Devil's Den, nr Fyfield, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July?

Map Ref: SU152696

Updated Tuesday 14th  July  2015


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Close-up image of a “frightened serpent” lay at the centre of Devil’s Den on July 9?



Artwork WJ

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Hello dear readers and writers, 

with this new crop circle we have the actual peak level in the exchange of images and messages. 

I would like to invite you to read my last reports for better understanding the bunch of messages, better described as the 'continuous flow of conversation'. 

My first report was the special and long report: 

 My 2nd report is about the crop circle in Poland, which you find here: 

After all my written reports and the received answers from cc-makers, these Galactic brothers and sisters decided to send a very special sign! 

So let's start with the 1st image (many thanks here to the photographer!).

You see a depicted 'cell with brain', which I described in my 1st and long report (I copy in):

"...In the centre of image there is a circle and in the middle of that circle there is a bigger dot.

That means (and ALWAYS means) a 'cell with brain' - translated: YOU." 

But cc-makers are very clever, because they placed that 'cell with brain' = 'conscious living being' close to a field with a special grass circle. And in the centre of that circle there is something like a 'historical monument', created with some boulders! 

Next image shows a closer look at this grass circle with its pieces of rocks in the centre: 

Of course for cc-makers it was absolutely no coincidence to place their new crop circle very close to this monument. This crop circle they have not sent only to you, they have sent it to me especially. Why?

Because their telepathically 'attached' and 'official' message!

The sent message is: 

"We as your Galactic brothers and sisters stand by your side, as we have expressed already in our last crop circle in Poland.

Now back again in good old Britain we have placed our image very close to the special grass circle with the rock inside.

And you know the reason for this!

Because it represents our wish that you as a 'conscious living being' should stay strong like 'a rock in the storms', because you are surrounded by ignorant and indifferent people and it needs your constant energy to withstand those 'negative influences'.

Therefore see these two images as one image, in which we send our big thanks to you because your honest and brave assistance." 

In honour and thankfulness I simply bow to you, dear brothers and sisters.

My big thanks to you, I am speechless now, but you have already received my heart connected thoughts.... 

Extra note here: My special thanks go also to that farmer, the owner of these fields, because he has an eye onto the grass circle with the monument in its centre.

He takes care for it and I do know why it is. 

Maybe here is a reader who knows that farmer personally..?

Then it would be great to transmit my big thanks to that farmer.

Can anybody do this, please? 

I finish here with a few last words:

As you can see, dear people, there is no any coincidence in my conversation with the Galactic brothers and sisters.

There was and is a clearly visible 'line' in the string of the images, as well as in the messages. 

My kind regards to you, 

(I have rearranged my special overlay-image 'flower_of_life+love+peace.jpg'

just for reasons of a better looking). 

2015-07-10 - Gerd Estrup -

The location of the crop circle near these stones certainly not accidental. The stones remind me asteoridy - dangerous pieces of stones that fly in space. Maybe as the sun moves across the sky, so the shadow of the stone gets close to the crop circle (the Earth). 

Web page filled with news about the expected close flyby asteoridu 2012 TC4 around the Earth On October 12, 2017. Many reports make no secret of the fact that asteroid could be dangerous for the Earth. 

On October 12, 2017, the asteroid 2012 TC4 is slated to whizz by Earth dangerously close. The exact distance of its closest approach is uncertain, as well as its size. Based on observations in October 2012 when the space rock missed our planet, astronomers estimate that its size could vary from 12 to 40 meters. The meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February 2013, injuring 1,500 people and damaging over 7,000 buildings, was about 20 meters wide. 

The full report at:

Pávková Z.


Devil's Den 

Below is a summary of my understanding and hence my interpretation of some the crop circles - CCs that were reported recently.

To my understanding, the crop circles in Italy are drawn to give some instructions and to ask some questions related to the implementation of these instructions. The crop circles in England are, on the other hand, drawn to provide progress reports and answers to the questions asked. When I say “Crop Circles”, I mean ET made CCs; to the extent that it is possible to separate them from the man-made CCs. Below is a chronological presentation:

1.      Westwoods, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 21st June

A space ship is passing through the asteroid belt by creating deflector waves to clear its path. It is literally “unlocking the asteroid ridge”. 

2.      Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Reported 23rd June

The message: “timeo ET ferentes!” was posted in Italy, implying an approaching space ship.

3.      Knoll Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June

“Flower of life” (Earth) is in the sight down in the horizon.

4.      Strzelno, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland. Reported 30th June

“The flower of life (Earth)” will be in blossom with the approaching space ship.

5.      Devil's Den, nr Fyfield, Wiltshire. Reported 9th July?

The ship is in orbit around the Earth. I sincerely hope that the location of the CC is not chosen deliberately as its name may imply some questionable judgement for our planet! Now, everything is set and it is time for some action. However, if the location of CC is intentionally chosen due to its name, the type of the action will probably be related to some “cleaning and dusting” work. 

Berat Sancar

Devils Den Fyfield.  Crop Formation of July 9th 2015

This at first sight apparently simple ring and central disc design reminded me of the West Kennett Long Barrow slightly more complicated formation of July 2014 which was exactly replicated over a period of two years. Andrew Edwards finally solved what turned out to have been an ingenious geometrical challenge, proving that each ring edge of the formation was part of a construction of precisely positioned polygons. 

It turns out that the recent Fyfield formation is a further challenge of a similar type. The proportional relationships and positions of the edges of all the components are governed by an underlying geometry, and analysis reveals that again several polygons are concealed within. There are in fact six Equilateral Triangles and two hexagons making up the construction though of course no construction lines are apparent in the field. 

Devils Den Fyfield   July 9th 2015  

To construct a replica of the field formation on the drawing board all that is required is a ruler and compasses. No measurements are required. 

First accurately draw an Equilateral Triangle of a size to suit your paper dimension.

Using the compasses to find the centres of each of the sides connect the centres to each of the triangle apexes, . Where these lines intersect will be the middle point of the triangle.  

Use this point to draw the circumference of the central disc to tangentially meet the sides of the triangle, see above, and from the same centre adjust the radius to meet any apex of the triangle and then draw the large outer circle.  

Using the same radius setting step out the six divisions of the large hexagon and draw  the chord lines,  then draw the second large circle to tangentially touch the chords, see above. 

Finally complete the other four large triangles as shown which will automatically mark out the smaller hexagon on the outside of the central disc.  

For your replica of the Field Formation you now have the basic circles and have now only to erase all the construction lines of the polygons to match the original 

If, by any chance you have an insight into how construction lines were erased without damage to the crop in the actual field formation, please e-mail the Crop Circle Connector Website with your explanation. 

Jack Sullivan   July 13. 2015


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