JULY 1995

By Michael Newmark

Michael Newmark is an established Dowser, he is a valuable member for the Centre of Crop Circle Studies, for his divining talents. Michael can establish whether a formation has elaborate ley structure within the design. In this article he will explain the complexity of the Stratford Eye Formation, and his thoughts on it's origins.

A phone call from Ray Cox, the West Midlands CCCS Convenor first told me of a Crop Circle formation near Long Marston Airfield about four miles from Stratford Upon Avon. Ray and myself agreed to go over and look around.

As the afternoon progressed the weather became worse with extremely heavy rain and thunder. I thought to myself that I should go over early, to see if I could dowse the formation before meeting Ray at the Airfield later that day. The rain was becoming increasingly worse travelling to Marston, but I ploughed on. Just outside of Stratford I started to Dowse for any earth energy patterns in the Airfield area, which would indicate to me the Crop Circle location. The rain was now so hard visibility was restricted as I scanned the fields.

Close to the Airfield I dowsed something off to the east of the road, so I drove some distance down the road and started to Dowse again. I found out that the location was still in front of me, but off to the right in the direction of Marston church. Some old churches and ancient sites including Crop Circles contain a pattern of concentric/spiral and radial lines of natural energy force. These I call Spiders Webs, because that's exactly what they convey Dowsing wise. With the church force removed from my mind I dowsed again for any other force, sure enough another Spiders Web pattern showed to the south and away from the village. Only a short distance from village #of Marston the dowsing force indicated to me that it was to the south west side of the road.

I drove off the main road down a side road in the same direction. About three hundred yards down this minor road, the rods showed the earth force to be close on my left side of the road, but the rain hadn't debated, so visibility was still poor. I opened the side window of the car and looked out with my binoculars , and could just make out a formation on the hill in front of me. I had finally found it, and the rain was starting to ease off, so I could just make out a huge Eye shape in the wheat field. I must say it looked quite fearsome against the dark rain clouds low in the sky.

I eventually managed to locate the farmer, who allowed me access into the field. The Formation was huge especially for this area of the midlands. It was approximately 236 feet wide and 254 feet in width. The eye shape incorporated eye lids top and bottom from the main shape in the middle. Just below the formation were two grapeshot circles 7.4 and 4.7 feet in diameter. Each one of the circles were swirled clock-wise. The main design was anti-clockwise in rotation. The middle circle making the eye part was 29.5 - 30.2 feet wide., and it's earth energy spiders web contained 32 radial earth energy lines. It also incorporated 14 concentric earth energy lines in it's walls. Every part of the floor pattern on the main formation was immaculate, each section off from the main paths had multi levels of weaving plants. I did actually find some magic bends in the crop at 55cm, not very many for a formation of this size, but it was beautiful and dowsed genuine in every part.

Each genuine Circle has a lay earth energy frame, which is the bones of each formation. They pass through the dead centre of each and every circle, just the same as the pattern in ancient sites and old churches. The Stratford Eye, as it came to be known had a very small ley structure pattern. The entire formation was formed on four leys, the main N/S ley ran right through the centre of each grapeshot and the main formation. Another ran from W/E, passing through the design creating the formations anti-clockwise crop lay. Two others ran through the grapeshot in a E/W direction, resulting in a clock-wise rotational crop pattern.

The power to create the circle passes down a ley in one direction only, this will ultimately dictate the rotation of the crop inside the main design. The Spiders Web of concentric and radial earth energy can be dowsed from great distance, the earth force can pass out from a formation to the far corners of the planet. Yet each Crop Circle has it's own dowsing signature, exactly the same as Ancient Sites, and Churches, they all seem to have separate earth forces. The Stratford Eye formed on the Welford Hill on the 7/7/95, near the village of Welford on Avon, just south of Stratford itself. ( The home of Shakespeare, a man that was informed about esoteric knowledge. Ed)

Some days later another West Midlands CCCS member Chris Teuton who is a psychic, saw three balls of light rise from the formation and ascend into the evening sky.

The Long Marston Airfield held the Phoenix Festival, at the time the formation was in the field. Another CCCS member Anthony Harding told me of a group called the Pitch Shifters, who had an identical logo to the Stratford Eye formation. The graphic artist who made the logo was a chap called JSC, he designed the shape five years ago, and had no idea that a Crop Circle of the same shape had appeared.

It's very strange that the Circle Makers, and JSC both drew the same shape, and they both made the same mistake in the drawing.(The edges of the eye lids had different widths between the top and bottom lids in the corners). I am confident that the formation dowsed genuine, I just wonder if the CIRCLE MAKER and JSC were both right handed, to have made a mistake.( Well they were only human, or were they? Ed).

I will bring you more of Michael's findings throughout the new Crop Circle Season.

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