The Belt, Nr Fairford, Gloucestershire. Reported 21st July.

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Updated Saturday 1st August 2015


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Regarding the CC referred to as the Belt, Nr Fairford, Gloucestershire. Reported 21st July.

This CC resembles the set of real numbers with subsets of irrational and rational numbers.  In the 18th century, Johann Heinrich Lambert proved that the number π  (pi) is an irrational number.  There is an odd symbol in the foreground of this CC that resembles the shape of a pie with a slice missing.  This symbol perhaps represents π   (pi) and if so the symbol lies within the subset of irrational numbers.  The other equal size circle would be all rational numbers and the largest circle enclosing all other circles would be the set of real numbers.  It would not be unusual to find the number π   (pi) mentioned in at least one CC since many CCs are circular and the number π   (pi) is used to calculate the circumference, area, and volume of a (crop) circle. 




This crop circle was reported on 21st July 2015 at The Belt, near Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK.

According to the Mayan Solar calendar, 21st July 2015 begins the final 5-day long purification cycle known as the Uayeb. This is the time to purify internally and externally in honor of the closing of the year, preparing for the New Year.

Until 24th July 2015 continues the Red Moon Year, which began on 26th July 2014. Besides, July 21 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Moon”.

The energy “Red Moon” means: Purify, Flow, Universal Water.

The makers of this crop circle probably propose us to use the energy of the Red Moon for purification in these 5 days.


In my opinion, the biggest outer bright circle represents the Red Moon. The 2 smaller circles in the middle are forms, which we purify. Each of these circles could be for example a physical body or another energy body – emotional, mental etc.

Very figuratively is shown how the energy of the Red Moon purifies both forms. We can very clear see the concentric “streams of Universal water” which purify the forms perfectly. Both forms are so pure, they are really glittering!

The small stain on the one of these circles depicts some “impurity” and we see how the “Universal Water” dissolves it gradually.

This crop circle has appeared near Fairford. This place was probably chosen not by chance. Among other things, the word “fair” means "clean”, “pure”.

On 26th July 2015 begins the New Year of the White Planetary Wizard. Every “serious” Wizard has a wise Owl as a helper. So the Owl and the Wizard are often connected, and on crop circles from previous years we can notice, that the energy “White Wizard” sometimes is symbolized through an Owl, depicted less or more stylized. Also here we can say, that on this crop circle is depicted the face of an Owl, with the typical big eyes, which represents symbolically the coming New Year of the White Wizard.

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova


The "pair of binoculars" interpretation could represent a link to "Jean Michelle Jarre - Equinoxe".

The term "equinox" on the other hand opens gates to whole worlds.
I think the symbolism of the two cherubim on the "Ark of the Covenant" has also to do with equinox.



A pair of binoculars
Additionally it might also be a hint to use both parts of our brain. Using just only the left or the right part might lead to Cyclopism. ;-)

The upcoming end of the Shemitah

The reference to a partial eclipse

The two circles (flattened crop) symbolize the moon and the third circle of standing crop (partially covered by the other circles) is the sun. The moon is passing the sun, causing an eclipse. The small circle inside the large circle of the formation also symbolizes the sun, out of which the moon has taken a bite; this additional small circle provides us with the information that it refers to a partial, not a total or annular eclipse.

At the end of the formation creation day, the moon passes the north node. This happens each 27.2 days (the draconic month). The 2 circles also refer to 2 draconic months, and two draconic months (= 54 days) later (from July 21) refers to the end of the 13th September, while earlier on this day there will be a partial solar eclipse (visible in Southern Africa and Antarctica).

The end of the Shemitah

The end of September 13, to which the formation refers, is the end of the so called Shemitah, the 7-years-cycle of the Hebrew calendar. Hence at sunset of September 13 (in the Hebrew calendar the “day” starts and ends at sunset), a new day, a new month, a new year and a new Shemitah starts.

It’s a remarkable fact that this period often goes hand in hand with a crisis:

-          September 29, 2008 (new moon, end of Shemitah): bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15 and start of financial crisis.

-          September 17, 2001 (new moon, end of Shemitah): twin-tower-event on September 11

Both ends of the Shemitah went hand in hand with a stock market crash on exactly that date (from September 11 until September 16, Wallstreet was closed).

Formation environment

The image below clearly shows the converging lines, symbolizing an end:


In the direction of sunset on September 13 (the end of the Shemitah), there is a tiny village called “sunhill”. The reference to the sun clearly shows the relationship with the year and the end of it at sunset. However the line from the centre of the lower circle to the small circle (with bite taken out of it) passes a lot of ponds. The moon rules over water. Hence there is also an additional relationship with the moon. The reason is that the Hebrew calendar is a solar-lunar-calendar: it not only follows the sun, but also the moon (each month starts at new moon). See figure below:


Marc Smulders


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I think this might be, in part, a portrayal of the July Blue Moon - two full moons in a month, illustrated by two perfect big circles touching each other within one bigger circle.

John in CA



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike