When addressing the people interested in Crop Circles, I always feel excited but also a little fatigued simply because I have to start from the beginning...

I realize that my beginning could seem quite distant and uprooted from both your knowledge and the way you relate to the phenomenon of the Crop Circles, which is such a fascinating and debated topic. 

Now let’s abandon for a moment your beliefs about who or what creates the Crop Circles all over the world and come with me to my “understanding”, to my own belief on time, civilizations and places that have got only one prerogative: sharing a unique science, a unique know-how, a unique thread that leads right to these Circles.

Most people think that this phenomenon, despite millenniums ahead, is quite recent, unique, peculiar and far away to be explained.

So, please sit down, the room is dark, my story starts.  

The false hermit 

Around the end of 1300 there was a man who will be reminded in history due to his grand refusal. I refer to Pope Celestine V who abdicated in favour of Bonifacio VIII who put Celestine into jail, where he spent his last days.

Celestine V was accused of “talking” through few but important decisions he took during his short papacy. Even if it is considered quite obscure by the most, his most important work   - the greatest of its kind- is the basilica of Collemaggio at L’Aquila in Italy (Fig. n° 1).

Pietro da Morrone, was a humble hermit who was quite popular in every court ruling in Europe at the time; the D’Angiò - the royal family of Naples - supported and convinced him to accept to become a Pope. Against all expectations Pietro da Morrone pretended to be crowned as Celestine V in his own creature, his divine home, the temple of the sound, the shrine of God’s knowledge, the sanctuary of the Octave: the basilica of Collemaggio.

Before being “dismissed”, he built the Holy Door (Porta Santa) the first real Holy Door in the world, and he established one religious festivity called “La Perdonanza”  which is still celebrated  to this date  in L’Aquila on August 28 every year.

Quite weirdly, the basilica of Collemaggio was inaugurated in 1288, 12 years before its completion - at the presence of Celestine V himself and Eight bishops. 

In 2004 a restless nobody – myself – entered the Basilica of Collemaggio, took a seat on the bench situated in the area of the holy floor called “Labyrinth” and his life changed by a very simple motion: turning towards one of the Three Rose-windows which are also present on the internal façade of the Celestine building.

At that moment, the stained glass was reflecting the sunlight on the walls of the basilica.

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                       Fig. n° 1 – Basilica of Collemaggio                                          Fig. n° 2 Central Rose window 

From that precise moment, I started my millennial race towards the Crop Circles. This race, started by the codification of that Rose-window, turned to be the key that opens the doors of the sonic knowledge of the Octave.

Shortly I realized that the central Rose-window in Collemaggio (Fig. n° 2) was talking, obviously only by numbers, saying one thing only: “ Precession of Equinoxes”. 

The Sonic Code 

I realized that by using not only the arms of the medieval mandala  but also some of its architectural elements, it was possible to find an important precessional reference:  25920, which was and is an information of great relevance in astronomy, when considering the moment when it was conceived and situated in a crucial place of the Basilica.

Celestine was not only a hermit but also a Pope at the top of human grandeur, being first of all a man of great learning.

At this point, I wished to understand more deeply what was hidden inside that holy place so I did, on my own, as usual, in a rush, with a lot of presumption and little knowledge.

Anyhow, I had a clue to follow, better, an event that punctually took place in the Labyrinth every year on June 21st at the summer solstice (Fig. n° 3). 

The clue consists in a magnificent circular sun reflection which comes from the Rose-window itself to the centre of a place that, from that moment on, took an importance even superior to “my” Rose-window. 

I wondered why a time information such as the Precession had been transformed into a circular shape reflected in the Labyrinth area where Six circles were already present. These 6 circles are strictly bounded together in a way that once a year they create a geometrical composition made of 7 circles.  

            Fig. n° 3 – Solstice in Collemaggio  

How come? I wondered how could that happen with the same strength you now may wonder how all this can be related with the mystery of the Crop Circles. My question obtained an answer, nay two answers, with very similar results. 

Pythagoras and Cimatics  

Thanks to my diversified readings, I learned that in Crotone, Italy a Mr Pythagoras, few centuries before Christ, was teaching his best followers “HOW” God had created the Universe. 

Pythagoras was teaching quantum physics when more than 2000 years ago he said that all is vibration. He synthesized the divine work in few words: the Universe has been created by 5 musical intervals, precisely 5 intervals of the fifth.

5/5 was the creative musical-vibrational summary of Pythagoras knowledge.

Now, without going into too many details, I would add that, in the musical field, 5/5 can be expressed also in 3 Octaves.

As this can be expressed numerically by “888”, I realized that, using the marble, the Labyrinth was confirming Pythagoras statement. In Collemaggio Celestine was talking about God and Creation in a way that was very advanced for that time, or - I would even say - quite impossible.

I wondered why the Precession was projected on the Labyrinth through a seventh circle and further on: how was the earth axial phenomenon related to the sound of the 3 octaves?

In this case, help came through cimatics (the science that studies the shapes made by sonic or electromagnetic waves) and a water drop . 

When a water drop is subject to a particular musical note, lays itself exactly like the 12 arms of the Rose window I decoded as you can see in Fig. n° 4. 

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                                 Fig. n° 4 – A drop of water                                     Fig. n° 5 - The central part of the Rose window

Upon an attentive examination, I realized that the parts in which that Rose window (Fig. n° 5)  is divided, correspond numerically to the ones of my code, in other words, in that water drop could be seen the Precession of the Equinoxes and this could happen because of one and only reason.

The Precession of the Equinoxes is not due to the attraction between the Moon and the Sun but to the influence of the Sound, or, more precisely, of 8 sounds which make our axis extremely sensible owing to the exploitation of the remarkable water patrimony of the earth. Like the compass needle, it is compelled to respect 12 zodiacal rendezvous, each one after 2160 years approximately.

Considering the importance given in the ancient time to such appointments by all the civilizations and peoples around the world, only one question was left: how long did they know about the Precession of the Equinoxes?

My answer was: from time immemorial. 

The Labyrinth 

Even if it seems I am getting quite away from the Crop Circles, be confident, the complicated introduction is almost finished. 

With the Labyrinth (Fig. n° 6), my mental journey among the past civilizations started with the equipment of certain and real proofs concerning the rightness of my study.

As a matter of fact, in the wake of the L’Aquila Solstice, I decided to MEASURE the Labyrinth. 

I used the Meter, (I repeat, one Meter), and at once I realized that the diameters of the three 8 were – with absolutely no doubts - 2 meters and 88 centimetres. The sum of the 6 diameters was: 17 meters and 28 centimetres.

At a numerical and symbolic level, the Labyrinth showed 2/3 of the Precession, equal to 17280 years; besides the Diameters showed, in an unequivocal way, some decisive passages of the Celestine “events”.

Time became Space in that medieval place, many centuries before Einstein explained it to humanity: why?    

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Fig. n° 6 – The Labyrinth

The millennial reference 

I kept not to understand, even if I had at least one certainty that concerned the Sound and its way to divide and relate to Octaves.

In one Octave, among tones and semitones, there are 12 notes or sounds destined to increase in frequency more and more the octaves arise to high notes. I realized that the number of vibrations per second of a RE on a piano keyboard, at first Octave, among the high notes, was “288”. Then I started tracing this reference everywhere I could, and I finally ended in one period of Human history  unknown to me.

On internet I found the same reference within the Sumeric List of the Kings which is a mesopotamic evidence where it was described the official list of Eight Kings of Babylon who lived before the Deluge.

Among the ruled periods, unusually long considered our standard, the number 28800 appeared 3 times. The summary shortly claims: Eight Kings have ruled 5 towns for 2,412,000 years, then the Deluge swept away everything.

Besides “my” numerical reference, within the antediluvian tale there was the numerical scheme of Collemaggio Rose window.

In fact, it was represented by a central 8 petal rose from which 12 arms stretched out and another 24 arms followed. The whole object was divided in 5 parts.

It was unbelievable but true.

Celestine V did nothing else that to repeat a message that was present on the earth thousands of years before; what he did was to reduce it at a symbolic level, in 3 EIGHT (888), making it clear that even the axis of a planet was sharing the same sonic information. 

Then I realized how much the human being is biologically Precessional and how the most important holy places in the world were positioned on a longitudinal level, many millenniums before its discovery, following an axial numerical reference; and not only that, the dimensions of the megalytes which are till now witnesses of an “impossible” knowledge, were often structured respecting values and parameters such as “my” 288 assumption (see Baalbeck).

Like an absolute certainty, here came the ceiling of Semnut (fig. n° 7), which was conceived by the Egyptian knowledge in 1450 BC.

Here “12” wheels are divided into 4 and 8 (1/3 – 2/3 as the Rose Window and the List) fractioned by 24 rays each, for a total of 288 rays, all this was watched by the guardians at the bottom of the wheels, standing while waiting to be “placed in good order” as per a millenary frequency.

I think that I can add that those figures were, as per the Egyptian tradition, planets and stars arranged following the numerical scheme that I was able to understand. 

To this followed the Denderah Zodiac (Fig. n° 8) where the Egyptian blue sky was held by “12” creatures arranged in 8 different directions. They were holding on their 24 stretched up arms “72” celestial corps known at the time. Clearly the sequence 8-12-24 was the base of the sonic knowledge which was interpreted and used, and mainly respected, not only by human beings but also by planets and stars, as Denderah claimed: the 3 octaves (888) of L’Aquila were a universal law, at least in the ancient times this was somehow pronounced. 

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                                           Fig. n° 7 – Semnut ceiling                                          Fig. n° 8 – Denderah Zodiac 

From Maya to the Italian Renaissance (Rinascimento) 

Other examples and pertinences of the 3 Octaves continued appearing within my studies starting from the Americas where the Mayas - masters of time - sorted out a multimillionaire system of time calculation based on 2,304,000,000 days.

Quite incomprehensible if not taken into consideration that it was based on a RE note of a Forth Octave among the high notes. This confirms that the ancient civilizations knew how to divide time and space by a sonic knowledge whose origin was uncertain – as said before. 

20 kin

= 1 uinal, 20 days

18 uinal

= 1 tun, 360 days

20 tun

= 1 katun, 7,200 days

20 katum

= 1 baktun, 144,000  days

20 baktum

= 1 pictun, 2,880,000 days

20 pictun

= 1 calabtun, 57,600,000 days

20 calabtun

= 1 kinchiltun, 1,152,000,000 days

20 kinchiltun

= 1 alautun, 23,040,000,000 days

Apart from Puerta del Sol, Pedra del Sol and Kukulcan pyramid and another thousands of examples, I understood that the same 3 Octave numerical sequence was used by men in multilevel purposes like: geometry, algebra, music, architecture, alphabet, numerology, etc etc, but mainly by our Creator in genetics, chemistry, physics and symmetry. 

In conclusion, in suspicious times, someone had “decoded ” the creative divine deed into a sonic science which was respected in a holy way, in every single aspect of the ancient life.

In other words, man had lived in a golden age indeed, how very often it has been told, in a time when his knowledge coincided with what all the Gods lend to him, when all over the world the knowledge of the Octave was the one and only existing knowledge-religion.

Now please think about the shaman knowledge of the Earth peoples (Fig. n° 9), a knowledge always related to Wheels that spread their rays in 8 directions; consider the labyrinths or the domes which are present in many holy places,  the octagonal shape of the baptisteries, and you will understand why the presence of number 8 is so common. 

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       Fig. n° 9 – The medicine Wheel of the Native Americans               

Fig. n° 10 – Leonardo da Vinci plan
for Duomo di  Pavia              

 I believe that in the ancient time, God was not referred to as a bearded, glower Lord, but rather an androgynous Being made of pure sound. For him creation never stopped, never his sound ceased, never Octave stopped creating  in a fractal way, all and everything were aligned in a never-ending celestial music made of orbits and lives.

All of this, somehow, even if unofficially, was known till the renaissance, period in which Leonardo da Vinci (Fig. n° 10), Brunelleschi, Pacioli and many other genius demonstrated to know all the evidences mentioned, as they were the base of their knowledge or works. (See: Il Genio sonico – Ed. Melchisedek).

After then……. nothing else. 

The Crops 

As I said and explained very little and wrote and synthesized really a lot just to arrive to your crop circles – better, to “my” crop circles – now I wish to take advantage of few crop pictures, among many and many, to allow you to guess what is already a certainty, at least for me.

Please draw your attention to the picture below (Fig. n° 11): there are 3 swallows, from the end of each of their tails starts a theory of 3 Eights, the 3 8 of Celestine’s Labyrinth. Use the circles that are floating from behind their apexes while they spread on the British countryside, and you will obtain the following: 6x4x2x6 = 288.  Would you continue with the operation, you would obtain the diameter of one Octave as found in Collemaggio, which is equal to 5 meters 76 centimetres (288x2 = 576, remember an 8 is made of 2  circles). 

                                                                                            Fig. n° 11 -  Crop Circle 

Figure n° 12: this was known as the Templar cross, around the planimetry, vaguely templar, there are 4 sections equal to 72 circles which multiplied by 4 gives a total of 288 circles.      

Figure n° 13 represents a central star formed by 24 sides from where are originated 12 solids of 6 sides each. 

What does this remind you of?

Well, I’ll help you: the proper operation is: 12x24 = 288x6= 1728. Do you remember the number of Celestine’s diameters? – (go back to paragraph about the Labyrinth)

Well, what are they doing in a crop circle made in 2006?

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Fig. n° 12                                                Fig. n° 13                                              Fig. n° 14 

Figure n° 14: can you detect the numbers of circles?

3 Octaves abandon their Collemaggio marble torpor and get united in order to create what on earth it’s called Solstice by forming a seventh circle which becomes the heart and the base of the “Flower of Life”.

You may note that the Celestine Crop Circle is back on earth after 700 years. 


To you are left a number of questions.

As far as I am concerned, I wondered so many times and many answers arrived at the end. 

Now, what do you think about my Beginning? 


Michele Proclamato




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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