West Kennett Longbarrow (3), nr Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Report 13th July.

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Updated Thursday 17th July 2014


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The Farmer has already cut out the formation.

It looked very similar to an earlier crop circle around this location on 22nd June 2014 see image below

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Deja Vu

Deja Vu?  Today we were told of another crop circle in Wiltshire next to the Neolithic tomb we all know and love as West Kennet Long Barrow. We were slightly surprised to hear of another formation in the same little patch of Wiltshire that has already been bestowed with not one but two formations in the last few weeks. Never the less team MrGyro was excited to hear about another circular jewel waiting for that first photograph to be taken and shared with the world.

We hurriedly prepared our flying contraptions and rallied the team, ďto the crop mobileĒ we shouted.  Ok maybe not but you get the idea.

We decided to check the internet to see if anyone else had glimpsed this new creation. Someone had. A picture of the new circle was already out on Facebook.  Ok, no problem, that's fine.  But wait, are you sure that's a new circle?  It looks a lot like the previous circle at our favourite Neolithic tomb.  In fact it looks identical!

See for yourself:-


Now we were disappointed. It wasnít a new exciting design, it was a iteration of a design we had seen in the same location only a few weeks earlier.  To make things that little bit worse we then see an update on Facebook saying that the design had been cut out by the farmer! We didnít even get a video.  We were left feeling as disappointed as the kid that didnít get a date to the prom and had to have a pitty dance with the teacher.

We then got to thinking. I bet the farmer is annoyed. There have been not one, not two but three crop circles on this guyís farm. The aliens must really think this guy is open to communication from another world or perhaps the circle makers felt that the crop was, as Goldie Locks would say, just right.

Second Circle

Now Iím not fully clued up on the whole Goldie Locks story but Iím guessing that once she had visited the bears house and invaded their personal bear space she had the brains to think, ďIíd best not go there again.Ē  Clearly if the little golden headed thief had continually broken into the bearís house and got up to her usual antics there would come a time when the bearís would have gotten pissed off and eaten the little bitch.

We can see that the farmer that owns the little patch of Wiltshire has clearly reached this stage.  His frustration has manifested itself in the form of a genuine massacre of crop circles on his land.

Cut-outs at West Kennet

All three of the formations on his land have been defaced and now, cut-out.  If you look at picture number three you can actually see the space where the other formations used to sit proudly, now replaced by a neatly cut blank square.

So why is this happening?  Why are we seeing formations in the same field? Why are we seeing the same designs repeated just weeks apart?

Surely the message from the farmer was clear when the two earlier formations were defaced.  He does not want them on his land. Now I know what you're thinking. The aliens do not answer to us mere earthlings and if they need to get the message through they will do so in any way that suites them and not care a hoot about old McDonald and his farm.


Letís assume that the crop circles created on old McDonalds land are not in this instance created by little green men (or grey). Letís assume that the military are too tied up with the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford (cracking Red Arrows display by the way) to be lasering crop circle designs down to earth from military satellites.  Let us assume that these particular crop circles are the work of the devilish men who torment the believers with their crop circle fakery.

Working on that assumption, why oh why would they put more and more circles into the same field?  Isnít it obvious that old McDonald is going to get angry?  And why keep putting them into the field even though they are being defaced? I wonder if they also self harm?

While we are thinking out loud let us also ask the question, why would you repeat a design that had been used only a few weeks earlier?

So what do we think here at team MrGyro?  Iíll tell youÖ

We think that the circles that are appearing in the fields next to West Kennet Long Barrow are indeed the work of men. We believe that these particular men are quite amateur and are not blessed with the gift of imagination and show a complete lack of artistic vision.  It is our opinion that these men are driven by greed and the desire to make money from believers and general tourists that visit the lovely county of Wiltshire.  We think that they continue to show no concern for the feelings of the farmer whoís crop they continually damage.

There, we said it. That's what we think.

To all of you crop circle fans out there we offer this piece of advice:-

Do not feel that you must part with your cash to enjoy the formations. Do not feel obliged to buy into any schemes that promise  to give you access to the crop circles and lure you in by promising that the money you have paid is given to help the famers whoís crops have been damaged.

Remember that even some of the crop circles that give off that magical energy and have a special feeling about them may have actually been created by incredibly artistic, smart and intelligent human beings that we label ďCircle MakersĒ.

Crop circles are made to be enjoyed and admired by all, donít let people monetise them to further there own agendas. There are websites, including ours (shameless plug) that will give you photographs and videos for free. Print them out, make your own calendar or postcards, you donít have to pay for these things. Of course if you want to, that's fine.

We hope that we have not offended anyone, but if we have, remember that is just little old Team MrGyro telling you what we think. Itís just an opinion.

Team MrGyro.


Hi friends. Thanks a lot for your videos. They are the best that someone interested in serious interpretation can find. That's me. I've been doing interpretation of formations for several years and  good photos and video materials are necessary. I've found by the years that  people assume that a formation to be 'original' (it doesn't matter if man made or other origin) must be complicated, beautiful, big, elaborated, etc.

When they see a formation like these, just three circles, they assume that were made by kids playing. You have to go back 15 , 20 or 30 years ago and see that earliest formations were just like these or simpler than these.  My theory based on my experience is that nowadays crop circles are the evolution of a casual result of an old process. Let me explain you. When I began to research these designs, many years ago, I tried to find some origin for this phenomena and I found it. I asked myself why the ancients civilizations around the world were using circles in their 'art expression'. I studied hundreds of petroglyphs and hieroglyphs and many of them were similar as today formations. I asked myself why there were hundred of stone circles and what was their function. Then one day I found the answer.

I was in Miami, Florida, near the Everglades, following the trace of strange lights that people use to see during the night. One of the things that people used to notice was that in some places, the lights were at ground level. I went to the places where the lights were seen and I found on the ground, circles of different sizes. From 5 or 6 inches to about 100 or 150 inches. The plants were like  dry.  I spent about a week looking for the lights but never found them. I took hundred of pictures during night time and finally I saw them...on the pictures. I never saw them with my eyes but they were there: orbs of energy moving like bouncing balls. Some were just about 4 feet from the ground but others were actually on the ground. Two of the pictures I shot with a half of a second of difference, and in one picture the orb is 'inside the circle'  and in the other just the circle.

Watching this event and comparing the pictures of the 50's and 60's formations, I thought that may be these orbs were like touching the ground absorbing energy , like recharging when we go to a gas station. Then I saw pictures and videos  in England of orbs moving around the fields and sometime in fields where formations later appeared. Then I began to study the ancient stone circles and found them very similar of today's formation too. And then I thought 'may be ancient people saw the circles on the ground and tried to re-re-assemble them with the stone circles. And I found that many of them were not made out of stone but wood. Made of logs, and with more accurate design than the stone.  In 2007 I was studying in depth Avebury Stone Circle and one night I had the meaning of the Circles: there was a process of Energy transfer between something located  'out of space' that was sending a ring of energy to Avebury Stone Circle and a light beam emerging from Silbury Hill Pyramid. To be more precise, part of the ring energy was for me, this energy help me to understand the meaning of crop circles. Strange ah? Yes, that's what I've been thinking all these years. And let me tell you something more.

These intelligence that's been using this energy recharging system, wanted to send us a very important warning but they really didn't know how. So, 10.000 years ago they decided to use stones and circles to send a message for us today. But this really didn't work because we lost the knowledge of understanding the meaning and the messages were almost destroyed. Then they found that they could use the 'figures' left in the ground when the orbs were touching and began to refine them. So during the period from the 50's to the 70's or 80's, they refined the way of how to do these designs and began to do the 'beautiful' formations during the 90's and up today. And I deciphered the messages. Because there are several messages.

They are like Book's chapters. One message is the confirmation of the return of Nibiru. Another message is the announcement of the return of ENKI to the Earth. Another message is the plan of evacuation of all the beings of the Solar System to a new Planetary System. The most important message to them (I don't know why), is the three days of darkness. And finally, the New Solar System. Eventually there are some messages related with spiritual reliefs like Mantras and information of a new sources of energy like the Tesserac and The Earth Magnetic Field energy. But there's been an important change in the information flow since 2012: Original formations had been cut by almost 70%.

Last year and this year most of the formations are hoaxes man made. Most of them made by the Crop Circles tours promoters that felt they income went down. But the three Wiltshire next to West Kennet Long Barrow are true original. They do not have anything to do with a secret war between someone and Old Mc.Donald. The Avebury Ancient Site compose by Avebury Stone Circle, Silbury Hill Pyramid and West Kennet Long Barrow is vital for their plans.

The activation of the light beam of Silbury Hill Pyramid is confirmed and was used on the February 15th Chelyabinsk Meteorite over Russia. This meteorite was intercepted by the energy light beam that emerged from The Pyramid and destroyed before hit The Earth. This was announced in the Crop Circle's season of 2012. So I think that this message of three formations means something related with the events already posted. Well, this sound like a good script for Steven Spielberg movie. But is not. I really appreciate your hard work and please don't stop doing it. The world is waiting for you. Thanks for your time.

Pablo Olivares. Is2012TheDate.





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