The hypothesis I propose in this paper is my own. I've written this monograph neither as a representative of the Centre for CropCircle Studies/United States Network, nor of CCCS/England. What follows reflects in part what I have been learning regarding the annual grain field Happenings around the world known as the CropCircle Phenomenon. This presentation offers a "new" perspective; the reader's feedback is welcome.

While the writing, editing (with help from Peter and Mary Ellen), layout, and most of the photos are my own, I have also drawn upon the generosity of others. My use of their photos or art work to illustrate my points does not imply that they are in agreement with the views I present.

A big hug and "thank you" to Patrick Flanagan, for use of his meticulous rendition of the Sri Yantra mandala; Ruben Uriarte, for his lovely Galaxy II Formation shots; Steve Alexander for his perfect pole shot of the Cowdown "tracks"; Barry Reynolds and Andy Thomas for their major assistance with the Birling Gap report, as well as for their brilliant efforts with CCCS/Sussex Branch's research over the years; and Peter Sorensen, whose "interior sight" (the one between "fore" and "hind") is somehow able to peer into my thought processes and pull out the exact combination of waves and particles which enable the picture in my head to manifest. The storyboard sequence is his artwork, as are all the "black-n-whites". Mary Ellen's awesome patience and support in the midst of Chaos made it "okay" for me to do nothing but write. I also thank Gregg Braden and Richard Dannelley for their wonderful support and networking on behalf of CCCS/US Network. Stephen Mize's extraordinary donation to me of the Mac computer and laser printer on which this work came together, bit by byte, greatly reduced both the processing time and my potential stress level, rendering the project fun and relatively painless. I also most gratefully thank each and every one of you who has financially assisted me over the years, enabling me to buy the tickets to England, pay for the gas to Kennewick, Chehalis, Adna, Aloha, and Hug Point, obtain the photos of the magnificent Formations, and research and network with colleagues around the world. I have shared with you our research findings through our '96 calendar and annual photo sets, videos, articles, and our occasional newsletter (which regrettably has taken a back seat, first to our calendar and more recently to this monograph.) All of you who supported our CropCircle calendar project literally enabled me to complete this one

- a huge Mahalo to every single one of you!

With Unbounded Love and Appreciation to
the Seth, without whose impeccable timeliness
I might never have discovered the "right" door, and

The CircleMakers and all their Helpers -
whether in or out of body

This monograph is 1996 ilyes;
please do not reproduce it
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