Standdaarbuiten (2), Holland. Reported 26th June.

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Updated Tuesday 22nd July 2014


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Three speculative slides for a new crop picture near Noordhoek, Holland on June 26, 2014: images of an “airplane flying”?  

Here we will show three speculative slides for a crop picture near Noordhoek (or Standdaarbuiten) in Holland on June 26, 2014. The lay of fallen plants in this new crop picture looks clean and tidy. There are also several interesting details in its fallen lay (see  

The first impression which we receive from this new field image may be that of an “airplane flying”:  

When we look more closely, we can see three thin “stripes” running along the length of the pattern. Might this suggest a “striped” airplane such as Malaysian MH370?  

Not far away in the landscape, we can see the big landscape image of an “airplane with nose and tail”:  

This is the tenth field image in Holland since January 2014 to suggest airplane-related themes. We will report on the other nine if it seems useful in the future.  

Certain details of this new Dutch crop picture resemble a simple crop picture which appeared near Ridgeway in England on the same date of June 26 (see Both field images show three small circles adjacent to one large open circle, which might imply the numbers “3” and “0”. The Dutch crop picture may imply “6”, “3” and “0”. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) (like Walter Bishop helping September in “Fringe”)


Artwork WJ.

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Interesting similarities - an unusual phenomenon in the sky in November last year. Thus, it described the casual observer. More - see:

Pávková Z.

Manifestation of The Path 

 When art is inspired, whatever the medium, it is traceable. To examine it, the systems of time or divination must be correlated and used together.  

  The day of June 26, 2014 is  10 E.   10 is manifestation and E is the Path.  

The “central path” innovative design feature  actually adds a sense of color as well as abundant distinction. A welcomed feature.

  E is also the grass and the mist that covers the ground. It is the water day in the air quadrant. It is the 2nd day of the 20 days. 

 The correlating hexagram from the I-Ching is # 2. KHWAN  hexagram.

Architect Karl Schwanzer born May 21, 1918 which is the day of 10 E. He designed the headquarters for BMW in Germany.

   In genesis, E is chapter 7 and is the story of Noah. It is protection for all living things on their Path. The movie was released for the first time in the US during the week of E  and also coincided with the first major storms of the month of March and was predicted 16 days in advance using this information. Link                              

 The element for E is antimony.  The main source is stibnite. It is like the dew on the grass.


The permeating nature of the energy of E travels quite well during it's 13 day week and many artists naturally find it. 

The day is quite feminine and many designs or products of people born with this energy are associated with controversial feminine ishy oos. (issues)  This often accompanies watery energy. 

Roy Lichtenstein was born in the week of E.   “In The Car” $ 16.2 million

and  “Drowning Girl” museum of modern art , NY

 # 2 major arcana Tarot is the correlating image of E.

  Picasso was born during the week of E. This is how he sees it.

  Hugh Hefner was born on the day of 4 E. He has provided a stable path for many girls who wish to be famous or bathed in materialism.

     But more to the essence of the day, he exposed the primal path into this world every human takes, ..  

 The birth canal in living color ,... captured, printed and distributed to anyone over 18 years of age,... and tons of people under 18. Many , many young boys first viewed the female birth path in a Playboy magazine.

  The Path is indicated by flow or opening. Water seeks a level and has mutable shape. It is the railroad tracks and the rivers. It is the Labryinth some people walk and the shape of the path of all things. It is the dew that settles on the leaves of the grass. It must find a way forward. When the water breaks, the baby comes. 

  The crop circle on March 17, from Holland, reported the day before the week of E, gives an indication of the theme of the year as do the many Labyrinths. More Labyrinths than any other year. For many people , walking the Labyrinth is a spiritual experience associated with the path of life. 

 The artists show the way. As the Energies of the year began on the Vernal Equinox, it was the week of E which began on the 18th of March and went to March, 30. .

 From the I-Ching # 2 -   “ 6. The sixth SIX, divided (shows) dragons fighting in the wild. Their blood is purple and yellow. “ 

  There have been numerous indications of the Path for the year theme of 2014 going to March of 2015. It is an ongoing study to determine methods of recognition that will tell us the difference between years  and if there are energies that are dominant within each solar cycle. Examining the arts is the best way.                       

  A woman from Japan paddled a Kayak shaped like a mold of her vagina and got arrested. The story was published earlier but went viral on 4 E. Story

 A man got trapped in a vagina sculpture and had to be rescued by firefighters. Antimony is used as an ingredient in fire retardant. And E is the Path.  These things happen, but this is a batch.


 The shape of the crop circle is an oval of similar shape to the path of the earth around the sun.

 The Equinoxes are the main energetic points and the solstices are the secondary points.  

The Vernal equinox has been considered the Sart and determining point of the Solar Year for thousands and thousands of years by all cultures until the gregorian calendar. The journey begins with protection in the first decan. One cannot flit about the universe without protection. It is a built in attribute to all life. Being protected is a calming and loving way of being. 

  There have been 2 planes lost from Malaysia. The whole core of the stories is to determine PATH. 

      It is the year of the Path. We discover how we got here and see where we want to go. We find a way. Finding a way forward is the central manifestation of the human life in spirit and in the physical world. 

    It is the water spraying from the unseen into the matrix from beyond. Another from the day of E. This one was from 4 E and is the companion article to this on the articles page. here

   Moving forward is growth. Going backward is death. Standing still, is stagnation. E is the aspect of the first steps outside the garden. Protection continues in abundance. Death did not occur. 

 E is the grass and this year is the first year to have a special place for Grass on Crop Circle Connector. 

Art is almost always on time. 

 Btw... Hoven ? (Heaven)   Holland / (Holyland)  can't make this stuff up ! 

David Odell




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