Ravenna Waterski Club, nr Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June.

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Updated Monday 14th September  2015


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WINGED DISK at Ravenna, Italy

Although it is very difficult to see the details, it seems that this is the third “real-deal” of the 2015 crop circle season. To my interpretation, the image depicts the “Winged Disk”, feathers of which are aligned around a circular pattern.

There are two important dates starting with the double dots on the right hand side of the image. It appears that the time interval is squeezed between two full phases of the Moon. On the full moon part of the image, there is a dot and a circle around it implying some sort of celestial body - probably a space craft. This part may suggest a visual contact in early August. 

Winged disk

Berat Sancar

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I like the mushroom interpretation, it's hard to not see it like that after viewing the comparison! As for the meaning, I don't know about death/rebirth, but two thoughts do come to mind. First, mushrooms grow in the dark. Which if you think about it is odd, because this formation basically appeared at the Summer Solstice, which is perhaps the single day of the year most dedicated to the light. Also, mushrooms grow fast, they spring up almost overnight sometimes. So from the mushroom interpretation point of view, something will be suddenly revealed, that developed out of sight?

But it's also related to the sun - summer solstice. And those radials also definitely look like feathers. Iconographically, I presume the Egyptians made the feathers into wings to indicate flying or something in the sky, but that doesn't mean it actually had visible wings. That's why the second interpretation presented is interesting - that perhaps what the Egyptians actually saw in the sky was round, with feathered winglike emanations. Quetzalcoatl comes to mind here too for the same reasons. But as to what the feathers are, I recommend people check out some of the visuals on plasma-universe.com.

And as for the front disk... (I've been waiting years to say this...) "That's no moon!" LOL! Look at the off-centre circle and the use of the tramlines in the same area.

That's Jupiter!

And Jupiter stand for the king. So what is coming? In a literal sense, those feathers could be gigantic plasma discharges around something BIG coming out of the dark of space, from behnd Jupiter. Symbolically, perhaps a global king who rises suddenly, having grown powerful in the dark, but who will be radiating power?  ALL of our long ago mythologies are based on such an event. The Return of the King is the root of literally global mythology, from every place and time. And Summer Solstice is also, symbolically, the Day of the King, because the sun, the solar power, is traditionally interpreted all over the world as the manifestation of the male power.

Finally, many mushrooms are well known for their psychoactive effects. So that might have been made a readily apparent aspect of this crop formation in order to say "what's coming is going to blow your mind!" Or at the very least, completely change how we see what we've been presuming is "reality."

- John in CA

Artwork WJ


I think Mr. Berat Sancar correctly guessed the nature of the crop circle pointing to the symbol Zoroastrianism. This is the oldest monotheistic religions of the world. Symbol of winged creatures was depicted in ancient Egypt. These ancient civilizations show what they were witnessing. Visits beings from outer space. A crop circles remind us of this. Perhaps in the near future we will have to deal with this fact. The images SECCHI SOHO and at certain time intervals appears near the sun enormous material body. What's going on?

Pávková Z.


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In reaction to this crop circle, Do you also see some similarity in following video?

Peter Van Hecke

This is my interpretation of the June 20th Ravenna, Italy Formation.

Following the messages of the last ten years, the formation at Ravenna, Italy, inform the position of Nibiru. The 12ve planet is near to enter the orbit of inner planets of our Solar System. This will cause a long Total Solar Eclipse that will probably long for three days. More than that, two asteroids are heading The Earth. For more information about this interpretation, click on this youtube link.


Pablo Olivares

The total lunar eclipse on September 28 in depth

Lunar eclipses and the Saros cycle

The formation represents the moon, which is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth. The periodicity and recurrence of lunar (and solar) eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days, which is 18 years plus about 11 days. The segments of this formation symbolize these reoccurring eclipses and they refer to the Saros cycle of the lunar eclipse of the 28th of September this year. However, looking at the table of Saros cycle 137, to which this eclipse belongs, the 47 segments of the formation represent only 47 of the 78 lunar eclipses of Saros cycle 137. When counting clockwise, the first segment of this formation represents the first partial lunar eclipse of this series, which is number 16 in the series. Starting from there, the upcoming eclipse of September 28 is number 26. In the formation this is marked by an additional dot; see circle in the figure below!

Counting from this segment, 34 segments, representing 34 lunar eclipses of Saros cycle 137, further is also a marked segment. This refers to eclipse number 60 (26 + 34) of Saros cycle 137. The table shows that this is a penumbral eclipse, which will occur on October 5, 2628.

The relationship with the zodiac

Why does the formation refer to an eclipse 613 year ahead in future?? The reason is that, despite the fact that it is a different date, the eclipse occurs on exactly the same position in the sidereal zodiac. The sidereal zodiac is what I consider the true zodiac, as it refers to the true position of the celestial bodies in connection with the true constellations in the way they appear in the noctural sky. The sidereal zodiac is still in use in Vedic tradition (0 degree Libra is the star Spica). This is in contrast to the tropical zodiac, which is based upon the principle that the beginning of spring (around March 20) is the beginning of the zodiac (0 degrees Aries), but there is no relationship with the true constellations of the zodiac. Due to the so called precession of the equinoxes, in the year 2628, the same position of the (eclipsed) moon in the sidereal zodiac occurs is about one week later in reference to the Gregorian calendar, which is a seasonal calendar and therefore doesn’t relate to the sidereal year. Comparing the upcoming eclipse with the one on October 5, 2628 the difference of the lunar position is less than one degree of arc (which is less than a day regarding the suns position).

Explained the other way around

It is also possible to start counting counter clockwise. In that case, the first segment of the formation represents the first total lunar eclipse of Saros cycle 137 (eclipse number 24) and the third segment is marked. This again is the lunar eclipse of September 28 (eclipse number 26). In that case the second marked eclipse again is lunar eclipse number 60, which will occur on October 5, 2628.

Resolving the location of the formation

Regarding the sidereal zodiac, the moon will be in Pisces (fishes) on both eclipse dates. This is the reason why the formation has been created at the edge of a pond (relates to fishes). The formation is also close to the Adriatic Sea (at about 3 km distance). There still is another reason for specific this location in Italy. The lunar eclipse will have its maximum at 2:48 AM (ET) or 2:47 AM (UCT) or 4:47 AM local summertime. A horoscope reveals that on the 28th of September, 4:48 local time, Neptune is exactly at the descendant (sets), while Neptune rules over the zodiacal sign Pisces!

Note that the formation is only 20 km of the formation that appeared on the 20th May 2012 in Italy and also displayed the saros cycle in relation to the solar eclipse on that day in a very similar way.

Resolving the date of the formation

The formation appeared exactly 100 days before the lunar eclipse. However it also appeared 224,001 days before the lunar eclipse of October 5, 2628. When rounded to 224,000 days, this is not only a multiple of 1000, but is also exactly the extremely neat number of 20 × 40 × 40 weeks! This again proves the meaning of the formation.

Resolving the deeper levels of the formation

Traditionally, an eclipse is thought to have a negative influence on humanity. The nodes refer to the head and tail of the serpent or dragon. The nodes extinguish the lights of the sun and the moon. However, in the light of the sidereal zodiac, the nodes do not extinguish the lights of the stars. This means that the crop circle makers put forward that eclipses challenge to reconnect to the stars, symbolizing the potential of the soul. When doing so, mass hysteria and negative influences of dark entities will belong to the past.

The fact that Neptune will set in the West means that illusions and illusionary systems of the past will be broken down to the bottom.


Marc Smulders


Regarding the CC at Ravenna Waterski Club, nr Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June.  We have to start with the obvious, this CC was made from an airborne position and not from the ground.  Using the Law of Parsimony to explain this CC -- the theory that the simplest explanation of an event will be the preferred explanation of those who are a part of it.   Regarding this CC we simply have an eye that is looking at a sun (I don't recommend doing that since it can permanently burn your retina but if you accidentally look at any bright light for a split second it will temporarily leave an image on your retina called an afterimage).  The image is not two dimensional, it is three dimensional with the eye in the background and the sun in the distant foreground.  The eye is represented by the iris and pupil.  The sun in the foreground has a sunspot.  Another way of looking at this is that the sun has temporarily left an afterimage on the retina... in which case the foreground is actually in the back of the iris and pupil.


The decoding is exact, there is not one letter added or left over.

All you do is to go into the code and rearrange its letters and then you will find the message that those in the heavens have left us.

The Crop Formation Code

What is the meaning of a crop formation that resembles an upturned mushroom and on the very end of its stalk is a tiny white dot?

Its Decoded Message

That fated petty strike on Hiroshima damaged your atmosphere hence new storms.    The final titan orb invasion must now unfold.


If you look on the Internet these Orbs are now being seen more and more.

I think the majority of us are now aware that something big is about to happen.

And its also obvious that those in the heavens aren’t happy with the way we are treating this planet or one another.

The final battle is the Apocalypse.

With the looks of it we are going to receive more information about this.

All my love to you all

From Helen

This crop circle was placed a lot of contributions. I offer one more possible solution.

The crop circle may be a warning to the astronomical phenomenon that will be seen in 2016. It is the passage of Mercury across the sun. In the background is shining solar disk. In the foreground is the screen, without which you can not observe the sun. The dot is placed exactly on the rail line. In this direction the dot move across the solar disk. Right, near the glowing corona can be seen two other tiny circles tečky.Tvůrci might want to say that in May 2016 during Mercury transit will be close to the Sun to move another

celestial object, or two? Why was this information is inserted into the corn field?


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike