Standdaarbuiten (2), Holland. Reported 26th June.

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Date:   June 26, 2015  (very shortly after midnight)
Location:   Standdaarbuiten, Holland
Crop:   Wheat
Sketch Before CC Seen:  Robbert v/d Broeke (
Diagram:   Roy Boschman
Photos:  Roy Boschman (ground & pole shots), Ronald Sikking (aerial)
Report:  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

All this past week Robbert van den Broeke felt something very big was coming, but because he has recently been doing several lectures and “healings” in his area he hadn’t had time to focus on this intuition.  On the evening of June 25th he had a night off and his friend Roy was visiting, and Robbert told him about his feelings.  An hour or so later Robbert felt a very strong, very “big  presence” around him and knew something extraordinary was getting ready to happen.   Suddenly he had a “vision” and saw first a flash of light over a field in Standdaarbuiten and then an image of what the new crop circle would look like—and because I (Nancy) always ask him to make a drawing quickly before going out to the fields (if he has a feeling about what the new circle will look like)  he grabbed some paper and drew a kind of “eye” with a cross going through it.  Above and below the “eye” he added some circles on both sides, and then added the date & time as I’ve requested.

Immediately after completing the sketch he and Roy got in the car and headed toward Standdaarbuiten and, as they drove, Robbert remembered the field where the huge triangle had appeared last summer—and knew this was where they were to drive.   It was very dark when they reached the right place and the formation was not visible from the road, so Robbert let the “energies” lead him, and they took the 2nd tram-line into the field.  After a few meters they could both see something ahead in the darkness and shortly found the huge (especially by Dutch cc standards) formation.

The formation had a very special design and looked eerily similar to the drawing Robbert had made at home, and Robbert reports that the “energy” was so strong he felt “an almost magnetic” tingling all over his body as they reached the edge of the large flattened oval.

The cross Robbert had drawn at home was, in the field, surrounded by a more than 30m-long flattened oval area which looked as if it had been “combed” away on either side from the wide straight path that runs through the centre.  In the centre of the flattened oval there was a wide ring of standing wheat, inside of which was a large flattened centre circle with a lovely standing tuft.  The long straight centre path was laid from each end of the oval in toward the centre ringed circle, and the small paths to the left and right were both laid away from the centre circle, right into the circles just outside the oval’s perimeter.

Outside the oval there were 8 circles, 3 on either side with just one outside both of the long ends of  the oval, the sizes of which ranged in size from 6.5m to 1.5m in diameter.

The farmer is allowing people to visit this remarkable formation and has installed a money box in the hopes of recouping any loss of income from the downed wheat and the damage that will occur as people walk thru.  Robbert hopes that visitors will give generously to this farmer, as he is a wonderful example and by supporting him other farmers in the area are more likely to open their fields, too.

Robbert told me tonight that he thinks this formation has appeared as a deliberate preparation of its visitors for something “bigger” which he feels is coming.  If he gets any other “message” from this circle he will ask his helpers to post that information on his website in the crop circle archive:

For more information (in English) about a wide range of incredible events which have been occurring around Robbert for 20 years now, please see many reports below the introduction on his BLT page:
Robbert and I thank you all very much for your interest, Nancy
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
P.O. Box 400127
Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA)

ph:  617/492-0415  

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