Welsh Way, nr Barnsley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd July.

Map Ref: SP061051

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Updated  Tuesday 29th July 2014


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Just an idea... what do you think of it ? MH370 is still missing...

Patrick Mago



In addition to other possible encoding, I noticed that the Welsh Way formation was reported on July 22... 22/7 would be a close representation for Pi.  Just wondering if the arcs are somehow also encoding a Pi value? 

Thanks for the great website you have cultivated over the many years. Hope someday I will have more time to spend more time looking at all the great material. 

Rob P.

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Artwork WJ

How to read the new polar clock in crops? A seven-fold division for “3.14” on the pi day of July 22, or a twelve-fold division for “7-2-5” on July 25?  

This new crop picture shows a “keyhole” in the shape of a “polar clock” like on a smart watch. Its three rings read “3-point-1-4” on the pi day of July 22. It is called that because (22 / 7) = 3.1428 and is almost equal to pi = 3.1416. The central basket weave of this crop picture is just a humorous feature, based on the word pun “pi” versus “pie”. Thus it resembles a cross-hatched apple pie!  

Three angles of rotation from this polar clock may be measured as 65o, 150o, 200o for three digits of pi as “1”, “3” or “4”. One would expect angles of 51o, 154o or 206o for seven equal divisions of a circle. Crop angles for digits “3” and “4” are close, but crop angle for digit “1” is far off.  

One might also try to read this polar clock by flipping the entire picture upside-down and left-to-right, then dividing it into a twelve-hour clock face. Now we can see three numbers of “7”, “2” or “5” with theoretical angles of 210o, 60o or 150o. These fit better to measured angles of 200o , 65o or 150o. In this case, we might be reading a date of “7-25” or July 25.  

When studied on Google Earth, the landscape near this new crop picture resembles a “rescue dolphin” which is wearing a “pi clock” on its back! Again we see a humorous feature based on sea animals. Two other recent crop pictures showed a “tiger grouper” at Forest Hill, or a “tiger shark” at Roydon. We wait expectantly for July 25 to see what happens next.    

Red Collie


Red Collie posts us his 2 slides on this recent crop circle with his covering thought - 'The first digit "1" of pi is a bit larger than expected. 7-22 or 7-25?'

Luke Falcon



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This crop circle me most of all reminds solar disc overlaid in images taken by the satellite SOHO. Interesting huge object is also found in images from SECCHI telescopes in tracking the comet Ison during a flyby of the Sun November 28, 2013. Furthermore, the formation schematically shown orbits of Mercury, Venus and Earth. In orbit, however, displayed only Venus Crop Circles bears the message: "Close to the Sun is something unusual was happening. Moves here any orb in the apparent size of Venus." 

I managed to randomly do this photo. I photographed chemtrails and his shadow on the clouds. Only when you zoom in on the computer, I discovered an object that probably is not another plane. This object is not a reflection of the optics of the camera. I appeared on all three captured images. 

Enter the password "NIBIRU" into the Google search engine and you will see that such images on the internet more.

Pávková Z.

Arcs are frequently used in crop circles to indicate time elapsing. (See the Timing Section in my free ebook download at http://www.kennethmheck.com/aboutthebook.html .)

The bar indicates the aliens have given the comet a shove toward Earth. The beautiful, complex crop lay suggests the rough, uneven surface of the comet. The very small circle in the center indicates the comet has just begun to warm up a little from solar radiation. Timing is done in earth years or the solar cycle of 11 or 22 years, which can vary up to plus or minus 3 years. Using the 11 year cycle, the largest arc represents the time needed for the comet to heat up to the point where fragments begin to break off, perhaps 6 or 7 years. The next arc with the fragment at the end is the subsequent time before the comet is discovered by astronomers, 3 or 4 years. The last arc represents the time between discovery and impact of about 1 or 2 years. Actually,  the Warning Comet comes in 2027  according to other crop circles, so the three arcs together would represent about 13 years in total.

Kenneth Heck  




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike