Almost every node in the Longwood Formation was blown identically, an impossibility for a human to replicate. If you look closely at this photo, you can see the corner of the hole angled downwards. The perimeter of the hole is darkened, the hole wraps 3/4 of the way around the node, and the far end of the hole is identically angled downwards - as was every blown node in this Formation.

These physical artifacts offer a glimpse into the precision with which the CircleMakers manipulate the Heat and Wind.

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An expulsion cavity or "blown node" from the

Longwood Warren "Earth Is Missing" ('3rd Asteroid Belt') Formation (England '95)

In any Formation: When expulsion cavities are present, not all nodes on a single stalk will be visibly deformed; however, the pattern of eruption is the same for stalks within a localised area of a Formation. The same node (all 2nd nodes, all 3rd nodes, etc) on all stalks from a localised affected area will be almost identically blown - i.e., will show the same shapes and placements of holes on each node affected. The Heat-generated "blow patterns" of the nodes range from mild physical alterations to complete nodal collapse. For example (assuming a stalk is examined in hand), the pattern of the hole might be a large midline oval with darkened, curled-back edges around the perimeter; or there might be one small hole on each lateral (as it is observed) surface; or there might not be an actual hole, but a "bubbling"-type of deformity indicative of the stage just before they "blow". In the most extreme example I've seen, the top and bottom of the node had barely any distance between them, as almost all the cellular matter had been expelled.

As the MASER Heat is applied to each 12-to-18-inch swath of stalks along its "track", the sudden expansion of the cell walls combined with the synchronous extensive dehydration causes the stalks to immediately become supple and wilt. As soon as the plants are ready to fall, the Wind quanta spin into action [see storyboard panel 3].

Each Heat burst is coupled with a Wind packet, or "WindTube", which follows "on its heels". The latter are responsible for organising the same 12-to-18-inch swath the Heat softened. The WindTubes spiral counterclockwise horizontally along the ground, intercepting the wilting stalks as they begin to fall, whirling groups of the softened stalks into "bundles". The patterns of bundles indicate that the WindTubes are a few meters long and reach to about 1/2 the height of the standing crop. They work from the bases of the stalks, about an inch above the ground, toward the heads, and are responsible for the

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