Ark Lane, nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 29th August

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A new Planet, a new Earth, a new Time, a new Race, a new Born...


Red Rose & L.C.F.

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This crop circle is a continuation of previous formation of Aug. 24, 2014 - Ironwell Lane. See my comment. October 19, 2014, we expect an extraordinary cosmic event. Cometa C / 2013 A1 - Siding Spring gets in the vicinity of Mars. It is not excluded nor its impact on Mars, or at least small parts. Its potential impact should yield a blast equivalent to that of a billion megatons of TNT. It would be an event on the same sort of scale as the impact that drove the dinosaurs extinct 65m years ago. If it really is that big, and if the comet were to hit the side of Mars facing Earth, then the blast could well be visible to the naked eye, even in daylight.

NASA is taking steps to protect its Mars orbiters, while preserving opportunities to gather valuable scientific data, as Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring heads toward a close flyby of Mars on Oct. 19. NASA currently operates two Mars orbiters - NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO);  NASA Mars Odyssey Orbiter;, with a third on its way and expected to arrive in Martian orbit just a month before the comet flyby. NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft is on its way to the Red Planet and will enter orbit on Sept. 21. Teams operating the orbiters plan to have all spacecraft positioned on the opposite side of the Red Planet when the comet is most likely to pass by.


Mars' atmosphere, though much thinner than Earth's, is thick enough that NASA does not anticipate any hazard to the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers on the planet's surface, even if dust particles from the comet hit the atmosphere and form into meteors.

Pávková Z.


Trevor J Ward

Trevor J. Ward is correct.  The graphic in this crop circle is a lunar eclipse.  Since the lunar eclipse is in a month with only 28 days, the lunar eclipse is taking place in the month of February.  The next lunar eclipse that falls in a February (with 28 days) is February 11, 2017. There will be two lunar eclipses in the year 2017.  This first one is in February.

Trevor J. Ward is correct!



The new crop picture at Ark Lane on August 29, 2014 suggests a variety of cryptic metaphors for a “radar screen landing” at London Southend Airport, the third supermoon of 2014 on September 9, and a “life preserver ring” as if some future landing might save us 

The new crop picture at Ark Lane near Stroud Green on August 29, 2014 seems very cryptic. We cannot even be sure whether it was made paranormally, or else by local humans on the ground, given the late stage of development of a dry crop. Nevertheless it might be useful to describe several metaphors from this crop picture for possible future reference?  

Given a close proximity to London Southend Airport, its primary metaphor would seem to be that of a “radar screen”, which shows a “moving sweep hand” and a “small blip” for some unknown aircraft (or spacecraft) which is getting ready to land:  

The “small blip” in this case resembles a “lunar crescent”, similar to another crop picture which was drawn nearby five days earlier on August 24. Furthermore, a “light ray” which emerges from the centre of this crop picture points toward nearby London Southend Airport:  

Many different “11” symbols along the outer border of this crop picture even resemble a series of “11” symbols which have been painted along the main runway of Southend Airport nearby, which tell airplanes how to land: 

The nearby airport runway is two-laned, while the crop picture also shows a double outer border. Thus we can see a strong relationship between this new crop picture, a “radar screen”, an “incoming blip” and London Southend Airport. 

Will some special aircraft (or spacecraft) land on Earth soon, possibly in England, or possibly even at Southend Airport? Five other crop pictures have appeared in the close proximity of this particular airport during the summer of 2014, and all seem to suggest an aircraft (or spacecraft) landing.  

If some unknown craft is going to land soon, what might be the date? We can only speculate, yet several symbols from this new crop picture might suggest “11 days” past August 29, on the “third supermoon” of 2014 or September 9:  

Seen in another way, this crop picture seems to suggest that a “light ray” from the third supermoon III of September 9 will “shine down” on the two-laned runway of London Southend Airport. That will be 11 days after the crop picture appeared on August 29. Whether this “11” symbol refers simply to the “third supermoon”, or whether it also refers to something else such as a “landing”, remains at present not clearly understood.  

Finally, when we look to see where this new crop picture was drawn in the local landscape, we learn that it was drawn over a “man’s head” in the style of a “life preserver ring”:  

Nearby we can see two large “numbers in the landscape” which seem to read “9-9” for September 9 (as have also been seen near other crop pictures in different parts of England).  

To summarize briefly, we have not tried here to provide any definitive, unique interpretation of this new crop picture using a single metaphorical framework. Rather we have presented its interpretation by three different metaphors (the “radar screen”, “three supermoons” or a “life preserver ring”), because we do not know which if any of these metaphors the crop artist intended. It may refer to some near-future event, in which case time will tell which of these three metaphors might be closest to the truth.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

This crop circle is relatively simple. A telescope (the outside ring) is looking at a comet in the centre. The comet has three rings, meaning three types of gas in its coma, so is relatively bright. A tail is visible (the vertical figure). Behind is a fragment with one ring for its coma. Based on this evidence and many prior crop circles, the comet is the Warning Comet, due to appear around 2027-8. The comet itself will not strike, but the fragment will hit the planet. Download my free ebook with over 2,000 deciphered crop circles at  . 

Ken Heck


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Enlightenment and Ascension in the Yellow Sun Wavespell

On the pictogram the outer ring of three circles symbolize the Universe - the Energy net, the Crystal grid, the web of space and time. In these three outer circles are depicted 7 "nests for souls" - nests or clusters, where the souls live in the time between the incarnations in the different worlds.


In the center of the pictogram is depicted the Earth plane with the 4 Elements:

in the very center is the EARTH, and the other 3 circles round it symbolize the other 3 Elements: WATER, AIR and FIRE.
The 3rd circle symbolizes the Sun, which represents the Element Fire.

The outer ring (the Universe) and the Earth plane are connected through a "channel".

On one side, this is the "Birth canal". The Soul comes from the Universe through the "Birth canal" and is "born" on the Earth, on the Earth plane, which is in the center.

The Soul develops itself on the Earth plane, learns different lessons, grows, rises its Consciousness, becomes a conscious "Seed".

The "Birth canal" together with the Earth plane in the center of the pictogram represent also the "Tree of Life". The "Birth canal" is the body of the Tree. Through this body we receive "saps" - energies from the Energy net of the Universe.

In the center of the pictogram is the "Crown of the Tree", which consists of the 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This is the Scene of the Life, where we, the people, live and develop ourselves - like the leaves of a tree, receiving energies from the Sun, the Earth, the Water and the Air. Here we learn our lessons, develop our Consciousness, flower, give fruits with new Seeds.

When the fruit is ripe, the Seed leaves the native tree and goes through the "Birth canal" back to the Universe. The Seed is now with higher Consciousness and can settle in a world of higher dimension. The "Birth canal" plays now the role of a Channel for Ascension. 

On the pictogram we see a Seed with Light body. The Seed moves on the Ascension channel from the Earth plane outwards to the Universe.

And now more detailed, with specific elements from the Mayan calendar Tzolkin.

We have to consider following elements with their energies: day (date), Wavespell, Castle, Galactic year.

The Year of the Red Solar Moon - with the Tone 9 - the Tone of Intention - from 26th July 2014 till 24th July 2015.

Red Castle - from July 18 till September 7, 2014.

This is the first Castle of Tzolkin, it includes the first 52 days of Tzolkin.

In the Red Castle is performed the program of the Yellow Seed.

Yellow Sun Wavespell: from 26th August till 7th September 2014.

A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.

29th August 2014 is a day with the Solar Seal "BLUE NIGHT" and the Tone 4 - the Self-existing Tone of the Form.

Some of the "functions' of Tone 4 are:

Creating of the 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
The expression of the Spirit enters in the Creation. Whole forms appear.

Synchronization with the 4 directions: East, Nord, West, South.

The Energy, which is in Tone 4, forms the structure of the Wavespell, it also shows the target of the Wavespell.

On the pictogram are depicted through figures and numbers following energies:

1) Energies of the Yellow Sun Wavespell:

YELLOW SUN - Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life

RED DRAGON - Birth, Nutrition, Genesis, Existence - Solar Seal No. 1.
The Red Dragon is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Sun.

We must consider also the two other energies of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, which play an important role as well:

WHITE DOG - Love, Heart, Devotion.
The White Dog is the Challenging/Balancing energy of the Yellow Sun.

BLUE STORM - Activation, Catalyzation, Energy, Self-generation.

The Blue Storm is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Sun.

2) Energy of the day:

BLUE NIGHT - Dreams, Intuition, Abundance - Solar Seal No. 3

3) YELLOW SEED - Awareness, Target, Flowering

The RED DRAGON  - Solar Seal No. 1 - builds the Energy net of the Universe. These are the energies of Mother-God, which build the web of time and space, and also the Physical body.

On the pictogram this is the outer ring of 3 circles. On this ring we see 7 "nests of Souls", each with 3 lines, or in total 21 lines.

Kin 21 (day 21) in Tzolkin is RED DRAGON, with Tone 8.

The number 21 is chosen to represent the energy "RED DRAGON".

Each 'nest of Souls" is symbolically depicted with 3 lines.

Here the number 3 represents the energy "BLUE NIGHT".

We can say, that this Solar Seal symbolizes the SOUL.

Each "nest of Souls" is depicted through 3 lines, and between them 2 "channels" are formed.

The number 2 represents here the energy "WHITE WIND" - Solar Seal No. 2 - the Energy of Spirit. The Spirit goes through these channels and fills the whole Energy net, it inspires the web of time and space, it fills all up.

So, the outer ring represents the Universe, with 3 elements:

1 - RED DRAGON - Mother God - Energy net, Physical body
2 - WHITE WIND - Father God - The Spirit

3 - BLUE NIGHT - Divine Child - The Soul

The Soul comes through the "Birth canal" on the Earth, on the Earth plane, depicted in the center of the pictogram - the "Crown of the Tree of Life". Here the Soul grows, flowers, gives fruits with Seeds.

At the end of the process of learning it becomes a Conscious SEED:

YELLOW SEED - Awareness, Target, Flowering.

In the RED CASTLE, which is the first Castle of Tzolkin, the program of the Yellow Seed is performed.

The YELLOW SUN Wavespell is the last, 4th wavespell of the Red Castle.

The YELLOW SUN is the Energy of Enlightenment and Ascension. It represents the last stage of the development of the Human Consciousness on the Earth.

During the Yellow Sun Wavespell the Yellow Seed "rises" itself on the Path of Ascension, which leads to the higher worlds, to the realms of higher dimensions.

On the pictogram the Yellow Seed is depicted with Light body. There is depicted also the Moon.
We are now in the Year of the Red Solar Moon - with the Tone 9 - the Solar Tone of Intention.

The energies of the Red Solar Moon support the Yellow Seed by the Ascension. Those, who declare an intention for Enlightenment and Ascension, are supported through the energies of the Red Solar Moon.

THE BLUE STORM - Activation, Catalyzation of the processes, Energy, Self-Generation - is the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Sun. It gives powerful energy to support the Ascension.

The WHITE DOG - Love, Heart, Devotion - is the Challenging/Balancing Energy of the Yellow Sun. In order to take in the energies of the Ascension (Sun), the human firstly have to assimilate very good the energy of Love, this is the preliminary condition, the Challenge.

BLUE NIGHT - Dreams, Intuition, Abundance - the Energy of the day - plays very important role in the Ascension process. The energy of the Dreams uplifts us and at the end the human will probably ascend in the world, which corresponds to his dreams ;-).

 Maya Todorova




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike