Time-Imbedded Message Encoded Into Circles 

Time-Based Analysis of August 2007 UK Crop Circles 


The August 2007 UK crop circles point to August 18, as a reference date and imbed a time code pointing to properties of the tesseract.   This is emphasized by prompt and regular appearances of the August circles, until the message was delivered.  An analysis of the multi-coded message sequence is given below. 

July Pre-View 

The use of formation data to indicate date appeared in the July 18 2007 crop circle at Wilton,  in familiar base-10.  The large central circle holds the 10 spot, with 8 surrounding circles.(1) 

Note that the base-10 system is derived from 10 finger-counting.  The 8 outer circles could also be a nod to an base-8 system previously used by some peoples, which relied on the spaces between the fingers as counters.  This would then be a potential recognition of space / ether. 

As an aside for this circle, water consists of a large Oxygen atom (molecular weight = 16), bonded to two smaller Hydrogen atoms (1 each), for a total of 18. 

August Crop Circles 

The month began with an attention getting double-stamp of  circles; both the Sugar Hill and Draycoat Foliat circles were reported on August 1. 

While these circles, taken together and separately, are yielding much information, it is sufficient to note that the Draycoat Foliat circle looks to contain a reference to Hydrogen. 

Relevant to the following analysis, it is noted that several of the August circles were interpreted as pointing to 8/18.  This may be reviewed at www.cropcircleconnector.com, beginning with the 8/1 circle.  Main points of the August circle appearances are: 

  • There were two circles on 8 /1
  • There were no circles on 8 /18
  • There were circles immediately and after 8/18 (i.e., 8/17 and 8/19).

  The blank (space / ether) reserved for 8/18 is interesting 

The regular appearance of the crop circles ended with the August 19 circle.  There is strong indication that this circle references the Tesseract (2), where motion through Time produces the eight 3-D cubes represented in that circle.  

The regular grouping of the august crop circles, the final reference to Time, and the large blank interval hint at a reference to the time-sequencing of the August circles. 

Time-Sequential Analysis 

The following table presents a simple time-based analysis of the August crop circles, using the 8/18 date as a reference. 

The numerical results are shown in the row labelled TOTALS, and identified by the column labels (A, B, C,.. et c).  A brief discussion of these results follows, along with several references to related material.   

 64    (column D) 

The sum total of the date of each August circle and the noted date of 8 / 18 is 64.  (This is also the product of 8 x 1 x 8,). 

The 8 and 8 main formations in the subsequent August 19 circle emphasize this, as 64 is the product of 8 x 8.  The notable exterior dot on that formation also looks to be, for one thing, a reference to “dot product”.   (That Dot seems to have many uses). 

There are 64-squares on the chess board, which symbolism is used in mystical and esoteric material.  

“The maze, the arabesque, the chessboard, the arch, and the pillar or column were pure embodiments of symmetry, regularity, balance, and proportion. The knowledge of the Templars was not restricted to "Sacred Geometry" or to the wisdom they may have imbibed from the Sufis.” (3) 

“The chessboard consists of 64 squares alternately black and white and symbolizes the floor of the House of the Mysteries. Upon this field of existence or thought move a number of strangely carved figures, each according to fixed law” (4) 

"The enraged and threatening devil is staring at the black and white paving on the floor of the church. At the time of Boudet and Saunière there existed just 64 of these squares, laid out like a chess-board and orientated on the four points of the compass." (5) 

In addition, there are 64 so-called hexagrams in the Chinese “Book of Changes”, or I Ching.(6).  The “I Ching” is an ancient work related to the philosophy of the co-existence of opposites, and how they influence events and change. 

Finally, in modern gematria (assigning numerical values to words), ZERO = 64.  The matrix of our Reality has long been claimed to be an illusion, or alteration, in perception.  It is claimed to be nothing, and yet backed by a much more mysterious Nothing. (7) 

16  (column E) 

The column E total is 4 times the 64 of column D.  Here, the factor of 4 may be suggestive of Time, the 4th dimension. 

The regular spacing of the crop circles is evidenced in the 3,5,3,5 pattern.  These values can again be directly paired to produce the 8,8 pattern of the August 19 crop circle.  The 4, again perhaps representing the 4th dimension Time, is conspicuously absent from this sequence, suggesting its illusory nature. 

The product of the first three number, 3 x 5 x 3, is 45.  The August 19 crop circle was spoked into eight 45 degree sectors. 

In gematria, EAST = 45.  East is where the sun rises, the start of a new day. 

Finally, in gematria, EYE = 35.   A sequence of 35, 35 is suggestive of two eyes.  The letters 3,5 taken individually directly translate as C.E. (Common Era). 

108   (column C) 

The use of six August circles, referenced to the 18th , produces a total of 108.  This number, with the 0 = Nothing removed, reproduces the reference date, the 18th

The number 108 is well known in esoteric studies.  The following references include a critique on the number 108, although for purposes of this discussion it should be noted that the number 108 IS deeply routed in esoteric thought, regardless of the reasons. (8), (9), (10)  

In gematria, AUGUST = 89, and August 19 = 108.  

44   (column B) 

The 8th month, August, is 4 + 4, and 4 is the number of Space-Time dimensions.  Perhaps the 4,4 is a reference to two sets of Space-Time.  The product of 4 x 4 is the total of column E, 16. 

(note, the August 30 crop circle just reported appears to point to two sets of 3,1, with the Time(s) serving as a Bridge or Tunnel of sorts.  This circle warrants further evaluation). 

21  (column A) 

The August circle numbers may be symmetrically paired to produce 7,7,7, or 21.  Interestingly, the 7th circle (following the 8 / 18 reference date) is the Tesseract. 

The cubes in the Tesseract circle relate to the three Spatial dimensions.  These cubes may also represent dice.  In gematria, DICE = 21.   

This calls to mind the famous remark by Einstein with regard to the emerging Quantum Physics: 

“The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the Old One. I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice.”(11) 

But, according to Stephen Hawkings 

“Thus it seems that even God is bound by the Uncertainty Principle ... So God does play dice with the universe. All the evidence points to him being an inveterate gambler, who throws the dice on every possible occasion.”(11) 

In Egyptian history, one of their gods, Thoth, was said to have laid out the fabric of our Reality in a grid.  In a game of dice with the moon, he then won the construction of the modern 365-day calendar (12)  

It is quite interesting to note that the word “tesserae” refers to a Roman dice game (13), and forms the basis for the word Tesseract.   

Closing Remarks 

An initial analysis of the August crop circles suggests encoded numerical meanings within the interval spacing.  These observations are submitted for community review and critique. 

Rather than focus on the non-vital aspect of numerical analyses such as these, perhaps we should be encouraged to consider yet another method that a vast Intelligence has used to communicate, and merge this with other observations and the feeling of Awe that these circles invoke. 

Green Shepherd 

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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