Here, you're looking at a 'D'-shaped area, with the 'belly' of the 'D' extending away from you. The WindTubes' tracks along the far perimeter wall of the semicircle (just right of centre) are especially distinct. This little half-moon section was separate from the main Formation, and its lay was wonderfully complex.

Along both perimeters, the stalks were laid from left to right, both in the 'belly' and along the straight edge of the 'D'. Both flows met and piled up in the corner in upper right of photo, very similarly to the way they did in the (UK) FreeAccess (Wheelchair) Formations of 1993. The wheat in the middle was laid from that right-hand corner toward the left (in fact, the middle sections had been laid first).

Photo below: Chehalis Ankh: the Half-Moon (c) 1994 ilyes

Photo below, left: Galaxy II / West Stowell (c) 1994 Ruben Uriarte
right: Krishnamurti Formation / Brockwood Park (c) 1995 ilyes

Although they arrived a year apart, both Galaxy II and the Brockwood Circle convey a feeling of similar 'energies'

Note the impeccable seedhead alignments in all photos. All seedheads laid by the same WindTube are parallel to one another.

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