SeedHead Alignments: You Won't Find Them in CropArt!

The Seedhead Alignments

In the photos below, notice how the stalks were pulled through the changes of direction. All seedheads in the same track are parallel to one another.

In the first photo, note that in the centre of the laid area, just above the bottom margin and to the right of centre, four distinct flows, or layers, can be seen.

Photo below: Litchfield (c) 1995 ilyes

The Tracks left by the WindTubes

An excellent shot of the 'tracks', defined in part by the immaculate parallel seedhead alignments. Clearly, these (particular)tracks are neither circular, nor are they part of a single spiral. Rather, they are created by myriad arcs whose Energies began (in this Circle) in its center. The arcs are not continuous, and the longest appear to extend for a couple of meters. Note the well-defined 'galactic "S"-swirl center.

Photo below: West Stowell Galaxy II (c) 1994 Ruben Uriarte

In the picture below, the Path terminates at the standing crop in the field. The SoundBarrier surrounds the rectangular Path on three sides. Three WindTubes spinning side-by-side laid this area and exited "up the Wall" at the far end, pulling the seedheads together, 'plastering' them against the standing crop in the field on the far side of the SoundBarrier, and pulling them upward.

Here, the WindTubes' change of direction was extreme: initially spinning horizontally down the Path (toward the one o'clock direction in photo), they met the SoundBarrier at the standing crop, where their direction was abruptly changed to an almost vertical one.

Photo below: Chehalis, Washington (USA) (c) 1994 ilyes

Note the slight variation in the 3-track termination.

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