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Crop Circles
The Ultimate Undercover Investigation

The Agent Sam Fink Report 

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Working for the Foundation, Agent Sam Fink an LA investigator takes you on a mission to meet the people and patterns that is the world of the crop circles. Travelling through the Wiltshire landscape his mission takes him into the fields and up into the sky, as part of his investigation to find out "What are the Crop Circles"? Be part of the Agent's mission to discover and solve the enigma that has mystified us for the last fifteen years! Did Agent Sam Fink solve the mystery?  Only you will know the truth!

Crop Circles
a silent knowing  

a Nikola Duper Film


I Master Di





Milk Hill & the Face

Transformation & Abundance

 With Michael Glickman

Crop circle Reality Production

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 With Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray
Crop circle Reality Production
Featuring the 'balls of Light' footage

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Message of the Millennium

2001 Crop Circles

By Peter R. Sorensen

The 2001 circle season was Peter's tenth year documenting the
formations in England, and many say it's his best video ever.

For USA and other NTSC video standard countries ($33), email
Peter at:


7 The Pi Hypothesis
The Big Triangles

 With Michael Glickman

Crop circle Reality Production

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coreography of consciousness

A film by Martin Keitel 2001

Finland's Centre of Circles Information.


by Melanie Gambrill & Lyn Collin



by Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard, 2001

This visually stunning documentary shows you mysterious balls of light, their intelligent behaviour, their connection with the crop circles and their clear interaction with the human mind. Mind-blowing images, eyewitness accounts, reconstructions and original pieces of footage providing rock-hard evidence of the presence of highly intelligent, non-human entities. This documentary contains material that will change your view of this world forever. Prepare to watch the most overwhelming evidence ever documented of a non-human, unknown intelligence, present at this very moment in time – an intelligence with a plan for mankind. A very informative documentary, superb camera work, spectacular aerial and ground shots of the best crop circles up to and including the year 2000, intriguing eyewitness accounts, reconstructions and authentic footages of the lights. An absolute must!


Crop Circles, The Research: UPDATE!!!

by Bert Janssen, 2000

The Research is now updated visually! The crop circle images (especially aerial video footage and photos) now include the best shots of the crop circles of the year 2000.

Furthermore, the video now shows updates on the ball of light photos. These photos show very clear examples of balls of light photographed by several researchers.

Crop Circle Connections
Intangible Realms of Reality

by Frank Laumen, 2000

Anybody who wants to see a crop circle video which is purely meditative in nature, must buy this one, made by German crop circle researcher Frank Laumen. There's no narration, no information as such, it's merely 50 minutes of pretty images, brilliant camera work and meditative, chill-out music. It takes you on a relaxing journey through the crop circle area, showing you the crop circles of 1997-1999, both in the UK and Germany. Furthermore there's a strong link to the ancient sites, long barrows, stone circles etc. in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. A must for anybody who wants pictures, images and music instead of an informative documentary.


Crop Circles - The Research

by Bert Janssen, 1999

This is definitely the most informative and complete production ever made on the subject. A truly professional and visually stunning documentary made by Dutch crop circle researcher Bert Janssen. It takes you on a guided tour of the latest discoveries relating to the crop circle phenomenon. It elaborates on the ideas currently being explored within the different fields of research, but also shows you the strange additional effects such as anomalous substances and dead flies. All subjects covered, from biophysics to geometry, are presented in a remarkably accessible way. Nearly 60 captivating minutes of film on the triptych of crop circles, balls of light and the human mind. An especially informative documentary brimming with stunning aerial and ground shots, superb camera work, intriguing interviews and captivating music.
We recommend it highly.

Crop Circle Update 1999

by Chris Everard, 1999

Three hours of video awaits you, which from our point of view, is too long to keep anybody's attention. Although the cover looks very professional, the video itself is not. The editing of especially the interviews is poorly done. The video does contain a very interesting analysis of the notorious Oliver's Castle footage, carried out by Chris himself. But although his conclusions are interesting and uplifting, the analysis itself takes too long, which turns a brilliant subject into a boring exercise. A very positive aspect is the enormous amount of beautiful aerial stills, shot mainly by Steve Alexander. But even though it's lovely to watch them pass your screen, this video is definitely not a recommendation.

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Messages From Nowhere

by Petre Novak and Alice Brabcova, 1996

A video compilation of aerial and ground footage of the latest Czech Crop Circles, from 1994-1996. Nicely done, quite a decent, basic amateur video. Thorough coverage of the phenomenon in Petre's and Alice's country. The only video available featuring the Czech Republic's crop circles. English narration, with background music.

kORNKREIS99.jpg (16735 bytes)  

Kornkreis - Das Phanomen

by Wolfgang Ring, 1999

A crop circle CD ROM from Germany.

For further information contact:

Wolfgang Ring Software
Dornbergstr. 40
D-34289 Zierenberg

CroppiesCoversmallercopy.jpg (68013 bytes)


by Grant Wakefield, 1998

Email: and the fact
they're a fiver now, plus p+p (UK a quid, US + elsewhere 3 quid), on region free DVD!!

Consisting primarily of craftily edited interviews with the movers and rakers on all sides of the circle equation, CROPPIES is a sympathetic, engaging and often hilarious portrait of their insular world. As a visual document of the crop circle circus, CROPPIES is unbeatable.”



“A well crafted and entertaining documentary, and an essential piece of crop circle history. This film charts territory that other films haven’t even got near; highly recommended.”



“CROPPIES is a humorous and revealing look at the foibles and delights of the crop circle research community, both believers and sceptics. It provides an entertaining insight into their lives and will appeal to anyone regardless of their belief orientation.”



Crop Circles
What On Earth is Going On?

by Bert Janssen, 1996

This is another production of Dutch crop circle researcher Bert Janssen. It preceded his 1999 production 'Crop Circles - The Research'. Nearly 60 captivating minutes of information around three main questions: who is making the crop circles, how are they made and what is their significance? This documentary shows you the history of the crop circles, along with their possible relation to ancient sites, swirl winds, hoaxers, UFOs, etc. Furthermore it contains two unique pieces of video footage of mysterious balls of light: the mind-blowing Oliver's Castle footage (1996), which shows the actual forming of a crop formation, and the famous Milk Hill footage, shot by Steve Alexander in 1990. A very informative yet friendly documentary, especially suitable for people who don't know all the ins and outs of this phenomenon yet.
It takes you by the hand and provides you with the basic knowledge and understanding which is necessary to comprehend Bert's next production on an advanced level: Crop Circles - The Research.
Wonderful aerial and ground shots, excellent camera work, well edited interviews and most captivating music.

Crop Circle Communiqué II

by CircleVision (John Macnish), 1994

For this second video of John Macnish, we can be brief in our review. A sharp contrast with his first production, in which the phenomenon was well covered. This second production however is a very biased. What you see here is nearly one hour of deliberate debunking. Although technically the video was well done (images, editing, etc.), the actual content itself is poorly substantiated. There is only weak support of what's being said and 'proven'. If crop circle researchers would work like that, they would be ridiculed on the spot. A recommendation only for those who whish to know more about debunking...

The Mystery of the Crop Circles

by M. Hesemann and P. Heppa, 1992

This German production starts off quite promising but after the first half hour it looses its touch. The rest of the video (another 1.5 long hours) the quality of both images, sound and editing seriously diminishes. The interviewer (Hesemann) should not have done the interviews to begin with, the interviews themselves are too long.
Whenever other people's video material is used, the patronizing words "amateur video" appear, which irritates the viewer. Quite often these "amateur images" are of better quality than those of Hesemann and Heppa. All in all, in spite of the first half hour, this is not a recommendation.

Cosmic Code or Natural Force?

by VFS, BSC and GWR FM, 1991

This production was manufactured by a professional team, which can clearly be seen. Nearly one hour of excellent interviews, camera work and general presentation. The narration is well done, the aerials are of good quality. Two view points are covered: Terence Meaden's idea of a natural phenomenon (vortices) and George Wingfield's of a unexplained supernatural phenomenon. The contradiction between the two (both the ideas but even more so the personalities) is a delight to watch. The way things are presented is truly unbiased. All in all we would highly recommend it, if it weren't for the fact that it will be very difficult - if not impossible - to obtain a copy these days.

Crop Circle Communiqué

by CircleVision (John Macnish), 1991

This first production of John Macnish was quite professionally done. 75 Minutes of excellent interviews, camera work and general presentation. The narration is well done, the aerials are of good quality. Especially the first and last 15 minutes are captivating, the main piece in between however is a bit slow. All in all we would certainly recommend it to people who are looking for a good presentation of the early years (1990 and 1991). We do however expect it to be quite difficult to obtain a copy these days.


Undeniable Evidence

by Colin Andrews, 1991

This early 1991 production (of approx. 1 hour) is quite a professional documentary.
It covers the phenomenon in all its basic aspects, from crystalline structure changes in the crop circle plants to details of the lay of the crop. The interviews - although the majority of which only with Andrews himself - give the viewer a solid overall view of what was going on in the early days. Not only does it include facts and figures, Andrews also shares his own personal thoughts, believes and hopes. A truly dedicated story, radiating the researcher's passion in an honest and recognizable way.

Editorial note: surprisingly enough, ten years later the author changed his mind radically, in spite of all the scientific and "undeniable evidence" he shares with the viewer in this video...

Crop Circles
The Cosmic Connection

by Peterjürgen Heppa, 1996

This German production, although nicely done, is too long and too slow. It covers the crop circle phenomenon but also extends to UFO-related matters (as indeed the title indicates). The editing of the interviews could have been sharper, the narration - although done by a American native speaker - is too monotone. Furthermore the music is too loud in comparison with the voice-over, which makes it difficult to understand what is being said from time to time. Apart from the interviews the editing is a nice piece of work.

Circular Sussex

by Andy Thomas, 1995

This production covers the 1993 and 1994 formations that appeared in Sussex. Although these formations can't be described as the prettiest ever to have appeared, some of them showed some very interesting features such as stems that were bent just below the seed-heads. 30 Minutes of ground shots, narrated by Paul Burra's beautiful deep voice, supported by self-composed music. A bit slow, but definitely an important piece of work, covering the formations outside the ever highlighted Wiltshire formations.

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