Temple Farm (2), Sutton Road, Nr Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd June.

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A new set of authentic-looking echoes of the MH370 disaster, which cannot be ignored - by N H Newman

I'd first like to thank the Crop Circle Connector for allowing me to use the following adapted [and truncated] version of one of their copyright images: 

Fig 1 

This neat formation, which appeared on day 173 of the year [June 22], grabbed my attention immediately, for the following two reasons. 

The 4-sided figure of the interior [a special form of quadrilateral, often referred to as a 'kite'] is encompassed by a 1-lined figure we call a circle, so we can say that: 

  1. reading from the inside of the formation, out, can infer the prime 41, which happens to be the prime rank of 173 [i.e. 173 is the 41st prime (counting 1 as the 1st, as usual)]1

  2. reading from the outside of it, in, can infer 14, which is the prime rank of the cited 41

These relationships are displayed in the symbolic image below: 

Fig. 2 

Having observed this clear involvement of primes in the formation's numerical structure, I couldn't fail to notice that it embodies a subtle allusion to a number that I almost invariably find in authentic crop circles [I also encounter links to the number in my analyses of dreams]. 

When 1 & 4 are expressed as what I call the corresponding primes i.e. the 1st prime & the 4th [or in abbreviated form, 1p & 4p], namely, 1 & 5, their sum is 6

And if this 6 is juxtaposed with 173, which could be carried out by modifying Fig. 2, we can generate the number 6371, by reading anticlockwise from the 6, as illustrated below: 

Fig. 3 

Those who have read my earlier Crop Circle Connector articles should recall that 6371 is the geometric mean radius, in kilometres, of the ellipsoid employed as the WGS 84 earth model. They should also recall that the dimension is accurate to the nearest metre. 

I now suspected that the formation formed part of the same process I'd first identified in our season's initial circle: the intriguing edifice that had appeared at Brimslade Farm on April 16, my investigation of which had led to the article - Echoes of missing Flight MH370: Part 1 -published on this site. 

Not only did the new, authentic-looking structure display, at its centre, a representation of a simple flying device, a kite, but it was positioned alongside Southend Airport. So it was tied in two independent ways to the concept of aeronautics. 

But I also knew that the number 14, which it can define in the way I've indicated, embodies, in the context of prime numbers, an unambiguous link to a pivotal feature of Flight MH370: the sum of the first 14 primes is - 239 - the exact quota of missing people. Furthermore, the difference between this 239 and 173, the day the formation was found, is, 66, which was the day of the year [UTC] that the aircraft went missing: 

Fig. 4 

Another feature of the link between the formation's 1-4 numerical configuration and the 239, which represents the quota of missing people associated with Flight MH370, is that we have grounds for duplicating it. 

As the reverse of the inferred 14 i.e. 41, is also the 14th prime, it's clear that viewings of the 1-4 & 4-1 configurations can each infer a 14: in the first case we have an explicit inference of 14 and in the next we can infer 14, based on our knowledge that it's the prime rank of 41

This conclusion was of particular interest to me because I realised that if we are being invited to produce two lots of the aforementioned 239 [each, as the sum of the first 14 primes], a very interesting relationship manifests itself. 

239 is the 53rd prime and two lots of 53 can infer 106, a number that was stressed in the cited Brimslade Farm formation. The date it appeared, April 16, was day 106 of the year: 

Fig. 5 

It seemed possible, then, that our attention was being drawn, here, to the first formation of the UK season - the very one whose contents had triggered my article on the MH370 mystery! 

I therefore sought to establish if any other meaningful links exist between this particular pair of structures - and I soon found an exceedingly impressive one. 

Having discovered, years ago, that large distances between points in formations have to be measured on a specific model of the earth [which I've alluded to many times in my articles] - namely, a sphere of radius 6371 km [which is linked to the well-known WGS 84 parameters] - I wasted no time in computing the precise distance between the two crop circles. 

Although I hadn't surveyed this Temple Farm formation [or its predecessor] and had failed to acquire, from other sources, confirmed coordinates of any points in its interior, I was able to obtain a good estimate of this information by comparing photographs, provided on this site, with Google earth imagery. I concluded that the rounded coordinates, 51.567 N  0.7145 E, define a point that sits within the field edifice. It is shown on the Google earth image below: 

Fig. 6 

Knowing that the number 14 has a pivotal role in this structure, I recognised the possibility that it would be incorporated, in some way, into the measurement I obtained. And as it's the case that the factor 105 is the sum of the first 14 positive integers [= 1+2++13+14], I knew that it would be an ideal candidate for this function. 

But as I'd identified the means of generating, within the formation, the all-important geodetic factor, 6371, I thought it was plausible that this number, or a simple proportion of it, would also be a component of the dimension. 

It didn't surprise me, then, when I found that the distance between the point I had identified at the Brimslade Farm formation [which is detailed in my article], 51.376 N  1.702 W, and the above point can be expressed as [105 + 63.71] km, with an error of less than 2 inches2

Although I knew that the Temple Farm coordinates I'd used, 51.567 N  0.7145 E, were just estimates, I was now confident that an arc, of radius 168.71 km exactly, centred on the quoted Brimslade Farm point, intersects the crop circle. 

The following graphic illustrates the extent of the line between the two points, where it can be seen traversing a massive swathe of the south of England, including the whole of London [just clipping Heathrow Airport]: 

Fig. 7 

When I examined this arrangement more closely, I noted that the depicted radius, 168.71 km, correlates in an extraordinary way with other explicit features of the two formations. 

If the day the 1st crop circle appeared is labelled Day 1, and that of the 2nd is labelled Day 68 [i.e. the number of calendar days in this interval is 68 (= 173-106+1)], we have immediately highlighted 2 numbers that display the first three digits [in order] of the cited dimension: 168

But if we look back from the edifice where our measurement ended, the 2nd formation, to the one where it started, the 1st, we can infer, 21, which happens to be the prime rank of 71

And we know that the juxtaposition of 168 and 71 can infer, 168.71, the cited value [in km] of the computed dimension. Furthermore, the sum of the inferred 168 & 71, provides us with another manifestation of the pivotal MH370 parameter, 239, its allotment of missing people. 

These elementary but remarkable relationships are illustrated in the symbolic image below: 

Fig. 8 

I now noted that the inferred 168, which was juxtaposed with the 71 to define the value of the depicted dimension, can be expressed as, 97+71, these being, in order, the 26th & 21st primes. So if we now express the described '168+71' as, 26p+21p+21p, the sum of these three prime ranks is, 68 [= 26+21+21], which equals the tally of calendar days in the period. 

I later discovered that another close association between the numbers 68 & 3 holds the key to our understanding of a critically important part of the communication. 

I was now satisfied, then, that our attention was being drawn - in a stunning way - to both the geodetic relationship that exists between these formations and, its link to the MH370 enigma. However, it was not immediately obvious where our recognition of these important attributes is taking us.  

Before I contemplated trying to resolve this particular conundrum I thought that it would be a worthwhile exercise investigating whether the factor 100 - used to convert 6371 to the 63.71 - is inferred within the formation, and another glance at an earlier graphic provided the answer. 

It was now apparent that if the 4 faces of the kite [or its 4 vertices] are numbered - 1, 2, 3 & 4 - the sum of those labels is: 10. But as this inferred 10 is closely associated with a figure that resembles a zero, the O that encompasses the kite, the combined image can infer, 100

Fig. 9 

Having concluded that this hidden '100' provides the means for converting the 6371 to 63.71, I recognised that it could also be used to inflate the number I'd identified [expressed in km] by 100 fold i.e. if we multiply the 168.71 by 100, we obtain 16871, which would represent the same dimension but in increments of '10 metres' instead of '1000 metres' [i.e. kilometres]. 

This simple exercise immediately drew my attention to the 5-digit number - and I soon found that it's the 1946th prime3. This interested me because, in our calendar, 1946 defines a specific year, one which happens to be 68 years ago, and I knew that a 68 plays a central role, again in the context of time, in the relationship I'd detected between the two formations. 

I was presented with the possibility, then, that our attention was being drawn to the 68 days of the calendar that are associated with the two crop circles, and so I sought to establish why. 

When I inserted, within a modified form of the earlier Fig. 8, a reference to this 68, I recalled the link I'd found between the number and a 3 [outlined in the paragraph after Fig, 8] and this soon led me to another relationship of extraordinary significance. 

Having retained the two labels for the formations, 1 & 2, I noted that the product of 3 [= 1+2] and 331, the 68th prime, is - 993 - and this relates to the above cited number, 16871, in a way that could have a profound impact on the international search for Malaysian Flight MH370. 

16871 exceeds 993p [= 7853] by - 9018 - and when this is divided by the factor 100, which we know is highlighted in the Temple Farm edifice, we produce - 90.18 - which is the exact value [in E] of the meridian through the point I've identified in the Bay of Bengal: 

Fig. 10 

Furthermore, the actual time span between the respective appearances of the two formations is 67 days, and 67 happens to be the 20th prime - 20 being the exact value [in N] of the line of latitude through the point I've identified in the northern reaches of the Bay of Bengal: 

Fig. 11 

So it is clear that the values [in ] of both the latitude and longitude of the point I've identified in the Bay of Bengal are embodied within the arrangement we've been examining. Indeed, it's not difficult to show that another pair of the same numbers can be derived from the source in an impressive and independent way, as I briefly outline in my Notes4

At this juncture, having noticed that the numbers representing the coordinates of the point in the Bay of Bengal - 20 and 90.18 - comprise digits that also add up to 20, I was curious as to whether the number conceals anything else of interest. 

I knew that when 20 is set out as the product of its prime factors, 2x2x5, this can be modified in 2 ways that maintain its value - 4x5 or 2x10 - and I discovered that these expressions relate in a revealing way to the number 173, which represents the day of the year when the making of the two structures ended, this being 20p [= 67] days after it had commenced. 

4px5p, equals 35 [= 5x7]. And 173 - 35 = 138, which can be inferred by juxtaposing 13 & 8

But juxtaposing our alphabet's 13th & 8th letters yields a familiar expression: MH

2px10p yields, 46 [= 2x23], a special number for our species: our cells' tally of chromosomes [also as 2 lots of 23]. So if we express this unique number as another prime, we obtain: 197

When this 197 is now added to the 173, we obtain a second familiar expression: 370

So elementary links between 173 and the cited factors of 20 can infer both components of the expression MH370, the well-known name of the Malaysian Airway's Flight. 

Final comments

The attributes of the Temple Farm formation that I've set out, here, including its remarkable links to the UK season's first crop circle, are there for everybody to see and, check. It would therefore be absurd for anyone to suggest that I somehow managed to conjure them all up to support my earlier conclusions regarding the possible resting place of Flight MH370. Indeed, I'm currently in the process of finalising further articles on this year's crop circles that present another array of evidence backing the hypothesis. 

It's my contention, then, that the international authorities burdened with the task of seeking the wreckage should now acknowledge that the claims, concerning the Bay of Bengal site, first made by the company GeoResonance, may have substance. I would add, finally, that a critical hint at what the Temple Farm formation is all about was exposed by Mike Collins and Bella Gaia: after visiting the structure they both reported that the one end of it was orientated towards Southend Airport's radar facility - which is used, of course, for tracking aircraft! 



Although primes are readily available on line, or in Mobile apps, they all start at 2 and not 1. So what is claimed to be the Nth prime will actually be the N+1th - see Note 3 below.


This precision is possible because the measurement, on the surface of the defined model of the earth, is being made between specified geographical coordinates. As I've stated before, such calculations can be easily undertaken with the assistance of the internet or Mobile apps.


Most sources show the 1946th prime as 16879, but that's the 1947th. The 1946th is 16871.


The sum of the calendar days' 68 numbers, [(106+173)x34], can be expressed as: 1633+7853.

1633 can be expressed as 10px21p, which can infer 210, the sum of the first 20 +ve integers.

And we know that 7853 differs from 16871 by, 9018, which equals 90.18x100.

So that one, specific set of 68 calendar days juxtaposes irrefutable links to both 20 and 90.18

Neil Hudson Newman MSc. [Construction Management]; 02 July, 2014




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