Bundling and SeedHead Alignments

The photo below shows an intersection of a Path with a Ring, very similar to the one depicted in Storyboard 2. The horizontal Path in the photo is represented by the Path at Arrow 2 in the graphic. In the picture, the Ring begins on the far side of the Path, makes a sweeping circle to the left, and terminates at the four 'bundles' seen in the bottom half of the photo.

Note the consistent seedhead alignments in both the beginning and ending of the Ring, as well as in the horizontal Path which separates them. Another part of the secret for our perceived 'harmony' within a flow can be attributed to the fact that the leaves and stalks - and, for that matter, anything that's been caught in the seedheads, like birds' feathers - will have been aligned by the 'steaming' effect of the Heat and moisture, and the spinning of the WindTubes.

The track widths are clearly defined at the Path's end by the groupings of stalks (what I refer to as the 'Bundles'). Here, there are three thick Bundles, with one comparatively slender group to the right. The number of Bundles may vary, depending upon the width of the track. This example, however, is typical of many.

Photo below: Avebury Rings (c) 1995 ilyes

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Humans simply don't have the technology required to align the tens of thousands of seedheads, leaves, and stalks within even a 'simple' Circle - let alone in an industrial-size Formation! Here's proof:

Contrast the beautiful and consistent seedhead alignments in the photos you've just been examining from the CircleMakers' Formations with downed stalks in man-made crop art. The photo below shows a different section of the same crop art shown on the previous page.

The seedheads are not aligned; the Path does not terminate in three distinctive groupings; and there was no 'bundling' present.

Photo below: (Man-made) crop art lay study (c) 1995 ilyes

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