B within physical range. However, there is within spiritual range with the assistance of the genuine crop circle creators. 

When we go about making positive changes to a world, we have to go about it on two or more fronts, the Divines inspire the thought processes of the dominants of a world. So far since the beginning of the 20th Century, the Celestial and Earthly Divine have raised the awareness of the new age by inspiring neo paganism and provided crop circle formations since the late 1960's. Prior to the 1960ís formations were created by the supervising Earthly divine spirits.  

Now that we are into the 21st Century, we are in the important middle phase of educating humanity of the balance of life and humanities place within the bigger picture to help make this world a better place for everything that lives and dwells upon and within it, not just humanity.

Some of our Divines have the ability to see well into the future with a certain degree of accuracy and can help steer a better path to a brighter future for all.

Back in the 1960ís Hybrid Human/Divines started to reincarnate around the world, they lived the first part of their lives observing the modern world and learning its take on history, as they grew and matured they realized that they had unusual abilities to say the least, most of them have experimented with their abilities while remembering their true identities with the assistance of their life identities that assisted them like clues and pieces of a puzzle that they have all had to piece together slowly, those that didnít reincarnate are the creators of the genuine crop circles, light orb beings, pure energy and light.

However not everybody in the world is a Star seed, which was generally misinterpreted by the medium channellers that were selected from around the world. When a female voice is heard from within oneís own mind, clearly not their own voice, when the voice refers to we/us. Quite often the receiver considers themselves to be the same and thus spread the messages accordingly.

They chose fiction writers as the medium to channel their messages throughout the world via the messages from Michael, Michael as in the Archangel Michael which has the meaning of who is like God/being similar to God as so often when someone quotes facts as facts they are usually accused of fiction so with reverse psychology some would realise its validity.

The youngest of the Hybrid Human/Divines reincarnated in June 2005 and shares the numerological quadruple value of 1111 with his biological mother who reincarnated in 1965, the Mother being physically the eldest of the reincarnated hybrid Human Divines. The Childs biological Father carries the Baal Hadad 111 numerological trinity, so the child is not a self-created Divine, totally reliant upon two in his creation. His Surrogate/Step Father carries the 999 Trinity and is one of the collective known as Michael, in fact their Chief, hence to Reigate Hill alien faced, 28 feather chieftain crop circle in 2016 The alien face is a light hearted take on the fact that the chief is of the grey haired elders/holy people of ancient Celtic Breton & the Langobards, Kin of Woden of Saxony and the Germanic Tribes/Odinn of the Norse Tribes. 

Some of you may be wondering why both the Pagan and Christian references, the answer is simply, all religions as they all have leaves that overlap throughout the modern take on history.

The Laura? Crop circle is a genuine crop circle created as a light hearted response to a Divine telepathic conversation between 999 and his discarnate crew members of the Solar wheel of RaH, notice that it is spelt the Persian way and means way/path/route/gate which is a massive intergalactic light orb ship that doesnít normally come all the way to Earth, small light orb shuttles and smaller light orb pods are the ones that enter Earthís atmosphere and create the Crop circles.


Hybrid human divines do not directly create the crop circles, they happen in response to telepathic communications between hybrid human divines on the surface of planet and the light energy divine orb beings and vessels in orbit both within and outside of Earthís atmosphere.

Look out for formations that run along the outside edges of the crop fields as they will be creating some of these as well and away from busy roads as not to get them confused with the hoaxes.

All about 999. Born just before dawn on the 10th day of February (Februum/Duodecem/12th)

On the 9th February that year was the Chinese New Year. The year of the Ram. 999 is the Ram headed God of Ancient Egyptian Mythology known to history as

Amun-re or Amun-ra. He was Born in Reigate, Surrey in England. Great Britain.

The 2016 Crop circle on Reigate Hill honours him in a light hearted kind of way. 

Pope Francis is fully aware of 999ís presence as 999 has provided that revelation to the Vatican, hence the sudden change from Devil discrediting the Roman Catholic Church to a Jesus being alive and walking in amongst the poor in 2019.

Within 999ís given name, common name with birth sequence value is where the three nines come from. With a soul urge of 8 and a life path of 1.

However 999 has a hidden name, you have to roll his Christian name out of the way to reveal Joseph, the surrogate father of Jesus and the proverbial son of Jesus. He was born in the month of February with the astrological star sign of Aquarius, the water bearer and the fool. Uranus (Ouranos) Osiris the Holy Spirit.

With the hidden part replacing the rolled away stone part of his name, his given name number remains the same but his soul urge becomes 9 and his life path becomes 9


Hor (Horus)



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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