Ravenna Waterski Club, nr Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June.

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Updated Friday 3rd July 2015


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From Blackhorse Lane, UK to Groziethen, Germany: An Epic Saga  

When I reviewed the set of crop circle images reported from June 16th through to June 22nd, I couldn’t help but feel that these images, in the sequence they were reported, compose a sort of graphic running commentary about what is happening to Earth in this time. The comments of John of CA about the Ravenna and the Westwoods formations are what triggered my thought. I was actually contemplating the Green Street formation as I perused what had been said about the formations in June so far. It seems to me that the six formations: Blackhorse Lane, Green Street, Ravenna, Westwoods, Uffcott and Groziethen together tell a beautiful story in the life our changing planet!  

Here’s how the story could go: 

Prologue:  The Earth square inside a circle womb! Is Earth to be the cellular material transformed by cosmic events?  

Once upon a time there was a planet Earth (square) in all her beauty and stability, with a centre core (circle) reflective of the infinite cosmos (larger circle). All was good, but things began to move in relation to Earth. Something was on the verge of change!  

Far far away, Great Sun became more and more active; it was the solstice of   summertime and Sun always relays stronger energy to Earth in summer! The great planet Jupiter can deflect or sometimes hide or absorb energies coming from space towards Earth. But somehow both these great bodies are involved in the energies arising this time. 

Earth receives gigantic forceful energies from the Coronal Mass Ejections. They are so strong that perhaps this time, the core itself is affected and there will be shuddering earthquakes as a result of the vibratory impact. 

Perhaps even phenomena like hurricanes, tornadoes or similar turbulent things will occur as a result of this energy intake. 

In the end Earth reaches another level of evolution having been transformed from a fourfold geometric into an eightfold geometric–a final equilibrium. 

The saga is a tale of a transformation on a global level brought on by cosmic events that may cause disturbance, but ultimately result in a new, more balanced cosmic and, hopefully, global situation.  

‘Four’ symbolizes Earth, stability, order, and organization. The square within the greater circle (Blackhorse Lane) is a similar image to that of a developing zygote, a seed of new life. In this story we see that the ‘fourness’ is readying itself for forces coming in, preparing for ‘fertilization’ (Green Street)  

Blackhorse Lane formation introduces the story with a promise in the form of a zygote-like image. Green Street formation could be seen as an image suggesting fertilization of an ovum. 

Jupiter is the master, considered by the Ancients to be bringer of good fortune and healing. His number is four. So things are being re-organized and overseen by the great spiritual master planet. 

The coronal mass ejections, suggested by the formation at Ravenna, can be felt by Earth in spite of the protective magnetic field around Her. Under a barrage of highly intense ejections, the Earth may tremble to its core as she receives the impact (Westwoods), thus causing disturbances on the surface such as earthquakes and turbulent weather activity (Uffcott).  The crop circles could be warning us, as John of CA indicates, to be prepared if you live in a zone where these phenomena are common. This energy is also a transformative force. 

The Great Gas Giant Jupiter lies between the Asteroid Belt and Mars in our Solar System. It has the legendary ethos of being a benevolent and healing planet. Jupiter/Zeus of mythology was a usurper of old kings and a creator of a new human race. 

The pattern seen at Groziethen shows us a symbol of Earth having gone through rebirth and regeneration as was promised in the developing zygote design at Blackhorse. Here we see an eightfold geometric shape that still maintains the stability of the fourfold geometry of the square, but goes beyond basic square symbolism.

“Spiritually, eight is the goal of the initiate, having passed through the seven stages or heavens, and it is, thus, the number of Paradise regained; regeneration; resurrection; felicity; perfect rhythm; the eighth day created the new man of grace.” (Cooper  118)

“Universally eight is the number of cosmic balance.”

“In African belief eight is the number which completes the grand total. This is certainly true of the Dogon, to whom the number which is the key to creation is not four, but eight, because of its quality of being twice four. … the Dogon thought all that is unadulterated in other words that is fair and balanced, is double [as in a balanced scale has the same amount on each side].”

“As for the Eighth Day, following the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest, this is the symbol of resurrection and of transfiguration and heralds the age of eternity which is to come. It comprises not only Christ’s resurrection but that of the human race.”  (Chevalier 342-343) 

The Christian baptismal font has an octagonal shape symbolizing spiritual death and rebirth. This cymatic  eightfold pattern has some similarity to the Gorziethen formation. Sound vibrations create amazing patterns of unimaginable variety! The cosmic vibrations received by Earth could be creating amazing new things for us! 

This ingenious chronology of crop circles gives us a wondrous story surrounding and encompassing our own lives in this present time on our beautiful planet Earth! Even the mushroom interpretation can be part of this story because not only do the events far off in the cosmos affect our lives here physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our new planetary story is being written before our eyes; sounded out as cosmic vibration; told beneath our feet!  

–Michelle Jennings 


Cooper, J.C. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols. Thames & Hudson. London. 1978.

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A new crop picture at Ravenna Waterski Club in Italy on June 20, 2015 shows a very close conjunction between Venus and Jupiter on June 30, in combination with two related images of a “levitating UFO”, and how Earth, Moon and Sun would appear on the same day to a spacecraft entering our solar system: perhaps a real spacecraft is headed our way?  

A new crop picture which appeared near Ravenna Waterski Club on June 20, 2015 was clearly meant to illustrate a very close conjunction in Earth’s night sky of two bright planets Venus and Jupiter, 10 days later on June 30, 2015:  

Venus will appear much larger and brighter to us than Jupiter on that day, consistent with how the crop picture was drawn. It even shows the “gas belts” and “red spot” of Jupiter!  

Several tramlines in the growing crop match both a location and orientation of the solar ecliptic (path of the Sun through Earth’s sky), relative to two large “disc” shapes for “Venus” or “Jupiter” which were drawn just above: please see a dashed red line in the explanatory image shown at lower right. 

Some people say that this crop picture looks like the “underside of a mushroom”. That may be true, but the crop artist intended a lot more than that!  

A “triangle” in the field matched a “triangle” in Earth’s night sky on June 20, 2015  

When we look in the field to see where the new crop picture was drawn, we can see that it is surrounded by three tall towers for electricity supply, which create the imaginary shape of a “triangle”:

That “triangle” represents how Jupiter, Venus and a crescent Moon appeared in Earth’s night sky on June 20, 2015, which was the day when the crop picture appeared. Millions of people took photographs of a “night sky triangle” on such a special occasion!  

The crop picture was drawn so that a small, circular “red spot” for “Jupiter” lies directly along the hypotenuse of that “field triangle”, and bisects its total length. It is close to a 45o-90o-45o triangle, but not exactly.  

The new Ravenna crop picture would be amazing enough, if all that it showed was “astronomy”. Yet there is still much more intellectual content to be explored!  

An image of “magnetic levitation by a toy UFO”  

For example, when studied from a certain visual perspective, the new crop picture also resembles a toy model for “magnetic levitation” by a saucer-shaped UFO:  

Planet “Jupiter” literally appears to be hovering or levitating over planet “Venus”! Are they trying to tell us how their UFO spaceship drives really work, by means of magnetic propulsion?  

Another image of “Earth, Moon and Sun” on June 30, 2015, as seen from outside of our solar system  

From yet another perspective, we can see an image of how Earth, Moon and our Sun might appear on the same date of June 30, 2015, to a spacecraft which is entering our solar system from the outside, say from beyond Pluto:  

Now Jupiter’s “red spot” becomes Earth’s “Moon”, while a bright disc for “Venus” becomes the bright disc of our “Sun”. This interesting observation and drawing were made by Nyako Nakar.  

What are they trying to tell us by the subtle features of this crop picture? Might a real, extra-terrestrial spaceship be heading towards Earth? If so, when will it arrive?  

A “dumbbell” shape for “conjunction” nearby in the landscape  

In order to address that question and others, we studied a broad landscape nearby using Google Earth. Just to the right of where this crop picture was drawn, we can see a “dumbbell” shaped feature in the landscape, which means “planetary conjunction” or “opposition” (see Astrological_aspect#Opposition):  

That symbol seems quite appropriate for the crop picture as drawn, which illustrates a close conjunction between two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, only 10 days later.  

Some of the earliest crop pictures from 1990 showed the shape of a “dumbbell”, and have similar astronomical meanings (see time2007f). There was a very-close conjunction in August of 1990 between Venus and Jupiter, which was illustrated schematically then in crops, and has not been repeated in Earth’s night sky for the past 25 years.  

A “space shuttle” image further to the right in the landscape  

Further to the right of this crop picture, as shown in the slide above, we can see an even more remarkable feature in the landscape. It looks like a “big white space shuttle” which is heading for Earth! On its side we can see two large numbers which look like “1” and “6”, meant perhaps to suggest the year 2016?  

When we zoom in and study this landscape feature more closely, we can see a “serpent” looking out of the “space shuttle window” in a humorous fashion.  

We can also see nine round shapes on the far right, which resemble the nine planets of our solar system from Mercury to Pluto. Planets number 3 and 4 for “Earth” and “Mars” appear in conjunction, while there is a small “probe” on planet 4 Mars, which resembles the spider-like shape of NASA Curiosity Rover.  

We would encourage interested readers to study these and other landscape features near the Ravenna crop picture for themselves. Just go to latitude 44.282o North, longitude 12.313o East on Google Earth. The nearby “space shuttle” feature is located at latitude 44.287o North, longitude 12.305o East.  

The humorous image of a “bird pilot”, which matches a “face of the artist” detail that was drawn in crops nearby 

One other landscape image nearby was very humorous, and relates to a certain detail of the Ravenna crop picture, so we will show it here. When we turn that “space shuttle” image on its side, then we can see the face of its “bird pilot”, looking out of his window and “winking” at us:  

This subtle landscape feature looks like a certain detail from the Ravenna crop picture, which is shown enlarged on the right. Is the crop artist comparing himself to a “bird”, who is watching two bright planets Venus and Jupiter with two round eyes? Perhaps the crop artist noticed this amusing feature in the landscape nearby, then added a matching detail to his crop picture accordingly?  

Just below that “winking bird” in the slide above, we can see two “tall towers”, with a “spaceman” walking between them. These resemble two tall radio towers which were located next to another recent crop picture at Newton Barrow on June 15, 2015. There they symbolized “communication between two parallel universes”.  

Now we have completed our study of the new Ravenna crop picture, except for few technically-difficult parts of its astronomical code, which will be explained in Appendix 1 below. This new crop picture was truly an artistic and scientific masterpiece, which no local person on Earth could plausibly have made.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. We would like to thank Angela Galeotti, Marina Sassi and Franciosi Lorenzo for excellent aerial and ground photography of the Ravenna crop picture.  

Appendix 1. Several technically difficult codes were shown in the “disc” symbol for “Venus” and its many “light rays”  

This crop picture concerns itself primarily with a close conjunction between Venus and Jupiter on June 30, 2015. On that day, the two co-joined planets will be seen at sunset in any local western sky on Earth, then will set on the west-northwest horizon in Ravenna at 22:47 UT (for planet Venus), given a latitude of 44.3o North and longitude of 12.3o East.  

The Ravenna crop picture first shows 30 large “waves” of fallen crop around the outside, plus 30 thin standing tufts, in order to suggest “day 30” of June: 

Next it shows 47 “light rays” in its large central part. These have been divided by the crop artist into three separate sections of 11, 25, and 11 rays, as numbered in the slide above (going clockwise from the top).  

First we see 11 light rays which alternate as “thin-thick-thin-thick”, followed by two small round “eyes” at ray number “12”. Then we see another 25 rays of uniform length and thickness. Finally we see another 11 rays which alternate as thin-thick-thin-thick, going back towards the top.  

There are (11 + 11) = 22 light rays which alternate as “thin-thick-thin-thick”, which match “hour 22” when Venus will set in Ravenna on June 30, 2015.  

There are (11 + 25 + 11) = 47 light rays in total, which match “minute 47” when Venus will set in Ravenna on June 30, 2015.  

If none of the “light rays” in this drawing were obscured by a round disc for “Jupiter”, then there would be close to 52 light rays in total. These match the number of years in any Mayan “Calendar Round”. The Mayans devised their 52-year calendar long ago, based on long-term cycles of how Venus appears in Earth’s morning or evening sky.

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END OF THE TIMES - On 1 July 2015, Venus and Jupiter with the Heart of the Lion Stano officially opening the portal of 777

By Tanja Anastasijevski

Consider this article as an introduction or first part of the article that will speak to the Full Moon of July 2, 2015. I had to meditate deeply in order to understand the enormity of this that is going on NOW.

With the first look at this crop circle (see photo below), I experienced a real shock, emotional and mental, with an incredible body reaction expressed through the heart beats so intense that it seemed as if my whole body is jumping in their rhythm. Emotions were very strong and were jumping up and down like a rubber ball bouncing quickly between the floor and the attic. Within minutes the sobs of tears turned into explosive laughter of joy and tears again. Exchanged so fast and always faster than a moment sobs and laughter have become one.

My mind brain could not believe what he sees. He had the courage to believe (fear of disappointment), but my mind and heart belly were very tranquil. They knew. They recognized that plan immediately.

All they saw in that picture the sun, but I saw something else.  Those rays whirling, almost feathery, vibrant are rays of light from the star Regulus.

Waterski Club Ravenna, Cervia, Italia.Segnalato June 20, 2015.

The name was given to the star Regulus by Copernicus; it comes from Latin and means "little king" [11]. Its origin is to be found in the previous name, Rex, equivalent to Βασιλίσκος Ptolemy [11]. The association of Regulus with a regal figure is very old, dating back at least to 3000 BC This association is derived from the identification of the Lion with the king of animals [13], and by the fact that in ancient Persia, Regulus, called Venant, was the first of four stars regaliguardiane the sky, that sovraintendevano other stars, the other three being Aldebaran, Antares and Fomalhaut: Regulus was the watchman of the stars of the south, the east of Aldebaran, Fomalhaut of the North and of Antares those of the west. Probably this cultural reference originates in the fact that between 3000 and 2000 BC these four stars marcavano the duesolstizi and the two equinoxes and then divided the sky into four parts. Regulus, in particular, marked the summer solstice [11] [31].

https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regolo_(stella )

Regulus is the archangel Raphael, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The fixed cross, Regulus is one of the four cherubs represented tarot also. These cherubs are symbolized by the Bull, Lion, Eagle and human. These are the signs of Taurus (Aldebaran), Leo (Regulus), Scorpio (Antares) and Aquarius (Fomalhaut) respectively. You can view these Archangels in the corners of the Rider-Waite tarot deck on the Wheel of Fortune and the World, both cards have a pretty dramatic, fateful feeling about them.

Then, the Regulus is the real star. Archangel Raphael, the guardian of the North. Nobility, ambition,

alertness, great power, social status, leadership, sudden ruins, accidents,

violence. By some considered the star most beneficent universe and the one that decides where you will put all the other stars, generator of order between heaven and earth.

2 other planets that are seen are Venus and Jupiter.

This crop circle there is drawing attention to an astronomical event which certainly affected this June and about which I wrote here

Join great race between Venus and Jupiter in June and July 2015

That event astronomical and astrological made, by his influence, the solstice of June even more powerful.

The peak of conjunction between Venus and Jupiter takes place 1 July 2015 at 10:00. But it will be visible again for days. As the conjunction takes place during the day you can enjoy its light already tonight June 30, 2015.


The three authors of this event Stano officially opening the portal 777 with a bang full of esoteric and exoteric meanings.

In numerological meaning of the day 7.1.2015 and carrier of energy that is the number 16/7, presented in Tarot cards with Tower / Tank (sudden collapse of something old that leads to the opening of new roads - much explanation simplified).

Energies of those numbers accompanied us during all of last year and this conjunction as one shall say that we passed with success and now we can sostarci forward and this is confirmed by the next full moon immediately the day after July 2, 2015.

Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and the energies of the 'Collective Consciousness', spirituality, wisdom, lonely, the inner self, the inner life, independence, birth, rebirth, individuality, life purpose, the specialist, inventor , lonely, eccentric, thoughtfulness, natural healer, inner strength, intuition and inner wisdom, discernment, understanding of others, philosophy, endurance, perfection, stability, dignity, deep contemplation, the mystic and mysticism, psychic abilities, a sharp mind, determination, knowledge-seeking, non-conformist, the persistence of purpose, the perfection, the path of solitude, analysis and contemplation, holy vows, spiritual awareness and awakening, spiritual enlightenment and development, express your wishes and good luck.

Number 7 is a number that symbolizes the mystical wisdom, the seven chakras, the seven heavens. The number 7 symbolizes deep inner need of humanity to find the depth, purpose, meaning and spiritual connection.

The repetition of the number 7 indicates to hold the great work you have done in recent times. You are on the right path in life and that you will find that things of a positive nature will flow freely to you. Your task is to keep your momentum and enthusiasm in focus, with the highest outcome for all.

The 7 repeated the need to tell a good time to learn and succeed in self-mastery and del'autocontrollo, and implies that with enough will power and ambition can be achieved and the obstacles overcome.

This conjunction happens at 21 ° 37 'of Leo (as if to touch (the heart of Leone- another name Regulus)

The Sabian symbol for this passionate embrace between the Goddess of Love and abundance and God of all Gods are


The disorder generated fascination with the occult doctrines whose depth still eludes us. The importance of a technique and a sober approach to the unknown.


The attraction necessary to carry out an assignment spiritual or social. An ideal of dedication.

Perhaps unconsciously everyone feels watching Venus and Jupiter in the sky these days of June that is something great happen. Eyes fixed on these heavenly bodies cause strong emotions.

Our subconscious knows the meaning of this conjunction.

And one of the signs mentioned in the book of Revelation in the Bible, heralding the return of Christ.
Many have written that this conjunction of July 1 is the one that announces the event.
But searching a bit better we will realize that this conjunction is only foretelling of that great event when our bodies will eventually be transformed into crystalline bodies and we will return to be the one thing that we really are. All those who manage to transform their body from the base of carbon in a crystalline body will be Christ returned.
But we see in detail

The woman clothed with the sun

In Revelation 12, I think we are given a very important signal with regard to the coming of the Lord

12: 1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in excruciating pangs of childbirth.

Here I believe we see a symbolic picture of the nation Israel-the-woman and the coming of the Christ child. I believe this symbolism as a sign appeared in the skies over Jerusalem in the alignment of the stars of Rosh Hashanah 11/9/3 BC.


In that day the constellation Virgo was "clothed with the sun", and the moon was under her feet. Over his head three planets-Mercury, Venus and Jupiter were in alignment with the star Regulus in Leo, (In our conjunction of July 1 are only two planets in alignment with or Adjust) Regulus was also in conjunction with Jupiter. This conjunction Regulus / Jupiter is what David Larson, believed to be the famous star of Bethlehem. The 9 stars of the Lion and the 3 planets in alignment with Regulus make the crown of 12 stars.

Let us now examine the skies of Rosh Hashanah in 2017 from the point of view of the Great Pyramid of 20-21 / 9/2017 Rosh Hashanah;

The Virgin is clothed with the Sun, the Moon is not under his feet, but is closely linked to the sun, and there is an alignment of Jupiter, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Regulus, in conjunction with Venus with Regulus.  

Three days after this alignment in 09/23/2017, the Virgin is "clothed with the sun", is now the moon under her feet, and above him are three planets-Mercury, Mars and Venus, which are in line with the star Regulus in Leo. The 9 stars of the Lion and the 3 planets alignment are the crown of 12 stars. So this alignment meets the criteria of the sign from Revelation 12 and is similar to the alignment 3 BC.

Interestingly, this alignment takes place the day after the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the day of Shabbat Shuvah- Saturday return. They will discuss the implications for this sequel.


Then September 23, 2017 WE, the sign from Revelation 12 in the sky over Jerusalem on special days, including in their alignments and their meanings point to the great prophetic events surrounding the First and the Second Coming of Christ. So I think these celestial alignments in 2017 have important implications prophetic.

This conjunction is also 814 days before the Feast of Trumpets 2017. That may seem obscure, but that number multiplied by pi is 2,556.7 days or exactly seven calendar years. All other conjunctions Venus-Jupiter, as the tetrad of lunar eclipse began, have exhibited properties similar countdown.

The countdown is focused on the Feast of Trumpets that has two signs in the sky, before and after that day.

This important junction is happening just a few hours before the Full Moon on July 2, 2015 Highlighting the importance of the present moment of our individual and collective evolution.


1.The dates of 09/20/17 and 09/23/17 are both encoded on the dollar bill.

2.Il term   Apocalypse comes from the greek ἀποκάλυψις (apokalypsis), composed of apo ("from", used as a derivative in apostrophe, apogee, apostasy) and kalýptein ("hidden", as in Calipso), means throwing away what it covers, a take off the veil, literally discovery or revelation.



This important junction is happening just a few hours before the Full Moon on July 2, 2015 Highlighting the importance of the present moment of our individual and collective evolution.

A thought Heretic 😀
As from 28 November 2011, Regulus entered officially in the sign of Virgo and is no longer in Leo perhaps now might be called THE HEART OF THE LIONESS, or LITTLE QUEEN.

Perhaps with the second coming of Christ in the place of the son of God he will be born the Daughter of the Goddess.

Seriously - it says that Regulus through this cusp is becoming the symbol of SPHINX (combination of the Lion - male and Virgin - female.) It could herald the age of Aquarius. (Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo on the cross fixed. ) We can assume that the Virgin teach Leo to put aside the ego, dispense personal glory and become more respectful of the earth and the human being. This then describes the transition from the service itself (Leo) to the service of others. (= Virgin service, Aquarius = other).


In translation google  

It seems that the star of Bethlehem was not the spectacular appearance that we celebrate today in images and song. The importance of appearance was definitely in the eye of the beholder. And viewers were the Magi, priests of the religion Zoroasterian astrologer based in Persia. They drew up the meaning of each planet, position and constellations in the sky visible, and were aware of the writings and religions of the nations around them.

So let's see what the Magi could have read in two planetary conjunctions occur 10 months part in 3:02 BC.

The August 11, 3 BC. just before dawn. The two brightest planets Jupiter and Venus merge into a single dazzling star in the twilight at dawn. This occurred even under the chin of the constellation Leo. In the twilight, the bright star Regulus lion was visible.

So here's the cast of characters. Jupiter then and now was the king of the gods. In Hebrew, was Sedeq, which meant justice. The Jews worshiped one God, the one God, who created everything, so you do not need to see Jupiter as god .. Venus was the goddess of fertility at all, except the Jews. To the Babylonians was Ishtar. However, the second in Kings and Jeremiah were the prophets anxieties to find many Jews were really worship Ishtar. The lion is the king of beasts, and in Genesis 49: 9 Jacob associated his son Judah with a lion. King David was of the tribe of Judah, and therefore had to be the Messiah. Reference is again repeated in Revelation 5: 5, which reveals the power of the association in the early Christian era. Name Regulus' means little star king, an allusion to its location in the heart of the king of beasts. The ancients thought that this star has established the affairs of heaven.

Alongside the conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus, each planet has its own conjunctions of Regulus. Chester also suggests a solution to the problem of the verse in Matthew 2: 9, where the star was arrested on the spot where the child was. This seems to be impossible for an astronomical object. Explanation Chester was that this is when Jupiter reached its stationary points at the beginning and at the end of its retrograde motion or west. Well, we see the history of all these events, as modeled with my Looking Up program:

  • Aug. 11, 3 BC. - Venus and Jupiter are in their first collaboration, visible low in the east before dawn twilight. Both are moving eastward against the stars.

  • Aug. 16, 3 BC. - Regulus and Venus are in conjunction.

  • September 13, 3 BC. - Jupiter and Regulus are in conjunction.

  • November 27, 3 BC. - Jupiter is stopped, and begin to move in retrograde or westward.

  • 17 February 2 BC. - Jupiter and Regulus are in conjunction for the second time, as Jupiter continues the retrograde motion.

  • March 28 2 BC. - Jupiter is stationary, ending retrograde motion.

  • May 8, 2 BC. - Jupiter and Regulus are in conjunction for the third time.

  • June 10, 2 BC. - Regulus and Venus are in conjunction.

  • June 16, 2 BC. - Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction. They seem to merge into one star low in the west at sunset.

The first conjunction, 11 August, 3 BC., Apparently set the Magi on their journey. This is the first appearance of the star as recorded in Matthew 2: 2 I expect that knowledge of planetary motion allowed the Magi to predict the second junction 10 months later. They may have timed their journey to get around that second junction.

The Magi waiting for a king, went to the capital city of Judea, Jerusalem. It is a scripture reading that sends them to the birthplace of King David, Bethlehem. When they left Jerusalem the Magi saw the star. This was the second conjunction? June 17, 2 BC.

The problem of the star stopped over where the child was still there. If the stationary point is the phenomenon of Jupiter, Jupiter would have reached its stationary point or stopped for the last time a month before the Magi never got to Jerusalem. The fixed position of Jupiter, will be lost on all but keen observers of the sky. Jupiter would still share the daily movement of the stars across the sky. Another point: Jupiter is the star, but the combination of Jupiter and Venus. I fear that the shutdown problem is still unresolved.

If this is the star, or not, we know that was the light of the star that drew the Magi. Today Christians and Jews celebrate, in this time of darkness, the light of holidays with Christmas and Hanukkah.








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