Tetbury Lane, Nr Charlton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 8th July.

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Nardeep Pujji This is what I see

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Markings on a diamond-backed rattlesnake and high mathematics: who could have made a new crop picture at Tetbury Lane on July 8, 2014?  

A new crop picture which appeared near Tetbury Lane in Wiltshire on July 8, 2014 resembles two other field images from 2013 or 2014:  

On July 3, 2014, we saw “concentric pentagons” near the Long Man of Wilmington (see  Wilmington). One year before on August 1, 2013, we saw “concentric squares” near Stonehenge (see www.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Five days after those “concentric pentagons” appeared on July 3, 2014, we saw “concentric triangles” on July 8. Might the number series 5-4-3 be intended to suggest another paranormal event three days later on July 11?  

When we study the landscape near this new crop picture at Tetbury, we can see that it was drawn in a triangular field which lies along the long body of a “landscape serpent”:


The crop picture is triangular in shape, and contains many “small arrows” which resemble the markings on a diamond-backed rattlesnake. In that landscape image, our “serpent friend” is looking down on a group of buildings near the centre of the slide above. What might this imply?  

All three of these “concentric geometry” crop pictures show a combination of concentric polygons and concentric circles.  

The general formula for a ratio of two radii r2 / r1, when two circles are inscribed or else circumscribed around a polygon of n equal sides, is r2 / r1 = 1 / cos (360o / 2n).  

Thus for concentric circles and pentagons on July 3, 2014, the radius of each concentric circle increases going in-to-out by 1 / (cos 36o) = 1.236. Likewise for concentric circles and squares on August 1, 2013, the radius of each concentric circle increases going in-to-out by 1 / (cos 45o) = 1.414. Finally for concentric circles and triangles on July 8, 2014, the radius of each concentric circle increases going in-to-out by 1 / (cos 60o) = 2.000.  

Following from that last relation, a series of four concentric triangles and circles as drawn in crops on July 8, 2014 vary in radii by r = 1, 2, 3, 4. Here “circles 1 and 2” surround the same “triangle”, while “circles 2 and 4” also surround the same “triangle”. In each case, the inscribed versus circumscribed circles vary in radii by 1 / (cos 60o) = 2.000:  

As a general rule, successive “outward pointing arrows” in these three crop pictures appear to be stretched further apart, as we proceed from the case of a pentagon (n = 5) to a square (n = 4) to a triangle (n = 3). For the case of hexagon (n = 6), first studied by Archimedes in 500 BC, one would see a ratio of radii equal to 1 / (cos 30o) = 1.155, which is smaller than for the other three cases studied.  

Concentric circles and triangles have been used not only to calculate “pi”. When many different concentric circles show successive areas of π, 2π. 3π, 4π and so on, then they provide a graphical demonstration of the “Wallis product” from advanced mathematics (see commonsensequantum.blogspot.com.au or exhaustion-of-nested-squares-and-wallis):  

Who could have made this spectacular new crop picture near Tetbury Lane on July 8, 2014? Surely the same crop artist who made two others in 2013 or 2014 in diverse parts of England! He represents himself as a “serpent”, and is an expert at higher mathematics and geometry. Can we think of anyone who fits those characteristics?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Dear friends, I see this crop circle as a first reply to my sent 'crop circle' which was a pretty complex image because its two implied messages. You can find my last special report in comments here: Wilmington comments 

Sure many of you were confused in some ways because the 'row of images' and the meaning.
And same sure you were not confused by my written words in ASCII code, placed into a spiral. The decoded message was:
The 2 dots at start say: Start of text, the 2 dots at the end of message say: End of text.
The message itself was in two words: P-L-E-A-S-E--C-O-N-F-I-R-M

And the - so far - unknown crop circle makers did confirm! But they did it in 'their ways' so to say: Not only that they have sent a response but also have 'confused' us by drawing another very exactly geometrical image with some mathematically based 'proportions'. But this time they have set their focal point onto a triangle as the base, the centre of that image. Coincidence? For sure it was not!   
Some of you dear writers, 'calculators' and painters tried to see some complex mathematical 'ratios' so to say which for sure are present. But - was this the point for CC-makers to express their 'thinking' of 'well known ratios' and finally for what reason?? And with which meaning behind it?
In my view with NO meaning, same wrong as to 'assume' a so called 'Holy Trinity' which is simply not existent at all. Here the things are a bit 'above' and 'beyond' your logical understanding.
You should hold in mind that the so called CC-makers are much more advanced living beings due to a very simple reason: They - whoever they are - simply exist since a much longer time than we do! So they are very advanced in comparison with Earth humans........

So to try to see the crop circle as a mathematical expression (only) is not the right way to find the answer, the meaning. What has the image of triangles to do with the before sent images which were based on pentagons - and where is the difference (except the existing geometrical difference)?? Do you know the answer???

Maybe you say: They have nothing to do with each other except the mentioned geometrically differences.
Or you say: They have something in common but I do not know what it is.

But I am pretty sure to know what those images have in common. Therefore I wrote my last special report and created a very 'unusual' row of images. Those images are able to tell you two things: First they show the differences between each other and 2nd they tell a special similarity. And that similarity is 'increasing' step by step. What is increasing??? Simple to answer: It is the increase of DIMENSIONS !!! 

Therefore I have drawn the figures and beginning from right side they show this: 

The numbers mean: 

"0" = The void - a time before the so called 'Big Bang' - there was nothing at all.

"1" = First possible 'form' of two dimensions: Length x Width - just like a sheet of paper.

"2" = Any volumetric body (like the pyramid) in 3-D: Length x Width x Height

"3" = The volumetric body 3-D body, added the 4th dimension - Time.
How to draw the 'time' as 4th dimension into a 3-D cube? Simply by 'cut' the cube in diagonal so that it creates a diagonal 'plane' inside the cube, the 'time' itself is expressed by a 'spiral' - similar to some recently appeared crop circles!!!
I don't know any other way to 'draw' a symbolic 4th dimension into the existing 3 dimensional room we live in.

 "4" shows a part of 'Sacred Geometry' which is ME (and YOU) as living multi - dimensional beings. We are IN the 4 dimensional room-time-continuum, BUT we are connected with a higher room - and that 'room' is a FIVE - dimensional room!!! What IS the 5th dimension? It is the pure MIND / SOUL and HEART where everybody is connected with everything - its a 'higher connection' and many of you are completely unaware of this room of 'higher existence'. The first 'scientific' idea of that room is described as 'Quantum mechanics'.

"5" shows that 5 dimensional room - but even for the so advanced extraterrestrial beings like the crop circle makers it is actually impossible to 'draw' an image of 5 dimensions into a 3 dimensional room. But they've found a clever way to paint it anyway: They draw a simple pentagon but filled it with '5 dimensional waves' so to say. And one kind of those 5-D waves is used by the TELEPATHY.........!
However, may the CC-makers be genius in mind, but even they are unable to draw it into our world of 'existence', so they decided to use the pentagon instead. It is meant to show 5 dimensions...........

"Red arrows" - They show me and you (expressed in figure No. 4) living in the 4 dimensional room (figure No. 3) and are connected with the 5th dimension (figure No. 5).  

If some of you have some questions left regarding this new 'triangle image', I will help you.
First, the diagram of the new crop circle (many thanks here to r71.deviant.com for presented image):

Now I will present MY image of my special report in 2012
Wanborough Plain, nr Liddington Wiltshire, 2012-07-01

Now I will present an 'overlay' by using these two images:

Surprised now?
Now you SEE with own eyes what the new crop circle really shows!
And you can also SEE the strong connection / congruence between the new crop circle image and MY special image including my presented 'overlay'.

And once more you can SEE now the result of mind connection with CC-makers, you see their 'reply' as I pleased them with my written words: PLEASE CONFIRM....................

In my above shown 'row of figures' you see the figure no. 4 which I explained as ME and YOU, furthermore you see my special image of the Liddington report and you see the new crop circle. The images are very close CONNECTED and EQUAL in meaning, so we are! At least I am telepathically connected as you can see in the clear reply of CC-makers.

And this connection is a bit beyond of 'poor and cold logical mathematics' - its a 5 dimensional connection......
For some reasons this may sound very weird for you - but only for YOU...........

My hearty greetings and a big smile to all of you - including CC-makers,


Statement for truth and love 

Hello again, dear souls,

I'm a bit agitated to read here the 'message' of the Mr. Berat Sancar.

It is not that I want to judge you too overhasty, Mr. Berat Sancar, but for sake of truth I will tell you - and all the other readers here - some words, even hard words. 

At least I work for truth here - to not forget this!
I reminded even Dr. Horace R. Drew for to be in truth just for help the souls to realise the truth.
Sorry to say here, he so far ignored my call, but suddenly you appeared here on stage just like as a radio controlled sheep, a being full of not knowing of anything, just like an pre-recorded audio tape full of naive and foolish influences, 'believes' or whatever manipulating influences.

You are not interested in finding truth, you instead spooling your strange, naive and even silly 'sights', 'views' - recordings and nothing else..........and by the way you show your role as a classic 'sheep'.
Do you really think that your so naive and simple poor lines are able to 'enlighten' the whole scenario???
You as a living being do know obviously nothing at all, but you proudly present some weird 'comparisons' of a being, more exactly of a so called 'god-being' which you place in your greenness into many areas of so called history (copy in):

Thoth in Ancient Egypt, Viracocha among Incas, Kukulkan among Mayans and Quetzalcoatle among Aztecs/Toltecs. He used this technique to build countless sculptures and edifices scattered around the world. We can still see and appreciate them today. 

So to see your strange 'statements' right you not only mix up the terms of that being, you furthermore try to play a role as you were a real 'eye-witness' in just those ancient times, right? You claim something which you can not know. You even do claim that 'he' - whoever this god-like being was, he 'anyway' has built some special buildings just by own hands. And YOU have obviously watched 'his' physical efforts right with your eyes, isn't it? And YOU 'appreciate' him or 'them' totally as a blinded and foolish sheep.....meanwhile I see you lay down on knees and babbling some religious phrases full of stupidity........... 

What a shame you are! For to confront you with more truth:
IF such a being was a 'god' - then he never would have 'built' something with own hands, because HE is a 'God' and the 'work' will always be done by the 'following idiotic sheep' - as it is the same in our times, isn't it???  But if he did it anyway with own hands, which you do not know also, then 'he' was NO any god-being at all.
Just with this statement of truth you will be overstressed for the rest of your life.

Because - YOU do not know any higher being at all, so you are simply confused with the terms of such a being, as a result you try to 'convince' some beings with your unreal statements.

OR should I ask you - do you know any higher being personally???
For sure you don't know, you genius.
Otherwise I would be happy to receive your truth grounded statements.

You play your role of a totally unaccepted sheep anyway. So it's logically that YOU can't be a soul who could be able to 'enrich' the world, the situation, because you are just not more than a 'recorded' audio-tape which begins its lousy small-talk by a simple 'press to play'.
You do not know the meaning of real TRUTH, you are a just a slave in this existing world.
Even Dr. Horace Drew could be able to just recognize this. But HE - what a surprise - is just in silence - as always. Same silent by the way is he to just tell his actual Email-address. He just wants to remain invisible for reasons of being 'inaccessible'. So only a shadow does react, but it is not me.

You all can keep on to loose yourself in some mathematical grounded and 'poor' speculations, meanwhile any slightly educated child would see the simple mathematical base in just a moment. Instead - for what reason ever - you keep on with your very strange efforts - obviously for no more reason than just to strengthen your own ego or for what else???

Or have any of you shown some real efforts for to bring some more light into the situation???? Maybe I have possibly overseen your non-existent efforts, I ask you???

So far as you probably realize, you have not brought any light. What a shame you are, not only in my view, but also in the view of higher advanced beings - for example crop circle makers - and other advanced beings (including beings of real higher dimensions) who look down onto you with some serious pain, especially when looking at the silly wars here on Earth, actually in area of Gaza and Israel.

But YOU, you souls, so full of (proven) ignorance, indifference, coldness, YOU just bother me - friendly spoken. You are not in light at all, so you can not be my 'friends' ever. But it's only your choice - so live with it. I'm a very other being - for to remind you.

You could show your open heart anyway, but instead you find your weird ways of 'carefully hidden ignorance' same as politicians with their emptiness do in their spoken words of nothing.  

Now I see you as very lonely and naive souls, you even will be or already are the forgotten souls, just nothing more than vainly living beings, unable to be in truth and love.

As it was a heavenly gift formerly given to you, you have just forgotten, same as you have already forgotten who you really are - or who you was in any time a bit before this time......... 

But it is only and always you who cries for 'help', as the always same stupid sheep and so called 'helpless beings' as ever, unwilling or unable to learn, you even send your lousy tiny prayers to 'someone' who never has and never will help you out from your foolish, lying and criminal 'backgrounds' and 'he' will never 'forgive' any of your dirty 'alibi' because it is YOU who have not grasp the cosmic laws, the true 'mechanics' of higher realms, of heaven - which by the way has nothing to do with any stupid manmade religion.

So in general you are just a waste due to your ignorance - a waste of time, of efforts, of love. You are lost........ The worse is that all the love and truth was been laid down into your heart just with your birth - all these so precious gifts from above...........and you simply have forgotten all???? I can't imagine............

What a poor herd of sheep you are - totally unaccepted from any advanced being in cosmos including me because I do belong to those beings - close and lovely confirmed friendship is the base of our relationship.
But you stand aside - as ignorant, self nominated 'heroes' of the world, the so called 'crown of creation'......

who have nothing more to do as to destroy the mother Earth, to lie and betray each other, only hunting for the 'money', even to kill each other in insane wars where only innocent souls like mothers and children are been killed but never the real enemies who rule over you......
You do not like to hear this so hard and painful truth, but I bring it to you anyway - for the sake of truth and love.

Mathematics you claim to know - at least - and what else?

And I do not want to receive any Email from you as a reply - because it's superfluous and vainly. This was a one way message from a connected living being in strong higher love and same real power to you all - I feel so sad to see the world and its going down.............

Meanwhile I will keep on shining in strong love, how hard it may be ever ...

Greetings here........ 

2014-07-10 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de


Tetbury Lane, Nr Charlton, reported 8th July

Yet another awesome crop circle appeared in Tetbury Lane. This magnificent crop circle was made using the common language of the Universe: Mathematics.

If you look at carefully in the outer ring, the curves are continuous and you can follow the curves from one triangle to another one, without any interruption. There are no radial patterns of shadow lines on the ground.

I agree with the comments from Dr. Drew above but to me, the figure is three dimensional. The three lines subdividing the triangles meet at the center and those are the edges of the tetrahedron and they meet at the apex of the tetrahedron. The outer triangle is the base of the tetrahedron. Thus if we replace the triangles with tetrahedra and circles with the spheres (and the ratios accordingly) in RC’s comment above, we agree.

Triangles, tetrahedra, circles and spheres have been and still are the signature of one particular artist. The following link might give you an idea of this particular artist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6H13Mi6Kds . He was known to be Thoth in Ancient Egypt, Viracocha among Incas, Kukulkan among Mayans and Quetzalcoatle among Aztecs/Toltecs. He used this technique to build countless sculptures and edifices scattered around the world. We can still see and appreciate them today.

Inquisitive eyes are looking for any particular message in the crop circle. To me, the crop circle itself is a very important message. My interpretation of this message is as follows: “You are not alone in this complex universe and we have never left you. On the contrary, we have been watching you very carefully”!

Berat Sancar

Found this photo had been snap chatted at 11pm on Monday 7th July hovering above the place where the crop circle was discovered. Times and everything and place can be confirmed.



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An interpretation in accordance with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, which according to the Mayas is a Galactic Module.

 The whole Galactic Module Tzolkin comprises 260 days (260 Kins) and is divided in 5 Castles, each of 52 days.

 Each castle is divided in 4 wavespells, each of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.

Each day in Tzolkin has a Solar Seal and a Tone of Creation.

There are 20 Solar Seals and 13 Tones of Creation.

Each Solar Seal has a colour.  There are 4 colours.

Meaning of the colours in the names of the energies and their connection with the 4 Directions and the 4 Elements:

RED - EAST - Initiation - Element EARTH
WHITE - NORD - Refinement - Element AIR
BLUE - WEST - Transformation - Element WATER
YELLOW - SOUTH - Ripening - Element FIRE

In each of the 5 Castles is performed the program of a Yellow Solar Seal, according to the following "plan" - here is indicated the name of the castle and the Solar Seal, which program is performed in this castle:

Red Castle (Kin 1 - Kin 52): Yellow Seed (Solar Seal No. 4)
White Castle (Kin 53 - Kin 104): Yellow Warrior (Solar Seal No. 16)
Blue Castle (Kin 105 - Kin 156): Yellow Star (Solar Seal No. 8)

Yellow Castle (Kin 157 - Kin 209): Yellow Sun (Solar Seal No. 20)

Central Green Castle (Kin 209 - Kin 260): Yellow Human (Solar Seal No. 12)

According to Tzolkin, 8th July 2014 is a day with the Solar Seal "BLUE MONKEY" and with the Tone 4, Kin 251.

8th July 2014 is the fourth day of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell. This wavespell is from July 5 to July 17, 2014.

This wavespell is the last, 4th wavespell of the Central Green Castle of Enchantment and it is the last, 20th wavespell of this Tzolkin module.

The Central Green Castle of Enchantment performs the program of the YELLOW HUMAN. In this castle, which is in the center of the Time Matrix, the Yellow Human synchronizes himself through the energies of the Enchantment and transforms himself thanks to the Synchronous order of the Universal Time.

On the pictogram are depicted symbolically through figures or through numbers following energies:

1) Energies of the Yellow Star Wavespell:

YELLOW STAR - Creativity, Elegance, Art, Harmony, Beauty - Solar Seal No. 8

BLUE MONKEY - Game, Magic, Illusion - Supporting Energy of the Yellow Star

WHITE MIRROR - Reflection, Infinity, Meditation - Balancing Energy of the YELLOW STAR

RED SKYWALKER - Explore, Space, Wakefulness - Solar Seal No. 13 - Occult Teacher of the YELLOW STAR

2) Energies of the day:

BLUE MONKEY - Game, Magic, Illusion - Solar Seal of the day

WHITE DOG - Love, Heart, Devotion - Occult Teacher of the BLUE MONKEY

3) YELLOW HUMAN - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom - Solar Seal No. 12

4) YELLOW SEED - Awareness, Target, Flowering - Solar Seal No. 4

At the end of the Central Green Castle the Yellow Seed "results " from the Yellow Human.

8th July 2014 is a day with the Tone 4 - the Self-existing Tone of the Form.

Some of the "functions' of Tone 4 are:

Creating of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
The expression of the Spirit enters in the Creation. Whole forms appear.

Synchronization with the 4 directions: East, Nord, West, South.

The Energy, which is in Tone 4, forms the structure of the Wavespell, it also shows the target of the Wavespell.

And on the pictogram is represented the structure of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell and it also shows the target of this Wavespell!

On the pictogram are depicted three "RAYS", each of 4 triangles.

Each RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes the TONE 4, which for its part symbolizes the 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) and the 4 Directons (East, North, West and South).

Besides, every RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes the Solar Seal No. 4 - YELLOW SEED.

The three RAYS, each of 4 triangles, include in total 12 triangles.

These 12 triangles symbolize the Solar Seal No. 12 - YELLOW HUMAN.

Each of this triangles is divided in 2 halfs, so every RAY has 8 smaller triangles.

A RAY of 8 smaller triangles symbolizes the Solar Seal No. 8 - YELLOW STAR.


In the centre of the pictogram we see the face of a MONKEY ;-)!

BLUE MONKEY is the energy of the day and the Supporting energy of the YELLOW STAR.

The first circle in the centre of the pictogram depicts the face of the Monkey.

The triangle in the very centre of the pictogram is the "nose" of the Monkey.

The both triangles - on the left side and on the right side - above the "nose", are the "eyes" of the Monkey.

The triangle under the "nose" is the "smile" of the Monkey.

When we rotate the pictogram, each of these triangles (the two "eyes" and the "smile") can be a "smile" or an "eye".

The eyes and the smile of the Monkey radiate JOY!!

When we add to the face of the Monkey the next two triangles - one on the left side and one of the right side next to the "eyes" of the Monkey, we see the face of a DOG with two "ears".

THE BLUE MONKEY - the Energy of JOY, FUN, GAME - and the WHITE DOG - the Energy of LOVE, are mutually Occult Teacher, they are closely related.

The WHITE MIRROR is the base of the pictogram.

(White Mirror means Reflection, Infinity...)

But the Monkey in its typical style as illusionist, has "broken" the Mirror, so in result a "Mirror Effect" (or a Mirror Kaleidoscope) is obtained and the Smile of the Monkey and the Joy in her eyes are multiple reflected and they fill every YELLOW SEED and THE YELLOW HUMAN !

As an Illusionist, the MONKEY changes the "mask" on her face and now this is the face of the DOG, with "ears".

The WHITE DOG is the Energy of LOVE - Love, Heart, Devotion.

The Eyes and the Smile of the DOG radiate very much LOVE, which comes from his Heart.

The good MIRROR reflects this multiply, and all 12 triangles, i.e. the YELLOW HUMAN and all YELLOW SEEDS are filled with the Energy of Love!!

The Energy of the YELLOW STAR (the 8 smaller triangles in each RAY)  - Creativity, Beauty, Harmony, Art - also literally fills up every YELLOW SEED and the YELLOW HUMAN.

Exactly this is the goal of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell!!

 The art, in which on the pictogram mathematically - with numbers and geometrically - is shown INCREDIBLY OBVIOUSLY how the energies of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell fill up the Yellow Human and the Yellow Seeds, is simply astonishing!!

 The triangle in the very centre of the pictogram, which is divided in 3 parts, symbolizes the Trinity:

 Mother-God, Father-God and the God's Child
Physical body, Spirit and Soul

 When we sum up the 12 triangles of the 3 RAYS and add the triangle in the center of the pictogram, we receive 13 triangles.

The number 13 symbolizes the 13th Solar Seal - "Red Skywalker", which is the Occult Teacher of the YELLOW STAR.

The "RED SKYWALKER" is an Explorer. He constantly researches and strives to expand his horizons. He can not abide boundaries and limitations. Here he "brokes" the rigid geometrical figures - the big dark circle, the big triangle in this circle and the inner circle in the triangle. He strives to the Sky, to the Space.

This longing is passed to the three RAYS of 4 triangles each - we feel there this longing to the Open Space, to the Unknown.

A RAY of 4 triangles symbolizes a YELLOW SEED.

The Yellow Seeds here look like birds, who headily fly outwards, inspired through the energies of the YELLOW STAR Wavespell ;-).

 They leave this last wavespell and the last Castle of Tzolkin, in order to settle in the Red Castle (the first castle) of the New Tzolkin Module.

My cordial thanks to Steve Alexander for the splendid photo of the crop circle!!

Maya Todorova








Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike