Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, Hampshire. Reported 4th August.

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Updated Friday 30th August  2019


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Good British people! The E.T. crop artists just drew a schematic image in crops near Tufton on August 4, 2019, which calls to our attention an alternative and more-efficient way of generating AC electricity, that might help to alleviate a potential climate-change crisis on Earth in the near future. Should we all pay attention to it please?  

This crop-drawn device works by almost the same physics, as another device described in Tesla’s US patent 447,921 of 1891. Instead of using “copper wire coils” (with unwanted Lenz’s Law repulsions), this device makes electricity by using a “grooved copper disc”. There was no “climate change crisis” or “energy crisis” when Tesla chose copper wire-coils, to electrify Niagara Falls beginning in 1893.  

Today however in 2019, many people are worried about climate change, or even human “extinction”, because we are burning inefficiently so much oil, coal or gas! The crop artists have just shown us clearly a new (or actually long-forgotten) technology, by which this potential human-survival crisis may be alleviated, or even eliminated. Should we all pay attention to it please?  

Their “grooved copper-disc” as drawn in crops 2019 shows 12 radial sub-divisions: 

Nicola Tesla’s original device from 1891 included many-more radial sub-divisions, because he was interested in making high-frequency (rather than low-frequency) AC electricity (please see or Still it works by basically the same physics:  

By one formulation, Tesla placed a powerful electromagnet at the centre of his AC generator, and used two thick, iron rotors which were cut into “sawtooth” shapes, to spread such central N/S magnetism to a series of narrowly-grooved, outer-disc copper regions. By another formulation, he placed two powerful electromagnets on each side of his device, then used two thick, fixed-iron “sawtooth” extensions, to spread such outer-edge magnetism inwardly to the narrow grooves of a fast-spinning copper disc.  

Please show these two slides to your friends, or to the Professors of Physics or Electrical Engineering in your industries and/or schools? Nobody went out into the fields and drew a complex, schematic image from Tesla’s 1891 patent using “rope and boards”.  

Finally, who drew that beautiful “Extinction Rebellion” symbol near WOMAD last week on July 28? If it was made on contract to WOMAD, then why did the farmer say that he did not know about it, and became very angry that it had appeared in his fields? (as he informed Paul Jacobs) 

Are the real crop artists trying to prevent human extinction, more perhaps than the deceptive people who keep talking about “rope and boards”? In light of this new “electrical generator” crop picture near Tufton on August 4, 2019, it would possibly seem so.  

“Much pain but still time”.  

This new crop picture near Tufton on August 4, 2019 was a direct conceptual successor to another crop picture near Chesterton Windmill on July 26, 2018 

Their 2019 crop picture near Tufton shows a “12-grooved disc” as a “current-carrying conductor”, while their 2018 crop picture near Chesterton Windmill (see Chesterton 2018  ) showed a six-armed “magnetic rotor”. That “spinning rotor” contained the exact number of N-pole-up magnets (6) required to generate an in-and-out pattern of electrical currents as were drawn in crops for this new “disc” device:  

Several other examples of “grooved copper discs” have been drawn in crops from 2008 to 2019 

One example of a “16-groove disc”, which was drawn at Stone Pit Hill on August 11, 2012, matches an in-and-out pattern of AC currents which had been drawn in crops some years earlier during 2001  

The zig-zag “oscilloscope trace”, for an AC voltage output of this “16-grooved disc”, appeared in crops at Devil’s Den one day later on August 12, 2012 (see bishops-cannings-cropcircle2-2012 then fyfield-cropcircle-2012). There we can see that 8 small voltages from each of 8 “outward” groove segments add together around the disc in series, somewhat like for the “petals of a flower” or an ”endless knot”. When a rotor of 8 N-pole-up magnets (for a 16-groove disc) rotates to the next radial groove segment, then both the generated voltage and current reverse, as 8 small voltages from another set of “inward” groove segments add together in series.  

An “endless knot” (of electrical currents) and a “disc” had been drawn in crops just a few days before (see cheesefoot-head-cropcircle1-2012 or cheesefoot-head-cropcircle2-2012). This was the bi-directional AC “cube puzzle” which we were asked to solve at Hackpen Hill on August 26, 2012 (see 

Anyone with just a small amount of intelligence should be able to realize right away, that we are receiving technological suggestions of a helpful kind in crops, from another civilization which is far more advanced than humans on Earth today 

The average reader may not be able to understand technically, what all of these beautiful and informative crop pictures mean. Still anyone with just a modicum of intellectual ability should be able to realize that we are being shown technological suggestions in crops, from another civilization which is far more advanced than ourselves.  

“Why are you still using copper wire-coils?” they seem to be asking us. “That is a very inefficient way of making electricity! Try using a grooved, copper (or aluminium) disc instead. All of the conducting segments will then be straight (linear), and there will be no back-torque on the spinning magnetic rotor, as you get using wire coils. By analogy, when you ride a bicycle, do you keep the brakes on all of the time? Is that an efficient way to do it?”  

They have also shown us other helpful suggestions of many kinds: 4-symbol (rather than 2-symbol) computer codes, a recipe for nuclear fusion power (S-D-H-K), suggestions for creating wireless power, hints at the physics by which UFOs fly, and so on.  

Minds, like parachutes, only work when they are open.  

The “Great Awakening” is with us now as promised (see Nettle 2014l  ). When will the people of Earth, including its millions of scientists and/or engineers, wake up? Modern crop circles seem to be a back-channel of useful information directly to all people on Earth. Such crop-drawn technical blueprints bypass obstructive governments, who seemingly wish to keep us burning oil, coal and gas until they all run out, whether that backward-thinking policy creates a climate-change crisis or not.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and The Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial-drone photography.



“Magnets” explained in 3 easy pictures 

What are “magnets”? Everything we see around us is made of electron-magnets, proton-magnets or neutron magnets (particles with “magnetic moment”). Yet almost all of their energies cancel in a pairwise fashion, so that we do not usually see such strong, hidden forces at work!  

In some elements such as iron or neodymium, a few of the electron-magnets do not cancel. If we make certain materials from those elements, and also get the forces from each tiny electron-magnet to add in-line with one another, then we call those materials “permanent magnets”. If instead we pass some electron-magnets through a current-carrying copper wire over many circular turns, we call those “electromagnets”. 

Although scientists prefer to discuss magnets in term of abstract symbols or equations (which are almost incomprehensible to the average person), all magnets seem to behave just like the red-blue double-vortex which we can see drawn schematically below:  

In the vertical or axial direction, each end of this double-vortex either shoots energy out (say the “North pole”) or sucks energy in (say the “South pole”). Both shooting-out and sucking-in actions may be seen clearly in this real image of a magnet, made using small probes called “ferrofluids”:  

Now we can understand why two identical axial ends (say “shooting out-shooting out” or “sucking in-sucking in”) will repel, just as two identical “North-North” or “South-South” poles of a permanent magnet repel. Also we can understand why any “shooting out” end will attract a “sucking in” end, just as two different “North-South” poles of a permanent magnet attract. Although oversimplified, this gives you an easy way to think about it.  

Another strange property of magnets (as a double-vortex) is that the energy around one end spins clockwise, while the energy around the other end spins anti-clockwise. In the real picture of a magnet shown below, we can see both clockwise and anti-clockwise flows of energy around the North and South poles superimposed:  

We can’t photograph the clockwise or anti-clockwise flow around each end (or pole) of a magnet separately, because no single isolated poles (called “monopoles”) seem to exist. Nobody knows why every kind of magnet is built in such a strange yet elegant way. Images of this kind have been drawn in crop circles regularly, and resemble the “Seed of Life”.  

How can we use magnets to generate useful electricity for our industries and homes? Naively one might try to place a copper or aluminum wire near either end of a double-vortex magnet, which seems to be spinning either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Then perhaps the fast-swirling energy near each end of the magnet might drive or push single electrons sideways through that copper wire, just as if small pellets or balls came into contact with the outer edges of a fast-spinning top? 

A great idea, but nature does not seem to work in that way. In order to make use of the fast-swirling energy near either North or South pole of a magnet, we have to move the magnet rapidly either towards or away from a nearby copper wire (or wire coil). We can also move a magnet sideways (with North or South pole up) past a conductive wire, and make many of the tiny electron-magnets within that wire move as “electric current”.  

It is important to realize that the fast-moving magnet is not “hitting electrons” in a copper wire, like someone might hit a baseball with a bat, or a golf ball with a club. Instead the magnet somehow uses its swirling, spinning-top-like energy near either pole to send the electrons sideways, perpendicular to any direction in which the magnet might be moving. You can study Newton’s Laws of motion all day, and never be able to understand this!  

Put in another way, we can only detect the fast-spinning energy from either pole of a permanent magnet, when it is in rapid motion to a wire which lies in our three-dimensional space. This suggests that the fast-swirling motion of a magnet might lie in some other spatial dimensions relative to our own? When any magnet moves relative to a wire, the copper wire then “sees” a slightly different aspect of the fast-spinning magnet, which it could not see for the magnet at rest. This is also why Einstein said that only relative motion between a magnet and a copper wire would decide whether it produces electricity. Some deep thoughts indeed!  

And that concludes our simple, general introduction to “magnets” in 3 easy pictures. All of the electricity made on Earth today is based on these simple principles, which even grade-school children should be able to understand.

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The Mark of the Beast surfaces at Nun's Walk 

I would again like to thank The Hampshire Flyer and Nick Bull for the first class photographs they've made available to the site. 

The Fig. below - an adaptation of one of Nick Bull's photographs - highlights the crop circle's intriguing, internal arrangement. It shows two, alternative ways of viewing it:


Fig.1 nhn 21-8-19 

My preliminary thoughts 

I was drawn to the 2nd of the above depicted ways of viewing the circle - and I concluded that it's portraying a scene of intense upheaval. I've highlighted this, below, by replacing the '6+6' alternating sets of 3 arrow heads with corresponding sets of 6 red and 6 black, single arrows:


Fig.2 nhn 21-8-19 

And as it occurred to me that this arrangement could be a symbolic representation of a violent physical reaction, I was curious about it, particularly as I've found a group of formations, this year [such as the Farley Mount edifice, which I've written about on this site], which I believe are warning humanity about the dangers we face from the most destructive 'reactions' that can be generated on earth: thermonuclear explosions. 

I was also mindful of the fact that just two days before the circle was found, Donald J. Trump formally withdrew from the US's Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia - an action that is bound to increase the risk of a nuclear conflagration between the West and East! 

And the day after the circle was found, the Indian government announced that it was revoking Article 370 of their constitution, thereby changing the status of Jammu and Kashmir - a move that is guaranteed to create friction with Pakistan who, like India, possesses a large arsenal of thermonuclear weapons. The two countries also have a long track record of mutual hostility! 

But before attempting to establish whether the structure really does have a 'hidden message', I wanted to determine if it contains one or more of the marks of authenticity I expect to see in a genuine formation - and I didn't have to look very hard to find the two main ones. 

The field structure's two marks of authenticity 

Knowing that a simple and elegant way of defining, 6371, the accurate value of the geometric mean radius of the WGS 84 ellipsoid [an earth model], in kilometres, is the most important of the cited marks of authenticity, I could not fail to see that the two numbers that have a special relationship with this '6371' i.e. 10 & 60 [explained below], can be inferred from certain clear details that the formation possesses. 

People who've read my earlier work, including the article on the Farley Mount edifice, should know that the expression, 60px10p [= (60th prime)x(10th prime)], where '1' must be defined to be the 1st prime [as stressed in the cited article] yields the described, 6371 [= 277x23]. 

So when I identified, within this circle, the cited manifestations of the factors, 10 & 60, I was very interested. The respective relationships are depicted below, where, in the 2nd image, I've highlighted the sets of hexagon-like figures by encapsulating them within real hexagons that are coloured and numbered, to reflect their relative positions from the outside: 2, 3 & 4. In the same graphic I've also placed the outer 6 objects within a yellow ring, numbered '1':


Fig. 3 nhn 21-8-19 

But when I gave further consideration to the coloured arrangement, in the above Fig., I could see that the formation also embodies a subtle expression of the 2nd mark of authenticity I had been seeking: the formation's day of discovery [as per our calendar] - as explained below. 

Having noted that the, 1-2-3-4, labelling of the coloured assembly can generate the factor, 20 i.e. the summation, (1)+(1+2)+(1+2+3)+(1+2+3+4), equals 20, I realised this this elementary result has an exceedingly interesting relationship with, 36, the number of objects that the crop circle embodies [= 6+12+12+6] i.e. the expression, 20p + 36p, equals 216 [= 67+149], which is the number [in our calendar] that represents the day when the formation was found. 

At this juncture, then, I had a high level of confidence that the formation was authentic

The 'thermonuclear bomb theme' again raises its ugly head 

I was now drawn to the fact that the cited coloured representation of the formation, depicted above, helps us to see that the structure embodies a definitive link to, 24, the product of the 4 factors, 1, 2, 3 & 4. And readers of my earlier described article - on the Farley Mount creation - may recall that this factor is closely linked to the element bismuth i.e. the 24th prime number is, 83, bismuth's atomic number. The relationship is depicted below:


Fig. 4 nhn 21-8-19 

But I also explained, in the article, that the cited name of this element - BISMUTH - is linked to an infinitely more dangerous member of the Periodic Table, uranium, in a very elementary way i.e. when each of the word's letters is credited with the number that represents its relative position within our 26-lettered alphabet [i.e. A=1 … Z=26; which I call 'alphabetical values'] we generate the atomic number of the cited element, 92 [= 2+9+19+13+21+20+8]. 

Furthermore, I subsequently demonstrated that this process of generating the factor, 92 - from the word, BISMUTH - embodies further data that's tied unambiguously to the two elements. 

Firstly, the tally of discrete sections that the cited word splits the alphabet into - 9 - represents the precise difference that exists between the respective atomic numbers, 83 & 92. 

Secondly, the tally of letters that occur in our alphabet, 26, is the precise difference that exists between the quotas of protons & neutrons that are found in the respective atomic nuclei of the two elements i.e. bismuth's most stable isotope has, 209 [83 protons + 126 neutrons], whereas the uranium used in thermonuclear bombs has 26 more, 235 [92 protons + 143 neutrons]. 

However, I must now add that just a brief re-appraisal of the arrangement depicted in Fig. 4 is enough to suggest that the links, between uranium and the formation, which I have described, are not merely a figment of my imagination. 

If we assume that the 3 numerical labels on the coloured hexagons - 2, 3, 4 - can also serve as a simplistic representation of the number, 234, it's evident that when this is added to the '1' on the unique, outer ring we obtain the familiar, 235, the allotment of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus of the uranium isotope that's used in thermonuclear bombs, thus:


Fig. 5 nhn 21-8-19 

Having established that the numerical attributes of the tier of 'hexagons' and the unique, outer ring depicted in the graphic can interact, in the cited way, I noticed something extraordinary. 

Although I'd stated, earlier, that the product of the four labels -1, 2, 3 & 4 - is, 24, it occurred to me that as the '1' has a superfluous role in the arithmetic it could be omitted from it, and it was clear that this simple adjustment can have a huge impact on our reading of the formation. 

We can now say that the product of the factors linked with the 3 hexagons is - 24 [= 2x3x4] -which is tied, in the way I've described, to the element bismuth. And the word, BISMUTH, is itself closely linked [as I've also shown] to the element, uranium. It is also evident, however, that the '1' associated with the formation's unique, outer ring, ties it to the other element that is a critical component of a thermonuclear device i.e. hydrogen, whose atomic number is, 1. 

I concluded, then, that a succinct and impressive representation of a thermonuclear bomb, and its key components, was, in fact, staring us in the face at the Nun's Walk formation - as I trust I'll now be able to demonstrate below [Note: the term 'av' represents 'alphabetical value']:


Fig. 6 nhn 21-8-19 

Although my recognition of these relationships persuaded me that the balance of probabilities is now with my hypothesis, I suspected that, if it really is correct, the edifice's creators would have made even greater efforts to minimise the possibility that we miss their chilling warning to the whole of mankind. I was therefore drawn to the circle's location, which, as we know, is quite close to a lane called, Nun's Walk. I wondered if it's possible that this odd name has any role to play in the wider communication. 

An infamous source is implicated 

Having rejected religion as an 8-year-old - primarily because of the deeply-rooted divisions it engenders between innocent groups of human beings - I had little appetite for investigating if a consideration of the religious group we call 'Nuns' could now guide me to the solution of an exceedingly serious problem. However, a snippet of lateral thinking quickly proved its worth. 

Knowing that all deeply religious groups, including 'Nuns' [a term that is not only confined to sects of the Christian church but - within the UK - would almost certainly be perceived in that context], have an appetite for studying the revered scripts that underpin their respective belief systems, it occurred to me that we were being invited not only to identify such a source but to examine it with care. 

And as such an invitation could only deliver a meaningful result if the manuscript in question has credentials that are overwhelmingly obvious and, thereby, easy to identify, I had no doubt about the 'holy work' I was looking for. Only the infamous Book of Revelation - which groups such as The Jehovah's Witnesses [and others] take a delight in alluding to and 'quoting' from - tells its readers about an impending, catastrophic conflict that has been labelled Armageddon

Furthermore, since the development and widespread deployment of thermonuclear bombs, it has been common to hear Christians - even well-educated ones - assert that the 'Armageddon' being described is the global holocaust that will occur when these vile weapons are employed during a multinational conflict that is destined to happen. 

And now realising that one of the dominant features of the formation under scrutiny - namely, its intimate cluster of 3, hexagon-like arrangements of objects - exhibits a superficial link to a well quoted verse of the Book of Revelation, 13:18 [described shortly] i.e. the juxtaposition of the three 6's tied to those hexagons can infer the 3-digit factor, 666, which is referred to in the cited verse, I was drawn to it. 

I knew, of course, that various versions of the New Testament describe the verse's contents in slightly different ways. However, as it seemed likely that the name, Nun's Walk, doesn't have modern origins, I thought it would be appropriate to use the 17th century's, King James' Bible. 

I also considered it to be likely that the super-clever crop circle builders would have expected us to reach this rational conclusion. So the following version of Revelation's infamous, 13:18, has been taken from that book [I'll shortly explain why I set the verse out in 4 lines]:


Fig. 7 nhn 21-8-19 

My attention was now drawn to the fact that the formation is tied to the quoted, 666, in a way that's far superior to that cited above [i.e. by juxtaposing the three 6's linked to the hexagons]. I shall therefore focus on this infinitely better relationship. 

Firstly, knowing that the formation is comprised of '1+3' levels of objects, I observed that this reflects the '1+3' parts that the Revelation verse was set out in [as illustrated in Fig. 7] i.e. the first group of words - Here is wisdom - is separated from the next 3 groups by a terminal, full stop; whilst those 3 groups are separated by the weaker, colon and, semi colon, respectively. 

But it was soon clear that this one example of numerical concordance between the crop circle and the Revelation verse wasn't isolated. Indeed, the simple act of labelling the formation's 36 'objects' with their respective, numerical positions, starting at 1, yielded a collection of factors whose sum is, 666, as illustrated below [Note: the sum can be expressed as: 36x(36+1)/2]:


Fig. 8 nhn 21-8-19 

It was immediately apparent that this clear link between the formation and the number - 666 -relates in an interesting way to the second mark of authenticity I'd identified in the crop circle i.e. the base-10 expression can be inferred by juxtaposing the digits, 6, 6 & 6, and the product of these is, 216, the cited day of the year [in our calendar] that the formation was discovered. 

Having derived this explicit expression of the Revelation number, 666, from the crop circle, I realised that an elementary algorithm, involving the arrangement displayed in Fig. 5, provides us with another, impressive manifestation of this renowned, 3-digit factor. 

The Fig. showed that by adding, 1, the label of the unique outer ring, to the factor, 234, which can be inferred from the labels, 2-3-4, which sit on the encompassed, hexagon-like structures, we produce the number, 235, the quota of protons and neutrons in a nucleus of U-235. 

However, by changing the simple expression, 1+234, to the equally simple, 1x234, we define a number, 234, which reveals an unambiguous link to the factor, 666, as explained below. 

If '234' is expressed as the product of its prime factors [Note: the 1st prime, 1, isn't included in such products], we obtain, 2x3x3x13, which, if expressed as the product of its corresponding primes [as I call them] - 2px3px3px13p - computes to the factor, 666 [= 2x3x3x37], as can be seen in the following Fig.:


Fig. 9 nhn 21-8-19 

This notable result - which demonstrates that the formation embodies two, simple and elegant links to the Revelation number, 666 - is even more interesting than I have thus far indicated. 

Definitive evidence that the field communication was alluding to the Revelation source 

Another intimate correlation, between the described verse of the Book of Revelation and this 21st century formation is now apparent. 

The biblical text claimed that the factor '666' is linked to two, distinct entities - the beast and, a man - and we've found that a clear, 666, is also linked to each of the two faces that the crop circle possesses. 

This relationship is highlighted in the following, symbolic graphic:


Fig. 10 nhn 21-8-19 

Furthermore, any thoughts that this extraordinary correlation, between the two sources, is just a remarkable coincidence can be dismissed, I believe, when we take a more detailed look at a fact I alluded to earlier. 

The '1+3' levels of objects, in the crop circle, display an explicit, numerical concordance with the '1+3' parts that the Revelation verse was set out in [as shown in Fig. 7]. This observation, then, tells us that all the relationships we'd derived from this key feature of the crop circle are applicable to the biblical passage, and, in particular, we can make the following deductions. 

If the verse's 4 parts are also labelled, 1-2-3-4, [remembering the unique role of the 1st] then:


Fig. 11 nhn 21-8-19 

And when we subject the text itself to a closer scrutiny, other highly relevant features appear. 

Note: I analysed the 31-worded verse using a proven methodology I developed decades ago - but limitations of space, in this article, mean that I can only expose a snippet of what I found. 

A cursory inspection of the textual arrangement we obtain when its 4 components have been set out in 4, consecutive lines that are centred reveals that the repeated word, number, seems to have been positioned in a contrived way, as shown below [where I've coloured it red]:


Fig. 12 nhn 21-8-19 

It's the case, then, that the 3 occurrences of 'number' are quite close to being lined up with one another, which raises the possibility that we're being invited to inspect them. It didn't surprise me, therefore, that when I did so I uncovered another set of familiar relationships, as depicted in the Fig. below, where I've isolated the 3 words [they're also capitalised to highlight them]:

 Fig. 13 nhn 21-8-19 

An ingenious warning about the insufferable horrors of a nuclear winter 

Having had my attention drawn to the column of four words, wisdom count number hundred, I noticed that they embody another two peculiarities: 

1] their final letters, m-t-r-d, together with the four that precede them, are close to lining up;

2] the central words, count number, share the av, 73 [3+15+21+14+20; 14+21+13+2+5+18]. 

With my focus now on the numerical intimacy between these 2 words, I noted that if 'number' is split in a 2-4 configuration, thus, nu-mber, to reflect the factor 24 [the prime rank of '83'], it exhibits a chilling relationship with 'count', when the latter is also split after the 4th letter from its end i.e. c-ount, as explained below. 

If the 2 words are viewed from the bottom, their letters before the hyphens are 'nu' and 'c', and it's clear that the juxtaposition of these apparent 'prefixes' would yield - nuc - the first 3 letters of the highly appropriate word, nuclear. Indeed, this term, nuc, could serve as an abbreviation of the words, nuclear bomb, given that a slang expression, nuke, is often heard today. But it's apparent that there is a lot more to the 'statement' than this minuscule 'nuc'. 

In the Fig., below, I've shown, in 2 stages, how the 4 words - when all hyphenated - appear to be providing a readable message about a global catastrophe that could be awaiting us:


Fig. 14 nhn 21-8-19 

Although we know that the terms, nuc, and, dred, are not English words, we are cognisant of the fact that the 1st exhibits a clear relationship with the word 'nuclear' and the 2nd is identical, phonetically, to the word 'dread'. It would not take a giant leap of imagination, then, to accept that our attention is being drawn, here, to the English expression: nuclear bomb winter dread. 

And as we now know that an all-out thermonuclear war, involving the world's major nations, would, amongst other things, trigger a 'nuclear winter', which could lead to the extinction of a plethora of life forms, including our own, sane people have every reason to 'dread' it. 

I would add that the expression - hun u sdom [reading from the bottom upwards] - which was not involved in defining the 4-worded statement, may be providing further info' of interest. 

A happier thought! 

The circle makers leading us to 1 verse of an early 17th century, English version of an ancient Greek text is odd: are they saying that the whole book is of value? 

Neil Hudson Newman 21-08-2019









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