Etten Leur (2), Holland. Reported 16th July

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Updated Friday 15th August  2014


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On Saturday night, July 12th, Robbert and I were on Skype as usual.  During our chat Robbert said he felt that 3 formations were coming, but they would come all in one night—and they would be in 3 different villages—one in corn (maize) and two in “grain.”  He told me he “saw” (in his mind’s eye) that one would come in Roosendaal, one in Etten Leur and the other near Zevenbergen, and he also “saw” that when their locations were plotted on a google map they would make a “perfect” triangle.  [He described an isosceles triangle, rather than an equilateral one.]   He also said he thought they were coming in the next few days.

Later that night I began “clearing the decks” in my office to be ready for what I knew would be a likely influx of photos from Roy soon and happened to also email Robbert’s “prediction” to 4 or 5 friends.

Date:  July 16, 2014  (shortly after midnight)
Location:   Etten Leur, Holland
Crop:   Maize (corn)
Found by:  Robbert van den Broeke (
Diagram:   Roy Boschman & Nancy Talbott
Photos:   Roy Boschman
Report by:   Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

Around midnight on the night of July 15-16 Roy happened to be with Robbert when Robbert's familiar “restlessness” forced him to ask his friend to once again drive him out to find what he was certain would be the 3 new formations.  As they prepared to leave the house Robbert had a clear “vision” of a circle in a corn (maize) field near Etten Leur, and got the street name of “Ettense baan.”  As they neared this area Robbert suddenly knew they musts turn left onto a narrow sandy road where Robbert had never been before—and, when they turned onto this dirt road both men started to feel very dizzy and Roy noticed that his mobile phone began acting “weird.”  As they continued Robbert told me he felt a “UFO was directly over Roy’s car,” almost immediately after which they found a maize field.

As they parked the car Robbert became immediately aware of a “massive” presence of what he felt was a “master-society race” and got the impression that these were the “Yahyels” (an “intergalactic” group of beings he has felt were involved with previous circles in his area)—and felt an additional presence he describes as being “loving and divine guardian angels.”   As the men began walking through the 2.5m-tall corn they both became so dizzy they thought they might lose consciousness.

Because the maize circle was deep inside the field and the stalks were high above both men’s heads I asked Robbert how he had known where to go to find the circle?  He replied that he was guided as if he “were a robot…go here…turn here…stop here,” which he obligingly did, and they did eventually find the new circle, with all of the corn stalks gently bent over and swirled around, with none broken.

Robbert is always nervous at night in any field when he doesn’t know the farmer well, even when accompanied by other people,  Since he had never been to this field before he began to feel real anxiety as he and Roy stood for awhile on the edge of the circle—fearing that the farmer might come and be angry with them.  But then, like the night in Cambridge in February when I felt nervous about “sending” him the heart but then remembered that all I had to do was trust these “energies” (, Robbert also experienced an “electric-like energy” so intensely that his whole body began to shake—and “knew” he was being “once again told” to stay calm…that everything was OK.   While still in the maize field Robbert got another “vision” and knew they had to now drive to Roosendaal. 




For more photos of this Etten Leur circle (#12 Dutch circle of 2014), see Robbert’s website, “graancirkelarchief”:

For multiple reports in English about the many anomalous phenomena constantly occurring around Robbert, see the list beneath my  introduction to his case on the BLT website:

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UPDATE 15/08/2014

The recovery of 2.5m-tall tasseled maize (corn) plants just 3 days after being flattened in a Dutch crop circle is, to my knowledge, unprecedented.  Taking into consideration also the fact that both Robbert v/d Broeke and Roy experienced intense dizziness as they approached the circle the night they discovered it and that Roy’s cell-phone behaved abnormally too—as well as the fact that both of the aerial photographer’s cameras failed to operate properly over the field a few days later—it is unlikely that phototropic response is an adequate explanation.  Recovery Report here:



The BLT report on the circle as found on July 16th:

For more photos of this and the many other Dutch crop circles, see Robbert v/d Broeke’s “Crop Circle Archive,” here:
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
P.O. Box 400127
Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA)

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