Badbury Rings, nr Wimborne Minster, Dorset, United Kingdom. Report 17th June.

Map Ref: ST955029

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Updated Monday 7th  July 2014


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A new crop picture near Banbury Rings on June 17, 2014 shows the image of a “parachute”, with additional metaphors for the “Tree of Life” and the “Yggdrasil World Tree”, along with a Mayan calendardate of 1.9.1 

A new crop picture at Banbury Rings shows primarily the image of a “parachute”, with a “lunar crescent” below:  

There can be little doubt about this primary metaphor, because it was drawn next to an “opening parachute” in the landscape: 

Within its overall “parachute” image, we can see elements from the Jewish “Tree of Life”:  

Quite remarkably, we can also see elements from “Yggdrasil the World Tree”: 

Literally the term “Yggdrasil” means “horse of the god Odin”.   

There are two Mayan “square spiral” symbols in its large, semi-circular top half. These symbols usually suggest elements of time in the Mayan Long Count calendar. Therefore I searched for a Mayan calendar date in the remainder of this crop picture, and quickly found “1.9.1” which matches June 17, 2014 in our Julian-Gregorian calendar: 

That was of course the very day when this crop picture appeared! There is some indication of Mayan “1.9.2” or June 18, 2014, if we were to count a “lunar crescent” near the bottom as an additional digit. Three “large dots” in this crop picture match the “nose and two eyes of Quetzalcoatl” from a famous crop picture near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009. 

What might all of these remarkable symbols and/or imageries mean? I believe that we can make a reasonable guess, by studying landscape features further away from the crop picture, but will not speculate at present.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Mr. Gyro and other photographers associated with Crop Circle Connector, who provided the aerial images which made these slides and comments possible.



This looks very much like an old sailing ship as if it were sailing towards you.The curve of the bow / the hull / the sails / a crows nest / and sailing under a new moon.Could be HMS Victory or on the flip side, Noah's Ark.. More flooding

Gerald Plumb

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Rich Jarvis posts us his geometric work regarding the stunning crop formation at Banbury Rings, Dorset, UK:

My assessment (intuitive take) is the maze areas can be counted as 14 parts per side and there are 11 circles  28/11 =  2 x 1.272.....  sqr root of Phi.

There's also 1/2 a square (triangle) and 1/2 a circle interlocking male and female energies which have a centre circle across both parts.  Yet the triangle has 7 & 1/2 disks while, the '1/2 circle' has one 1/2 disk: 

Male (Earth)        7.5 x 360    = 2700

Female (Celestial) 0.5 x 360    =   180   = 2880 2 x light speed

3 disks are outside this or 360 x 3 = 1080 the crescent moon radius.

The triangle may also represent the "Summer Triangle" see link:

2880+1080 = 3960  refers to the Earth's radius and core and from this one can see a volcanic eruption or influx-outflux of energy. Possibly connected to an celestial alignment with the crescent moon, the Pleiades (7 sisters) and 3 other celestial bodies.

The Maze (28 parts) maybe referring to 28 days which is the phase of the moon.



Image Mark Page Copyright 2014

I met Paul Jacobs yesterday afternoon at the Crap Farm crop circle and showed him a few photos my partner, Mark Page, had taken when we first arrived at the circle, he suggested I send them to you, the beam of light also appears twice in a 360 video he took.

Sherrill Luck


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Dear friends, hello again. 

To not waste any of your precious time I will immediately go deeper into the sent message.

And it was a very clear message, so to say. 

Let's take a short view into it: 

place image just upside down:

So what it is telling to us, those so 'extended souls'?

Answer: It is very far from your so called 'imagination'.

So from far it tells a very other and unexpected message. 

See the image, which shows a 'balloon' which is not more than a 'virtual' image.

The truth behind is a bit different. 

The obvious balloon is nothing more than an expression of the 'good' and the 'bad' which do fight against other just at this moment - as you see in the left and the right upper 'shields'.

See the opponent powers left and right from the 'balloon' - each are in the confusion...

You see that the are caught in a labyrinth - as it was in all the times before and even in the now.

The result, the possible outcome you ask, it is grounded in chaos.

So there won't be any clear outcome, even when it looks like a 'save landing'.

You think that it is a safe landing? Where? In a save place? I can only laugh because your naivety. The truth is a very unsafe place, but YOU do not grasp.

You even have forgotten the images of the sent 'core' of humans minds which will build the future due to the input into the 'Now'..........

Too fast you have forgotten, unable to see the bigger image....... 

Superfluous to mention, that any possible outcome is not connected with necessarily truth.......

You all live in an 'Illusion' as an false image of the 'Truth'.

What YOU call as truth is nothing more than deception, spread out by some heads of governments, liars who claim to 'represent' you but in truth they serve for the dark powers.

LIGHT you ask?

There is NO any light into it.

Following the crop circle which shows a parachute and all the people who hang below it, you see something which looks like a 'net', which will 'save' you.

And you really 'believe' into this?

Obviously you have not understood the message!!!! 

It is a WARNING, to not longer following the false powers to follow, because following these so dark powers you will fail and loose.

A message which shows the very old and blind following the self-nominated powers of Earth-Governments, who are focused on nothing more for to enslave you and to steal your wealth.

Are you ignorant enough for to ignore this so clear message?

To ask more: Do you live in any time of medieval or do you live in the NOW???

So the Now tells:

Be THERE or just disappear due to your weakness at all.

It is your choice to choose the 'right' side.

WHICH is the right side.........???

YOU decide...!!!!

See the parachute and where you will land,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The ultimate question will remain the same question........ 

What a surprise for me!

Have I spent a time with the question of what I will send to CC-makers inside a self created image like a crop circle, THEY have answered it just in advance........

So I must think again what's to answer THEM and now.

But be sure dear people, I WILL create a very special answer to them.

And YOU will be the witnesses to see it before I'll send it out.....

Meanwhile follow your 'ideals', hahahahaaa 

2014-06-21 - Gerd Estrup -

Response to 'Maya Todorova' 

Dear Maya, which I conclude is an artificial name, but I want to answer your report anyway. 

You have spent some time to write an answer, which I honour in basically.

BUT - you have gone a wrong way for to find the 'solution'.

What you have done right instead, is to compare humanity with MONKEYS. 

As I wrote here in my report, a bit later after your published report, it shows some agreements anyway.

And it is your task now to see the similarities between your own and my report.

Beside from that you wrote something about 'Uplifting' which many souls before your written lines felt also, but to answer all your strange 'wishes' of 'Uplifting':

You ALL are wrong, you are in dreams and in self-betrayal' so to say.

Same as you wrote in your special and self-pity lines.

For sure I do not feel any sympathy to you due to your own lines, in which you tried to find a 'guilty' power / being instead of YOURSELF, but you ignored your own responsibility.

Same as billions of living humans do.

And you can try to judge this so strange behaviour by yourself. 

However, you WILL understand my written lines, even when they are not 'complete'.

And I do understand YOUR lines, at least when I see them as the ultimate 'apology' for humans common 'bad actions'.

But same time you must admit that all humans bad actions can not be forgiven from a higher view, a higher existence.

And for sure it is not a question of any (stupid) belief, which in general means to NOT know, but instead of reality, which you obviously do not know also. 

So be in the Now, at least try to be in the reality, instead you loose yourself in any of the past with the questionable background, where is no proof for any reality. 

I see that you see the line here and I thank you much for your watching the truth........

A riddle - you may ask?

Sure - but only for souls like you are.......

There is a difference for people to just TALK about truth instead to BE in truth.....

You see the line now, finally?

Then my thanks to you, coz I live in the Truth......... 

2014-06-21 - Gerd Estrup -

Artwork by WJ

Jozef Achelan Belák from linear time to nonlinear dimensions ...

This is Comet A shown at the top with a large tail moving downward through the “bowl of heaven” (the sky from horizon to horizon, depicted here as a half circle). The observer is positioned to see it directly overhead, but can’t see the impact point further down to the south where a crater will form on the ocean floor.  The crater figure is well known from prior circles. Shortly before impact two small fragments leave the nucleus. On the left and right side small particles of the tail (also seen in this form in prior circles) are leaving to spiral downward for about four days.  The observer doesn’t see the two major fragments at the same time as the nucleus. These are seen later, with their smaller fragments, near the east and west horizon.  The impact areas and craters of these fragments will be west of the initial impact area because of the Earth’s rotation.  The circle makers again indicate their frugality in construction by showing only one crater rather than three. The triangle indicates divine approval; it appears as isosceles rather than equilateral as a matter of perspective.   

Kenneth Heck   

I want to share a few thoughts with you and the peoples out there about the Badbury Rings CC. 

I'm not impressed about this one (and a lot more) 



The Crop Circle is not geometric from the air… 


The lay pattern in the following circle…the "straight" line (straight? how ever) runs under the circle…so far so good... 


In the next picture, the lay pattern is totally different, no, it's chaotic!

Moreover, i have shown how "straight" the connections between the circles is… 


 Sorry, but this circle is man made. Like so many other. 

For example, in my eyes, this circles are from the same peoples like this one from Badbury rings…*dR3FG*NkY0*mACf3AM7vNIfIUm2m0BWiLjiff-V55qtal4g9/CropCircleMayan2012WaylandsSmithyOxfordshire9thAugust2005.jpg

 No question, it’s a very good work, but man made. 

My opinion is, 9 from 10 circles are man made, this is the truth.

People should not ever believe everything what they see from the first impression.

This is the message, from me to the peoples.

NOTE: I was in south England in the circles 2010 and 2011

Thönen Adrian



Judith Simpson


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike