Bosschenhoofd-Zegge, Holland. Reported 23rd November.

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Updated Monday 9th February 2015


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Looks like it’s time to revise our ideas about a “crop circle season” — there’s another new formation in The Netherlands, this time a lovely 80 ft.-long design in a field of marigold flowers.  

Date Formed:   November 23, 2014 (just after midnight)
Location:   Bosschenhoofd-Zegge, Holland
Crop:  Marigold Flowers
Found By:  Robbert v/d Broeke (
Diagram:   Roy Boschman, Nancy Talbott
Photos:  Ronald Sikking (aerial), Roy Boschman
Report By:  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

On Friday night, Nov. 21st, Robbert van den Broeke emailed me that he felt that a “flower” formation was coming soon. I skyped him back that I, too, had the feeling a new circle was coming, but I was busy working on another report and didn’t speak with him directly…assuming he meant it would be a “flower” design.  It never occurred to me that he meant it would occur in flowers…particularly so late in the year.  


But the following night Robbert’s “intuition" intensified and he not only “saw” (in his mind’s eye) both the design of the new formation and the "orangey-yellow flowers” in the field, he also “saw” the gas station near the flower-field. The Skype photo (above) shows Robbert holding up the drawing he made at about 10:45pm (Dutch time) Saturday night, Nov. 22nd, about an hour before Roy arrived to drive him to the fields to try to find the new formation.


In Robbert’s Nov. 22nd “vision” of the new formation he reports feeling a beautiful, soft “feminine” energy hanging over the flower field—and that the formation was “breathing light” and contained a “special, very high” energy emitted by “many many angels.”  He also says he “saw” a brilliant, diamond-shaped “light-body” UFO directly over the field.

Curiously, I had been working all Friday and Saturday on photos and video-stills of diamond-shaped UFOs that I have either seen on the internet or which people have sent me, for one reason or another.  These had caught my attention partly because, on July 17, 2007, an Australian friend had videotaped quite a long sequence of multiple diamond-shaped “light” UFOs at Avebury, in the heart of crop-circle country in England.  And, although most people had apparently discounted her video as representing nothing other than military flares, I have seen military flares several times on my trips to Wiltshire…and the flares I personally saw did not look like the objects in Megan Heazlewood's Avebury video. 


Additionally, the fact that similar diamond-shaped objects have been showing up in photos and videos all over the world (not necessarily in relationship to the circle phenomenon) had also attracted my attention.

When Robbert told me about seeing a diamond-shaped “breathing light-body UFO” over the flower field I sent him a few of the images I had been working on…and when he saw the image, below (from a video shot in April, 2014 in Cadiz, Spain), he said, “that’s exactly what I saw.”

And so I could hardly wait to see the photos Roy would take in the morning.  Although marigolds are fairly sturdy they are much more delicate than cereal plants and I knew they would show breakage and crushing everywhere if a heavy weight had flattened the circles in the formation.  

Robbert and Roy did go into the formation in some places that night because Robbert wanted to stay to feel the “energies” for awhile, and he told me he could hear the plants “crunching” where he stepped.  But Roy reported finding bent over & curled plants everywhere inside the circles in the morning—and only a few damaged places where he or Robbert had walked.

Later this winter, when I’ve had time to do some reading, I intend to write a more detailed report about this formation including details of the “Mer-Ka-Ba” concept (a “vehicle” of Divine light, used by ascended masters to “travel” to lower-density 3rd & 4th dimensions).  Based on Robbert’s vision about this formation and what I’ve read, it sounds as if this idea may be relevant

For additional photos & info as to whether the farmer will allow visitors, check Robbert’s Crop Circle Archive:

For more info (in English) about Dutch crop circles and the wide range of other anomalous phenomena constantly occurring around Robbert, see the “van den Broeke Case” page on the BLT website: (reports listed below the introduction).

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In this case, after ten years, appeared in the crop on the same design. In 2004 it was discovered potentially very dangerous asteroid 2004 MN4. In 2005, got its name - APOPHIS, which means destroyer. More about this asteroid at the link: 99942_Apophis Both of these crop circles may apply to this asteroid, or even to another celestial body that moves on the Earth collision course.

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