SeedHead Alignments: You Won't Find Them in Crop Art!

Hallmark of Authenticity: the SeedHead Alignments

The photo on the left shows one of the two ways in which the CircleMakers have consistently terminated a Path. The three distinct groups of stalks (a result of the three separate tracks) are interwoven with the standing crop just the other side of the SoundBarrier. Examples of Bundling are indicated by the arrows. You can actually see the top stalks laying left-to-right across the ones beneath them; these Bundles are 'tied' by their leaves (which appear as dark brown horizontal lines).

Notice particularly the heads of the standing crop: they are not aligned, but hang at myriad angles. In the Formations, all the seedheads are aligned - "something" has to align them! Simply knocking the wheat down doesn't account for it - as can clearly be seen in the adjacent photo

The picture above was shot in Koch and Kyborg's Wiltshire crop art (1995), created as an attempt to 'communicate with the Intelligence'. No bundling, no three-groups-of-stalks terminator, and no seedhead alignments are visible. The two men did carry out a time-consuming interweaving of stalks at the end of one pathway within their pattern, but it seemed to me that they decided the additional time demanded for the incorporation of this time-intensive detail on all remaining path terminations was not worth the effort. This photo shows how the men simply bent the crop off to one side at the end of the path - something which the CircleMakers have never done in any Formation I've examined.

More importantly, in crop art, the seedheads are splayed quite randomly in every direction. They are not aligned in parallel, as all seedheads are in the Formations of the CircleMakers. Seedhead alignment is an always-present hallmark of the CircleMakers' artistry.

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