Might there be some relation between “Q” or “Quetzalcoatl” the crop artist, and “Q” or “Q-anon” the mysterious Internet poster? A crop picture from June 18, 2017 near Vieux-Lixheim in France gives us new clues!  

“Even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” ---Matthew 15:27 

A clever “time-delay code” seems to have been designed within a major crop picture which appeared on June 18, 2017 near Vieux-Lixheim in France (see ViexLixheim 2017  ). This crop picture (outlined by a small blue square in the slide below) was drawn just to the lower right-hand side of a “man” who seems to be “walking to the left” in the landscape nearby. That “mystery” or “anonymous” man shows a C-shaped “question mark” for his “head”. Who could he be?  

This mystery-man also seems to be reaching out to “pet the head of a dog” on his left, while at the same time leaving two “trails of breadcrumbs” behind him on his right, for another “seated dog” there to sniff out and follow. The French crop picture (outlined by a small blue square) was drawn near the end of that second and somewhat lower “trail of breadcrumbs”. Sniff, doggy, sniff!  

“Breadcrumbs” are often regarded metaphorical “clues” as to some mystery. Thus we should examine next what those many landscape “breadcrumbs” near this “mystery” or “anonymous” man might look like in detail? As shown in the next slide below, that second or lower “trail of breadcrumbs” shows two landscape numbers of “10” and “11” on the left, which are followed by a small letter “L”. Further to the left, a small “arrow” points down to where the crop picture was drawn:  

Next on the right, we can see details from the first or upper “trail of breadcrumbs”. These show the landscape image of a “rabbit”, which is followed below by a small letter “q”, and possibly by another number of “11”. .  

This crop picture itself (shown at lower centre in the slide above) provided an image of our “inner planetary system and Sun” for the apparent date of November 10, 2017. Four round balls or “planets” were drawn there to represent “Mars-Venus”, “Earth” and fast-moving “Mercury” on a positionally-matching date of November 10, 2017, which could also be written as “month 11-day 10” in the year 2017 (see www.fourmilab.ch):  

The orbital locations for “Mars” and “Earth” have been shifted inward to the second circular orbit of “Venus”, away from their usual locations on the fourth or third orbits respectively. All four planets, when drawn in this way, create the shape of a capital letter “Q”.  

The overall message from this second or lower “trail of breadcrumbs”, including the crop picture as drawn, would seem to be: 

“Q-10-11-L” if we read it in decimal, or “Q-2-3-L” if we read it in binary.  

That final letter “L” usually stands for “love” in other crop-circle examples.  

The humorous landscape image of a “rabbit” in that upper “trail of breadcrumbs”: let’s zoom in!  

When we study the landscape image of that “rabbit” in closer detail, from the first or upper “trail of breadcrumbs”, we can see the humorous image of a “rabbit” who has emerged upward from his “hole”, and is now sitting above that “hole”, possibly “smoking a pipe”:  

Just below the landscape “rabbit”, we can see a lower-case letter “q”, most probably to signify the crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”.  

Another “pipe-smoking” crop picture appeared many years ago near Boothferry Bridge, Hull, England on August 18, 2000. The image of a “pipe-smoking alien” was drawn more recently in crops on July 27, 2011 at Cherhill (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Two other “Q” crop pictures from August of 2017 

Later in the summer of 2017, we saw a large and highly-patterned letter “Q” drawn in crops near Wootton Wawen on August 8, 2017 (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk).  

This was followed by the crop-drawn image of a large “broadcast antenna”, with a capital letter “Q” at its base, near Sutton Hall on August 17, 2017 (see sutton hall articlesl  ). The scrambled-letter code in that Sutton Hall crop picture could be interpreted as an Internet CAPTCHA code for “Quetzal E.T.” (see sutton hall commentsl  ).  

Is “Q-anon” the same person as our French or English crop-artist “Quetzalcoatl”?  

Now let us proceed to the major discussion point of this article. A mysterious man who calls himself “Q-anon” began to post on our Internet on October 28, 2017, close to the end of month “10” October, and close to the beginning of month “11” November. He soon became known for his “breadcrumbs” (or clues), his cryptic signature “Q”, and the symbolism of a “white rabbit” from Alice in Wonderland. The schematic images of other “white rabbits” have been seen four times recently in the landscapes near crop pictures from 2016 to 2018.  

The first “Q-anon” trip-code 

The login or trip-code which “Q-anon” used, when he first began posting anonymously on the Internet in late October of 2017, looked like the mirror-image of “QVEZLTAwox!”. Those scrambled letters might suggest in turn a less-scrambled version as “QUETZAL vox!”, meaning the “voice of Quetzal!” in Latin. Trip-codes often feature slightly-scrambled English words. In 2015, our crop-artist friend drew in crops near Torino, Italy a binary-computer message which read “timeo ET ferentes!”, also in Latin.  

Is this just a “conspiracy theory” or something else?  

All of these diverse observations could perhaps be dismissed as just a “conspiracy theory”. Yet President Trump has made repeated references to “Q-anon” in his speeches, for example by repeating the number “17” for a letter “Q” in our alphabet, many times in a row. He has also made “hand signals” to his audiences in the shape of a letter “Q”, and has pointed at their “Q” signs with apparent favour.  

Recently President Trump posted on Twitter certain phrases which appeared in posts by “Q-anon” just a few days before, such as “the world is watching” or “power will be returned to the people”. So clearly he either: (1) knows who “Q-anon” might be, or (2) is reading the “Q-anon” message boards? Many “Q-anon” posting websites or discussion boards have been under heavy attack from the intel agencies, who are trying to keep people from reading them or discussing the subject.  

Trump’s cryptic use of a phrase “calm before the storm” on October 6, 2017, while meeting with top US military officials (might this refer to Revelation 8:1?), and his advocacy of a “Space Defence Force” also seem anomalous. “Q-anon” himself has confirmed the reality of the Roswell UFO crash, of a secret US space program, and of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe. He has also implied that he is acting to “protect” President Trump from various dangers, and may even be a secret or trusted advisor.  

We have not claimed to reach any definite conclusions here, but it certainly makes you wonder (see www.youtube.com) What we are not being told?  

And why should the landscape image of an “anonymous man” who is “dropping breadcrumbs” be seen near a crop picture in France on June 18, 2017, while the crop picture itself looked like a large letter “Q”? Along with a doubly-coded date for late October or early November of 2017, when the mysterious “Q-anon” began posting on the Internet? This is a tasty “trail of breadcrumbs” for sure, which any good canine would wish to sniff out and follow!  

Phase I of modern E.T. contact > anonymous crop circles worldwide.  

Phase II of modern E.T. contact > anonymous posts on the Internet?

Some explanatory notes about this crop-drawn “rabbit” and his apparent hole-seeking intentions 

The line drawn across the middle of this humorous crop picture, which appeared on July 14, 2015 near Alton Barnes (outlined in blue in the accompanying slide), does not mean “no rabbits”, because those small animals might be bad for the Wiltshire farmers. Rather it means “ground level”, in order to suggest that this crop-drawn “rabbit” is thinking about “going down his hole”!  

Two large landscape “birds” may been seen either diving down or approaching this “rabbit” from different directions, by using Google Earth with South “up” and latitude 51.357o N, longitude 1.855o W. The downward-pointing “beak” from one of those “birds” may be seen between this rabbit’s “two ears”. 

A large letter “C” just above this rabbit’s “nose” (on the right) suggests the word ”Cuniculus”, meaning “burrow-hole” in Latin, from which we get the word “coney”. This “rabbit” is thinking about going down into his cuniculus or burrow-hole. 

Finally if we flip this crop-drawn image of a “rabbit” in a mirror sense, and rotate around, we can see a large capital letter “Q” outlined in green (at upper right), which might be the signature of “Quetzalcoatl” the crop artist.   

From “September’s Notebook”: how could “Q-anon” have known the exact composition of the new US Senate as 53-47 back on October 2, 2018, except by time viewing or time travel?  


And why did President Trump tweet the same two numbers on November 16, three days after a second post by Q-anon on November 13 which said again “53-47”?  

Are we talking here about time viewing or time travel? Some crop pictures do show evidence for creation by E.T. visitors who can time-travel (see theyre-real-and-contain-hidden-messages-scientist-says).  

How could anyone possibly explain such strange phenomena by “unseen men with rope and boards” or a “LARP”? Why are true articles about these subjects being suppressed by Google and Facebook, while ridiculous false articles are being promoted? (see for example crop-circles-tourism-wiltshire-england). Making crop circles using rope and boards in Wiltshire is regarded as a serious criminal offence. The police are actively seeking suspects. If any of what this new debunking article said were true, why have those “openly-confessed crop artists” (who claim to have made dozens last summer) not yet been asked to assist the Wiltshire police with their enquires? Does all of this make any sense to you? “Expand your thinking” advises Q. “Sheep no more!”  

The current composition of the US Senate became 52-47 today on November 19, when Rick Scott was declared the official winner in Florida. It should become 53-47 on November 27, after a run-off election in Mississippi where a Republican is expected to win easily.

Several symbols for “Q” or Quetzalcoatl, as the 17th letter of the alphabet, were drawn in crops near Wootton Wawen on August 8, 2017, then near Sutton Hall on August 17, 2017, in accord with the currently-popular practice of calling Q-anon by his coded number of “17”  

When President Trump spoke in Tampa on July 31, 2018, he made repeated and contrived use of a number “17” to represent a matching alphabet letter of “Q” (see www.youtube.com). Informal posters or T-shirts reading “Q” have spread now to approximately half of Trump’s electoral base in the U.S.A., comprising 20 to 30 million people.  

Very few of these people know however that the major E.T. crop artist (or time-traveller, human in form) is also called “Q”. Here he was, making a crop picture near Yarnbury Castle in England last summer on June 24, 2018:  

Might there be some relation perhaps? Anonymous crop circles? Anonymous Internet posts? Both made by someone called “Q”? We should look into this matter more closely!  

Could the E.T. crop artist called “Quetzalcoatl” also be the Internet poster “Q-anon”?  

“Q-anon”, the mysterious Internet poster, says that “less than 10 people” know who he really is. The mainstream media advise everyone to treat his anonymous posts as a “conspiracy theory”. Like “crop circles” perhaps? Trump himself seems favourable to the “Q” movement, which seems very strange indeed. Further factual evidence concerning this “Q-anon” phenomenon, prepared by professional people who have studied it seriously, may be seen here (please see the-greatest-communications-event-in-history or   paul_serran or threadreaderapp.com).  

Here in this extension from a related article above, we will explain how two major crop pictures in August of 2017 likewise called the E.T. crop artist by a letter name “Q”, and also by the same number of “17”, which is currently used by many Trump supporters to describe “Q-anon”. We will also speculate, from the study of crop pictures and Internet posts together, what the purpose of “Quetzalcoatl” or “Q” might be in returning to Earth at this particular time in history?  

A large “Q” symbol with 17 “light rays” appeared near Wootton Wawen on August 8, 2017  

The overall metaphor of this clever crop picture at Wootton Wawen was that some person “Q” may have come from the Pleiades (which shows a long “star trail”, resembling the long and narrow part of this crop picture with many “dots” as shown on the left), in order to lead us to a green and vibrant “Tree of Life” nearby, which is shown on the left-hand side as well:  

Further to the right, there is actually a large “dead tree” as another possible path which we definitely do not wish to take (see monarch 2017a  ). This crop picture also looks like a “sperm fertilizing an egg”, which would suggest that Q’s actions in coming here may lead to a new and favourable “re-birth” for humans on Earth.  

Seventeen segmented “light rays” were drawn around the centre of this crop picture, and surround what seems to be a large, capital letter “Q”  at its base. They also match in number the 17th position of any letter “Q” in our alphabet: 

If the interpretations described above are correct, then it would seem appropriate for “Q” or Quetzalcoatl to have “descended” secretly to Earth on a solar eclipse in the year 2017 or “17”, five years after the Mayan Long Count calendar ended in 2012. This would explain why those 17 “light rays” at Wootton Wawen were divided subtly into two parts as “12” years plus “5” years. Thirteen small dots, within in a long “star trail” that leads towards a large green tree, would have meant “13 days” from August 8 until the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  

Two more “Q” symbols appeared as part of a “broadcast antenna” at Sutton Hall on August 17, 2017, inside of which 17 “boxes” were filled with cryptic symbols, while 4 “boxes” remained empty   

The symbol “Q”, as a 17th letter of the alphabet, appeared in this Sutton Hall crop picture twice (please see sutton hall commentsl   or sutton hall articlesl  ). We can see it first at upper left in the slide shown below, where it encompasses a large “crescent Moon” or “eclipse” symbol near the top of a “broadcast antenna” which was drawn there. That large blue “Q” symbol (labelled in red as Q) was mirror-plane inverted, and showed an almost-vertical, small downward “tail”:  

Three small “dots” just above the top of that large “Q” symbol resemble the “Q+++” signature which Q-anon often uses on the Internet.  

Next within a small “box” at lower right in the slide above, within the “base” of that “broadcast antenna”, we can see another small black symbol “Q”, which is likewise mirror-plane inverted, and has been circled in red

Just above that small “Q” symbol (circled in red), we can see three vertical rows of 7 “boxes” each. There are 3 x 7 = 21 small, rectangular “boxes” in total. Interestingly enough, 17 of these “boxes” were filled with cryptic symbols of various kinds, while 4 “boxes” were left empty (outlined in red, shaded in yellow). This number of “17” stands in our 26-letter alphabet for the letter “Q”. The Sutton Hall crop picture also appeared on the 17th day of August, in the year “17” or 2017.  

Four days after August 17, when this crop picture appeared, we saw a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, thereby matching 21 “boxes” which were drawn within the Sutton Hall crop picture in total. One of 4 empty “boxes” (at upper left) was not left empty but was shaded darkly, in order to create the short vertical “tail” of another large (mirror-inverted) “Q” symbol shown at top left (coloured in blue, labelled in red as Q).  

No one has yet solved exactly for the message encoded by many cryptic symbols drawn within those 17 filled “boxes”. It may be some kind of Internet CAPTCHA code, or perhaps even a scrambled “jig-saw puzzle” or “sliding puzzle” picture.  

“Q-anon”  began to post on the Internet just two months after these “Q” (17) crop pictures appeared 

Only two months after these two “Q” (17) crop pictures appeared during August of 2017, the mysterious “Q-anon” began to “broadcast” on our Internet, in a process which is continuing to this day. Several weeks before, in early October of 2017, President Trump met with his military men, and commented that this was a “calm before the storm” (see www.youtube.com). “We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that.”  

Clearly all of those military people must know about some serious threat which we do not! Did “Q” meet secretly with Trump after he landed? Did he meet with Eisenhower in the 1950’s? Did he inform Trump of some alien threat to our world? Is that why Trump is building a Space Defence Force?  

A brief review of relevant symbols from the “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” in 2009  

Such interpretations might agree with details of a “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” crop picture which appeared on July 5, 2009 (see www.youtube.com). That spectacular crop picture, which no one has ever claimed to be “human-made”, showed 3 small “dots” then 5 “Mayan symbols for time” as 1-2-3-4-5 on each side of the centre, in order to suggest when Quetzalcoatl might “descend” to Earth. The simplest interpretation of those number-symbols might be (2009 + 3 + 5) = 2017.  

At the lower base of that crop picture, surrounding his “two-eyed face with a beard”, we could see the large symbol of a “crescent Moon” or a “solar eclipse”, along with 8 + 9 = 17 small “light rays” emerging on either side. Next inside of that “eclipse” motif, the “beard” from his “face” was divided into 4 + 4 + 2 = 10 small parts. These might add to 3 “small dots” for his “two eyes” and “nose”, plus 4 large “arcs” on either side, to give (10 + 4 + 3) = 17.  

Finally within 7 + 7 = 14 large “quetzal feathers” which were drawn above, we could see 15 “lines” drawn on the left, and 16 “lines” drawn on the right. Those numbers might create a series “14-15-16” leading to “Q” as letter “17”, or to the year “17”? “He will return in the fifth year of a new Mayan calendar.”  

What would be Quetzalcoatl’s purpose in returning to Earth at this time?  

We always remained unsure what the true intentions of our crop-artist friend “Q” might be, based on studying crop pictures alone. He was a “joker” for sure! He did draw images of the “face of Jesus” (see www.youtube.com), a “Celtic cross”, the “holy grail”, the “Tree of Life”, the “seven candlesticks”, and other Jewish-Christian motifs. Yet he focused mainly on clever geometrical or numerical puzzles such as “pi to ten digits” in 2008, which caught the world’s attention (see Easy-pi-Astrophysicist-solves-riddle-Britains-complex-crop-circle).   

If Quetzalcoatl is really “Q-anon”, which seems possible (although not proven), we should be able to tell from his extensive series of posts on the Internet what his true intentions might be. His long-term goal seems to be to produce another “Great Awakening” on Earth, similar to that which happened in the 18th century (see /First_Great_Awakening), starting in the U.S.A. then spreading worldwide. This would be to revive and spread the Christian religion, in preparation for the “return of Christ”.  

By analogy, he might be like John the Baptist, who was sent just before Jesus 2000 years ago to “make the crooked paths straight”, in preparation for the ministry of Jesus later. Many people have speculated that the distinctive “F.O.J.” signature of Quetzalcoatl, drawn near dozens of crop pictures over the years, means “Friend Of Jesus”. In the last chapter of Daniel, it says that the archangel Michael (who fights for good over evil) will come to Earth in the last days (see www.biblegateway.com).  

Symbolism of the “white horse” 

Many crop pictures have pointed toward various “white horse” symbols in the hills of southern England. By a second analogy, Quetzalcoatl might be the first “rider on a white horse” described in John’s Book of Revelation, who comes to Earth after Jesus opens the “7th seal” in our planetary history. He rides a white horse, and he comes to conquer for Christianity as a modern crusader (see https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+6&version=NIV).  

According to New Testament prophecy, after the 7th seal is opened, there will be a “silence in heaven for half an hour” (Revelation 8:1). President Trump’s cryptic phrase of a “calm before the storm” is the Christian metaphor for such a prophesized event.  

Are the latter events of Revelation about to begin? An “angel” with an “opening door” for a “heart”!  

Last summer in 2018, there were an unprecedented number of new crop pictures with apparent “Christian themes”: such as the “water strider”, the “fisher of men” (three times), placing a “seal of the living God” as protection on “lambs” in Devil’s Den; or even a large “angel” in the landscape over the town of Holybourne, who wore a “star of David” as a “ring” on his “finger”, and seemed to be reaching out to a “small boy” in the landscape not far away, who was “holding up a cross”.  

One crop picture near Gurston Ashes showed an “opening door”, and was drawn in the landscape so that it resembled the “heart” of another large “angel” shape there. By implication, the “heart” of that “angel” was “opening up” to hear the prayers or wishes of people on Earth. Could any of the stories about Russian cosmonauts meeting “angels” up in space be true? (see www.youtube.com) Are “angels” really extra-terrestrial spiritual beings? Can they make crop pictures? Do some of us become “angels” after we die?  

There were also many “arrival” crop pictures drawn in 2018, to suggest that the E.T. crop artists might “arrive”, or land on Earth openly in the near future, sometime in the 2020’s, or maybe as early as the summer of 2021 (by my tentative interpretations). “MOTHERSHIP”, they wrote twice in a cryptic code at Ansty Farm Shop on August 5, 2016. “Get ready to see the Mothership!” These definitely seem to be momentous, prophetic times. So we should all study what has been written here or elsewhere, to see what we can make of it.

Where was a man riding a “white horse” headed in April of 2017, when this “pendulum clock” crop picture appeared near Cherhill? Which famous monument in the U.S.A. does the Lansdowne Monument in England resemble?  

Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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