Ark Lane (3), nr Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 3rd September

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Updated Monday 22nd  September  2014


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A third crop picture near Ark Lane on September 3, 2014 seems to continue a “countdown in days” until the third super full Moon of 2014 on September 9, using “T runway landing” symbols and “lunar crescent” symbols used in other crop pictures earlier in the season  

This third crop picture near Ark Lane on September 3, 2014 seems to continue a “countdown in days” until the third super full Moon of 2014 on September 9.  

The first crop picture which began this countdown appeared on August 6 at Hackpen Hill and suggested “33 days”. The next on August 16 at Nettle Hill suggested “24 days”. Another at Ark Lane on August 29 suggested “11 days”. Yet another at Ark Lane on August 31 suggested “9 days”. This new crop picture at Ark Lane on September 3 seems to suggest “6 days”:  

We may confirm its symbolic message of “6 days” quite easily, by observing that it was drawn in the landscape within a large number “6”:  

A previous crop picture at Ark Lane on August 31 was drawn in the landscape on the other side of this same feature, and suggested an “upside down 6” or the number “9” for “9 days”.  

This new crop picture at Ark Lane on September 3 also points toward London Southend Airport nearby:  

Within its detailed features we can see two small letters “T” which symbolize “landing runway lights”. Similar letters “T” were drawn in crops at Royston in Essex on July 17, or at Sutton Green on July 24 nearby.  

At the right-hand end of this new crop picture, we can see a lunar crescent which is changing from “new” to “crescent” to “full”. It resembles another crop picture which appeared not far away on August 24. It also resembles a “radar blip” which was drawn within the first crop picture at Ark Lane on August 29 (“11 days”). 

We do not know yet whether all of these field messages which point to “September 9”, as the third super full Moon of 2014, are simply astronomical in nature, or might refer to other events which will occur on that day? In any case, we should learn the answer to this cryptic enigma shortly. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Artwork WJ




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Tixeire Luc

Tixeire Luc is correct.   To quote him, "Mercure, Venus, Terre (Earth), Mars, possibly the Sun and its corona, and the asteroid belt, Jupiter and Saturn...the other side is a mystery to us."  The asteroid belt is represented as five spheres perpendicular between Mars and Jupiter. The largest sphere depicted in this graphical asteroid belt represents the largest object in the actual asteroid belt - the dwarf planet Ceres.  The other side which Tixeire Luc states, "is a mystery to us", is possibly a sequence of "footnotes" to the side Tixeire Luc writes about.  For example, Ceres is a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt with a rocky core and icy surface with an internal ocean of liquid water (H2O) below the surface.... This 100-km-thick mantle contains about 200 million cubic kilometres of water, which is more than the amount of fresh water on Earth... Dawn is a space probe launched by NASA on September 27, 2007 to study the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt which is expected to arrive at Ceres about April 2015, etc.  



First, one needs to know what caused the Flood. It wasn’t Noah pounding the ground with a magic staff. It was a force brighter than the Sun that comes out of  the Milky Way’s galactic centre every 13,000 years or so.  The aquifers heat up and expand and flood out.  Volcanoes quake.  Earthquakes go nuts.  The poles shift as they melt and the centre of gravity shifts. 

In hieroglyphs, you can see the Reversal in the symbols for Aker (the one in Leo-Virgo) and for the Stela of a Harpist (the one for Aquarius-Pisces). 

So back to your crop circles.  See the one for August 13th. It said look to the Great Star.  See the one for August 24th. It said look to the Great Star at the time of a New Moon. See the one for August 30th.  It said look for the Great Star a  few days into the New Moon for October, around the 28th

With that in the background, look at September 6th.  First  symbol repeats your New Moon with Great Star.  Second symbol speaks to the Reversal in a crustal displacement. Third symbol speaks to the arrival of some sort of terrible gravity wave that will realign the near-solar planets.   

Well, you don’t have to believe any of this or use it.  But  I thought you might be interested.  Go back to the Bible and check it out.  A week before the Flood, Noah understood God’s big announcement and checked into the boat.  And if  it comes again this year, it will coincide with an ancient prophecy of the Sybilline Oracle and a modern one of Padre Pio and the children at Fatima. 

Ever wonder why the “Great Deep burst forth” by Heshvan 17?  Well, now you know.  Hope our ET friends are wrong!  Yellowstone is already unstable.  We don’t need more stimulus!

Ken McClellan

Hello one and all! I found these crop circles side by side, with a comment below them by Paul Egerton which are included right below the circles, as I wish to build on what he said and relate the whole to the very latest crop circle that just appeared, the first to arrive in this month of September 2014 at Ark Lane near Stroud. It's possible we have some dot-connecting to do with the progressive transit of Planet X Nibiru into our solar system, its current position, and most important, its energy influence on earth
and surrounding planets. First, let's start with the two circles from Paul:

Paul Egerton makes this observation regarding the design motifs of the crop circles on August 24th .. 2014 .. Essex .. U.K. and.. July 2nd .. 2011 .. Wiltshire U.K. .. Similar ??

Paul includes mention of 2 comets also part of the July 2 circle, we can see one of them in the Pringle photo. Where there are comets close to us there is additional energy push & pull on our planet. Directing your attention now to the circle on the left of August 24, are you picking up an intensification of that energy pulling at the earth, indicated by the thickness of the outer ring? Something around us out there has indeed grown fatter!

That is what I am sensing. Energy amplification. Let's connect some dots.

So July 2011 moving to August 2014, some kind of energy field has been pushing at us, becoming bigger, stronger.

Here is August 24  2014 enlarged, at Ironwell Lane

I wish to borrow now from the newsletter Zetatalk Re the August 24 "Magnetic Field Pull Crop Circle"

So what does the 2014 design at Ironwell portray? There is an intense one-sided squeeze, the magnetic field of Planet X compressed where it encounters the Earth, the overall impression one of unrelenting intense magnetic pressure, which is expressed in so many of the Earth changes mankind is dealing with at present – planes disappearing from radar, GPS satellites malfunctioning or not accessible, and electrical appliances turning off erratically. There are few among the populace who will miss the meaning of this recent design, as the fact that the Sun and Moon are not in the skies in their expected position is subconsciously noted, even if a taboo subject in the media. 


We now fast-forward to the present, to the circle at Ark Lane nr Stroud--actually an entire glyph telling us two things, I believe. First, off-world energies affecting us are nearing climax; and second, what does this energy build-up means for us?

In the bigger circle at top, we could be viewing 7 cosmic stargates or energy portals fully firing (3 prongs), symbolizing we are at maximum saturation point of energy build-up around us just prior to energy collapse to zero, or zero- point. The white beam or swath designates energy pull exerted by Nibiru (Planet X) looking very much to be in a position behind the sun.

The lower grouping of circles (patterns) all in a row (let's do this from right to left) might be saying the same thing except from our perspective on earth. At extreme right we see a circle (planet) trailing 7 little ones--suggestion this would be Nibiru pulling its debris-field tail and the 3 circles (planetary bodies) between it and the sun could very well be part of that "other" solar system we were told exists opposite us on the other side of the sun. It has been seen, this "other" system.

Next we see a round circle with two smaller ones imposed, like an owl or someone wearing horn-rimmed glasses! What if that's us on earth and the two smaller circles are the 2 suns we were told we'd be seeing in the sky right about now. Those 2 suns have been in our heavens for some time and still are. The two suns in the sky belong to end-cycle prophecy, tells us which cosmic marker we're at in our evolutionary journey.

The next two "bodies" one looking solid, the other with energy rings and 3 little planets attached, well, I shall only take a guess based on the major point I'm making--that Nirbiru's energy influence all this time has continued to grow in energy power, shown in successive crop circle designs over past many months. The Ark Lane Circle brings us up to date showing possible energy adjustments to ourselves and planets around us that Nibiru will exert upon our entire solar system, altering its familiar appearance even if temporarily, to something seemingly quite unfamiliar. Call it an energy rebalancing caused by Nibiru yet to reach maximum pull power. That maximum is expected before the end of 2014...only a few more months' time. Then Nibiru heads back into outer space.

If the perception of our solar system moving out of place does happen due to Nibiru's influence, this row of planets we are seeing here could symbolize what may well be a temporary "energy moment" of seeming chaos-- Mercury and Venus out of place superimposed over Earth (the two horn-rimmed lens); Mars, Jupiter & moons looking either larger or smaller than they really are--in essence a message saying "expect the powers of heaven to be shaken up a little bit". Some things might not remain quite the same, "but it will all be according to divine plan".


Please see illustration below, the transit of Nibiru (Planet X) on its fly-by past Earth in our solar system, from Jan 3 2013 to Jan 2014, to Oct 19, 2014, gathering momentum and building energy. See where Earth is in October. Energy adjustments are in full realm of possibility. The crop circles having been describing this Nibiru transit to us for a long time, even before 2011. Between now and October, expect the next set of crop circles to continue to update us with messages on how this energy is behaving. And beyond!

Barbara Tomczyk


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I caught a small headline recently about an asteroid coming close by the Earth. The parameters would be:
Input parameters of any asteroid here, for impact effects. This one will be only 25,000 miles, enough for a circle message!
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Joseph Lake Research

This crop circle is about the dimensional travel, and how you can reach your destination (a planet), by going through different dimensions. It's  curious how in the crop circle there is a drawing formed with angles of 72º. The number 72 indicates the presence of a pentagon. The pentagon indicates the presence of the dimensional door. And the drawing that is formed resembles the first crop circle of this  season, which refered also to

Fernando Ortolá

The circle in the grain suggests : Comet 67P and Space Probe Rosetta  / ESA /  
Focus on information about Comet 67P.
Jan. Czech republic.



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike