one's dowsing rods consistently respond to at any point where one crosses the threshold of a Formation from the field. It has proved to be easily dowsable even by neophyte dowsers (some as young as 5 years of age) visiting their first Circle.

In 1995, I realised that the CircleMakers also use SoundBarriers within Formations to direct complex lays. The Litchfield serpentine form + and the half-Rings in the Brockwood Park Formation [graphics below] offered two excellent examples of their prowess in this area.

"Intelligent" Heat and Wind

After the SoundBarrier/template has been transmitted into a field, Heat and Wind quanta (packets) are released into the "secured" area. The Heat and Wind work together simultaneously to lay the crop according to each quantum's pre-encoded instructions. I believe that the information is somehow programmed at the atomic level.++ Myriad packets of Heat (likely of microwave*/ MASER** frequency) course along pre-programmed "tracks"*** affecting all stalks within their purview. Microwave Heat is directed into standing stalks in intense, brief bursts, apparently accompanied by a throbbing, pulsing, or whistling^ Sound, some frequencies of which are audible. The Heat bursts result in 1) the rapid warming of the fluid within the cells; 2) the sudden expansion of the cell walls; and 3) the immediate evaporation of large quantities of moisture. When the Heat is especially high or prolonged, "expulsion cavities" or "blown nodes" result. The intense, localised pressure caused by the sudden expansion of fluid within a stalk often forces an eruption of the fluid through the outermost layer of a node, leaving an easy-to-see exit-hole - a "blown node" .[see photo page 13]

+The intricacies regarding how the SoundBarrier was brought inside the Litchfield Formation to direct the lay deserves a separate article. Litchfield provided an incredible demonstration of both the creative conceptual abilities of the CircleMakers, as well as the precise control they wield over their "tools of the trade" - the Sound, Heat, and Wind. The Brockwood Park story also merits an article of its own. Not only did the Formation metamorph twice after the original Transmission, which resulted in major transformations in its appearance, but the very unusual usage by the CircleMakers of the two half-Rings turned up as a non-Circle-related graphic in the December '95 issue of Astronomy magazine! In the article, though no mention was made of the Formation, I believe the explanation of the graphic revealed the meaning behind the Crop Circle's arrival! (The above graphic depicts the 2nd phase of its transformation.)

++Nano Technologists have conceived of programming their "assemblers" at the atomic level, but the technology may still be decades away [Scientific American, April '96]. Hints the CircleMakers leave, however, suggest they may have it figured out.

* It appears that the changes in the cells of these plants may be documented as an expression of Beer's Law, which describes how electromagnetic energy (which includes microwave energy) interacts with matter.

**MASER: Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Wind and Light are integral energies of interstellar MASER sources, and they have also been repeatedly identified with a Formation's birthing. MASER technology offers an attractively wrapped package by which to explain the appearance of the microwaves. See Appendix 1 for additional data on MASERs

*** A track width averages 12 to 18 inches. When laying straight Paths, tracks run parallel to one another; in forming Circles and Ellipses, the tracks are concentric or spiral. Because three parallel tracks are usually used to lay a four-foot-wide Path, a Path usually terminates in three large, distinct groupings of laid plants (see top photo, p 23). In each large grouping, all seed heads are "pulled" into parallel alignment (as indeed they are in each "bundle" throughout the entire Formation - (see Seed head Alignment photos). Often, there is a smaller, fourth group of stalks parallel to the other three, usually to the right of the three main ones. It seems to "take up the slack", and "comes and goes" as needed, as the width varies.

^ Whistling Sound: A terrified farmer/herdsman who witnessed the creation of a Ringed Circle in his small corn patch in Romania described the Sound he heard as a "terrible whistling sound". In the newspaper article, he stated that the Wind was so strong it tore away his hat and flung him to the ground. Other farmers in the vicinity concurred that they, too, had been frightened by the "terrible Sound".

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