West Kennett Longbarrow (3), nr Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Report 13th July.

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Updated Thursday 17th July 2014


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There have now been three instances, and there may yet be fourth, of the appearance of this perfectly executed and precisely made formation The aerial photos show that all three seem to be identical replicas in dimension and also that relative to adjacent tramlines, their centres and the outer edges are identically placed.

What are the chances that a human team of circlemakers could achieve these perfect copies and their positioning during darkness and why would they even attempt to do it ?     I think the true makers are trying to make the the farmer realise that his defacement of the original formation in June led to the second formation appearing and cutting out this has led to the third repeat. He may then come to see that his actions have caused a much greater loss of his crop than would have been the case had he left the original formation undamaged. Lets hope he gets the message before his fields are scarred by his own angry responses. The true makers are apparently capable of continuing this war of crop circle attrition indefinitely, perhaps until all of his crop has been razed.

On the other hand, perhaps like so many others in the crop circle scene, I'm spouting nonsense!.

UPDATE:- 17/07/2014

West Kennet Long Barrow Replica Formations

Further to my comments which you posted on the Report page for the 13th July Ring Formation at the West Kennet Long Barrow.  I have now come across further very interesting developments.

Rather than just three virtually perfect replicas of the formation there have been a total of five. These are as follows and as shown in your Archives: 

The first was on the 17th May 2011.   The second on the 25th July 2011.  The third on the 22nd of July 2014   (Note the Report for this one mentions another replica repeat appearing a few days earlier).  The fifth was the formation on the 13th of July rapidly cut out by the angry farmer. 


 Who or whatever is responsible for the persistent effort to draw our attention to this formation design, has  been determined to confront us with it over three years since May 2011.  

This, it now appears, was due to the fact that it is far from being just a random arrangement of bands of flattened and standing crop,  it has been asking us the question we our selves ask, viz, does it have a meaning? and awaiting an answer from us

Up until the last few days no one has been able to proffer a viable answer but now a Mathematician  and Geometer, Andrew Edwards, after his  brilliant analysis, is able to show that the formation is a very clever and elegant demonstration of the geometric relationship between circles of particular dimensions and a series of Polygons.  All the circles forming the edges of the bands are a structure for five precisely dimensioned polygons. See Below:-  The design embeds  5 regular polygons:-

One square,  One Pentagon,  two Hexagons, and one Heptagon.  Inwards from the outer circle the number of sides of each polygon are  4: 5: 6: 7: 6:  


This means that the formation design is one of the most significant in crop circle history, demonstrating  an ability and level of intelligence we have not seen in  our run of the mill known human circlemakers.   It ranks in importance with the famous Barbary Castle Pi formation and is a more difficult problem to solve in that the Pi formation arrived complete with all necessary information for the solution visible in the field. That is not the case here. 

There are many more astonishing aspects to this ‘West Kennet Long Barrow formation’, uncovered by Andrew Edwards. For the full appreciation of these and the full elegance of the concept behind them, visit this link:   http://cropcirclegeom.blogspot.co.uk  This is Andrew’s own blogsite. 

Jack Sullivan.   July 16 2013.    

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Three similar crop circles have been reported from West Kennett until now. The figure resembles the aerial picture of the Maracana Stadium.

Perhaps, the circle makers are watching the World Cup from their space ships (drinking beer and betting as well?) and that is what they have been trying to tell us! LOL!

Maybe, they are also broadcasting the games to the other planets.

Berat Sancar

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