Knoll Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

Map Ref: SU070696

Updated Saturday 4th  July  2015


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Here follows my mentioned long report regarding all the last and important crop circles.

Due to the 2015 motto, the complexity and amount of circles which are following a special topic, I decided to show you the true line, the summary of meaning of all the circles. 

Dear readers and writers,

this is my very special report written to all of you. 

At first let me say big thanks to all photographers either sitting in UL-planes or have started a drone equipped with HD-camera. Also many thanks to the writers and painters here.

Let's start now. 

As you have certainly realised, the cc-makers have sent many crop circles all over the years.

But in every case they followed a special 'headline' or 'motto', for example

- all about Sacred geometry and Earth humans connection (or disconnection) with it,

- all about 'time', the Earth humans responsibility IN Time and how to create future 

But this year 2015 they have chosen a very different topic or motto, and it has nothing to do with 'higher' knowledge like 'Sacred geometry'. 

It is not that easy for me to bring this so very real and hard topic close to you.

Maybe some of you will even be shocked, literally spoken. 

And I realised the whole topic already in the first sent crop circle, even when it was almost vanished because the people have spotted it so lately and the grass or crops grew longer and had almost obliterated the whole image.

But anyway there was enough to recognize.

And I recognised it in seconds, even if some of you will doubt or even deny all this. 

So I will start to explain the serial of crop circles, because they do follow the same one topic, the same motto.

And this 2015 motto I describe with own words, but in agreement with our good hearted Galactic brothers and sisters, those ET-beings and cc-makers. So the title of this year is: 

The Tragedy in Humankinds Evolution and Development from the very beginning until NOW 

And yes, you have read right and you have to take it literally, because it is the sad truth as I will prove here.

By the way: Our Galactic brothers and sisters (those so close connected and good hearted beings) are in so serious worries about us, and I will tell you the reasons for all that - and then even the most ignorant people will be forced to realise....... 

Let me begin with the first reliable crop circle in this year,

Macmillan Way, Nr Tarlton, Gloucestershire. United Kingdom. Reported 19th April


At a first glance there is obviously not much to see, but for me there was a lot to see.

For to present a schematic view, I present here an image created by Red Collie (thanks man): 

You see something like '4 petals' which possibly remind you to the flower of life.

But this time it has nothing to do with it, in contrary, it is meant in sense of a much more 'simple' image. And most of you do know this symbol. It is a symbolic depiction of a compass rose, yes!!!

Usually shown in any compass, and sailors with their ships use it every single day.

It tells you the heading: North, South, West and East.

So the 4 petals are meant as the 4 main directions as described. 

To send a little note here to Dr. Horace Drew = Red Collie, the creator of the last image:
Why ever have you chosen to place your number 'one' at the 4 o'clock position?

Answer: Because in any other position your so called 'explanation' about an earthquake would fall into ashes in just a moment. So I would appreciate it, if you could give a much more exact (!!!)  and detailed description instead speculations.

However, I thank you for the given schematic image and I'll keep on calling you an intelligent human.... 

So there is a circle visible which is a bit outside from all other 'curves' so to say.

And this special circle, even almost invisible, has a special meaning!

I will describe it here very shortly, because cc-makers have explained the whole topic already in the year 2013, beginning with


Monument Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 6th August. 

To remind you, I copy in that first crop circle image, which I explained in my numerous reports: 

It was a series of three following crop circles which told you the

'System of time, which creates the future including your 'input'. 

With this reminder I come back to the actual crop circle. So I will explain the real meaning of the circle including the single outer circle: 

You Earth humans seem to know everything, but what a 'right course' simply is, you have no any clue, as we will prove it to you. Same is with your 'input', which you - as a fatal error - totally ignored and even keep on ignoring. 

It is time here to explain their words and what they really talk about.

They even agree with my statistics, which I have found in actual News-TV, in web and in many other places also..... 

First: From the beginning of the era of so called 'modern human' which means the 'homo sapiens', who survived all the catastrophes one million years ago as the only humanoid species from former 13 races of humanoid species, he, the modern human began his sad and bloody and misunderstood 'victory' which is far from a so called victory: 

Wherever and whenever humans have set their foots onto any new ground, there followed wars, fights and killings in the name of 'power' and 'greed' for gold, for money, even in the name of so called 'gods'. What a bloody lie......

What they have left back always (!!!) after their numerous invasions is a trace of blood, countless dead bodies (until today!!!), unimportant if those victims were young people or even innocent children. And this lousy bloody game goes on until today, actually even in every minute. 

If the people prefer to deny the truth, then they live in illusion, because they simply ignore the sad facts and all the betrayals which you find in heads of so called 'leaders' of 'governments' or even in heads self nominated 'leaders' which in real are greedy and emotionless dictators.

And now all the people even want to still keep on to ignore the truth, the facts, for to keep on lying???

Then I must present you a little bit of reality, of sad truth.

So here follows a small excerpt of a so called impressive listing, and this is it what cc-makers speak about in their sent crop circle image  

Since the beginning of that statistic it says: 

- There were approx 414 world wide conflicts in 2014, and never there was such a high number in any time before, 

- Since the end of WW II (since the last 70 years) there were not less than 260 wars in the world, 

- Actually there are more than 55 Million people on the run for to escape from their 'homeland' because there are wars, killings, poverty, hardship, hunger, violation and what else. This information can be found in the 'Global Peace Index'. 

- Never before there was a so big gap between the rich and the poor, and this gap is increasing faster and wider,  

- Never before there was more indifference, coldness, ignorance and violation 

Progress you may ask?

The only progress is in technology, so fast that it does 'eat' you completely......

Meanwhile the humans true values go down more and more,

and the whole beautiful world goes down in chaos, even speeding up in the going down, meanwhile the world leaders are very busy to tell you something about 'progress', 'peace' and 'fairness'. Obviously they are drug addicted or what else, and they suffer the loss of reality.....

As a German proverb says: Geld verdirbt den Charakter - Money ruins the character. 

So you can see that there is truly not much which the so called 'intelligent' people could feel 'proud' for. 

I have just presented some sad facts and I wonder a bit, why all the people seem to prefer to 'forget' or to ignore those facts, even when every single human lives in this world. 

Therefore it was reason enough for our benevolent connected ET's to remind us our own history until present age and our fatal failures all over the time.

And all the following crop circles speak the same clear words full of anxiety as you will see. 

So I will go on with the next crop circle regarding


Fox Ground Down, Nr Blandford Forum, Dorset. Reported 30th May 

Following the '4 petals' of the former image, you see now 4 lines, which divide the 'four directions' like North, South, East and West (or other so called directions) into 4 parts.

From each of the lines there is shown a 'spiral' in 90° right hand from the 'base' of the line.

This means:
Wherever you walked and acted, it took you a long time (time itself is meant in sense of thousands of years).

You changed the course, the direction by going from North now to East or West or South?

As you can see, you wasted a long time again, with NO any honourable outcome.

To see the 'outcome' in the outer 4 empty circles at the end of each 'course'.

In short:

Whatever your course, your heading was, it took you countless years for to recognise that you have achieved NOTHING. So it WAS and it IS wasted time, if you would keep on following your insane and sad 'ideas' and wrong headings which is not more than a bunch of sadness and blood - as proven not only in your history, but even on TODAY. 

And regarding this crop circle there was only one report written here which is beautiful and close to the topic, therefore of importance:

written and illustrated by Michelle Jennings.

My very big thanks here, dear Michelle, because you have the ability to look deeper into the image.

So it's obvious that at least you possess a so called 'higher understanding' - so my thanks again, dear good soul. 

Let's go on with the next circle:

Pontecurone, Alessandria, Italy. Reported 7th June.


Not much to tell about, but the few words are of extreme importance, as it was been sent from our galactic siblings, and it is another urgent message just for you.

So here the message: 

The image shows something which refers to waves like in music.

You see 8 outer and 8 inner triangles (reminds to a musical octave, which is meant as tones inside an octave, below and beyond.

The inner triangles correspond with the outer 8 triangles,

so it can be titled as the harmonic tones, the overtones and the fundamental frequencies 

In the centre of image there is a circle and in the middle of that circle there is a bigger dot.

That means (and ALWAYS means) a 'cell with brain' - translated: YOU.  

So the image tells you a very simple message: 

You as a conscious human have to think about music, waves and harmony.

In other words: Try to find your middle so that you can be able to feel the harmony, listen to music and listen to the harmonic tones, feel the vibration.

The same is valid for waves of the mind, thoughts and energy.

And harmony is the totally opposite of chaos......whether in music or in thoughts.......... 

More about tones and basics you can find here (German):

and here (English): 

To go on with the next crop circle:


Berlin Brandenburg, Nr Berlin, Germany. Reported 8th June 

This image is something like the continuation of the last image. 

I was a bit happy when reading that this circle appeared here in Germany, my homeland, and not far from its capital city Berlin. So it is not that far from my home.

The message however is simple to understand: 

We have twelve 'leaves', corresponding to 12 months of a year, translated into a bigger scale it means 'time' - ALL the time, or the never ending time.

But there is a second meaning:

the 12 leaves show harmony, even musical harmony with waves and their overtones.........

to remind you the roots.......... 

As next I present this crop circle image:


Foxley Road, nr Sherston, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June 

Here you see a spiral (helix) which - if you would unwrap, it would be a long straight line. 

Again and following the motto of this crop circle season 2015,

it tells about time - humankind's time, more precisely all the WASTED time from the beginning until now. 

You see a dot in the centre which shows the humankinds begin of existence a million years ago.

Walking and walking and walking - with no any remarkable outcome.

Therefore if you start from centre and walk on the spiral, the line 'ends' anywhere.

Unimportant where it ends, it makes no difference, because there was nothing honourable in any time before and is nothing honourable just at this moment.

All the time and all the violence, all the wars, all the victims, all the blood - only wasted time and energy. Therefore you see only a simple bare line, wrapped into a spiral, and nothing to add. 

To go on with next crop circle:


Devizes Road, Nr Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire. Reported 16th June 

Again the call of the worried galactic brothers and sisters. 

Not much to say here, because you see with own eyes the sign of friendship.

And it is meant as a very confidential sign - to tell you once again: 

"WE are your galactic brothers and sisters.

And we are in serious worry........

Whatever und whoever sends any 'images of crop circles to you' - be assured that we are by your side.

For some reasons e.g. the galactic law of 'non intervention' we are restricted in our help and assistance.

However we see you and we want to help you............." 

And it was a first louder call for ME, to appeal to me the readiness to write this long report, just in friendship and to help you. But I was still in hesitation because the upcoming difficult task to write all this and secondly because your possible denial. 

Next image is this one:


Upper Rapeland Wood, nr  Horsham, West Sussex. Reported 22nd June 

This message and image is absolutely NOT meant as any of so called (and manmade) religion, if you assumed something like this. 

Brothers and sisters including many galactic races have absolutely nothing to do with any so called 'religion'. And it is your task to think, why it is. 

So what we have here is anyway interesting, because it looks special.

Is it some technical and three-dimensional-joint or pin-joint, similar to a cardanic joint or hinge?

May be yes, but there is one additional dimension, and that third 'bearing' is not imaginable in any connection with a cardanic-joint.

Therefore I translate it with a 'three-dimensional' 'widget' - meant as a 'protective shield', working in any direction. 

Simply spoken it means wherever you go, don't forget to be strong.

And strength itself is meant to be in love, in truth and in knowledge!!!! 

Taking a new look at this image, but now 'enriched' with the real meaning, you will recognize that it must be YOU to be strong and real, and to strive for something bigger, your true existence.

And that is a very other way in comparison with your 'old', although 'well known' and proved wrong way................ 

To go on with next crop circle:


Sunnyside, Nr Redlynch, Somerset. Reported 22nd  June 

What an intelligent way of drawing a LABYRINTH with only ONE exit..... 

Following the topic, the brothers and sisters have sent another image for to show you the way, YOUR way, which is an unbelievable hard way to go.

In same time it shows the way of humans evolution: 

Started in the centre (the dawn of humans existence one million years ago when the 'homo sapiens' appeared on stage), the way was hard and stony from the beginning...... 

Once started, there soon was a first obstacle - the wide 'border' drawn from centre to the outer diameter - it's a border of awareness as well as of time. 

People were clueless and decided to go back and search for another way.

Coming almost back to their starting point, they walked 'another' way, meanwhile time is going on as shown in the more and more outwards drawn way, the spiral.

However which way they chose, after a time there appeared the same border.

And they realised that it was the wrong way - once again. 

BUT - and here is the solution: 

There IS a final victory possible for humans, as shown in the last winding near the 'exit', which you can see very close to the outer ring at right hand.

And that ring must be understood like: We have succeeded - finally.......... 

How many of so hard efforts have we spent into our own forthcoming, even when it was so hard, so inhuman, so violent and so bloody and with so many victims,

but at one special point in future, we will have accomplished this 'mission', which took us time of unbelievable thousands of years........... 

And the outer ring is a NEW connection - and so in humans history it will be the very first time in their evolution to reach a special point of 'mind-development':

For the first time there will be a real contact with our so sweet and wise galactic brothers and sisters... 

Only a dream? No, because it lays down in your and everybody's hands, to decide and to take the true responsibility, but this time it is a TRUE responsibility:

BE a real human, a real grown-up - and be it with your whole heart and mind. 

Then - and only then - all humans will have a so happy future.

And that is the truth - even told by our heart connected brothers and sisters. 

The last circle here:


Knoll Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June 

This time, there appeared the inner part of the 'seed of life'.

And for sure it is part of 'sacred geometry' even when it is not the motto of this year. 

This time, dear readers, the connected brothers and sisters have sent that special sign to ME personally.

You may wonder and you may say: "What the heck is he speaking about, is he is totally insane...?" 

I can calm you down, and I feel fine I tell you. I'm really okay. 

But I have a special telepathic connection with brothers and sisters, as you have probably recognized in all the last years, when I have sent so many own created 'crop circles' = images drawn with own hand, to the crop circle makers. 

And in almost every case they have sent replies, special replies. And everybody was able to see my and their images as a kind of conversation. 

This time, this year, the things are a bit different. 

When the first real crop circle appeared --->


I understood the sent message immediately.

And I understood the topic, the motto of the 2015 crop circle season. 

But I did not want to write any reports here as I told before.

So I wrote only one report in harsh words in the realisation that you would not understand - as always. 

But then there appeared all the next crop circles.

And they followed one special line, one special motto. 

In between I felt the telepathic gentle appeals in which they asked me for assistance.

They wanted me to write all these explanations for YOU, dear readers, so that you will be able to understand all the messages.

But anyway I hesitated to write reports for the not open minded people. 

Brothers and sisters felt even a bit desperate because their vainly efforts in sending images and new images, because humans were to indifferent and to cold for just understand the simple messages.

So they decided to send the sign of 'peace'.

And they have sent it it to me, too, to renew their request...... 

I still hesitated.

But then they decided to send a special sign, which btw is part of MY sign, and it was addressed to ME personally. 

And so I could not longer deny my readiness in giving assistance to them.

I do know that the brothers and sisters out there will be very happy now.

And in my heart I feel a very close connection, the complete understanding and also a big happiness, dear people here. 

And I decided to write this one long report which took me hours of writing, thinking and gathering the images.

I did it for you, dear people and for all the living people.

Be sure that deep in my heart I love the whole planet Earth so much with all the living humans on its surface. 

So I send a big Thank You all.

I finish here with very kind regards and as a special 'gimmick' I add a special and self created image, which not only shows the close connection, in same time it is meant as my telepathic transmitted message to the Galactic brothers and sisters, to say thank you and... Oh, they received it already.... so nothing left to say.......Bye bye........ 

PS: To not forget here to mention that there appeared some very strange crop circles which absolutely do not fit into this so important topic / motto. The reason is that those images were NOT been sent by our close siblings, but by some not benevolent beings.

I will write another report regarding these so strange crop circles.

Give me just a bit of time. 

2015-07-02 - Gerd Estrup -



The Flower of Life Symbol


I also feel this circle is a reference to the Star of Bethlehem flower as shown in this photo, an actual flower, but could it be a reference to the Venus, Jupiter conjunction occurring in our sky now, which is known as the Star of Bethlehem? 

Interesting links:
Joseph Lake Research

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Artwork WJ

Ending the spell, caused by our dreams 

The relationship with the flower of life 

Others already found the connection of this formation with the flower of life. However this has a deeper meaning. True connection with life means that people have to leave our ideology based society.

The flower has 6 petals. This relates to the numbers 6, 6 × 6 = 36 and even 6 × 6 × 6 = 216. Research reveals that these numbers have a relationship with the so-called Dreamspell. Hence, first we have to get more understanding of Dreamspell and the upcoming shift on the leap-day in 2016. 


In the famous Mayan calendar the so-called Tzolkin, a cycle of 260 days (“signatures”), plays a central role. However, “the” Tzolkin does not exist, because it has been based upon a general principle, namely the organization of time. This becomes manifest in three different counts: the classical count, still in use by the Quiché Maya’s, the Dreamspell-count, coined by the Maya researcher José Argüelles and the Cosmic Count (still rather unknown). In modern times, Dreamspell is very popular among Mayanists. So far, this count was closely connected with the Gregorian calendar. Until the year 2016, leap days (February 29) did not count, which means that February 29 had the same signature as February 28. In other words: the leap-day was skipped in relation to the Dreamspell Tzolkin-count. This resulted in a 52-years-cycle (the “calendar-round”: after 52 years, on the same date, the signature also again is the same).

Dreamspell has a possible dark side, which I want to put forward:

Dreamspell easily puts a spell on people, because Dreamspell is the creative energy of the mind. The mind is very sensitive to brainwashing or thinking in systems or structures. In this way, people created hundreds of religions and all kinds of ideologies and systems that have been based upon that. The dreams that come up in our minds put a spell on us, it makes us a slave of an ideology or on an individual level, people tend to built endless structures, rules and contracts in order not to lose control. This is the spell, put on our mind on an individual level, making people live in the illusion that we decide, handle and are able to put everything under control. There is no heart connection!

In this respect, February 29, 2016 means an important shift, because from that date on, the 52-years-cycle will be cancelled. This is caused by the fact that in contrast to the past, Dreamspell will NOT skip a day from that leap-day onwards. Dreamspell no longer is closely related to the sun/the Gregorian calendar, but to the Tun-cycle, the religious year of 360 days. This is important, as the sun symbolizes the self and has the tendency to regard oneself as the centre of the universe. All the planets in our solar systems turn around the sun. In other words, the sun tempts to put the self on the front stage. The combination of the sun and Dreamspell created the fully ego-based society, a society that has been based upon ideologies. 

The relationship of Dreamspell with 6 and the upcoming shift on the leap-day 

For reasons that go beyond the scope of this article, the deity of Dreamspell has been born on the leap-day in the year 1036 in the proleptic Gregorian calendar (February 23 Julian). Note that the leap-day is the 60th day of the year and the number 36 of the year 1036 is 6 × 6. A calculation program reveals: The date of birth of Dreamspell fell exact 229 × 6 Tzolkin-cycles plus 216 (6 × 6 × 6) days in the past, counting from the formation creation date. This supports the idea that the formation has a relationship with that. The time span of 6 × 6 = 36 weeks after the formation creation date is March 7, 2016. This is 6 days after the consolidation of the shift on March 1, after the leap-day. This falls one or two day before total solar eclipse during the night of March 8 to 9 and the signature on March 7 (1 Cauac) is related to the signature on the date of birth of Dreamspell (1 Chuen, thus the same “tone of creation”, namely one, and the “solar seal” has the same colour, namely blue).

Note that 2016 = 56 × 6 × 6 and March 7 falls 66 days after January 1. 

One of the six petals of the formation is oriented towards the position of the moon on February 29, 00:00, just minutes after moonrise in the night of February 28 to 29: 

flower of life 

This makes sense, because the beginning of the leap-day marks the very start of the shift. 

What will happen? 

Although this formation is important on a spiritual level, the time shift on the leap-day in 2016 may go hand-in-hand with an event, because: 

29 February/1 March 2008: synchronization of the 3 Tzolkin-counts; this went hand-in-hand with a huge hurricane Emma passing over Europe, causing 15 fatalities.

29 February/1 March 2012: synchronization of counts with Tun-cycle; this went hand-in-hand with huge tornado-outbreaks in the United States, first on the leap-day and again two days later (related to a different storm) on March 2, resulting in a death toll of 58 people.

29 February/1 March 2016 and later: Dreamspell is disconnected from Gregorian calendar: This will go hand-in-hand with ... ???

According to my newest insights, albeit this crop circle mainly refers to March 7, some crop circles also point to an event on or around April 5, 2016. This is 6 × 6 = 36 days after the leap-day. This event relates to the falling apart of existing structures, possibly precipitated by a calamity, most likely a meteorite impact or possibly an earthquake. This will consolidate the end of the spell put on us in the negative sense. 

Marc Smulders



I think they are done with the essential information.



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