The "tracks" the Heat and Wind packets create/follow are clearly visible in many photos. One of the clearest examples in which they are prominent is in the outermost Ring in the Cowdown "MeanderRings" Formation (England '95)

Cowdown - tracks
Steve Alexander '95

Left: Another good example of the tracks can be seen in the outermost Ring of the Telegraph Hill Formation (England '95).

Below: A beautiful Galactic 'S'-swirled centre from an Uffington Circle (England '94). See also Galactic Spiral photos, page 20.

I've studied the lay sequencing of complex Formations and have discovered that all contiguous segments of a Pattern are laid simultaneously. The associated but separate parts of the Formation are most probably laid at the same time. The split-second timing which creates these magnificent Patterns must indeed be awesome to behold in process!

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