Standdaarbuiten, Holland. Reported 4th June.

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Image KAFT G.A Copyright 2014

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A great aerial photo by Yvonne of the mysterious crop circle formation reported in the Netherlands on the 3rd or 4th of June, 2014. More photos and information (in Dutch) can be found on this

Date:   June 3-4, around Midnight

Location:   Standdaarbuiten, Holland
Crop:   Young Wheat
Witnesses:   Robbert v/d Broeke, Roy Boschman
Diagram:   Roy Boschman
Photos:   Roy Boschman
Report By:   Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

This is the 5th time that Robbert v/d Broeke has had a second witness present when one of the many crop circles he has (visually) seen forming has occurred.  Roy Boschman, one of Robbert’s friends who has for years not only often driven Robbert to the fields when Robbert “knew” a circle would be forming (or just had), he is also the guy who gets out of bed at the crack of dawn, time after time, to get photos of the new formations before anybody has entered them—thus producing a wonderful archive of totally pristine Dutch crop formations in grass, wheat, rapeseed and barley.  It seems as if the “crop circle energies” finally decided it was Roy’s turn to actually see one form.

While driving Robbert home from an appointment late on the night of June 3rd, Robbert began experiencing the “uneasy” feeling he always gets when a new circle is coming and told Roy they had to drive to Standdaarbuiten.  Robbert “saw” (in his “mind’s eye”) both the field where the formation would be (one where there has never been a circle before) and the fact there would be 5 circles, the largest of which would be ringed.  As they approached the area Robbert and Roy both saw a glowing light-ball zip across the crop down very low which lit up the whole field.

Roy stopped the car and they got out but, seeing no circles at first, they decided to walk down the tram-lines in the direction where the light-ball had disappeared.  Suddenly Robbert stopped and said he could feel a very strong “electric field” in front of them and a strong tingling all over his body and Roy realized he was also feeling something “like electricity,” at which moment both men also heard—very loud—an “electrostatic buzzing” sort of noise all around them.  Robbert said “this has to be the place” and immediately after speaking those words both men saw a brilliant, glowing “football-sized” light-ball flash across the tops of the plants in front of them, vividly lighting up the whole area.  The “electrostatic crackling” noise seemed to be coming from inside the field itself and then, less that two feet from where Robbert was standing (slightly ahead of Roy), the five circles “opened up" in a second. 


The five circles quite literally formed in an “arc” around them, since the tram-line in which they were standing ran through the 2nd circle—the one next to the largest, ringed circle.  As they walked up to the edge of that circle they both still heard the “crackling. electrostatic” noise and Robbert saw little flashes of light down in-between the wheat stalks.


The ring around the largest (14m-diameter) circle measures only 20 cm. wide (less that 8 inches) and the wheat in this ring was not laid flat to the ground.  Both the ringed circle and the 3rd (8m-diameter) one had small standing tufts….and there was a tiny twisted centre in the 4th (4.3m-diameter) circle.  


The formation energy was clearly palpable to both Robbert and Roy the entire time they stayed in the field (somewhere between 1 and 2 hours), but neither of them felt any anxiety at all.  Roy said he wanted to stay because the energy felt “so cozy, so familiar” (almost like he knew what it would feel like from having been around Robbert so long).  And Roy added an interesting note:  as had happened with Robbert and Stan last summer when, together, they had visually witnessed another circle forming (details to be presented in an upcoming BLT report), Roy noticed that during the entire time he and Robbert were in the field no cars went by on the busy highway near the formation—but that at the exact minute they finally left the field, a car came zooming down the side road next to the highway.  Roy mentioned this to Robbert, who said that while they were in the field there was a kind of “protection” in place…exactly the impression Robbert and Stan had the year before when they saw that formation occur.  

Roy added another odd “coincidence.”  A few nights before he and his partner were entertaining some friends in their back-yard—and Roy, his partner Nienke, and a female guest all saw an orange-coloured light-ball fly over their house.  It made me remember the “amber gamblers” regularly seen in the Vale of Pewsey in the early days of the British crop circles. 

Robbert said he felt that this formation is like an “acupuncture point” and that the circles were “bringing energy” to this field.   It is not yet known if the farmer will allow the public into this field—watch Robbert’s website for more information.



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