The Belt, Nr Fairford, Gloucestershire. Reported 21st July.

Map Ref: SP144022 

Updated Thursday 23rd July 2015


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A new crop picture at The Belt on July 21, 2015 shows a highly-patterned “pair of binoculars”, as if someone were “watching us from a distance”. The landscape nearby shows a “space shuttle” and its “aviator pilot”. Will they come in soon to land?  

This new crop picture at The Belt was meant to be studied using “inverted” colours. After we “invert” the original image using Photoshop, then a small “lunar crescent” on the left may be seen correctly, just as it would have appeared in Earth’s night sky on July 21, 2015.  

Ostensibly the overall crop picture looks like a “pair of binoculars”. Was someone watching us from a distance on the early morning of July 21, 2015?  


When we study this new image in close detail, we can see two long, thin “spiral” lays of patterned crop on both the left and the right. These are “spirals” and not “concentric circles”:  


Each spiral lay has been divided into two smaller parts, whether “inside” near the centre, or “outside” near the edges. The inner part of each spiral contains approximately 13 thin turns (plus or minus 1), while the outer part of each spiral contains approximately 11 thin turns (plus or minus 1).  

One spiral is left-handed (or anti-clockwise), while the other spiral is right-handed (or clockwise). What might all of these details be trying to tell us?  

Five nearby trees suggest that we may be seeing an abstract representation of the Mayan Long Count calendar. It contains five different digits for different periods of time. On July 21, 2015, the Mayan Long Count calendar read (see which is a pretty good match:   

We have illustrated this crop picture using a “smiling face with glasses” because, without any question, this new field image at The Belt was meant to be humorous!  

In the landscape on the right, we can see an “aviator pilot”, complete with “earphones” and a “microphone”, looking left to where the crop picture was drawn, just as if he might be using binoculars: 

We can also see there the image of a “space shuttle”, and a “smiling bird with teeth”.  

When we zoom in using Google Earth, to study precisely where this crop picture was drawn, we can see that it resembles the “two front wheels” of a “space shuttle”, which is coming in to land:  

There is a real airport (RAF Fairford, Dunfield) with real runways not far away to the left, in the direction where that landscape “space shuttle” is flying, so all of this artistic imagery makes perfect sense!

The crop artist has used two overlapping metaphors here: one of “binoculars”, and another of “front landing wheels” for a space shuttle. Surely it will not be long now, until our friend from the stars (or from a parallel universe) actually does come in and land?

Other important details not shown here  

A wonderful video by Mr. Gyro shows two other details of the patterned crop, which we could not easily reproduce in slides (please see times 0:27 or 0:58 of At the centre of that left-hand crop spiral, we can see a delicate “serpent” shape, which points slightly clockwise toward the right-hand spiral. At the centre of the right-hand crop spiral, we can see a “man’s smiling face”, which points slightly anti-clockwise toward the left-hand spiral .  

We can also see a “laughing face” or “Pacman” shape in some of the patterned crop. Within the left-hand crop spiral, we can see a “laughing face” which points to the left. Within the right-hand crop spiral, we can see a “laughing face” which points to the right (please study close aerial photographs on The Belt 2015).   

A slightly “square” shape, within some of the flattened lay, resembles a schematic plan for the Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza (see mayan-and-inca-temples).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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