"magically curved stalks" found in all Formations in which the stalks are sufficiently "hydrated*. After the bundles are "wrapped", many of them with their own leaves [refer to the Bundling photos below], the WindTubes guide them to fall according to their pre-programmed data.

The Bundling Phenomenon

In the Bundling photos, note how the leaves of the stalks are wrapped around each bundle, perpendicular to the lay of the stalks, while the seedheads are all parallel to one another. Moreover, the leaves have rehardened in multiple "x" patterns along the length of the stalks. This crossing-of-the-leaves is a frequent feature of the Bundling phenomenon, and is caused by the spinning and pulling action of the Wind packets as they spiral along the stalks from the bases toward the seedheads [see storyboard panel 3, and SeedHead Alignment photos page 21]. Note in the photos that all adjacent heads are parallel to each other; none are misaligned. This uniformity in seedhead alignment is the major factor accounting for our perceived "flow" of a lay. In older Formations, the ravages of human visitation guarantee that many seedheads will have been disturbed. However, even in older Formations, seedhead alignments can be found in relatively undisturbed areas. [Compare with bottom photo, pg. 23.]

"Bundles" in Earth's Magnetic Field (Exton) and Vector Equilibrium (W. Bassett)

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NB: MOST STALKS IN ALL FORMATIONS ARE CRIMPED OR CREASED, NOT GENTLY CURVED, by the WindTubes' turbulent spinning action! However, those with "magically curved" bases can also be found. Occasionally, the top halves of the standing stalks are quite precisely snapped off at a 45 angle.

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