Ockley Hill, nr Merstham, Surrey. Reported 19th July.

Map Ref: TQ3044353897

Updated Thursday 23rd  July 2015


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Aldo S



Dear readers and writers, 

with this new crop circle you can see with own eyes the continuation of the topic, which is the 2015 main topic.

Maybe you remember my long report from 02nd of July 2015, which you can find here (in comments) :

monumenthill 2013

Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August. 

There I explained that special topic in 2015, which is titled:

The Tragedy in Humankinds Evolution and Development from the very beginning until NOW 

And here you see the continuation of that topic - okay, obviously you won't see yet….
Meanwhile I see you walking in nocturnal streets and you cannot imagine the meaning, the  depicted message in the sent crop circle. But this will be changed now. (Please don't take my 'nocturnal' remark to serious. It's meant just symbolic because the perplexity).

However, let's go on now.

In that report I wrote, that cc-makers have explained the whole topic already in the year 2013, beginning with the first image, which I will copy in once more: 

It was a series of three following crop circles which told you the

'System of time, which creates the future including your 'input'.."

As you can see, in this year 2015 we have a similar image, but with differences in depiction and with a very different meaning!!!

Was the 2013 image already complex and difficult enough and not easy to understand, however it showed the 'system of time' and how the 'input' works as a power of influence which, as a result, creates the future. And never you should underestimate this so important 'input'! You will see, why it is.

Okay, if you compare the actual 2015 image with the one of 2013, you see the differences with own eyes:

- in the 2013 image there was the 'input' (the little ball) placed outside the cube. The cube describes this three dimensional 'space-time' continuum in which we live.

- in the 2015 image you see the same cube, but it is a bit 'warped' like the belly of a pregnant woman, because the bigger grown 'ball', which before in the 2013 image was placed outside the cube, but two years later it is actually inside the cube.
And that is the very important difference.

So within the two years the ball (which in real is the input of thoughts and actions for to create the future) has grown bigger, but now it is trapped inside the cube!

So here explained in shortest words:
We live in the depicted cube, which shows the three dimensional space we live in (usually called the known universe).
The 'ball' is the summary of (your, yes your!!!) thoughts and actions, and together with the summary of the past plus the presence it creates the real future. Complicated? Not really. You must understand only.

So if the ball is outside the cube as symbolic shown in 2013, then the 'system of time' works perfectly, there is a good flow of input which then will create the future.

à And if the ball is inside the cube? Is there No future then?
No, I calm you down, future will be created anyway, but in that case it will be created 'automatically' so to say, if you understand what I speak about!
However in the depicted image there remain serious problems in our world - you see the differences in the two images!

And those problems are important enough for the cc-makers to send this sign to us.

It is neither a warning, nor a threat or something like that. Instead it shows a simple fact !!!
Sure, in this case (and almost every case in regards to humans) it is a very sad fact and it fits perfectly to the topic of this year: "The tragedy…………." 

So here the dissolving, the meaning of that crop circle, the real message:

"Instead of walking the right and urgently required ways, the humans see themselves now caught in their own created chaos. There is to much of chaos and confusion, therefore the humans are unable to set the so much required 'signs' = input into the system of time. They lose themselves, are confused 'inside their space' = also means 'environment'. They have lost the focal point and cannot set the so important actions for to 'feed' the time-system, which creates the future, which also includes the creation of THEIR OWN future".

And now, dear readers, will you say again, that this image is so unbelievable hard to understand?
As you see, it is not.

So please hold in mind, that there are so many benevolent beings out there, and may they speak in 'their own language', same as we would do, nevertheless we (and at least me) can understand the message.
It's not a topic for your 'logical and influenced mind', more it is to reach you inside your hearts, which is called the 'higher understanding'……

So I leave you now, dear readers and writers, I wish you all the best…..

2015-07-21 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

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About the 3D cube in July:
IS it an UFO ?
  Search "UFO cube" on the web"
" El Paso", "near the sun" ,"antartica"
" Soho satellite",...


Pávková Z.


Jacob’s ladder

The CC at Ockley Hill depicts a cube with an inscribed sphere. The cube is put by the ‘river’ and is waiting for the man with a ‘red T-shirt’. When he arrives, he will smash the cube and free the world.

The cube by the ‘river’/road

Read the comment by Franklin Thomson (here: whispering commentsl ) and then watch the video in YouTube (here: www.youtube.com, bear with the junk part of the video). Thanks Franklin.

Ladder? To me, it looks like a DNA molecule!

Berat Sancar

Regarding the CC at Ockley Hill, nr Merstham, Surrey. Reported 19th July. 
There are two ways to find solutions and for humans to include their input. 
(1) Think Inside the Box (Shown on the left) or
(2) Think Outside the box.  (Shown on the right)

The CC at Ockley Hill, nr Merstham, Surrey reported 19th July is related to a previous CC found at Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August.  As Gerd reminded us regarding the single outer circle in the CC below found at Monument Hill, "System of time, which creates the future including your 'input'." 

However, there must be a balance between the two. 



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The armoured state of humanity 

The formation represents people in a car 

The formation shows a cube, imprisoning a ball. It is very close to two highways that cross each other. It is also close to the metropolian city of London. The highways near London symbolize the movement of humans, going into different directions. The cubit with windows is a stylized representation of a car. The ball inside the cube represents the human beings that are captured by it. The car symbolizes the ego (in French and Dutch car = “auto”, meaning self). The car is also like a suit of armour. People imprison themselves on a large scale, have lost guidance, are armoured and do not feel connected anymore (the highways cross each other).

The orientation of the formation 

The formation is exactly oriented towards the total lunar eclipse on September 28, 2015. The tramlines and the approximate East-West-orientation of sunrise and moonset on this date (sunrise is 93 degrees East of North and moonset in the opposite direction) create a perfect cross. It may symbolize the (beginning of) the end of the armoured state of humanity. 

The date of the formation 

The numbers of the formation (6 sides, 4 edges/corners) refer to the future, where the numbers refer to a certain number of days or weeks, but there may be a difference of one:

6 × 4 × 3 – 1 = 71 days = time span from day formation until total lunar eclipse of September 28

6 × 4 × 4 + 1 = 97 days = time span from day formation until October 24, which might be a date that refers to an alien abduction in order to free a human being

2 × 4 × 4 weeks = time span from day formation until end of “religious year”, which is February 28, 2016; next day, a leap day, is an important date that causes a shift regarding the Tzolkin-counts.

13 × 6 × 6 – 1 days = time span from day formation until end of ninth underworld (October 28, 2016)

6 × 14 weeks = time span from day formation until annular eclipse of February 26, 2016, very short before the end of the religious year (and probably the Gregorian calendar). 

Marc Smulders

Something very similar was recently reported on Thirdphaseofmoon YT channel. Actually a Mars finding, view this video:

Joseph Lake Research

Artwork WJ


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike