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After the SoundBarrier is in place, the Amber Ball of Light releases the Silver Spheres. (These spinning Spheres have been captured on videotape on at least two occasions as they cruised fields in which there were Formations.) The Spheres, in turn, send out the Heat and Wind packets which are programmed to work together to lay the stalks. The "laying instructions" are intelligently encoded, perhaps at the atomic level, within each quantum.
Above: Nine Spheres have moved into position between the inner and outer walls of the Sound Barrier. They travel at crop height, and each is responsible for an 18" swath of crop. Shown projecting in front of the Spheres are bursts of MASER Heat, which rapidly evaporate water from the stalks and cause them to wilt.
Arrow 1: A Path was begun at the left edge of Path 2 (at the orange line behind the Spheres) and will terminate at the perimeter's Sound Barrier. The stalks at the end of a Path may be interwoven with the standing crop, or may simply lean against them. (See Chehalis photo, page 21)

Arrow 2: This Path begins at a deftly defined line in the middle of the field and will terminate at the Ring's inner perimeter. Return to page 8
Arrow 3: These three Spheres began at an internal Sound Barrier, indicated by the orange line behind them. They will make a not-quite full circle before splaying across Path 2 in the traditional three-groupings-of-stalks .(see also top photo, page 23).

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